13 Best Delivery Services in Singapore in 2024: Cheapest Fees to Fastest Deliveries


Imagine if Pony Express—one of the most famous couriers in history—delivered your items with a horse rider. That would be cool, right? But in the 1860s, it may have taken months to arrive on your doorstep.

Fast forward to 2024. We’re always after lightning-speed delivery service, especially if you’re running a fledgling e-commerce business or a veteran Carouseller who ensures the items arrive safe and sound to the buyer. 

However,  finding the right delivery service or courier provider is like threading a needle. While Pony Express’ horse riders are obsolete, and SingPost isn’t the only kid on the block to deliver our items, the problem now is an influx of logistics companies vying for our money to use their services. 

We’re not complaining, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a list of delivery services in Singapore to compare fees and features? Here it is—neatly done from lowest to highest prices and organised alphabetically. 

Overview of the best courier services in Singapore—lowest to highest fees

For easy reference, here are the prices for the best delivery services in Singapore.

Courier service Price range Range of weight and size limits Delivery options
SingPost $1.55 – $25.25  2kg / 324 x 229 x 65mm – 30kg / 600 x 400 x 300mm Within 2 hours to 2 working days
Park N Parcel $2.50 base rate Parker Point and a $3.95 base rate for doorstep delivery Length + Width + Height = No greater than 100cm 3 working days, after the day the time is dropped off
ParkXL $2.80 – $25.00  Up to 2 kg  Same day, next day for domestic and 2-7 working days for international shipping
Pickupp $2.80 – $17 W+L+H <200cm up to 30 kg 4 hours to 3 days
NinjaVan $3.20 – $12 230mm x 170mm – <30kg / 300cm (total dimensions) 1-3 working days
Airpak Express $4.00 — $25 Up to 2 kg max for local and 30 kg for international (maximum dimension 80 x 60 x 60 centimetres)  1-5 working days, depending on the 

delivery options
up to 14 working days for international shipping

Pandago $5.05 base (with GST) +$1.01/km after Up to 5kg must fit in 33 x 33 x 18cm Pandago bag Within 60 minutes
Qdelivery $4.30 – $19.90 Up to 30kg, total dimensions 300cm, and not exceeding 160cm for anyone  Next day delivery
iXpress Logistics $7.00 – $55.00 + $0.30/km  Up to 350 kg (max 160x120x100 cm) 60-90 min, same day, next day delivery
UParcel $9.00 – $35.00 60cm / 1kg – 200cm / 25 kg 3 hours express, Specific Delivery Slot, Next Day Delivery, Same Day Delivery, 2 way round trip (same day), 1 Hour Rush
GrabExpress $0.40 platform fee + distance-based fare to $28 base price + $0.70/km + $0.40 platform fee 32x25x12cm, <5kg – 160x120x100cm, <50kg 90 minutes – 4 hours
Lalamove Base fare $9.00 (under 1 km) + $0.35/km (first 10km) + $0.40/km (> 10 km to Base fare $125.00 + $1/km 8kg, 40 × 30 × 30 cm – 5,000 kg, 750 × 230 × 230 cm On-demand, 24/7
GoGoX $13.00 – $167.00 + 5kg, 35 x 25 x 12 cm – 5,000kg, 7.5 x 2.3 x 2.3 m On-demand, 24/7

Need some recommendations in a hurry?

Here are our courier service suggestions for different delivery needs:

  • For small parcels: SingPost, NinjaVan, Pickupp, Pandago, UParcel, GrabExpress, and Airpak Express.
  • For prepaid postage: Postage-paid solutions like Ninja Packs or SingPost’s PolyM and SmartPac packages are super convenient. Just stuff, seal, and drop off.
  • For small but heavy parcels: Ninja Packs come in 3 sizes and all have no weight limit. Stuff as much as you can in there! iXpress Logistics and ParXL are also good alternatives to Ninjavan.
  • For instant delivery: Pickupp, Pandago and GrabExpress all offer on-demand delivery for small parcels. For larger parcels, try Lalamove, GoGoX and Pickupp.
  • For van or lorry deliveries: Lalamove, Park N Parcel, and GoGoX

Read more about our shortlisted courier services in Singapore with affordable and transparent pricing.

