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Guide to the Best Family Travel Insurance in Singapore: Cost, Coverage, Age Limits and More
Feeding one extra mouth at home is one thing, but travelling with another little human is a whole different ...
14 hours ago
6 Best Travel Insurance with COVID-19 Coverage in Singapore (May 2024)
COVID-19 might be the last thing on your mind…but it could be the first thing to ruin your next trip. Whether ...
5 days ago
FWD Travel Insurance Singapore Review (2024)
As a typical cheapo sinkie, I must confess to buying FWD travel insurance purely because it’s one of the ...
19 May 2024
Travel Insurance Singapore Guide (2024): Must-Knows for Choosing the Best Travel Insurance
Travelling is a favourite Singaporean pastime. A national sport, if you will. But while we all love travel ...
10 May 2024
6 Things to Know About Travel Insurance for Extreme Sports and Outdoor Adventure Coverage (2024)
We all know friends who are adrenaline junkies. Those who get kicks out of taking crazy risks and going ...
7 May 2024
countries singaporeans need a visa to travel
5 Countries Singaporeans Still Need A Travel Visa For and How Much They Cost
I hardly ever remember to check if I need a visa before I book air tickets, but so far I haven’t had any ...
19 April 2023
5 Travel Tips for Solo Travellers
5 Travel Tips for Solo Travellers
For some of us, travelling alone is the only way to enjoy some overseas exploration without killing a travel ...
22 November 2022
best travel insurance Singapore - Singlife Travel insurance
Is Covid Even Still A Thing? Here are 6 Reasons Why A Good Travel Insurance Policy Still Matters
This post was written in collaboration with Singlife with Aviva. While we are financially compensated by ...
Bubblegum Travel Insurance Review 2022: Super Affordable Covid Coverage
Bubblegum Travel Insurance Review 2022: Super Affordable Covid Coverage
After years of anticipation, travel has finally made a big comeback. International borders are open, hotels ...
19 October 2022
Introducing Bubblegum: 5 Things to Know About Our New Insurance Brand
Introducing Bubblegum: 5 Things to Know About Our New Insurance Brand
Heard of Bubblegum yet? With its adorable artwork and super friendly user interface, you could very well ...
22 September 2022
Allianz Travel Insurance Singapore Review: Covid-19 Coverage (2022) Image by Pexels/ Vlada Karpovich
Allianz Travel Insurance Singapore Review: Covid-19 Coverage (2022)
Allianz is best known to those who have existing car loans. But for the rest of us BMW customers (Bus, ...
25 August 2022
Aviva Travel Insurance Review
Singlife with Aviva Travel Insurance Review: Covid-19 Cover, SAF MINDEF Promotion
The name “Aviva” rings a bell in the minds of all Singaporean men, since they provide you with life insurance ...
8 August 2022
tokio marine travel insurance
Tokio Marine Travel Insurance Review: Claim, Promotion, Policy Wording
Tokio Marine deserves a prize for being the most underrated insurance company in Singapore. The only thing ...
8 August 2022
AXA Travel Insurance Review
AXA Travel Insurance Review: Covid-19 Cover, Wanderlust vs SmartTraveller (2022)
The number of bargain travel insurance plans has exploded. Nowadays, you can find plans that are so cheap ...
4 August 2022
airlines travel insurance
Airline Travel Insurance – What does SIA, Scoot, Jetstar travel insurance cover?
Booking a flight online these days is less about making sure you get what you want than making sure you ...
3 August 2022
best annual travel insurance singapore
11 Best Annual Travel Insurance from $270 You Can Buy Online (2022)
“Annual travel insurance? Isn’t that for frequent flyers, like those investment bankers and C-level executives?” ...
2 August 2022
amex travel insurance singapore
AMEX Travel Insurance Singapore Review: Platinum Card, KrisFlyer Card (2022)
If you’re an American Express credit card user, not only are you a relatively rare breed, but you might ...
1 August 2022
travel insurance claims
How to Claim Travel Insurance? A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide (2022)
Nobody ever wants to make travel insurance claims unless they really, really have to. Why? Because it’s ...
28 July 2022
travel insurance singapore
Travel Insurance Singapore: Is It Necessary To Buy Travel Insurance?
Travel insurance sounds like something meant to fleece kiasi people of their hard-earned cash. Many of ...
28 July 2022
DBS Travel Insurance Review: Covid-19, Promo Code, Complimentary Insurance
DBS Travel Insurance Review: Covid-19, Promo Code, Complimentary Insurance
It should surprise no one that DBS TravellerShield Plus, DBS’ travel insurance (or POSB’s travel insurance) ...
15 July 2022
citibank travel insurance review
Citibank Travel Insurance Singapore Review: Free Travel Insurance, Promotion, Covid-19
Citibank travel insurance is one of the most popular travel insurance options in Singapore, perhaps because ...
2 July 2022
Etiqa Travel Insurance Review
Etiqa Travel Insurance Singapore Review: Pre-Ex, Covid-19, Claims (2022)
When you think travel insurance, you definitely don’t think of Etiqa. For the uninitiated, Etiqa is Malaysian ...
29 June 2022
DirectAsia Travel Insurance Review
Direct Asia Travel Insurance Review: Covid Coverage, Claims, Promo Code (2022)
When it comes to offering the cheapest travel insurance in Singapore, the fight to the bottom continues… ...
28 June 2022
AIG Travel Insurance Review
AIG Travel Insurance Singapore: Covid-19 Coverage Review, Promotion (2022)
If you have ever gone on group tours through travel agents, AIG travel insurance (or the AIG Travel Guard) ...
27 June 2022
MSIG Travel Insurance Review
MSIG Travel Insurance Singapore: Coverage, Promotion, and Claims Review
MSIG travel insurance is one of the most popular travel insurance plans in Singapore and is second only ...
27 June 2022