Apple iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max & iPhone XR Price in Singapore

iphone xs xr price in singapore 2018

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So, Apple announced its new iPhone lineup yesterday (12 Sep), which means that many, um, enterprising Singaporeans are already camping out on the Apple website to preorder the new models:

  • iPhone XS – successor to the iPhone X
  • iPhone XS Max – bigger version of the iPhone XS
  • iPhone XR – low cost entry-level iPhone model

Whether you’re genuinely a hardcore Apple fan or a “chao flipper”, here’s the lowdown on the latest iPhone release dates and the official iPhone prices in Singapore.



  1. iPhone XS & iPhone XR release dates 2018
  2. iPhone XS price in Singapore
  3. iPhone XS Max price in Singapore
  4. iPhone XR price in Singapore
  5. Singtel, Starhub & M1 iPhone XS price
  6. Apple trade in programme
  7. iPhone battery replacement programme


iPhone XS & iPhone XR release dates 2018

iPhone 2018 model Release date 2018
iPhone XS 21 Sep 2018 (preorder from 14 Sep 2018)
iPhone XS Max 21 Sep 2018 (preorder from 14 Sep 2018)
iPhone XR 26 Oct 2018 (preorder from 19 Oct 2018)

The new Apple iPhone XS release date 2018 is slated for 21 September, but you can place a preorder on the Apple store from 14 September.

The iPhone XS Max release date 2018 is exactly the same. It is, after all, nearly identical to the iPhone XS, just bigger.

Meanwhile, the iPhone XR release date 2018 is 26 October. Apple will start taking preorders for this cheaper, mass-market iPhone model from 19 October.

For your reference, here’s a quick look at the how much they’re retailing for on the Apple store:

Capacity iPhone XS iPhone XS Max iPhone XR
64GB $1,649 $1,799 $1,229
128GB $1,299
256GB $1,889 $2,039 $1,469
512GB $2,199 $2,349

I’ll talk more about the pricing and specs of each one in the following sections.

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iPhone XS price in Singapore

iphone xs price in singapore 2018

Okay, before I start, Apple wants you to know that you’ve been pronouncing iPhone XS wrong all this time. It’s not iPhone “X S” but iPhone “10 S”. Rhymes (almost) with “penis”.

When you’re done rolling your eyes, have a look at the iPhone XS price in Singapore, taken from the official Apple website:

Model iPhone XS price in Singapore
iPhone XS 64GB S$1,649
iPhone XS 256GB S$1,889
iPhone XS 512GB S$2,199

The $1,6XX price tag is pretty standard for new iPhone launches as Apple has a tradition of launching them at US$999 for the entry-level model.

Price aside, is there anything special about the iPhone XS? Here are the key features to know.

5.8” display: Like the iPhone X, the screen takes up the entire front of the phone, so the handset size remains small while the OLED display occupies maximum space.

12MP rear camera: Dual camera with wide angle lens + telephoto lens. Supports Portrait mode and takes 4K video.

7MP front camera: Wide angle lens + infrared camera used for Advanced Face ID. Supports Portrait mode, takes 1080p HD video.

Dual SIM capability: Supports nano SIM card + eSIM. eSIMs are not widely offered by Singapore telcos yet, but I expect they’ll start bundling them in the iPhone packages.

The iPhone XS also has wireless charging, a more powerful processor, and longer battery life (extra 30 minutes) compared to the iPhone X… but most of us only care about the camera and screen, right?

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iPhone XS Max price in Singapore

iphone xs max price in singapore 2018

The iPhone XS Max is just the bigger version of the iPhone XS with the same innards, so it costs only a bit more. Here’s the list of official iPhone XS price in Singapore:

Model iPhone XS Max price in Singapore
iPhone XS Max 64GB S$1,799
iPhone XS Max 256GB S$2,039
iPhone XS Max 512GB S$2,349

Features are almost exactly the same as that of the iPhone XS.

6.5” display: This is the biggest display ever on an iPhone, taking it closer to phablet territory. Apart from size, it’s essentially the same as the iPhone XS screen.

12MP rear camera & 7MP front camera: Same dual rear camera and front-facing camera as iPhone XS.

Dual SIM capability: Like the iPhone XS, the iPhone XS Max supports nano SIM card + eSIM.

Everything else is the same as the iPhone XS, and you can read more about it on the Apple website.