Best courier services in Singapore — Updated 2024

  1. Airpak Express — Best for business owners sending small parcels
  2. GoGoX — Best for moving items in and around the city
  3. GrabExpress — Best for same-day delivery and high insurance coverage
  4. iXpress Logistics — Best versatile option for sending small to bulky items
  5. Lalamove — Best for anything on-demand delivery
  6. NinjaVan — Best for small, heavy parcels; prepaid postage options
  7. Pandago — Best for urgent delivery for small to medium packages, available 24/7
  8. Park N Parcel — Best for small businesses and Carousellers
  9. ParXL —  Best for sending small packages across the Asia Pacific
  10. Pickupp — Best for same day or 1-3 days delivery of up to 30 kg
  11. Qdelivery by Qxpress — Best for bulky items with higher coverage
  12. SingPost — Best for small packages, prepaid postage options
  13. UParcel — Best for a wide range of delivery timings, weight and size options

1. Airpak Express — Best for business owners sending small parcels

Service Category Service Type Starting Price
Domestic Saver Same-Day Delivery S$10 for up to 2kg
Next-Day Delivery S$6 for up to 2kg
Standard Delivery S$5 for up to 2kg
Economy Delivery S$4 for up to 2kg
Additional Services/Fees Cash on Delivery (COD) 1.5% of order, min S$2
Collect on Delivery (COD) 1.5% of order, min S$2
Insurance 1% of order, min S$1
Delivery to Specific Timeframes Additional fees apply
Saturday or Sunday Deliveries Additional fees apply
Outlying Island Delivery
(Sentosa, Pulau Ubin, etc.)
Additional fees apply
Pallet Delivery Price on request

** Rates are subject to change, you can visit the Airpak Express website for updates. 

With over 30 years of experience in distribution, Airpak Express knows eCommerce shipping and management. 

They have an advanced tracking system to ensure your package is delivered to the right destination. Based on the above prices, cross-border deliveries allow business owners and individuals to send up to 2 kg of products for S$15 for small items. 

Worldwide shipping is up to 20 kg for the saver package and 30 kg for the standard package—prices for the bulky items are unavailable on the website.

So whether you’re sending a package to your auntie in Bukit Batok or your customer in New York, you can lean into their delivery service for delicate items that need proper handling and care.

What is the delivery duration for Airpak Express? 

Delivery within Singapore is the next business day for the Express delivery option, 1-3 days for the Standard option, and 5 days for the Saver option. For international deliveries, the time frame depends on the destination country and customs clearance speed. 

Is there a pick-up service available? 

Yes, Airpak Express offers a pick-up service. For domestic delivery, if you book before 11.59    pm, the collection will be on the next working day between 8.30 am and 6 pm. For international delivery, if you book before 4.15 pm, the collection will be within the same timeframe.

2. GogoX (Van & Lorry) — Best for moving items in and around the city 

GogoX vehicle Delivery fee Size limit
Motorcycle $13 – $24 5kg, 35 x 25 x 12 cm
Car $13 – $35 20kg, 70 x 50 x 50 cm
Van Base: $25 – $39  500kg, 2.3 x 1.2 x 1.2 m
10ft Lorry Base: $42 – $71 1,000kg, 3 x 1.5 x 1.5m
14ft Lorry Base: $80 – $104 2,500kg, 4.2 x 2 x 2 m
24ft Lorry Base: $143 – $167 5,000kg, 7.5 x 2.3 x 2.3 m

Note: The base price for the van and lorry options only includes loading and unloading services by the driver.

GoGoX (formerly known as GoGoVan) works pretty much the same way as Lalamove and GetVan. Book a vehicle any time, any day of the week, and get your stuff delivered immediately.

Customers use GoGoX to send small parcels, documents, and bulky items like furniture and pets.  

You can’t get an exact GogoX quotation without signing up for an account, but prices look quite similar to those of Lalamove based on the published base rates.

How long does it take for GogoX to deliver items?

While GoGoX offers same-day delivery and the possibility of delivering items within two hours for smaller packages, the exact delivery time can vary based on the specific service chosen, the size and weight of the item, and the availability of drivers. 

