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I used to be MoneyDumb. I hung out at H&M every day and thought that a $50 lunch set was a good deal. These days, I spend my time researching the crap out of life and trying to maximise utility on micro-decisions. I'm not sure if that's an improvement.

cheap mattress singapore
Cheap Mattress in a Box Showdown: HipVan vs Noa vs Haylee vs Baton vs Woosa
There’s a whole slew of online startups in Singapore selling cheap mattresses with free returns. At last count, there’s HipVan, Noa, Baton, Haylee, Woosa and Sonno. By “cheap mattress”, I...
22 April 2019
food waste singapore dumpster diving
How Much Food Waste is There in Singapore? I Went Dumpster Diving to Find Out
These days, it’s not just bag ladies and homeless old folks who are rooting through the dumpsters and eating other people’s leftover fries at McDonald’s.  Nope, it might very well...
13 April 2019
sembcorp power electricity plans
Sembcorp Power – Comparison & Review of Sembcorp Electricity Plans
Part of the same group as publicly-listed Sembcorp Marine, Sembcorp Power is one of the biggest names in the open electricity market in Singapore – one might even say they’re...
9 April 2019
japanese supermarket singapore
Japanese Supermarkets in Singapore – 10 Best Places to Get Japanese Groceries
Back in the day, buying Japanese groceries in Singapore was akin to a SEAL Team Six operation. You would dash into Meidi-Ya (the only Japanese supermarket in town) and quickly...
9 April 2019
geneco singapore electricity plan review
Geneco Singapore – Comparison & Review of Geneco Electricity Plans
Of the 13 electricity retailers pushing out their packages with the open electricity market rollout in Singapore, Geneco has got to be one of the most aggressive companies. They’ve pioneered...
8 April 2019
The 7 Best Rewards Cards in Singapore (2020)
Credit Cards
The 7 Best Rewards Cards in Singapore (2020)
It’s hardly surprising that rewards cards are one of the most popular types of credit cards in Singapore. After all, Singaporeans <3 collecting points and redeeming them. These days, there’s a lot...
5 April 2019
13 cheapest condos singapore
Cheapest Condos in Singapore – 13 Small Apartments Under $560,000
“Cheap” and “condo” are two words you hardly ever see together in Singapore, where condominiums are notoriously overhyped and overpriced, especially once you throw some famous architect into the mix....
3 April 2019
dyson cordless vacuum cleaner singapore
10 Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners in Singapore – Cheaper Alternatives to Dyson
I really have to hand it to Dyson for designing a vacuum cleaner that’s so out there, even men want to buy it. Lest you think of James Dyson as...
28 March 2019
Decathlon Sports Gear
Decathlon Singapore (2019) – 7 Best Pieces of Amazingly Cheap Sports Gear
If cheap sporting goods were a religion, I would definitely be one of the most pious because I visit Decathlon just about every Sunday. Seriously, I’ve investigated so many of...
26 March 2019
Smart Home Systems in Singapore Explained – Google, Xiaomi & Samsung
Smart Home Systems in Singapore Explained – Google, Xiaomi & Samsung
Let’s start with the obvious. The whole idea of smart homes in Singapore is laughable. Most of our homes are, what, 100 square metres? I mean, if you can’t be...
25 March 2019
iuiga muji singapore
Muji Singapore Fans – Would You Buy Iuiga’s Cheap “Muji” Products?
Recently MoneySmart reader Eliza Tay told us about Singaporean online store Iuiga, which supposedly sells Muji products at cheaper prices than in stores.  Iuiga’s business model is to obtain goods...
18 March 2019
Sompo Car Insurance Review
Car Insurance
Sompo Car Insurance Singapore Review 2019
Japanese insurer Sompo (which used to be called Tenet Sompo) is something of an outlier among the car insurance players in Singapore. It’s not one of the longstanding brands like...
18 March 2019
Budget Direct Car Insurance Review
Car Insurance
Budget Direct Car Insurance Singapore Review 2019
Thanks to their flashy marketing tactics – like giving away free cashcards and “free ang pows” – Budget Direct has made a splash in Singapore. For better or for worse,...
18 March 2019
Direct Asia Car Insurance Review
Car Insurance
DirectAsia Car Insurance Singapore Review 2019
DirectAsia is one of the newer car insurers in Singapore. While it is not a household name like NTUC or AXA, it is gaining market share because of cheap premiums,...
18 March 2019
amex travel insurance singapore
Travel Insurance
Amex Travel Insurance Singapore (Chubb Travel Insurance) Review 2019
If you have an American Express credit card, you’re probably familiar with Amex travel insurance. Technically, it’s actually Chubb travel insurance, but it’s sold under the brand American Express My...
15 March 2019
home gym in singapore
Fitness & Beauty
How Much Would It Cost to Set Up a Home Gym in Singapore?
Contrary to what the pushy salespeople at Virgin Active or Fitness First would have you believe, that $300 monthly gym membership is, in fact, completely optional. That’s right! No one...
13 March 2019
BOC Qoo10 Mastercard Credit Card
Credit Cards
BOC Qoo10 Mastercard Review 2019 – Should Singaporeans Sign Up?
Bank of China has just released a Qoo10 Mastercard that lets you earn rebates on your everyday spending… but the catch is, your rebates are in Qmoney (Qoo10 currency), not...
6 March 2019
Singapore’s New Telcos Zero1 vs Zero Mobile vs Circles Life vs MyRepublic Prices and Reviews
Singapore’s New Telcos Zero1 vs Zero Mobile vs Circles Life vs MyRepublic Prices and Reviews
Remember those days when Singaporeans mobile users only had the option of choosing between Singtel, M1 and Starhub no matter how poor the customer service or how unreasonable the prices?
26 February 2019
best student credit card Singapore 2018
Credit Cards
6 Best Student Credit Cards in Singapore (2020)
If you’re a student, you’re probably feeling broke all the time, but even without a regular income you can still get a credit card. Unlike regular credit cards, student credit...
25 February 2019
Best HSBC Credit Cards Review
Credit Cards
Best HSBC Credit Cards in Singapore – Credit Card Reviews 2020
Trying to pick an HSBC credit card? You won’t need much brain power for that. There are only 3 HSBC credit cards in Singapore – excluding the ones that are...
21 February 2019
Best DBS/POSB Credit Cards Review
Credit Cards
Best POSB & DBS Credit Cards in Singapore – Credit Card Reviews 2020
Even though our beloved DBS is the most popular savings bank in Singapore, up until a few years ago you would not have associated them with good credit cards. Nobody...
21 February 2019
DBS Altitude Card – MoneySmart Review 2020
Credit Cards
DBS Altitude Card – MoneySmart Review 2020
Yet another DBS credit card? You’ll want to pay attention to this one though. The DBS Altitude Card is one of the most popular air miles credit cards for fresh...
20 February 2019
UOB One Credit Card
Credit Cards
UOB One Card – MoneySmart Review 2020
The UOB One Card is hands down UOB’s favourite entry level credit card – especially for those with a UOB One account too. The credit card owes its fame to...
20 February 2019
gst singapore budget 2019
GST Singapore – How the GST Changes from Singapore Budget 2019 Affect You
One of the “lowlights” of Singapore Budget 2019 (and 2018 too, come to think of it) is the much-dreaded GST increase, together with the tightening limits for GST relief. Like...
19 February 2019
aia insurance mental illness
Health Insurance
New AIA Insurance Covers Depression, Schizophrenia & OCD – But Is It Enough?
As we all know, mental illness is heavily stigmatised in Singapore. It takes a lot of courage to seek medical help, and medical help can be hellishly expensive, especially if you...
14 February 2019