Tiger Brokers 8.0 App: 5 New Features We Love (Plus, $0 Commissions!)

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Ever since Tiger Brokers leapt into the investment brokerage scene in 2014, it’s caused quite a stir. Known for its low (or even zero!) commission fees, Tiger Brokers has made investing in global markets both affordable and accessible. No wonder it’s one of the top independent trading platforms today, with a community of some 2.5 million users.

Though it’s just turning 8 this year (the same age as a Primary Two pupil), Tiger Brokers has already amassed numerous accolades for innovations such as partnering with money transfer giant Wise (for affordable currency exchange rates), offering low-cost access to multiple global markets and its popular range of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) investing products.

Most recently, Tiger Brokers snagged awards at the Singapore Business Review Technology Excellence Awards 2022, The Asset Triple A Sustainable Investing Awards 2021 and Singapore Business Review Technology Excellence Awards 2021. Wowza. You go, Tiger!

As befits a leader in innovation, Tiger Brokers celebrates its 8th anniversary with a new app update. Recently launched on 1 July 2022, the all-new Tiger Brokers 8.0 App is chock full of features that users will love. Here are 5 of our favourites.


1. Brand new personalised homepage

Screenshot: Tiger Brokers

After updating your Tiger Brokers app, the first upgrade you’ll notice is the revamped homepage. It now gathers most of Tiger Trade’s core functions at our fingertips, so we can spend less time navigating — and more time trading.

We love how the homepage is personalised as well. You can now rearrange modules on the homepage to your liking, making the app easier and more enjoyable to use.


2. Customisable stock detail pages

Screenshot: Tiger Brokers

The next major upgrade is to stock pages (that’s what you see when you look at a particular company, such as AAPL/Apple or TSLA/Tesla).

Like the homepage, Tiger Brokers’ new stock detail page is customisable, so you can hide functions you don’t often use. We appreciate this feature because each individual has different priorities — what’s important to you might be trivial to me — and it’s nice to be able to curate accordingly and minimise info overload.

Other updates include a more accessible news module, a redesigned Quote tab, and newly-enlarged Order Book and stocks charts. These small changes add up and make the overall user experience a whole lot more pleasant.


3. Improvements for seasoned traders

Screenshot: Tiger Brokers

So far, the Tiger Brokers 8.0 App sounds awesome for newbies who would otherwise feel lost in a sea of features. But, as the core of the Tiger Brokers community, seasoned investors and longtime users have plenty to gain too.

Those who already know their way around will benefit from Tiger Brokers’ upgrades to stock and option displays. The new and improved profit and loss (P&L) analysis modules now present clearer data and transaction info, so advanced traders have everything they need to make time-sensitive decisions — even for complex trades.


4. “Live” access to market experts

Screenshot: Tiger Brokers

The new Tiger Brokers 8.0 App isn’t just an investment app — it’s also educational. With ramped-up features like livestreams and knowledge hubs, every login is a learning opportunity.

We particularly like Tiger Live, a series of livestreams with market experts. Living in today’s cauldron of geopolitical tensions, rising inflation and market uncertainties, any chance to make sense of the world can only help us to make better, more informed investment decisions.


5. An inclusive, community-driven platform

As avid app users, there’s no better feeling than when our “voices” are heard and developers work to improve our experience. The latest iteration of the Tiger Brokers app was developed in collaboration with its ecosystem of users, especially its beta testing squad TigerONE.

Far from resting on its laurels, the online brokerage is committed to being community-driven in the future. So as the world changes and our investment priorities evolve, we can expect the app to grow with us.

Thanks to Tiger Brokers’ continuous efforts, it is now easier than ever to invest in stock markets like Singapore and Hong Kong, as well as China A-Shares.

Investing just got more accessible with $0 commissions

On top of designing their app to be easier to use than ever, Tiger Brokers is ALSO offering $0 commission fees* in the Singapore and Hong Kong markets, as well as for China A-Shares.

How does it work?

  • When you open a new account, you get commission-free trading for US stocks (180 days), as well as Singapore and Hong Kong stocks and China A-Shares (365 days)
  • You also get 1 Grab share (while stocks last)
  • Make an initial deposit of S$1,000 and complete 5 new BUY trades (min. US$1/share) to get S$88 deposited into your account 
  • To extend the $0 commissions on US stocks perk for life, refer Tiger Brokers to a friend and get them to make an initial deposit of S$1,000 and complete 5 new BUY trades of min. US$1/stock
  • After your friend fulfils this, you’ll each receive S$88 and a Grab share
  • Promotion is valid till 30 August 2022. Terms and conditions apply; visit Tiger Brokers’ website for more info

*$0 commissions for Singapore, Hong Kong and China A-Shares will be valid for 1 year. Promotion is extended to all Tiger Brokers Singapore clients (new and existing), and is an add-on to Tiger Brokers Singapore’s ongoing $0 commissions promotion for US stocks.

By making investing virtually free of charge and simplifying the experience, Tiger Brokers has lowered the barriers to entry for new investors, making it a low-cost and easier way to build your diversified investment portfolio — a must-have during volatile times like these.


Download the new Tiger Brokers 8.0 App

Check out the brand new Tiger Brokers interface and unlock your zero commissions now.

Be sure to also check out Tiger Brokers’ 8th anniversary campaign in the app too, including a Tiger Adventure time travel game where you can win up to US$200,000 worth of prizes!

To begin, update your Tiger Brokers app on your phone or download the latest app here: Android / iPhone.



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