Again, it’s best to use the GoGoX app for instant matching and to specify your delivery requirements for a more accurate delivery timeframe.

How can I pay for the GogoX delivery service?

You can pay the driver in cash upon completing the delivery of your item. If the recipient is not making the payment, you should pay the driver when they pick up the item. You can also use your credit card as a payment method, and another option is the PayNow. You must indicate in the “Note to driver” section that you will use PayNow payment and then choose the “Cash” option. Make sure to clarify your mode of payment with the matched driver. 

3. GrabExpress — Best for same-day delivery and high insurance coverage

GrabExpress  Delivery fee Weight & size limits
4 hour $0.40 platform fee + distance-based fare. Grab doesn’t give the exact per km rate for 4 hour deliveries, but they’ll be cheaper than the instant delivery rates below. <5kg, 32cm x 25cm x 12cm
Instant delivery (Bike) $5.00 base price + $1/km (first 5 km) + $0.70/km (after) + $0.40 platform fee <5kg, 32cm x 25cm x 12cm
Instant delivery (Car) $9.00 base price +$1.2/km (first 5 km) + $0.70/km (after) + $0.40 platform fee <20kg, 70cm x 50cm x 50cm
Instant delivery (Van) $28.00 base price + $0.70/km + $0.40 platform fee <50kg, 160cm x 120cm x 100cm

Grab’s GrabExpress is an on-demand delivery service that works like Grab’s ride-hailing service. But instead of delivering you to your destination, your ride will deliver your item.

GrabExpress starts with a very cheap base fare compared to the competitors below, but the per-km fees are high. So, it’s best for short-distance deliveries. 

On GrabExpress, you can choose either their 4-hour delivery service or instant delivery service. What’s the difference between them? In a nutshell, the 4-hour service is slower and more affordable, while the instant service delivers your item faster but at a higher price. 

For instant delivery, charges are taxi-style: Start with a base fare, then a distance-based fee kicks in. 

Here are more differences between them:

  Instant delivery 4-hour delivery
Price More expensive (see table above for more details) More affordable
Pickup Within 30 minutes Within 2 hours
Drop-off Within 90 minutes Within 4 hours
Vehicle(s) and item size/weight limits
  • Bike: 32x25x12cm, <5kg
  • Car: 70x50x50, <20kg
  • Large: 160x120x100cm, <50kg
  • Bike: 32x25x12cm, <5kg
Delivery guarantee Yes—up to $500 coverage for item loss or damage. Add $4 for $1,000 coverage or $7.00 for $2,000 coverage.
Eligible for GrabRewards points? Yes No

How does GrabExpress work?

Open your Grab mobile app and select “Express”. Type the pickup point and delivery destination, then select either their 4-hour or instant delivery service. 

If you choose instant delivery, you’ll also be able to select your vehicle type (bike/car/large). Finally, input the approximate weight of your item, and item type (e.g. document, electronics, clothing), and select your delivery guarantee

Can I send food on GrabExpress?

You definitely can via their instant delivery service, but Grab doesn’t recommend you send anything fragile or perishable using their 4-hour option. Whatever you send will be batched with other people’s Grab Express items and may be on the roads for up to 4 hours.

Can I schedule a GrabExpress booking in advance?

Good question. By right, you can schedule a GrabExpress booking for both instant and 4-hour deliveries up to 7 days in advance. Yet Grab also says GrabExpress is for on-demand deliveries only. What is the truth? I’m as confused as you. 

I put things to the test by trying to book GrabExpress in the app and found that I could only schedule a pickup up to 2 days in advance, and only for the 4-hour delivery service. Our advice is not to bother trawling through the Grab Help Centre (we tried that already) and just try your luck with the app. It looks like scheduling a pick-up on GrabExpress depends on the current demand and vehicle availability.

