Spending $200 Per Month on Gym Membership – What Options Do You Have in Singapore?

gym membership prices singapore

So you’re tired of having to buy new clothes every Chinese New Year not to usher in good luck but because you’ve, er, outgrown your old stuff?

Or maybe you’re sick of people making jokes about how you’ll be blown away every time there’s the slightest breeze.

Well, if you’re willing to spend, oh, $200 a month on a gym membership, you’ll be able to take your pick of some of Singapore’s finest, fanciest fitness establishments.

Here are the gyms with the largest number of outlets in Singapore, split by price.

High-end Gym Prices and Facilities

Gym name Virgin Active Fitness First
Price range $180 a month $130 to $180 a month
Number of outlets 5 19

General Operating hours

6:30am – 10:30pm (Weekdays)

8am – 8pm (Weekends)

6am – 10pm (Weekdays)

7am – 7pm (Weekends)

Location Outlets mostly in central areas Outlets mostly in central areas, but there are some suburban locations like Clementi and AMK
Classes Wide range, including yoga, kettlebell, pop dance, zumba, MA fitness Wide range, including hot and aerial yoga, jazz, muay thai, tai chi, zumba
Other perks Ice room, steam room, experiential showers, free one-on-one session with a trainer, relax and recovery zone, altitude room, sleep pods, Olympic weightlifting zone, powerplates Attire provided, newspapers, certain outlets have swimming pools and aqua classes. DVDs for rent, towl service, USB charging.
Pros Truly premium and luxurious experience, state-of-the-art equipment and classes. Lots of outlets.
Cons High price.

Limited number of outlets and operating hours.

Can get crowded. Fitness trainers might try to hard sell.

Mid to low-end Gym Prices and Facilities

Gym name True Fitness Anytime Fitness ActiveSG
Price range $89 to $120 a month $78 to $98 a month $2.50 per entry or $300 a year
Number of outlets 8 39 20

General Operating hours

Opens between 6 and 8am

Closes between 8 and 11pm

24 hours Opens between 7am and 8:30am

Closes between 8pm and 10pm.

Location Outlets mostly in central areas Outlets located in central and suburban areas. Outlets located in the suburbs.
Classes Wide range, including circuit training, dance, hot yoga, spinning, piloxing, K-pop dance No No
Pros Equipment is as good as Fitness First’s at a lower price. Many outlets and 24 hour operations. Cheapest option available
Cons Limited number of outlets. Can get crowded.  Bring your own lock and attire. Small and crowded. Small and crowded, very basic facilities.

The more you pay for that gym membership, the more perks and lifestyle benefits you enjoy. Working out itself is not expensive. Heck, you could even just buy a bunk of free weights and work out for free at home.

Our advice? Go through the pros and cons, and pick the gym that offers benefits that you will actually make use of.

Are you looking for a lifestyle experience rather than just a place to work out? Do you want to go for yoga classes? Or are you looking for a gym that’s near your home and open around the clock?

For instance, while Virgin Active’s sleep pods and ice rooms certainly sound attractive, if all you really need is to be able to work out conveniently, you might be better off becoming a member at Anytime Fitness, which has lots of outlets in the heartlands and is open 24/7.

Are you a member of a gym in Singapore? Share your experiences in the comments!