According to some reports though, the battery life for the iPhone XS Max is lasts 60 minutes longer than that of the iPhone XS. (i.e. 90 minutes longer than that of the iPhone X.)

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iPhone XR price in Singapore

iphone xr price in singapore 2018

Apple doesn’t do this often, but this year they’re releasing a “cheap” phone – i.e. priced under the usual starting price of US$999 (S$1,600+). How cheap? Have a look at the iPhone XR price in Singapore:

Model iPhone XR price in Singapore
iPhone XR 64GB S$1,229
iPhone XR 128GB S$1,299
iPhone XR 256GB S$1,469

The iPhone XR replaces the iPhone 8 as Apple’s budget option. I bet this phone is going to be all the rage with spoilt Singaporean kids as a “reward” for passing their PSLEs.

It even looks like a children’s phone. Though despite the candy colours, the iPhone XR’s body is not plastic. It’s glass.

Exterior aside, is the iPhone XR worth buying? Here’s a quick look at the specs, comparing it to the iPhone XS.

6.1” display: Like the other new iPhones, the display covers the front of the phone so there’s no wasted space. However, it’s an LCD screen whereas the iPhone XS screen is OLED (newer tech).

12MP rear camera: Only one (wide angle) lens, no telephoto. Supports Portrait mode and takes 4K video.

7MP front camera: Same as the iPhone XS. Wide angle lens, supports Portrait mode, takes 1080p HD video, and has infrared camera for Advanced Face ID.

No dual SIM capability: Unlike the iPhone XS, you can only use one nano SIM card.  My bad – the iPhone XR also has dual SIM support.

To summarise, at this more affordable price tag, you get a less chio body and display, and no telephoto lens. However, unless you use your phone to take stalker photos of XMMs (please don’t), the iPhone XR should be sufficient for most Singaporeans’ needs.

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Singtel, Starhub & M1 iPhone XS price

The 3 big telcos in Singapore have released their iPhone XS and XS Max plans. Basically, this is the iPhone XS/XS Max available at discounted prices for those who sign up to Singtel, Starhub or M1, or those who recontract. The standard contract is 2 years.

Singtel: iPhone XS and XS Max prices

Starhub: iPhone XS prices and iPhone XS Max prices

M1: iPhone XS and XS Max prices

I’ve written a comprehensive guide to the Singtel, Starhub and M1 iPhone XS prices, including details on each phone plan, so you can compare easily both within each telco and across the board.

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Got old iPhones lying around? Try the Apple trade in programme

If you’re short on cash but er, rich in electronic devices, you can take advantage of the Apple trade in programme to turn all your hoarded gizmos into a little bit of cash.

Here’s how much you might get, though of course the value depends greatly on the model and condition:

Device Apple trade in value
iPhone or non iOS smartphone Up to $850
Apple iPad Up to $410
Mac computer Up to $710
Apple Watch Up to $360

Select the device you want to trade in on the Apple trade in page and enter the serial number or model number to get an estimate.

The exact amount is determined by Apple’s trade in partner, who will then send you a “kit” which lets you mail the device to them.

Not all devices have trade in value, but if yours is, you will get the trade in value by bank transfer, according to the Apple website. Otherwise, you can drop it off at the Apple Store to recycle it. Recycling is free.

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Not buying the new iPhone? Grab an iPhone battery replacement for $38

Just to be perfectly clear, there is absolutely no need to drop over $1,000 on the latest iPhone, especially if your existing phone is working just fine.

If the battery life is bothering you – you can check your iPhone’s battery health easily – Apple is offering iPhone battery replacements for select older models at a very low price:

iPhone model Battery replacement cost (until 31 Dec 2018) Battery replacement cost (from 2019 onwards)
iPhone XS, XS Max, XR S$99 S$99
iPhone SE S$38 S$69
iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus S$38 S$69
iPhone 7, 7 Plus S$38 S$69
iPhone 8, 8 Plus S$38 S$69
iPhone X S$38 S$99
All other eligible models S$118 S$118

The $38 iPhone battery replacement offer is only until the end of the year. You can get this done at the Apple Store or A.Lab at Changi City Point or Plaza Singapura. It’s recommended to book an appointment because queues can get pretty crazy.

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Do you know of any good lobangs for the new iPhones? Share them with us in the comments!


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