4. iXpress Logistics — Best versatile option for sending small to bulky items

Weight & Size Delivery Type Time Frame Price
Below 8kg

(Max 40x30x30 cm)

Urgent delivery 60-90 minute $10 + $0.45/km
Express 4 hour $10 + $0.30/km
Half day 6 hour $10 + $0.20/km
Same day By 10 pm same day $15 flat rate
Next day By 10 pm next day $14 flat rate
Smart bidding All service types Start at $7
Below 20kg

(Max 70x50x50 cm)

Urgent delivery 60-90 minute $14 + $0.45/km
Express 4 hour $14 + $0.30/km
Half day 6 hour $14 + $0.20/km
Below 50kg

(Max 110x80x50 cm)

Urgent delivery 60-90 minute $20 + $0.50/km
Express 4 hour $20 + $0.40/km
Half day 6 hour $20 + $0.30/km
Below 350kg

(Max 160x120x100 cm)

Urgent delivery 60-90 minute $55 + $0.50/km
Express 4 hour $55 + $0.40/km
Half day 6 hour $55 + $0.30/km

The “Smart bidding” option applies to all service types for items below 8kg, starting all orders at $7 regardless of service type or distance, with unlimited usage.

iXpress Logistics Inc. offers various services catering to different delivery needs. The company is known for delivering parcels, documents, food, bulky goods, and other items.

This wide range of services indicates that iXpress is equipped to handle various items, making it a versatile choice for businesses and individuals in Singapore. 

Its unique selling point is that it’s available 24/7 and offers a base rate of $7 if you use the smartbidding option. You’ll enjoy a lower fee if a delivery rider accepts your order, but the price will continue to increase in 25 minutes.  

But you can pay more to speed up the delivery. Check the mobile app for accurate price information based on the items you wish to send or move in and around the city. 

Get next-day delivery by 10 p.m. for $9, or opt for same-day delivery by 10 p.m. for $10, or by 5 p.m. for $12. For exact rates, enter the weight in the price calculator. 

What are iXpress Logistics delivery options?

iXPress offers various delivery timings, including same-day delivery by 5 pm or 10 p m, next-day delivery by 10   pm, and urgent deliveries within 60-90 minutes, 4 hours, or 6 hours from the available pick-up time. 

If two people receive items, you can also book for 2-way delivery, and iXpress will deliver it within 3 hours. 

5. Lalamove—Best for anything on-demand delivery

Lalamove vehicle Delivery fee Weight & size limit
Motorcycle Base fare $9 (under 1km) + $0.35/km (first 10km) + $0.40/km (> 10km) 8 kg, 40 × 30 × 30 cm
Car Base fare $12 (under 1km) + $1/km (first 3km) + $0.45/km 20 kg, 70 × 50 × 50 cm
MPV Base fare $19 + $0.50/km 50 kg, 110 × 80 × 50 cm
1.7m Van Base fare $26 + $0.50/km 400 kg, 160 × 120 × 100 cm
2.4m Van Base fare $32 + $0.50/km 800 kg, 230 × 120 × 120 cm
10ft Lorry Base fare $42 + $0.75/km 1,200 kg, 290 × 140 × 170 cm
14ft Lorry Base fare $79 + $0.75/km 2,000 kg, 420 × 170 × 190 cm
24 ft Lorry Base fare $125 + $1/km 5,000 kg, 750 × 230 × 230 cm

Lalamove has a wide range of vehicles and delivery services available 24/7. They can help you move everything from an 8 kg item on a motorcycle to a 5,000 kg load on a 24 ft lorry.

Everything is done on-demand so the recipient doesn’t have to hang around and wait all day. They’ll match you with nearby Lalamove drivers so that your waiting time is minimal. The driver will also help you with moving and loading the goods—so go ahead and buy that second-hand piano on Carousell.

What can Lalamove deliver?

Lalamove delivers almost anything, including documents, food and beverage items, gifts, flowers, household appliances, and furniture. Of course, the delivery service has its limitations as well, if you’re moving a piano or need to send your cutesy Persian cat to your auntie, you need you might opt for another delivery or moving services 

But there are restrictions on illegal goods, animals, and certain bulky items like pianos. You may want to opt for other delivery and moving services instead. 

Can I buy food on Lalamove?

Absolutely. The drivers can be your personal shopping assistants too. Whether you need a courier to zip through traffic ($75) or prefer the comfort of a car delivery ($150), you can try the Purchase Service 

  • Non-Eateries: Add a cheeky $10, and the driver will grab anything that doesn’t smell like food.
  • Eateries: Craving something yummy? Tack on $15, and your matched driver will fetch your feast. When placing your order, select “Purchase Service”.

