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I used to be MoneyDumb. I hung out at H&M every day and thought that a $50 lunch set was a good deal. These days, I spend my time researching the crap out of life and trying to maximise utility on micro-decisions. I'm not sure if that's an improvement.

HDB BTO Launch Aug 2019 – Punggol & Tampines BTO Review
HDB BTO Launch Sep 2019 – Punggol & Tampines BTO Review
National Day 2019 is upon us once more, and I’m sure that patriots all over the island will want to celebrate the nation’s independence by popping the question over the...
11 September 2019
cash singapore
Cashless Society? Wait Long Long. 5 Reasons Why We Still Use Cash in Singapore
Like a lot of Singaporeans I know, I own several credit cards and my phone is loaded with Apple Pay, FavePay and GrabPay… Yet my wallet is constantly stuffed with...
9 September 2019
food court singapore
5 Reasons Why Eating at Food Courts in Singapore Makes You Broke
Not content with just hawking pork floss buns and peanut butter thick toasts, the BreadTalk empire is now going to acquire Food Junction, a relatively small-time food court operator. Food...
6 September 2019
hai di lao singapore
Hai Di Lao’s Founder is Singapore’s Richest Man — 5 Reasons Why HDL is So Successful
By now, you must have heard the news that the richest person in Singapore in 2019 is Zhang Yong, the founder of Hai Di Lao a.k.a. everyone’s favourite hotpot restaurant....
4 September 2019
uob lady's card
Credit Cards
UOB Lady’s Card – MoneySmart Review 2020
The UOB Lady’s Card is a rewards card in Singapore that’s only open to women, as the tagline “The men don’t get it” suggests. It used to be pretty terrible,...
1 September 2019
autowealth review
AutoWealth Review — How is This Robo Advisor Different from Stashaway & Smartly?
In the 3rd instalment of a mini-series on the major robo advisors in Singapore, we’re going to look at AutoWealth, which is probably the 3rd most popular robo advisor after...
30 August 2019
Best UOB Credit Cards Review
Credit Cards
Best UOB Credit Cards in Singapore — Credit Card Reviews 2020
Picking the best UOB credit card in Singapore isn’t easy – UOB has so many credit cards that they had to make a quiz to help people figure out which credit...
29 August 2019
The 7 Best Air Miles Credit Cards in Singapore (2020)
Credit Cards
The 7 Best Air Miles Credit Cards in Singapore (2020)
Air miles credit cards are definitely the most glamorous of all the credit cards. Who wouldn’t want to earn frequent flyer miles (i.e. free flights!) every time they spend money?
29 August 2019
overseas foreign currency spending credit card singapore
Credit Cards
7 Best Credit Cards in Singapore for Overseas Spending (2020)
So you’ve been saving up your annual leave and spending every hour searching for cheap air tickets online. And now, it’s time to embark on well-deserved overseas holiday. But before...
29 August 2019
ocbc 90 n card review
Credit Cards
OCBC Finally Has an Air Miles Card! 5 Facts About the OCBC 90°N Card
For the longest time, OCBC simply did not have a decent air miles credit card in their lineup. Just how this makes any business sense in travel-crazed Singapore, I have...
28 August 2019
smartly singapore review
Smartly Singapore Review — What’s It Like Using This Popular Robo Advisor?
Among the 10 or so robo advisors in Singapore, Smartly stands out as one of the oldest and most established ones (alongside Stashaway and AutoWealth).  Started in 2015 by a...
27 August 2019
greater southern waterfront 2019
Greater Southern Waterfront Singapore — 7 Things We Know So Far in 2019
For some politically apathetic young Singaporeans, the key takeaway from the recent National Day Rally 2019 was the announcement of the Greater Southern Waterfront development, also affectionately known as the...
22 August 2019
retirement ready singapore
Parents in Denial About Retirement? 7 Steps to Get Them Retirement Ready
If you regularly read the MoneySmart blog, you’ve probably already put some thought into your retirement plans. After all, it’s a topic in inevitably comes up when you think about...
21 August 2019
cpf contribution retirement age
CPF Contribution & Retirement Age Changes: 7 Facts Singaporeans Should Know
I am seriously wondering if I’ve recently been abducted by aliens and implanted in an alternate universe, because, all of a sudden, every news channel in Singapore is talking about...
20 August 2019
I’ve Hit the Cheap Cheese Jackpot in Singapore — Its Name is Phoon Huat
I’ve Hit the Cheap Cheese Jackpot in Singapore — Its Name is Phoon Huat
You’ve probably seen Phoon Huat (or Redman) outlets around Singapore, but, unless you happen to be a baking enthusiast, it’s likely that you’ve never spent any time inside one. Well,...
19 August 2019
retirement planning singapore 2018
Retirement Planning in Singapore (2019) – A Starter Guide for Confused Millennials
When you think “retirement”, do you imagine travelling the world, cruising on your own yacht, and being surrounded by Playboy bunnies/boy toys? Sorry, but retirement in Singapore isn’t quite as...
19 August 2019
jb traffic jam
5 Worst Things to Buy in JB — Totally Not Worth the Causeway Jam
By now, you would have seen the numerous memes and videos of the overnight super-jams at Johor Bahru during the National Day super-long weekend. Needless to say, the prospect of...
15 August 2019
cfd trading singapore
CFD Trading in Singapore: What Is CFD & How Do You Choose a Brokerage?
If you came here looking for a comparison of CFD brokerages in Singapore, you’re probably not a total beginner to investing.  But just in case you’re not familiar with the...
14 August 2019
hdb resale flat singapore
7 Factors to Consider When Looking for an HDB Resale Flat
Whether you’re buying an HDB resale flat as a first-timer or just looking to “upgrade” now that your first BTO has passed the 5 year mark, choosing a resale home...
13 August 2019
air miles credit card wedding banquet
Earning Air Miles with Your Wedding Banquet — Which Credit Card is Best?
It’s no secret that doing the whole marriage shebang in Singapore is seriously expensive, with wedding banquet table prices going up dramatically each year. As of 2019, a table at...
8 August 2019
Is the Food at 7-Eleven vs Cheers Better? I Wrecked My Body to Find Out
Is the Food at 7-Eleven vs Cheers Better? I Wrecked My Body to Find Out
Judging by the response to a previous blog post about the best things to buy at 7-Eleven, I gather that quite a few of you are closeted fans of convenience...
6 August 2019
mooncake festival singapore 2018
Mooncake Festival 2019 – Ultimate Price Guide to the Best Mooncakes in Singapore
Hands up if you’ve found yourself Googling “mooncake calories” in an attempt to stop yourself from gorging on mooncakes like there’s no tomorrow.* In the lead-up to Mooncake Festival — a.k.a. Mid-Autumn...
5 August 2019
senior citizen discount dining
26 Best Senior Citizen Dining Discounts in Singapore – Cheap Buffets from $12.90++
2019 has been a pretty good year to be a senior citizen in Singapore. Not only is there a shiny new Merdeka Generation package from the government, it seems like...
5 August 2019
Hungry Ghost Festival – 7 Types of Kim Zua That Would Actually Appeal to Millennials
Judging by the eye-watering, nose-stinging ambience of the void deck these days, I gather it’s, once again, the Chinese 7th month, more popularly known as Hungry Ghost Festival. But mention...
31 July 2019
Aviva Car Insurance Review
Car Insurance
Aviva Car Insurance Singapore Review (2019)
Guys might remember Aviva from NS days as it’s the insurance partner of MINDEF/MHA and would have tried to sell you life insurance at some point. But did you know...
30 July 2019