Cost of Living

Inflation Singapore 2022: Higher cost of living and 8 things that will get more expensive this year
High Cost of Living: 8 Things that will get more expensive in 2022
Just when you thought life couldn’t get any worse, the government drops some very ominous hints that they’re ...
16 March 2022
How much it costs to be single & actively dating in Singapore - Moneysmart Blog
Single & actively dating in Singapore: Here’s how much dating costs you (2022)
More Singaporeans are opting out of marriage, weddings and kids because of the high cost of living. Personally, ...
10 March 2022
3 Reasons why Singaporeans are not happier even with higher incomes
3 Reasons Why Rising Household Income is Not Making Singaporeans Happier
Money is at the root of pretty much everything Singaporeans are stressed about. Work-related stress is ...
15 February 2022
Lifestyle Inflation
How Singapore’s Lifestyle Inflation Keeps You Poor Even As Your Income Rises
In a perfectly logical world, getting a $1,000 raise would mean having $1,000 more to save. Unfortunately, ...
28 January 2022
3 Big Warning Signs Singaporeans are Suffering from Lifestyle Inflation
3 Big Warning Signs Singaporeans are Suffering from Lifestyle Inflation
That guy who won $1 million in the lottery and immediately bought a Ferrari might be a victim of lifestyle ...
27 January 2022
Signs Singaporeans are Suffering from Lifestyle Inflation
4 Most Common Ways Singaporeans Indulge in Lifestyle Inflation
Once upon a time, I went out with my friends to Pizza Hut after the PSLE. The four of us pooled our money ...
27 January 2022
Consequences of Inflation
How Singaporeans are Being Hurt by Inflation (and Don’t Realise It)
If you’ve been keeping up with the news of Singapore’s inflation rates in 2022, you might be in a state ...
26 January 2022
cost of living
Cost of Living in Singapore (2022) — Is Your Salary Really Enough?
Singapore is always appearing at the top of those cost-of-living surveys. But how expensive is it really ...
29 December 2021