Introducing Bubblegum: 5 Things to Know About Our New Insurance Brand

Introducing Bubblegum: 5 Things to Know About Our New Insurance Brand

Heard of Bubblegum yet? With its adorable artwork and super friendly user interface, you could very well mistake Bubblegum’s app and website for a cute mobile game… but it’s actually an insurance platform. 

And it’s made by yours truly. That’s right, we at MoneySmart built an insurance platform! After helping consumers compare products and make smarter financial decisions for over a decade, Bubblegum was the logical next step for us.

Here’s what we’d like you to know about Bubblegum, your money-saving insurance companion. 

1. What is Bubblegum?

Bubblegum isn’t just an app, it’s a complete digital insurance ecosystem. Translation: It was built to meet all of your insurance needs across every stage, from purchase to claims to payouts. 

Bubblegum’s insurance policies aim to offer all the essential coverage you need at the best value possible. Say goodbye to the hidden T&Cs, bloated premiums and inflexible lock-ins so often found in conventional insurance policies. Bubblegum has done away with that toxic stuff. Instead, every policy is 100% transparent, so you know exactly what you’re buying.

The Bubblegum app and website have been designed to make managing insurance fun, simple and stress-free. We actually want people to enjoy the insurance experience, as far-fetched as that sounds.

2. Why was Bubblegum created?

Since 2009, MoneySmart has helped over 100 million people across Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Philippines compare financial products, save money and make smarter decisions. 

During these 13 years, we’ve witnessed first-hand the frustrations many consumers have around insurance. 

Most of us dread dealing with insurance. We know we “should”, but we don’t have the time or inclination to meet agents, go through piles of paperwork, wrap our heads around financial jargon, worry about missing the fine print, blah blah blah… not to mention the ordeal of having to submit a claim (that might get rejected!).

Despite scouring the insurance world for the best options for consumers, we’ve always felt our choices weren’t quite up to standard. If only WE could create our own products tailored to consumers’ actual needs — and completely reinvent the insurance user experience!

So we set about making that dream a reality. This involved a pretty long process of applying for MAS licenses and lots of paperwork, but we finally have everything in order. Finally, under the Bubblegum brand, we can start the insurance revolution we’ve always dreamed about.

3. What sets Bubblegum apart?

Here are 3 ways Bubblegum stands out from the pack:

  1. Super affordable prices

Insurance is a basic financial need and should be priced accordingly. Unfortunately, agents often push pricey policies to maximise their commissions — making insurance seem like an unaffordable luxury. Bubblegum is here to change that. 

In a quest to deliver the most bang for your buck, Bubblegum has affordable plans from as little as $4 a day for Travel Insurance, with no hidden costs like Covid coverage. Despite being light on your wallet, Bubblegum’s insurance policies are heavy on the coverage, created in partnership with Singapore’s top insurance providers to make sure you get the best deal possible.

  1. Digital & instant

Can you believe some traditional insurers still require you to submit hard copy forms? Not acceptable in 2022, guys. You shouldn’t have to set aside an entire day to settle your insurance matters.

Bubblegum’s goal is to eliminate all the paperwork with a digital application process and hassle-free claims. The dream? Getting all your insurance admin sorted with just a few taps. 

  1. Flexible subscriptions

Consumers have already ditched long-term cable TV contracts and mobile phone lines in favour of no-commitment monthly subscriptions. Shouldn’t insurance be the same?

Bubblegum’s policies are also designed for flexibility where possible. Plans changed? Found something better? You can cancel your Bubblegum plan any time you want.

4. How does Bubblegum work?

Interested in a car insurance policy? You can get a quote in minutes in the Bubblegum app by syncing your details from SingPass. Thanks to MyInfo integration, Bubblegum can pull essential info like your age, household details, home address and so on to generate an accurate quote and a plan tailored just for you. 

Then, apply for the plan instantly or customise your plan to your heart’s content with any optional add-ons. If you have questions, simply chat with our real-life team through the app.

Should you need to make a claim, all you need to do is to follow a few simple steps in the app or on the website, then sit tight and wait for your payout. Got a more complex claim to process? Bubblegum will take care of it for you.

5. What types of insurance are available on Bubblegum?

The plan is for Bubblegum to meet all of your insurance needs eventually. Currently, though, there are 3 types of insurance available or in the works:

  1. Car Insurance (app exclusive)

Car insurance is compulsory in Singapore, so it’s pretty much unavoidable if you have a set of wheels. But that’s no reason to overspend on it.

With MoneySmart’s years of experience as car insurance brokers, we’ve designed a plan that’s perfect for car owners in every way. Underwritten by India International Insurance Pte Ltd, Bubblegum offers comprehensive coverage (including even the engine and gearbox!) for up to $300 less than top insurers in town*.

  1. Travel Insurance (web exclusive)

Goodbye Covid, hello travel! Now that borders are open, travel insurance is a necessity once again. Bubblegum’s got an incredibly affordable plan from as little as $4 per day for a 7-day individual trip to Thailand, with Covid-19 coverage included so you can cruise through your holiday with peace of mind! It’s currently available first on or MoneySmart with a limited offer of 20% off your plan for the first 500 customers!*

Bubblegum logo

Total Premium


10% OffTotal PremiumS$52.05
MoneySmart Exclusive
Most fuss-free plan
Med. Coverage (Overseas)
Trip Cancellation
Loss/Damage of Personal Baggage
Total Premium
Total PremiumS$52.0510% Off
MoneySmart Exclusive:

[Receive your cash as fast as 30 days*]
• Enjoy 10% off your policy premium
• Get an Eskimo Global 1GB eSIM with every policy purchased.
• Additionally, receive up to S$25 via PayNow and up to S$20 iShopChangi e-voucher with eligible premiums spent. T&Cs apply.

Valid until 31 May 2024
Apply NowApply directly on MoneySmart
  1. Term Life Insurance (coming soon)

Term life insurance pays out a lump sum in the event of your death, terminal illness or total and permanent disability. In other words, it would pay off any liabilities you have (such as your home loan) and help your family with their day-to-day expenses.

Insuring your life is essential if you have dependents, but it shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Bubblegum’s upcoming term life insurance aims to give you the protection you want at great value.

Want to learn more about Bubblegum? Head over to the Bubblegum website or simply download the app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

*Terms & conditions apply. Full T&Cs at