All purchases require an upfront payment directly to the drivers. Use PayNow, PayLah!, or pay via bank transfer. 

6. NinjaVan—Best for small, heavy parcels; prepaid postage options

NinjaVan has two options you can use to send parcels (the last option, Ninja Pro, is more suited to businesses.)—Ninja Lite and Ninja Pack. Both are tracked and delivered in 1-3 working days. Of the 2, Ninja Packs are especially useful if you have small heavy items, since these packs have no weight limit.

Ninja Lite—shipping rates, weight and size limits

All parcels shipped under Ninja Lite come with coverage up to the value of the delivery item or SGD100 per item, whichever is lower.

Ninja Lite package size Weight/total dimension limit Price (before GST)
Small <4kg/80cm $4
Medium <10kg/120cm $5
Large <20kg/200cm $9
Extra large <30kg/300cm $12

How Ninja Lite works?

Ninja Lite isn’t a prepaid postage service. You need to create a Lite account, top up credits in your account, prepare your parcel, and arrange for pickup or drop-off at any Ninja Point.

Ninja Packs—shipping rates, weight and size limits

Ninja Packs are postage-paid polymailers of different sizes. But, unlike Ninja Lite and SingPost, there’s no weight limit. You can stuff all you want into the bag, which makes it perfect for items that are small but heavy, such as books.

Like parcels shipped under Ninja Lite, Ninja Packs are delivered in 1-3 working days. However, if anything happens to your parcel (touch wood!), Ninja Packs come with lower coverage of $50.

Ninja Pack type Sizes Price (before GST)
  • XS (230mm x 170mm)
  • S (350mm x 250mm)
  • M (470mm x 330mm)
From $3.20
Padded From $3.60
  • XS (230mm x 170mm)
  • M (470mm x 330mm)
From $3.40

How do Ninja Packs work? 

Buy Ninja Packs in bundles of 5 or 20, which can be purchased online. Create a Ninja Dash account, stuff your Ninja Pack to your heart’s desire, and create a Ninja Pack order on Ninja Dash. Then, just drop it off at a Ninja Point, and BOOM! Item shipped.

Can I send fragile items in Ninja Packs?

Sending something fragile is like handing over a piece of your heart. With Ninja Packs, your delicate items can be shipped as long as you cuddle them up in bubble wrap and use a sturdy carton box. 

7. Pandago—Best for urgent delivery for small to medium packages, available 24/7

Weight and size limit Cost
Up to 5kg must fit in the 33 x 33 x 18cm Pandago delivery bag $5.05 base (with GST) +$1.01/km after

Foodpanda can now do more than just deliver food orders to you. The cutest pink food delivery app in Singapore now offers its own parcel delivery service, Pandago. It’s 24/7, trackable in real-time, and convenient to book within the Foodpanda app. With its 60-minute or less delivery time, Pandago is a great option for time-sensitive deliveries.

Unlike the other couriers with different rates for different parcel weights and sizes, Pandago offers just one rate for one size/weight specification. You can pack, seal and send anything up to 5kg—as long as it fits in the 33 x 33 x 18cm Pandago delivery bag, and isn’t illegal or dangerous.

Wanna give Pandago a shot? Psst, use the promo code PGNEW in your Foodpanda mobile app for 25% off your first Pandago order. Just note that there’s a minimum spend of $6, and the discount is capped at $5.

Does Pandago support cash on delivery on items?
Pandago doesn’t support cash on delivery or COD. All payments got to zip through the app to make things smooth and safe – both for you and the rider. So, it’s a cashless transaction. 

8. Park N Parcel — Best for small businesses and Carousellers

Service Feature Details
Max Weight 8kg
Max Dimensions Length + Width + Height = No greater than 100cm
Delivery Timeframe Maximum 3 business days (Mon-Fri), after the day the item is dropped off
Insurance Up to $50 for lost or damaged parcels due to negligence by Park N Parcel
Fees Doorstep Delivery: From $3.95 per parcel. The total dimensions (Length + Breadth + Height) for parcels should not exceed 100cm

Parker Point Delivery: From $2.50 per parcel. This eco-friendly option allows customers to collect their parcels from retail stores, preventing missed home parcel deliveries. 

