Bubblegum Travel Insurance Review 2022: Super Affordable Covid Coverage

Bubblegum Travel Insurance Review 2022: Super Affordable Covid Coverage

After years of anticipation, travel has finally made a big comeback. International borders are open, hotels and flights are up and running, and (best of all) masks and tests (at least for Singapore) are things of the past. Hooray!

But there is one major change to travelling in the post-Covid era: travel insurance is now compulsory for most countries. In the past, you may have gotten away with not being insured (at your own risk), but this is no longer the case. Now, we travellers bear the responsibility of covering ourselves for Covid.

These new requirements have made things a little tricky. With something like 40+ travel insurance plans to compare, Singaporeans can get analysis paralysis when picking a plan.

Why can’t there be just one affordable travel insurance plan that covers the essentials, including Covid-19 and all the other risks!

Newsflash: there is. Enter Bubblegum travel insurance.

What is Bubblegum travel insurance?

ICYMI, Bubblegum is a fresh new insurance product created by MoneySmart Financial. Why? Because after a decade of helping Singaporeans compare travel insurance, we still felt we weren’t doing enough. 

Although we made it easier, our customers still had to choose between too many similar-looking insurance plans and coverage tiers. You then had to click around to figure out the purchase and claims process, which is different among insurers. Some even require (gasp) hard copy forms!

Fed up with subjecting Singaporeans to this tedious process, we decided to come up with our own product. And Bubblegum travel insurance was born.

Bubblegum has designed the one ideal travel insurance plan (to rule them all). It’s:

  • Simple yet sufficient. We offer only 1 plan with 1 tier of coverage, and we have ensured that it is sufficient to cover the vast majority of travel scenarios. We don’t ever try to upsell you or make you feel FOMO over your decision.
  • Value-for-money. Travel insurance is a basic requirement and it should be cheap! We’ve created the most affordable plan we can. 
  • Easy to use and dependable. We made the insurance process simple and digital, so you don’t need to handle any tedious paperwork. Bubblegum travel insurance is underwritten by Starr, one of Singapore’s leading providers, and claims are easily filed online. If you run into any issues along the way, Bubblegum is here to make sure things go smoothly for you.
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Total Premium


10% OffTotal PremiumS$52.05
MoneySmart Exclusive
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Med. Coverage (Overseas)
Trip Cancellation
Loss/Damage of Personal Baggage
Total Premium
Total PremiumS$52.0510% Off
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Bubblegum travel insurance coverage

We’re confident that Bubblegum’s single travel insurance option fits the needs of most people. Coverage includes the following highlights:

Area of Coverage Coverage Up to
Overseas Medical Expenses $150,000 (includes $100,000 sub-limit for Covid)
Medical Expenses in Singapore $10,000 if you need to be hospitalised on return from your travel (includes Covid)
Loss or Damage to Personal Property and Baggage $3,000 for lost or damaged goods including laptops, clothes, and other personal items
Personal Accident $150,000
Baggage Delay $100 every 6 hours (up to $400 total)
Travel Delay $100 every 6 hours (up to $400 total)
Journey Cancellation or Curtailments $5,000 (or $12,500 for family) if your trip is cancelled or curtailed for covered reasons including Covid

You might also be happy to know that Bubblegum travel insurance covers adventurous activities too with no limits on height or depth, so go ahead with those diving, hiking or bungee jumping plans.

Does Bubblegum travel insurance cover Covid?

Yes, of course! Covid coverage is already included in the price of Bubblegum’s travel insurance plan so there are no added costs necessary. Here are the 5 specific Covid-related areas of coverage that Bubblegum offers:

Covid-19 Coverage Coverage Up to
Covid-19 Overseas Medical Expenses $100,000
Covid-19 Medical Expenses in Singapore $10,000
Covid-19 Hospitalisation Benefit $100 per day (maximum 14 days)
Covid-19 Overseas Quarantine Benefit $100 per day (maximum 14 days)
Covid-19 Related Trip Cancellation $5,000
Covid-19 Related Trip Curtailment $5,000

Covid-19 Overseas Medical Expenses: The Bubblegum travel insurance plan covers up to $100,000 for Covid medical treatment, which is more than enough for most countries. However, please research your travel destination’s insurance requirements to double-check.

Covid-19 Medical Expenses in Singapore: If you need to be hospitalised when you come back to Singapore due to Covid, Bubblegum covers up to $10,000.

Covid-19 Hospitalisation Benefit: Get a $100 daily payout to help with expenses if you get hospitalised overseas for Covid. This benefit is capped at 14 days.

Covid-19 Overseas Quarantine Benefit: Getting quarantined overseas due to Covid is a bummer. We’ll also pay out $100 a day for a maximum of 14 days if this happens.

Covid-19 Related Trip Cancellation or Curtailment: If your trip is cancelled or cut short because of Covid, you can claim up to $5,000. (Or $12,500 if you bought family coverage from us.)

Do note that for Covid-related coverage, Bubblegum travel insurance only pays out if you are diagnosed with Covid-19. We don’t cover scenarios where you are not infected, like government lockdown, border closures or serving a quarantine without infection.

How much does Bubblegum travel insurance cost?

How much? More like how little. Take a gander at this comparison chart to see how much cheaper Bubblegum is compared to some of Singapore’s top travel insurance providers. Plus, Bubblegum is currently offering an additional 35% off their plans for a limited time so it’s a real steal.

As you can see, Bubblegum’s a lot more cost-effective than the others. Even without a promotional discount, Bubblegum can cost half of what other insurers charge! 

At MoneySmart we often caution consumers that “cheapest isn’t always the best”… but in this case, we believe you can safely opt for Bubblegum without sacrificing coverage. You can see that our coverage limits are pretty much on par with that of the other insurers.

Should you buy Bubblegum travel insurance?

We’ve spent years understanding the ins and outs of the Singapore travel insurance market. We are ordinary travellers just like you, too. We know exactly what travellers want from our insurance… and what we loathe.

To create Bubblegum travel insurance, we analysed thousands of travel insurance policies to create the ideal travel insurance plan that covers most Singaporeans’ needs. 

Of course, it’s not possible for one plan to cater to every single person. If you are travelling with special needs, to unusual destinations and/or for extraordinary purposes, then Bubblegum might not suit you. (It’s unlikely, too, that off-the-shelf travel insurance plans would fit. You may want to reach out to us for advice.)

As for the rest of us going on regular vacations, work trips or to visit family and friends? Then yes, you should probably buy Bubblegum travel insurance for your next trip. 

Want to get insured right away… or explore some more before committing? Either way, check out the Bubblegum app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.