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I used to be MoneyDumb. I hung out at H&M every day and thought that a $50 lunch set was a good deal. These days, I spend my time researching the crap out of life and trying to maximise utility on micro-decisions. I'm not sure if that's an improvement.

UOB Preferred Platinum Card
Credit Cards
UOB Preferred Platinum Visa Card – MoneySmart Review 2020
The UOB Preferred Platinum Card is a very unglam credit card. But underneath that boring-ass navy blue exterior is a pretty good rewards card that lets you earn 4 miles...
31 January 2020
krisflyer miles - best credit card promotions for miles
Credit Cards
Earn KrisFlyer Miles Fast – 7 Best Krisflyer Miles Card Welcome Promotions in Singapore
Unless you hemorrhage money every month, earning Krisflyer Miles or Asia Miles with your regular credit card spending is a tedious and long-drawn affair. So what’s the fastest way to...
31 January 2020
Best Standard Chartered Credit Cards Review
Credit Cards
Best Standard Chartered Credit Cards in Singapore — Credit Card Reviews 2020
If you’re looking to apply for a Standard Chartered credit card, there aren’t a ton of options. Half the credit cards in their stable are targeted at niche card users,...
30 January 2020
best credit card singapore
Credit Cards
7 Best Credit Cards in Singapore 2020 – MoneySmart Writers Pick Our Favourites
It’s been over a year since I joined MoneySmart, and I’ve only just realised that, although we’ve got “best of” lists for the different types of credit cards (like cashback,...
30 January 2020
lazada promo code singapore
Credit Cards
Lazada Promo Codes — How to Use Lazada Voucher Codes in Singapore
Lazada has earned itself quite a reputation for being a cheap, online marketplace for just about everything, from clothes and accessories to groceries and pet supplies. In fact, according to...
12 January 2020
Best American Express Credit Cards Review
Credit Cards
Best American Express Credit Cards in Singapore – Credit Card Reviews 2020
So, maybe someone sold you on how great American Express’ customer service is – no more “to speak to a customer service officer, please hold”! Or maybe you saw that Amex...
7 January 2020
train to JB guide 2018
Train to JB Guide – How Much KTM Train Tickets Cost & How to Get There
Confession: I’m a train otaku. Ever since I found out that you can take a train to JB from Singapore, I’ve been making up excuses to go to Johor. Need...
30 December 2019
factory outlet singapore
Factory Outlets in Singapore: The Best Shops for Cheap Branded Goods (2020)
Everyone falls prey to advertising. I mean, yeah, there are people who keep proclaiming that brands are passe and how they’d never be caught dead wearing clothes with big logos....
20 December 2019
Singapore Savings Bond Review
Singapore Savings Bond (SSB) Review — Interest Rates & Buying Guide
Ever since the Government launched Singapore Savings Bonds (commonly abbreviated as SSB) in 2015, it has gone from being a super-conservative investment with low returns, to an actually decent investment vehicle...
12 December 2019
Free Samples Singapore
Free Samples Singapore – Where to Get Samples for Baby Stuff, Beauty, Toiletries & Food
If you ever feel like Singapore is too boring, just go to any Sheng Siong and scream the words “FREE SAMPLES!” I guarantee you will get mobbed by a horde...
10 December 2019
movie ticket prices singapore 2018
Movie Ticket Prices Singapore – Which Cinema is the Cheapest?
Despite Netflix’s best efforts, cinemas here are still doing brisk business, with new theatres popping up seemingly every month and movie ticket prices in Singapore slowly inching upwards. If you...
8 December 2019
johor bahru - things to do in jb
Cheap Guide to Johor Bahru – Where to Go & Best Things to Do in JB
Judging by how many people read and shared an earlier article on how to get to JB by train, I’m guessing Johor Bahru still remains as popular a weekend destination...
27 November 2019
krisflyer miles redemption guide 2018
KrisFlyer Miles Redemption Guide – How to Start Playing the Miles Game in Singapore
So, you’ve finally decided to become a full-fledged travel hacker – to start collecting miles in order to fulfill to your dream of travelling the world. You’ve told all your...
26 November 2019
recycling in singapore
Time to Skip the Recycle Bin? 3 Ways to Make Money Recycling in Singapore
Recycling in Singapore is gaining popularity, but it’s still pretty much a thankless task. You have sort and wash our your food cans, drink bottles and aluminium cans, and then...
20 November 2019
tanjong pagar food 2018
Tanjong Pagar Food Guide – Cheap Food Guide for Broke CBD Workers
Just started a new job in Tanjong Pagar and already counting down the days to your first paycheck? Hey, it’s normal. As if spending a bomb on your new office...
20 November 2019
don don donki sold out
Don Don Donki Singapore Shopping Guide – The Best & Cheapest Things to Buy
Move aside, Daiso. The stampede of Singapore customers has moved from the famous $2 discount store to a new Japanese cheap retailer in town: Don Quijote, better known as Don Don...
20 November 2019
alcohol delivery singapore beer liquor
On-Demand Alcohol Delivery in Singapore — How Much Do the 7 Fastest Services Cost?
If you stupidly volunteered to be part of the office Christmas party exco, don’t berate yourself too much. These days, party planners have it easy. Even if you grossly underestimated...
15 November 2019
data travel roaming singapore
Data Roaming Plans Singapore – Starhub DataTravel vs Singtel ReadyRoam vs M1 Data Passport
If you see a bunch of bewildered looking tourists searching for Wi-Fi hotspots while on holiday, there’s a high chance they’re Singaporean. Apparently, we’ve all become so used to staring...
15 November 2019
christmas catering singapore
Christmas Catering Singapore 2019 – Top 10 Christmas Party Sets & Buffets Under $28/Pax
Do you picture yourself throwing fabulously effortless home or office Christmas parties… only to realise you lack the culinary skill and time needed to prepare a massive turkey, meatloaf, roast beef and...
14 November 2019
cheap onsen hot spring asia
7 Cheap Travel Destinations in Asia for Onsen & Hot Spring Lovers
I know it makes no sense in sauna-like Singapore, but I am a huge sucker for hot springs of any sort.  Now that the rainy gloomy days are on us,...
14 November 2019
best jb shopping malls
15 Best JB Shopping Malls (Old & New): Ultimate Guide to Johor Bahru Shopping
Regardless of race, language or religion, Singaporeans love to do our festive shopping across the border in Johor Bahru. Whether you’re buying Chinese New Year goodies, Hari Raya baju, Deepavali snacks...
13 November 2019
cheap batam resort
Montigo Resorts Too Expensive? 7 Cheap Batam Resorts <$95/Night
Batam is kinda like a mash-up of JB and Bintan all in one… Except maybe even better. Not only are there heaps of cheap and actually nice hotels to choose from...
11 November 2019
singpost postage rates singapore
New SingPost Postage Rates Singapore 2019 — How Much Does Mail Cost Now?
Ahh, poor ol’ SingPost. Everyone always rags on our local postal service for taking forever to deliver mail and blaming them for the unexplained disappearance of ASOS parcels. To be...
5 November 2019
hdb bishan bto 2025
Bishan BTO 2025 — Everything We Know About It So Far (With Photos)
It’s been quite a year for high-profile HDB BTOs. First, there were not 1 but 2 oversubscribed Boon Keng BTOs, then there were rumours of a Keppel Club BTO. And...
4 November 2019
long weekends public holidays singapore 2020
Singapore Public Holidays 2020 — How to Maximise All 7 Long Weekends in 2020
Singaporeans love staying on top of public holidays, not just because we’re a harmonious multi-ethnic society, but also because most of our annual leave entitlements are pretty crappy and we...
31 October 2019