NTUC Car Insurance Singapore Review (2019)

NTUC Car Insurance Review

NTUC Income is a brand that needs no introduction in Singapore. Naturally, it has the lion’s share of the market – MoneySmart estimates that close to 1 out of 4 drivers have NTUC car insurance. Let’s take a look at its key selling points and what car insurance options it has to offer.


NTUC car insurance plans at a glance

The main NTUC car insurance product is comprehensive car insurance, called Drivo, and it comes in 3 flavours –  Classic, Premium and Prestige. 

For older cars, NTUC also offers Third Party Only and Third Party Fire & Theft which are cheaper plans but cover very little, so buy at your own risk.

Here are the 5 plans at a glance:

NTUC car insurance plan Key features Recommended for
Third Party Only Covers third party damage only Very old cars
Third Party Only, Fire & Theft Covers third party damage, fire & theft Very old cars
Comprehensive (Drivo Classic) NTUC authorised workshops only Older cars (no more warranty), second hand cars, parallel imports
Comprehensive (Drivo Premium) Same coverage as Classic, but no restriction on workshops New cars under warranty
Comprehensive (Drivo Prestige) Enhanced coverage but only for Porsche models Porsche owners

NTUC Drivo Classic and Drivo Premium offer comprehensive coverage, including third party damages, car loss or damage (e.g. fire, flood, theft), personal accident benefits, car towing and repairs. There’s a standard excess of $600.

The only difference between these two is choice of workshops. Opt for Drivo Classic if you have an older car and don’t mind going to NTUC’s authorised workshops (there are over 30 of them). If you have a new car that’s still under warranty and don’t see your dealer’s workshop on the list, you might wish to pay more for Drivo Premium.

NTUC Drivo Prestige is the priciest plan and it’s only for Porsche models – Panamera, Cayenne, Cayman, Boxster and 911.

You can compare car insurance coverage and read the policy documents on NTUC Income’s car insurance page.

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What add-ons can you choose with NTUC car insurance?

NCD Protector: If your No Claim Discount (NCD) is 30% and above, you can add on this protector to maintain your NCD in the event that you have to make a claim. Note that if you buy NTUC car insurance at 50% NCD for at least 2 consecutive years, NTUC will give you NCD Protector for free when you renew NTUC car insurance for the 3rd year.

Excess waiver: You can get the excess of $600 waived if you opt for this cover. That means you pay a higher premium, but in the event of any claim, you won’t have to pay a cent – NTUC will foot the entire bill.

$50 daily transport allowance: You have to pay extra to enjoy this benefit if your car is stuck at the workshop. It’s only valid for your first 2 claims and only up to 7 days each time.

Malaysia coverage extension: NTUC’s comprehensive car insurance policy automatically covers you when you drive to Malaysia. But if you often drive across the border with your family, consider opting for the Malaysia coverage extension, which covers any other named drivers and passengers as well.


How to get cheaper car insurance with NTUC Income?

You know, I know, everybody knows that NTUC Income motor insurance isn’t the cheapest. There are tons of new, digitally-savvy insurers trying to disrupt the status quo with cheaper premiums and more streamlined processes. Compare car insurance quotes with MoneySmart’s wizard.

Obviously this stresses NTUC Income out, which is great for us consumers as there are now a few ways you can get cheaper premiums.

Apart from the usual NCD and loyalty discount, NTUC also has 2 schemes, FlexiMileage (for drivers who clock less than 9,000 km a year) and Drive Master (based on good driving behaviour).

Type of discount Description Amount
Loyalty discount* Applies if you buy NTUC car insurance for >3 years 5%
NCD (No Claim Discount)* Given in increments of 10% for each year you don’t file a claim 10% to 50%
NTUC FlexiMileage scheme Discount given if you drive <5,000 km a year 35%
Discount given if you drive from 5,000 to 9,000 km a year 20%
NTUC Drive Master scheme Discount given for good driving score of 70 to 100 (upon 100) based on mobile app 10% to 25%

*discount can be combined with either scheme

NTUC FlexiMileage: If you’re not a heavy road user, you can get a discount of either 20% (if you drive <9,000 km a year) or 35% (under <3,500 km a year). After NTUC verifies your past year’s mileage, you’ll get an upfront discount off your plan. NTUC will also install a telematics device in your car to track your mileage for the coming year. See this page for a simple explanation of how FlexiMileage works.

NTUC Drive Master: Alternatively, you can get a discount of up to 25% for being a good driver. You need to register with NTUC and download an app that tracks your driving behaviour and scores it upon 100. The higher your driving score, the higher your discount. There’s a current 2-month free trial that’s open to non-NTUC customers. If you choose to jump ship to NTUC next time, you can use your driving score from the trial to get a discount. See how the Drive Master scheme works here.

Note that you can only pick either the FlexiMileage OR Drive Master scheme. But whichever scheme you pick, you can stack the discount on top of your existing NCD and/or NTUC loyalty discount.


Why (or why not) choose NTUC car insurance?

Although premiums are definitely NOT the cheapest around, many Singaporeans clearly don’t mind paying more for that sense of security. No matter what tantalising offer FWD or Direct Asia has, NTUC’s loyal customers aren’t going to switch.

To their credit, NTUC really does have a very good reputation for emergency service, thanks to the adorably-named Orange Force, their first-aid-trained accident response team.

To illustrate: If you bought insurance from a no-brand company and get into an accident, you’ll most likely be flapping your hands and running around in blind panic (unless, of course, you’ve read our ultimate guide to making car insurance claims).

But if you bought NTUC car insurance, you just have to call the hotline at 6789 5000 and wait 20 minutes for an Orange Force Rider to appear. He or she will calm you down, help you take photos and record your statement, and arrange for medical attention, vehicle removal and alternative transportation. Pretty good, eh?

So, what’s NOT good about NTUC? Probably the lack of flexibility to adjust your excess for a higher or lower premium, which is commonly offered by other insurers.

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