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picking right nursing home
5 Criteria to Consider When Picking the Right Nursing Home for Your Parents
Of all the issues facing Singapore, the biggest elephant in the room is the rapidly ageing population. Almost 20% of the populace will be 65 and over by 2030, with that...
31 May 2019
alternatives nursing home
3 Alternatives to Placing Your Parents in a Nursing Home
Singapore’s elderly population is projected to grow exponentially. Based on projections from the UN, 47% of Singapore’s total population will be aged 65 years or older in 2050. With the government...
29 May 2019
what to do in a car accident
Car Insurance
Got Into a Car Accident in Singapore? A Step-by-Step Guide on What to Do
Facing a car accident is a situation that no one wants to get into, but it’s important to be prepared for it so that you don’t freak out when the...
27 May 2019
barre classes singapore
Fitness & Beauty
5 Studios for Barre Classes in Singapore: Is Barre Worth the Hype?
When people think of exercise, it’s no longer limited to running, swimming or even line dancing. These days, there’s a whole world of interesting exercise options to choose from, like...
24 May 2019
baby fairs singapore
5 Baby Fairs To Buy Baby Essentials in Singapore – Are They Worth it? (2019)
These days, it seems like there is always a version of a baby fair going on in Singapore. If you have ever been to a baby fair, you’d know that...
23 May 2019
car rental singapore
Car Rental in Singapore – Guide to Cheap Car Rentals for Singaporeans & Expats
Public transport in Singapore is awesome and all, but there are times when you’d REALLY rather not deal with it. Such as when you have to corral your kids, your...
17 May 2019
mcst condo singapore
How Do You Spot a Good MCST That Will Take Care of Your Condo?
Not all condo management teams are equal. If you want to live in a condominium that stays well-maintained through the years, you better pick a good one. Actually, what does...
9 May 2019
children music school singapore
10 Children’s Music Schools in Singapore to Send Your Kiddos (2019): Prices and Trial Classes
Singapore is overrun with music schools for children, so you have no lack of options if you’ve always dreamed of nurturing the next Beethoven or Mozart. These days, there are...
30 April 2019
confinement tingkat
7 Confinement Food Tingkat Caterers in Singapore to Order Nutritious Food From after Birth
Confinement food catering is gaining popularity among mothers who cannot afford a live-in confinement lady. If there is a mother, mother-in-law, or auntie who can help, you may not need...
30 April 2019
house cleaning services singapore
5 House Cleaning Services in Singapore You Can Rely On To Keep Your Home Spick and Span (2019)
Don’t want to waste your weekend doing household chores yet not ready to commit to a live-in maid? A cleaning service or agency might be the answer to your problem....
26 April 2019
best tuition centres private tutors singapore
Tuition Centres in Singapore 2019 – 17 Popular Yet Affordable Tutor Options
In meritocratic Singapore, education is our ticket up. That’s why we’re willing to do just about anything to make sure our kids get into the best schools and score As...
18 April 2019
aircon bill singapore
How to Save on Your Aircon Bill: 5 Ways to Beat the Heat Without Turning on the Aircon 24/7
Air conditioning is about as vital to life to some Singaporeans as air, food, and water. That’s because it can get crazy hot in Singapore, and for many households, that...
18 April 2019
free zumba classes singapore
Fitness & Beauty
Free Zumba Classes in Singapore 2019 – It’s Not Only For Aunties!
Zumba is a workout trend that has gained popularity in recent years, especially among older ladies. Even though it seems like the new line dance, it’s actually a great a...
17 April 2019
Planning a Funeral Service in Singapore – What to Do When a Loved One Dies & How Much It Costs
Planning a Funeral Service in Singapore – What to Do When a Loved One Dies & How Much It Costs
We don’t like to talk about death. It’s not a happy topic. Thinking about it is worse. It just reminds us how it’ll all end for ourselves and all we...
17 April 2019
lasik procedures singapore
LASIK Singapore Price List – How Much Does LASIK Surgery Cost?
In the beginning, there were spectacles. Until then, if your eye-sight failed you, your best bet was to squint. Then came contact lenses which are a god-send compared to clunky...
17 April 2019
cost of diabetes treatment singapore
Diabetes in Singapore – Guide to Cost of Screening, Treatment & Medication
Not sure if you got the memo, but diabetes is a major problem here in Singapore. Consider the following sobering statistics: Close to 10% of Singaporeans have diabetes. For Singaporeans...
17 April 2019
infant cares in singapore 2018
Infant Cares in Singapore 2019: PCF Sparkletots vs My First Skool vs Others
It feels like just the other day when you whooped with joy (and relief) at the arrival of your baby. Now, all too soon, your maternity leave is over and...
16 April 2019
infantcares in the cbd singapore
Top 14 Infant Cares in Singapore’s CBD for Working Parents (2019 Price List)
When looking for the best infant care for your little one, location is a key factor. Most people either put the bub near home or their workplace. An infant care near your...
16 April 2019
formula milk powder singapore price comparison
Formula Milk Powder Prices in Singapore – Dumex vs Aptamil vs Similac vs NAN
Formula milk powder is not cheap. In fact, over the last 10 years, there has been a 120% increase in formula milk prices. So much so that PM Lee had to...
16 April 2019
laundry services singapore 2018
Laundry Services in Singapore – Price Comparison of 7 Affordable Laundromats
Laundry services in Singapore are growing in popularity, perhaps because doing laundry is one of life’s most terrible chores, right next to ironing. (Dishes, I can tolerate. Mopping, I find therapeutic....
15 April 2019
Singapore plumbing services
9 Cheap Plumbers in Singapore: Price List of Affordable Plumbing Services
Home owners know the dreaded feeling of encountering a choking sink, a clogged toilet bowl, a faulty water heater or a leaking tap. Not only is it a major inconvenience,...
11 April 2019
prenatal massages singapore
7 Shiok Prenatal Massages To Relieve Aches and Water Retention: Price Guide for Mums-to-Be
Don’t let instagram mumfluencers or Meghan Markle fool you. The pregnancy glow is not all there is to growing a baby. Pregnant mums-to-be often suffer from morning sickness, swollen feet and...
8 April 2019
paediatricians in singapore
Paediatricians in Singapore (2019): Consultation Fees at Top Kids’ Clinics
Few things worry a parent as much as when a child falls ill. The younger the child, the greater the worry, especially since they can’t talk yet and won’t be...
5 April 2019
cheap locksmiths singapore
Cheap Locksmiths Singapore: Price Lists of 4 Reliable Locksmith Services
Getting locked out of your home, office or car is no fun. It’s much worse when you’re locked in. You need a locksmith pronto. But who can you trust to...
4 April 2019
krabi cheap holiday destination
5 Cheap Holiday Destinations from Singapore ($520 to $720 All In!)
Most Singaporeans go on a holiday once a year, even if that means Johor Bahru, Bangkok or Batam. There’s just nothing like a getaway to restore sanity and recharge our...
25 March 2019