Crossfit, Ritual & F45 Singapore – The Ultimate HIIT Gym Price Guide 2019

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2019 is the year you finally get your ass in shape, and according to everyone (= your hot neighbour, some people on Reddit and an article you read on World of Buzz) the best way to get fit is to do brief but brutal workouts like crossfit, F45, or high intensity interval training.

But if your idea of fitness thus far has been jogging to the nearest MRT station because you’re late to work, you’re in for a rude shock when you check out the prices of HIIT gyms. I’m talking about $300/month gym memberships being the norm. (For reference, $200/month will get you a membership at one of swankier big gyms like Fitness First or Virgin Active.)

Should you write it all off and go back to being a couch potato then? Nah, not so fast. Let’s have a closer look at the options in Singapore.

Overview: Crossfit, Ritual Gym & F45 Singapore prices 2019

Here’s an overview of the most popular crossfit gyms, F45 gyms plus the cult favourite Ritual Gym, sorted by monthly membership prices.

Monthly membership varies depending on how long you’re willing to commit – the longer, the cheaper. Boutique gyms usually offer 6- to 12-month contracts.

If you’re not keen on regular classes and just want to drop in from time to time, there are also class packages so you can pay per class. However, these tend to be less cost-effective, not to mention sub-par for achieving fitness results.

Gym Price per month Price per session
Actualize Crossfit $170 to $250 $25
Crossfit Fire City $26 to $30
Crossfit Hub $180 $30
Crossfit Unit $187 to $250
Ritual Gym (off peak) $199 to $249 $20 to $30
Innervate Crossfit $200 to $300
Set Free Crossfit $220 to $295 $21 to $30
Crossfit Mobilus $230 to $290 $29
Crossfit Urban Edge $235 to $300 $30
F45 Orchard $244 to $276* $30 to $35
F45 Novena $244 to $296* $30 to $35
F45 Rochor $276 to $316* $30 to $35
Ritual Gym (standard) $329 to $369 $32 to $43
Crossfit Tanjong Pagar $374 to $401 $40

* billed weekly; price is for 4 weeks in a month


  • Cheapest monthly gym membership: Actualize Crossfit, Crossfit Hub, Crossfit Unit, Ritual Gym (off peak)
  • Cheapest monthly gym membership in CBD: Ritual Gym (off peak), Crossfit Mobilus, Crossfit Urban Edge
  • Cheapest price per session (class package): Ritual Gym (off peak), Set Free Crossfit, Actualize Crossfit

Crossfit Singapore gym prices 2019

Crossfit gym Location Price per month Price per session
Actualize Crossfit Jalan Besar $170 to $250 $25
Crossfit Fire City Jalan Besar $26 to $30
Crossfit Hub Tai Seng $180 $30
Crossfit Unit Tai Seng $187 to $250
Innervate Crossfit Boon Keng $200 to $300
Set Free Crossfit Pasir Panjang $220 to $295 $21 to $30
Crossfit Mobilus Clarke Quay $230 to $290 $29
Crossfit Urban Edge Outram Park $235 to $300 $30
Crossfit Tanjong Pagar Tanjong Pagar $374 to $401 $40

For the uninitiated, crossfit is basically a “go hard or go home”-type fitness programme that combines bodyweight exercises, weightlifting and gymnastics.

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But rather than do the same cardio + strength training stuff at the gym, you’re supposed to vary your workouts daily to challenge your body. So a crossfit gym would have a different “WOD” (workout of the day) for you to do.

Also, crossfit gyms (or “crossfit boxes”, as they’re often called) tend to resemble adult-size playgrounds as crossfitters like to use fitness equipment like kettlebells, ropes and monkey bars.

Part of the cultish crossfit ideology is to work out religiously, so monthly memberships are usually a lot more worth it than paying per session.

Price depends quite a bit on the location – it’s best to join a crossfit gym in the city fringe (they tend to cluster at Jalan Besar and Tai Seng) where it’s realistic to score a membership for $200/month. While crossfit boxes like Crossfit Tanjong Pagar are popular due to the CBD location, their prices can be insane.

If you’re not an absolute beast, another way to save on crossfit gym fees is to check if your box has a cheaper membership that limits the number of visits a week (e.g. 3 times a week), which can shave a bit off the full fee.

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Ritual Gym prices Singapore 2019

Ritual Gym membership Off peak price Standard price
50 session package $20/class $32/class
25 session package $24/class $36/class
10 session package $30/class $43/class
12 months commitment $199/month $329/month
6 months commitment $249/month $369/month

Speaking of cults, a HIIT gym article wouldn’t be complete without covering the prices of the extremely successful Ritual Gym, which has two locations in the CBD and one in Holland Village.

Why do people love it? I’m guessing it’s because they’ve managed to compress the workouts to just 20 minutes, plus they provide everything from workout clothing to toiletries to meal replacement shakes. Yup, I think this is as “excuse-proof” as exercise can get.

Workout-wise, it’s definitely more minimalistic than crossfit – there’s only so much monkeying around you can do in 20 minutes, right? – but it has rotating daily workouts to liven things up.

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Ritual has a reputation for being a crazy expensive gym, and, looking at the standard gym memberships, I have to agree. But, Ritual’s off peak gym membership is actually pretty affordable in comparison. “Off peak” includes:

  • Weekdays 8:30am to 11:30am
  • Weekdays 2pm to 5:30pm
  • Weekends (all day)

So if you work in a job with unusual hours or have a flexible schedule, an off peak membership at Ritual is one of the most value-for-money HIIT gym memberships you can get. (I can’t believe I used “value-for-money” and “Ritual Gym” in the same sentence, but life is weird.)

By the way, gym prices quoted are for single-location access only. You need to top up 10% more to get an islandwide pass.

F45 Singapore gym prices 2019

F45 gym Price per month* Price per session
F45 Tanjong Katong $238 to $260 $32
F45 Serangoon Garden $240
F45 Changi Business Park $240 to $272 $30 to $35
F45 Orchard $244 to $276 $30 to $35
F45 Holland Village $244 to $276 $30 to $35
F45 Novena $244 to $296 $30 to $35
F45 Bukit Timah & South Buona Vista $260 to $288 $35
F45 Rochor $276 to $316 $30 to $35
F45 Siglap $280 to $300 $29 to $35
F45 Amoy Street $300 to $316 $29 to $35
F45 River Valley $300 to $316 $29 to $35

* for those that are billed weekly, price is for 4 weeks in a month

Hailing from Australia, F45 is one of the newer fitness trends in Singapore. It’s somewhere in between Ritual-style HIIT (which can feel a bit routine after a while) and crossfit (where the siao on culture isn’t for everyone).

Supposedly, F45 – which is a 45-minute high intensity workout – is so varied that you’ll never get bored. It also has a reputation for being a killer workout. I’ve seen big tough Aussies come out of F45 looking completely broken.

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F45 outlets have been popping up all over the island like mushrooms after a storm because it’s a franchise. Anyone can buy the rights to use the F45 brand, F45 training videos, F45 equipment, etc.

This also means that there’s significant variation in pricing and billing across outlets. So, F45 gym membership can range from $238/month with the entire year’s fees collected upfront, to $316/month for 3 months’ commitment, billed weekly.

It also means, very annoyingly, that your membership at one F45 gym doesn’t give you access to the other gyms, so you can’t even take advantage of the multiple locations.

Have you tried F45, crossfit and/or Ritual? Were they worth the money?