Similar to doorstep delivery, the total dimensions for parcels should not exceed 100cm

Park N Parcel is like the kaya toast of delivery services. It can deliver between malls—reliable and convenient. They can deliver from A to B within 3-4 days. They also have a huge following on Carousell and 140 5-star reviews from customers. 

Catering to all you business owners out there, from the small kopi tiams to the big-time operators, what’s unique about them is the drop-off and pick-up points in the malls that you can choose from in our city. 

Parcels can be dropped off or picked up on weekends at certain collection points, except for locations like Blk 71 and PNP HQ. The fees for pick-up points are unavailable, but if you choose home delivery, the minimum base rate is $3.95 per parcel, provided that the weight is up to 8 kg max and the total dimensions will not exceed (L+B+H) 100cm.

9. ParXL — Best for sending small packages across the Asia Pacific

Service Type Delivery Timeframe Starting Price Parcel Size
Domestic Delivery
Same-Day Delivery Same day S$10 Up to 2kg
Next-Day Delivery Next day S$3.20 Up to 2kg
Standard Delivery S$2.80 Up to 2kg
Express Delivery S$5.60 Up to 2kg
International Delivery
Express International 2-4 business days S$25 Up to 2kg
Standard International 3-5 business days S$20 Up to 2kg
Economy International 5-7 business days S$15 Up to 2kg

** Rates are subject to change, you can visit the ParXL website for updates. 

ParXL, powered by Singapore Airlines, offers e-commerce logistics services for individuals, startups, and large corporations. It shapes itself to fit your specific shipping needs and makes delivering packages across the Asia Pacific a breeze. 

Aside from local and overseas delivery services, the company offers comprehensive warehousing and fulfilment options. 

When it comes to local parcel deliveries, you can pay as low as S$2.80 for up to 2KG maximum through its standard delivery service. 

I’ve summarised the fees and maximum weight in this table. ParXL charges additional fees for remote areas, insurance (optional), special handling, and customs clearance for overseas items. 

What long does it take for ParXL to deliver items?

ParXL delivers most parcels within 1-2 working days for local packages and overseas shipments, it can take more than that. But eh, don’t forget—these folks are like us. They need their kopi breaks and rest, too. They’re open Monday through Saturday, 9 am to 6   pm, but Sundays and public holidays are sacred, so they don’t deliver on those days. 

10. Pickupp—Best for same day or 1-3 days delivery of up to 30 kg 

Service Type Size of Parcel Weight Limit Base Price Distance Rate
Express Delivery W+L+H <100cm Below 5kg $11 $0.60/KM
W+L+H <150cm Below 15kg $16
4-Hour W+L+H <100cm Below 5kg $10 $0.40/KM
W+L+H <120cm Below 10kg $12
W+L+H <150cm Below 15kg $15
W+L+H <180cm Below 20kg $17
Standard (1-3 Days) Delivery W+L+H <200cm Below 30kg From $2.80 No Distance Rate

Pickupp is a decent delivery service ideal for picking up and sending items up to 30 kg. Previously, they only offered up to 15 kg max for parcels, but based on the rates above, you can choose from the service types and weight of the item.  

From fiddling around, we found out they deliver up to 30 kg max for non-perishable items like dry goods, clothes, etc.

Now if you’re worrying about lost items, the maximum compensation for a lost or damaged parcel could be up to $120 upon checking the terms and conditions, and the compensation amount depends on the declared value of the item and the specific pricing plan under which the service was booked.

11. Qdelivery by Qxpress—Best for bulky items with higher coverage

Qxpress Estimated delivery cost
0-5kg $4.30
5-10kg $6.90
10-15kg $9.90
15-20kg $12.90
20-25kg $15.90
25-30kg $19.90

If you can get over Qoo10’s bizarre user interface, their in-house delivery service Qdelivery isn’t a bad choice for next-day delivery. They accept parcels up to 30kg, weight + height + length = 300cm, and not exceeding 160cm for any one dimension. Break these rules and Qoo10 will reject your parcel.

