9 Best Courier Services in Singapore With the Cheapest Delivery Fees

cheap courier delivery service singapore

Whether you’re a power Carouseller or running a fledgling e-commerce business, finding the right delivery or courier provider can be a headache.

While we no longer need to rely on SingPost to ship our items (hallelujah), the problem now is that there are sooo many logistics companies. Which should you choose!? Reliable or not?


      1. Best Courier Delivery in Singapore
      2. SingPost SmartPac & PolyM
      3. NinjaVan Ninja Packs
      4. Qxpress Delivery
      5. UParcel
      6. GrabExpress
      7. Lalamove
      8. GetVan
      9. GogoX
      10. Pickupp

1. Best Courier Delivery in Singapore

Courier service Motorcycle delivery Car delivery
GrabExpress $5 + $1/km (up to 5km) + $0.70/km (above 5km) $9 + $1.2/km (up to 5km) + $0.70/km (above 5km)
Qxpress Quick $5.99 + mileage charges
Pickupp From $8
GetVan From $35  
GogoX $13 – $24 $13 – $35
Lalamove $10 + $0.35/km (first 10km) + $2.40/km (10 km to 11 km) + $0.40/km (11km and above) $12 + $1/km (first 3km) + $0.45/km 
UParcel 1 hour From $21 From $33

Since quite a number of courier services offer instant delivery, I thought I’d compile the prices for easy reference.

  • For small parcels that would fit on a motorcycle, go for  Qxpress Quick (under 5km), Pickupp, GrabExpress, or Lalamove.
  • For large parcels that require a van, Pickupp (from $8), GogoX ($24 – $38), UParcel ($33) are the cheapest. Other couriers are respectively charging: GetVan ($35++), Lalamove ($30 + $0.50/km), Grab ($28 + $0.70/km).
Best for Courier/delivery service
Small parcels SingPost, Ninja Pack, Pickupp
Bulky parcels Qxpress, UParcel
Van or lorry delivery Lalamove, GetVan, GogoX
Instant delivery Pickupp, GrabExpress, Qxpress, LalaMove, GetVan, GogoX

Need some recommendations in a hurry?

  • For small parcels: Buy postage-paid solutions like SingPost’s PolyM, SmartPac, Ninja Pack, or Pickupp. They’re super convenient; just stuff, seal, and drop off.
  • For bulky parcels: Qxpress next-day delivery has the cheapest rates in town for heavy/bulky items.
  • For instant delivery: Pickupp is probably the cheapest and easiest to use. Go for the 4-hour delivery option to save even more.
  • For van or lorry deliveries: You can’t go wrong with Lalamove or GetVan.

Read on for more about our shortlisted courier services in Singapore with affordable and transparent pricing.

2. SingPost SmartPac & PolyM (Small)

SingPost  Delivery rates
PolyM small/ big $2
SmartPac small  $3.20
SmartPac medium $3.20
SmartPac Box $3.80

“Singapore is so efficient! I love how everything works so well!” says every newly-arrived expat in Singapore… until the first time they try to send something by SingPost. 

I kid, I kid. SingPost is the classic standby, and they do still offer some of the cheapest rates for small packages up to 2kg, 324 x 229 x 65mm.

But rather than queueing at the post office and fiddling with stamps, I prefer using their postage-paid polymailer (PolyM, no tracking) or padded envelope/box (SmartPac, comes with tracking) for convenience. Delivery takes 2 to 3 working days.

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3. NinjaVan Ninja Packs (Small)

Ninja Pack Price
XS 230 x 170mm $3.20 ($3.60 for Padded)
S 350 x 250mm $3.50 ($4.00 for Padded)
M 470 x 330mm $3.90 ($4.48 for Padded)

Ninja Packs are postage-paid polymailers of different sizes — but, unlike SingPost, there’s no weight limit. You can stuff all you want into the bag, which makes it perfect for items that are small but heavy, such as books.

Then you drop it off at a Ninja Point, and BOOM! Item shipped. Delivery takes 1 to 3 days and is trackable.

The only annoying thing is that you need to purchase them online in packs of 20, so multiply the fees above by 20. Individual packs can only be bought offline at selected locations.

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4. Qxpress Delivery (Bulky)

Qxpress Delivery prices
5kg $4.30
10kg $6.90
15kg $9.90
20kg $12.90
25kg $15.90
30kg $19.90

If you can get over Qoo10’s bizarre user interface, their in-house delivery service Qxpress isn’t a bad choice for parcels up to 30kg, W+H+L = 160cm. Technically they accept up to 300cm, but an unknown surcharge applies.

The standard Qxpress Delivery is a next-day service, and you can’t select a time slot. On the plus side, it’s really cheap for bulkier items that wouldn’t fit in a Ninja Pack or SmartPac. For example, a 20kg parcel costs only $12.90 for Qxpress to ship next day — compared to the market rate of ~$20.

If you are prepared to spend more $$ there’s also a Qxpress Quick Delivery (3 hours) which costs $5.99 (for deliveries under 5km) or $5.99 + unknown mileage charges (for deliveries above 5km).

Qxpress Quick Delivery Time Charges
Under 5km Within 3 hours $5.99
Above 5km Within 3 hours $5.99 + mileage charges

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5. UParcel (Bulky)

Parcel size / weight Next day delivery 1-hour delivery
60cm / 1kg $9 $21
80cm / 5kg $10 $23
100cm / 8kg $12  $25
120cm / 10kg $15 $27
140cm / 15kg $17 $29
160cm / 20kg $20 $32
200cm / 25kg $24 $35

The main selling point of UParcel is that they have a gazillion delivery options, including 1 hour, 3 hours, same day, next day, plus timeslot and 2-way delivery.

