7 Cheap Batam Beach Resorts Under $100/Night – Harris, KTM & More

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Batam is kinda like a mash-up of JB and Bintan all in one… Except maybe even better. Not only are there heaps of cheap and actually nice hotels to choose from in the built-up areas (can’t say the same for Johor), Batam also has resorts that are way cheaper than their Bintan counterparts.

You probably already know about Montigo Resorts, Batam’s most famous resort. But at well over $200 a night per villa, it’s more cost-effective for large groups — not so much for couples or small groups of friends.

So I’ve hunted down some much-cheaper Batam resort options. All of these cost under $100 a night for 2 pax, so that’s no more than $50 a night per person. Can you get that price in Bintan? I think not.


  1. 7 cheap Batam resorts under $95/night
  2. Harris Resort Waterfront
  3. Harris Resort Barelang
  4. KTM Resort
  5. Batam View Beach Resort
  6. Nongsa Point Marina & Resort
  7. Woda Villa & Spa
  8. Turi Beach Resort
  9. Booked your Batam resort already? 3 more things to do

1. 7 cheap Batam resorts under $100/night

Batam resort Nearest ferry terminal Lowest price per night
KTM Resort Sekupang $32
Batam View Beach Resort Nongsa $85
Nongsa Point Marina & Resort Nongsa $71
Woda Villa & Spa Batam Centre / Harbour Bay $70
Harris Resort Waterfront Waterfront $87
Turi Beach Resort Nongsa $88
Harris Resort Barelang Batam Centre / Sekupang $78

Wondering how I got those crazy-cheap hotel rates? The prices shown are from Google, which aggregates travel booking sites around the web. 

I’ve taken Google’s cheapest hotel prices for a weeknight in December 2022. You’d have to pay more for weekends and super peak periods (i.e. around Christmas) for sure.

Ferries from Singapore to Batam typically cost $70 return, so if you stay 3D2N, that’s about $200 per person for ferry + accommodation. Sweet.

All right, you probably don’t need any further convincing, so let me jump straight into Batam’s cheapest resorts.

2. Harris Resort Waterfront

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Harris Hotels is a well-established chain in Batam and has 3 hotels and resorts on the island. There’s Harris Batam Centre, but it’s more of a regular hotel in the city centre. If you want to go to a resort instead, Harris Resort Waterfront in Sekupang is a better choice.

It’s a lot more mass-market than, say, Woda Villa or KTM Resort, but Harris Resort Waterfront is probably a better choice if you have kids in tow. It’s only 5 minutes from Sekupang ferry terminal and appears to have more family-friendly facilities. Weekday prices are really affordable at as low as $87/night too:

Again, the main thing with staying in Sekupang is that you’re pretty far from the malls in the main Batam City area, but if your objective is to enjoy the resort facilities for a couple of days, it’s no big deal.

3. Harris Resort Barelang

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If you’re willing to venture beyond the immediate vicinity of the Batam ferry terminals, Harris Resort Barelang is a huge, self-contained resort in the south of the main Batam island.

It’s about 35 to 45 minutes’ drive away from Batam Centre or Sekupang ferry terminal, and is quite isolated from the crazy crowds / shopping malls.

Like the other Harris hotels, Harris Resort Barelang is quite kid-friendly so it’s a good choice for families. A bonus is that, although there are a lot of rooms in this resort, they’re all spread out so you’re not cheek-by-jowl with the other Singaporeans on holiday. However, Harris hotels is on the pricer end in December with rooms starting from $139/night. However, if your leave is flexible and you can afford to travel in November, you can book a room at a very affordable price of $78/night.

4. KTM Resort Batam

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The absolute cheapest resort I found in Batam is called KTM Resort (no relation to the Malaysian train operator, I think). Depending on which hotel booking site you use, you can get villas for as little as $32 a night.

KTM Resort Batam is located in the Sekupang part of Batam, which is not as happening as Harbour Bay/Batam Centre (where the malls are) or as pretty as Nongsa (where Montigo Resorts is).

The Balinese-style villas here aren’t as modern as Montigo Resort’s, but considering one can find all the usual resort facilities here (spa, restaurant, pool), it’s quite nice for a cheap, do-nothing getaway.

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5. Batam View Beach Resort

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If you want to stay where the major Batam resorts like Montigo Resorts and Nongsa Point Marina & Resort are located, then you have to go to Nongsa. This area has a proper beach and therefore a more holiday-ish atmosphere. As a bonus, you can dine at a different resort every day.

There are a handful of big resorts here, but the cheapest one is Batam View Beach Resort. Rates start from only $85/night in December, which is a quarter the price of a villa at Montigo Resorts.

Batam View is not the newest or sexiest property around here — actually, it’s more like one of those hotels that double up as convention centres — but it seems pretty cost-effective for a family trip.

6. Nongsa Point Marina & Resort

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Another cheap resort in the Nongsa area is Nongsa Point Marina & Resort, which is kinda surprising given all the yachts berthed here.

It’s obviously a little more upscale and romantic than Batam View, but still very affordable. Plus, you’d have access to a range of water sport activities from jet skiing to wakeboarding and parasailing. Snatch up one of the rooms at Nongsa Point Marina & Resort for as low as $71/night.

7. Woda Villa & Spa

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Woda Villa was quite a surprise find: It’s a full-blown resort (over-water villas on stilts!) right in Batam City, albeit on its fringes. That’s a very good compromise for those who want to relax in a villa but still be within reach of Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall.

Given its seeming luxuriousness, Woda Villa’s room rates are amazing. If you book your stay in the first half of December, you can get a room for as low as $70/night. However, it does get more expensive towards the end of December, so hurry if you’re booking this for the year-end.

8. Turi Beach Resort

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We all know that Montigo Resorts is #1 among the Batam resorts, but its neighbour Turi Beach Resort is probably #2. Its design is quite different from Montigo, but it has the same glorious beach setting and luxurious modern amenities.

While Montigo Resorts offers only large villas, Turi Beach Resort has smaller rooms, which makes it a more affordable option for couples and small groups of friends. Right now, you can still snag a room facing the sea for $88/night.


9. Booked your Batam resort already? 3 more things to do

Here’s a mini-checklist of what else you should do to complete your Batam trip.

1. Book the (correct) ferry

As mentioned, Singapore to Batam ferries cost about $70 (round trip) per adult. But make sure you book the correct ferry! If you’re booking one of the resorts mentioned above, check the top of the article to see which ferry terminal is best.

Batam has at least 5 international ferry terminals: Harbour Bay, Batam Centre, Nongsapura, Waterfront and Sekupang. The first 2 bring you to Batam city centre, which each of the rest have at least a couple of resorts. If you go to the wrong terminal it may be very expensive and time-consuming to get to your resort.

2. Compare & buy travel insurance

Travel insurance for Indonesia is dirt-cheap! You can get basic coverage for a 3-day trip for below $20. We’ve put together some of the best travel insurance with Covid-19 coverage that you can browse for value for money policies that still give you adequate coverage.

3. Settle money matters

Most big hotels and resorts accept credit card payments, but not all do. If you’re not paying for your accommodation through a prepaid site like Agoda, call or write in to check.

You may want to opt for a multi-currency card like TransferWise or YouTrip to save on credit card transaction fees. Don’t forget to change some rupiah too, since Indonesia’s economy is still very much cash-based.

Got a cheap and good Batam resort to recommend? Share please!