iPhone XS Cases Singapore – 7 Best iPhone XS & XS Max Cases Under $60

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These days, “Don’t forget to use protection!” seems to apply more to iPhones than to sex. After all, your genitals were bundled in for free when you were born, but the latest iPhone XS or XS Max costs anything from $1,649 to $2,349 in Singapore.

After spending that amount of money, it’s totally understandable that you wouldn’t skimp on getting the best iPhone XS case for your darling. However, price is no indication of quality. A $3,000 Swarovski iPhone case is probably not going to offer much more protection than a $2 Daiso one.

So, I’m compiling this guide to the most value-for-money iPhone XS & XS Max cases available in Singapore, focusing only on premium iPhone cases with good protection.


7 best iPhone XS cases in Singapore under $60

Here are the 7 most value-for-money premium iPhone XS and XS Max cases that are now available to buy in Singapore. They’re ranked by affordability for iPhone XS cases:

iPhone XS & XS Max case Price (iPhone XS) Price (iPhone XS Max)
Spigen Crystal / Ultra Hybrid $32.90 $31.90
Peel Super Thin Case US$25 ($34.13) US$25 ($34.13)
Caudabe The Sheath US$24.95 ($34.05) US$25.95 ($35.42)
Mous Limitless 2.0 $39.90 onwards $69
Otterbox Symmetry $49.90 onwards $49.90 onwards
Casetify Grip Case US$35 ($47.78) US$40 ($54.61)
Apple Silicone Case $59 $59


Spigen iPhone XS Case Crystal Hybrid ($32.90) / XS Max Case Ultra Hybrid ($31.90)

spigen iphone xs case 2018
Image credit: Spigen

For most Singaporeans, there’s just no point splashing close to $2,000 bucks on a phone without being able to show it off – so I think that these Spigen iPhone XS cases would be perfect.

These babies are completely see-through, so you can gaze at the iPhone XS lovingly in its full glory. Spigel claims that the material will remain clear for a long time with no yellowing. The cases are thick and protective and come complete with shock-absorbent bumper frames too.

But I’m guessing the main selling point of these phone cases are the low prices, which make them the most affordable premium iPhone cases on the market.

Where to buy: Spigen Singapore / Lazada


Peel Super Thin iPhone XS / XS Max Case (US$25 / S$34.13)

peel iphone xs case 2018
Image credit: Peel

The reviews for Peel Super Thin iPhone XS Cases are always along the lines of “So thin, you won’t even feel it’s on.” Uh… sorry, are we still talking about phone cases here?

At 0.35mm thin, Peel cases are indeed some of the thinnest on the market, yet supposedly offer decent protection against the elements – mainly dirt, scratches and scuff. Don’t count on it if you frequently drop your phone, though.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Peel iPhone cases are some of the chio-est on the market, if you’re into that minimalist, no-logo aesthetic. It’ll fit right in with your Muji belongings. 

Peel iPhone XS and XS Max cases, which cost the same price, are only available from their US website for now. Shipping to Singapore costs a flat US$11 (S$15.02).

Where to buy: Peel


Caudabe The Sheath iPhone XS Case (US$24.95 / $34.05) / iPhone XS Max Case (US$25.95 / $35.42)

caudabe iphone xs case 2018
Image credit: Caudabe

Caudabe’s The Sheath iPhone XS cases are ultra thin (0.9mm) cases made of a flexible, gel-like material that’s extremely shock absorbent and drop tested to 2 metres. The matte finish is classy, but it’s a tad boring and colour choices are limited.

For extra protection you can opt for The Synthesis range, which is a thicker version of The Sheath with a harder back and etched sides for better grip. They cost US$5 more.

Right now, Caudabe iPhone XS cases are not available on local retailers yet, so you’ll need to order from the US website. Shipping is free for minimum order of US$45, otherwise it costs US$4.95.

Where to buy: Caudabe


Mous Limitless 2.0 iPhone XS ($39.90 onwards) / iPhone XS Max ($69)

mous iphone xs case 2018
Image credit: Mous

Our resident phone geek Mark is always raving about his Mous iPhone case, so I had to include this one.

Mous iPhone cases started out as a crowdfunding campaign to make SUPER protective iPhone cases. They’ve tested their phone cases in bizarre ways, like dropping them from helicopters and throwing them out of the Apple store.

The secret is in the material, which supposedly contains miniscule air pockets – kinda like bubble wrap for your iPhone.

The Mous XS iPhone cases are retailing from $56.01 on the Mous online store and $59 on the official Mous Lazada page, but there are some sellers on Lazada selling them as cheap as $39.90.

Where to buy: Lazada / Mous


Otterbox Symmetry Case for iPhone XS / XS Max ($49.90 onwards)

otterbox iphone xs case 2018
Image credit: Otterbox

Otterbox is one of the most famous brands for high-performance, ultra-protective iPhone cases. You might’ve seen their classic Defender iPhone cases, which come in multiple parts, including a holster for to hang your phone from your belt like an old-school pager.

Otterbox Symmetry iPhone XS cases are more aesthetically appealing, offer the classic Otterbox level of protection, and more importantly come in just one piece that you can pop on and off. You know, like a normal phone case?

The full range of Symmetry cases are sold for US$34.95 to US$39.95 (iPhone XS) / US$45.95 to US$49.90 (iPhone XS Max) on the Otterbox online store.

But if you’re not super picky about the colours, you can peruse the random selection on Lazada as there are quite a few under S$50.

Where to buy: Lazada / Otterbox Asia


Casetify Grip Case iPhone XS (US$35 / S$47.78) / iPhone XS Max (US$40 / S$54.61)

casetify iphone xs case 2018
Image credit: Casetify

I’m a sucker for novelty phone cases from Typo, but hate that they’re so shitty at protecting my phone.

Casetify’s iPhone XS Grip Cases are shockproof and double-layered to cushion your phone against drops, supposedly offer “military-grade protection” while being very pretty at the same time.

If you’re very clumsy, you might want to go for the Impact Cases which cost US$10 more each. These have an extra grippy ridged bumper frame and are drop tested to survive a 2m fall.

Bonus: free global shipping for orders above US$35. Otherwise, shipping costs US$5.99 or S$8.18.

Where to buy: Casetify


Apple iPhone XS / XS Max Silicone Case ($59)

apple iphone xs case 2018
Image credit: Apple

With non-Apple cases creeping up into the $50 mark, you might find yourself thinking: “Screw it, maybe I’ll just get an original Apple iPhone XS case”.

If that’s the case, you’ll be glad to know that the Apple iPhone XS Silicone Cases are not terribly overpriced, costing $59 a pop (same price for iPhone XS and XS Max). Sure, they’re not certified “military grade protection”, but if Apple made them they should be decent quality, right?

The silicone cases do have that silky-grippy feel, which to me is way preferable to the slipperiness of the unprotected iPhone. But this may not be for everyone, especially if you like to slide your phone in your pocket.

The Apple silicone cases come in loads of colours that are vibrant without looking cheap:

  • Nectarine
  • Lavender Grey
  • Blue Horizon
  • Stone
  • Pink Sand
  • Midnight Blue
  • White
  • Black
  • Red

Apple also makes iPhone XS cases in leather, but they’re more expensive at $75, and can easily acquire scuffs if dropped too many times.

Where to buy: Apple Store

Do you know of a better value iPhone XS / XS Max case? Tell us in the comments!