I’ve included the prices for next day delivery (cheapest and slowest) and 1-hour delivery (most expensive) above. Refer here for the full UParcel delivery rates.

UParcel’s next day delivery is more expensive than Qxpress, but you can ship up to W+H+L = 200cm which is larger than Qxpress.

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6. GrabExpress (Instant)

GrabExpress  Delivery fee Weight & size limits
4 hour $5, $9, or $28 base price (depends on distance) 2kg, 30cm x 25cm x 12cm
60 mins (Bike) $5 base price + $1/km (first 5km) + $0.70/km (after) 5kg, 32cm x 25cm x 12cm
60 mins (Car) $9 base price +$1.2/km (first 5km) + $0.70/km (after) 20kg, 70cm x 50cm x 50cm
60 mins (Van) $28 base price + $0.70/km 50kg, 160cm x 120cm x 100cm

Grab’s GrabExpress is an on-demand delivery service that works the same way as booking a Grab. You can opt for either 4 hour delivery or instant delivery (goods delivered in 60 minutes).

4 hour delivery is super cheap — you just pay a flat fare depending on distance. This is only available for small parcels up to 2kg, 30cm x 25cm x 12cm (used to be 5kg with larger measurements) and you can’t use it for food.

For instant delivery, charges are taxi-style: Start with a base fare, then a distance-based fee kicks in. GrabExpress starts with a very cheap base fare compared to the competitors below, but the per-km fees are high. So it’s best for short distance deliveries.

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7. Lalamove (Van & Lorry)

Lalamove vehicle Delivery fee Weight & size limit
Motorcycle $10 base price + $0.35/km (first 1okm) + $2.40/km (10km to 11km) + $0.40/km (11km & above)   8kg, 40 × 25 × 25 cm
Car $12 base price + $1/km (first 3km) + $0.45/km   20kg, 90 × 90 × 75 cm
MPV $19 base price + $0.50/km 50kg, 110 × 80 × 50 cm
1.7m Van $30 base price + $0.50/km 500kg, 200 × 150 × 130 cm
2.4m Van $38 base price + $0.50/km  800kg, 240 × 150 × 130 cm
10ft Lorry $42 base price + $0.75/km 1,000kg, 300 × 150 × 180 cm
14ft Lorry $79 base price + $0.75/km  3,000kg, 400 × 180 × 200 cm

You might already have seen Lalamove at IKEA, where they offer a way faster delivery service compared to IKEA’s own fleet.

Everything is done on-demand so the recipient doesn’t have to hang around and wait all day. The driver will also help you with moving and loading the goods — so go ahead, buy that second-hand piano on Carousell.

Though best known for lorries and vans, Lalamove also has a full suite of vehicles like motorcycles and cars for moving smaller items, making it GrabExpress’s competitor.

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8. GetVan (Van & Lorry)

GetVan service Delivery fee Weight & size limit
Regular (small van) $35++ ~8 cartons (55x55x55cm)
Large (big van) $40++ ~16 cartons (55x55x55cm)
Extra large (10ft or 14ft lorry) $70++ ~40 cartons (55x55x55cm)

Like Lalamove, GetVan specialises in super bulky deliveries done instantly, on demand. (Except for the XL lorry, which needs to be booked 2 hours in advance.)

Looking at the published rates, GetVan generally charges lower base rates compared to Lalamove, but higher per-km fees. It might be more worthwhile to use GetVan for short distance deliveries.

The fee includes loading/unloading time, but you have to move all the stuff yourself by default. To enlist the driver’s help, you need to pay an extra $15 at least.

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9. GogoX (Van & Lorry)

GogoX vehicle Delivery fee Size limit
Motorcycle $13 – $24 5kg, 35 x 25 x 12 cm
Car $13 – $35 20kg, 70 x 50 x 50 cm
Van $24 – $38 500kg, 2.3 x 1.2 x 1.2 m
10ft Lorry $42 – $71 1,000kg, 3 x 1.5 x 1.5m
14ft Lorry $80 – $104 2,500kg, 4.2 x 2 x 2 m
24ft Lorry $143 – $167 5,000kg, 7.5 x 2.3 x 2.3 m

GogoX (formerly known as GogoVan) works pretty much the same way as Lalamove and GetVan. Book a vehicle, get your stuff delivered right away.

You can’t get an exact GogoX quotation without signing up for an account. But from the published base rates, prices look quite similar to that of Lalamove.

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10. Pickupp (Instant & Lorry)

Pickupp Delivery fee Weight & Size limit
Express (2 hour) From $9 5kg, W+L+H <100cm
Express (2 hour) From $13 15kg, W+L+H <150cm
Same day (4 hour) From $8 5kg ,W+L+H <100cm
Same day (4 hour) From $10 10kg, W+L+H <120cm
Same day (4 hour) From $12 15kg, W+L+H <150cm
Same day (4 hour) From $14 20kg, W+L+H <180cm
Next day (1 to 3 days) From $2.80 30kg, W+L+H <200cm


Pickupp is a new player in Singapore’s courier business landscape, specialising in last-mile delivery options for small parcels. This allows them to offer very fast delivery for low prices, which is what most people like us need, anyway.

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