One annoying thing about Qdelivery: While you can select a pickup date, but can’t select a time slot. I mean, there’s a field for “Select time slot”, but there is only one option you can choose: 10:00-19:00. If you want full control over when your parcel gets handed over to the QExpress folks, drop off your parcel at a Pick Locker instead.

On the plus side, it’s relatively affordable for bulkier items that wouldn’t fit in a Ninja Pack or SmartPac. For example, a 20kg parcel costs only $12.90 for Qxpress to ship the next day. While this is probably going to cost more than the $6.10 – $12.15 rate under Speedpost Express, Qdelivery’s maximum compensation is also higher at $300.

If you are prepared to spend more $$ there’s also a Qxpress Quick Delivery (3 hours) which starts at $6.99 (for deliveries under 5km). For longer distances, you’ll be charged a higher base rate as well as unknown mileage charges.

How much is the insurance coverage of QExpress delivery?

We all know sending parcels is like placing bets—sometimes things don’t go as planned. But don’t panic. If your parcel decides to go on an unplanned holiday or comes back looking like it tumbled through the Dragon Gate at Haw Par Villa, Qxpress has got you covered up to $300 per shipment or, depending on the declared value (whichever is lower) if the mess up was on their end. 

12. SingPost—Best for small packages, prepaid postage options

At SingPost, you have two main options for standard local delivery of small packages: non-postage paid and postage-paid

Non-postage paid packages Basic Package (not tracked) Tracked Package
Weight / dimension limits 2kg / 324 x 229 x 65mm
Delivered within 2 working days
Compensation None Up to $10
Postage rates $1.55 $2.00

SingPost is the classic local courier choice, and they offer some of the cheapest rates of as low as $1.55 for small packages up to 2kg, 324 x 229 x 65mm.

To skip the queues at the post office and avoid having to fiddle with stamps, use their postage-paid polymailers (Poly M) or Smartpacs. Since postage is already paid, all you have to do is pack your items and drop them off—no stamps required.

Postage-paid packages Poly M (not tracked) Smartpac
Weight limits No weight limit
Maximum dimensions 324 x 229 x 65mm 300 x 190 x 65mm
Delivered within 2 working days
Compensation None Up to 3 replacement Smartpac products of the same type
Cost (postage included) $2.05 per Poly M $2.20-$3.20 per Smartpac; $2.40-$2.50 per Smartpac with bubble wrap

The rates above are for small packages, with delivery within 2 working days. If you need to send something larger or faster, you can opt for these tracked doorstep delivery options:

Postage-paid packages Speedpost Standard Speedpost Express
Weight limits ≤30kg ≤5kg
Maximum dimensions 600 x 400 x 300mm (max length: 1.5m; L + 2W + 2H must not exceed 3m) 320 x 250 x 100mm
Delivered within 1 working day Within 2 hours from booking confirmation
Compensation Up to $150 per article or the declared value of shipment, whichever is lower
Postage fee $6.10 – $12.15 $15.15 –  $25.25 

Note: The postage fees above were estimated from SingPost’s postage fee calculator. Do input your own package details to get the exact rate.

13. UParcel—Best for a wide range of delivery timings, weight and size options

Parcel size / weight Next day delivery 1-hour delivery
60cm / 1kg $9 $21
80cm / 5kg $10 $23
100cm / 8kg $12  $25
120cm / 10kg $15 $27
140cm / 15kg $17 $29
160cm / 20kg $20 $32
200cm / 25kg $24 $35

The main selling point of UParcel is that they have a gazillion delivery options:

  • 3 hours express
  • Specific Delivery Slot
  • Next Day Delivery
  • Same Day Delivery
  • 2 way round trip (same day)
  • 1 Hour Rush

I’ve included the prices for next day delivery (cheapest and slowest) and 1-hour delivery (most expensive) above. For all the prices, refer to the full UParcel delivery rates.

UParcel’s next day delivery is more expensive than Qxpress. But if you’re looking to send lots of stuff—say, a truck load?—UParcel’s got options from a half van load (max 50kg) to 14ft lorry (covered, max 900kg). However, only the 3 hours express, specific delivery slot, and 1 hour rush delivery options are available for these.

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