MoneySmart Staff Spill Their Top Tips to Maximise Credit Card Spend

MoneySmart Staff Spill Their Top Tips to Maximise Credit Card Spend

Fact: a credit card is only as good as its user. 

So, what sets a mere credit card holder apart from a savvy spender? It really boils down to the ability to earn and maximise all the rewards that come with it. But that said, the possibilities are endless. So, if you’re new to the credit card scene or simply looking out for the best reward options, here’s what staff at MoneySmart are doing to make the most out of their credit card expenditure. 

1. Understand your cards like you understand your friends

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We all have that one friend we turn to when we need to shop for a new outfit, or that one who seems to know all the latest food joints in town. Likewise, it is important to know what kind of reward each of your credit cards offers. 

Spreading your expenditure across various credit cards ensures you get the best bang for your buck. For example, if you’re looking to travel often—save the big ticket items for a miles card. If you’re huge on dining or online shopping—look for cashback cards with the best rebates. If you have a car to take care of—get a card that offers discounts at petrol stations. 

Don’t know where to start? Map out your monthly expenditure, and see where most of your spends are concentrated on before applying for suitable credit cards. Trust me, it’ll pay off when you’re enjoying that business class seat on your next 12-hour plane ride to London! 

– Charis Choo, Performance Marketing Manager, MoneySmart Singapore

2. Be that proactive pal who offers to pay first

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Once dinner is done, dusted and digested, don’t wait around for someone else to call for the cheque and watch as 7 grown adults fumble for their wallets. Walk to the till like a boss and settle the bill first. Everyone labels you as the proactive homie and your bank rewards you for the big spend. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

For big groups where bills can’t be split evenly (e.g. alcohol drinkers vs non alcohol drinkers), consider using a payment splitting app—like Splitwise—to relieve some of the math migraine. 

– Benny Teo, Talent Acquisition Specialist, MoneySmart Singapore

3. Add a supplementary card holder to your existing credit card

Consider adding your spouse/family members as supplementary card holders. This way, their transactions can be stacked on top of yours and they don’t need to think about annual fees or hidden costs (great if they are unemployed or don’t incur large monthly bills). 

Uh, just remind them to spend responsibly so that your credit score isn’t affected ultimately. Teamwork makes the dream work, right?

– Jason Goh, Performance Marketing Specialist, MoneySmart Singapore

4. Rewards and loyalty programmes are not just for aunties

Maximising your credit card doesn’t stop at your credit card. Get on board (free) rewards or loyalty programmes so that you can stack rewards on top of each other, like earning additional cashback on top of your existing purchases. 

For instance, apps like Shopee and Grab have their virtual currency in the form of coins or points you accumulate to ultimately gain some sort of reward i.e. discount off your next purchase. Okay la, maybe don’t force your family member to film a Shopee video review for you. 

I’m also a fan of Shopback and Fave which offer cashback and discounted deals on some of my favourite merchants.

Honestly, we all know that these are traps to make you spend more…but if you’re gonna shop there anyway, you might as well make the most out of it.

– Valerie Wong, Content Editor, MoneySmart Singapore

5. Most underrated part about credit cards? The concierge service

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Many people don’t know this but you can do a whole lot more with your credit card than just swiping it. Most credit card companies offer 24-hour concierge services that can help you with a bunch of things. This includes helping to rebook a new flight in the event you missed yours, finding last minute accommodation, making reservations for highly coveted restaurants or events, and more. Think of it as a hotel concierge that’s just a phone call away. Only this time, you can ask for more than extra shampoo and conditioner. 

Of course, all this doesn’t come free and all expenses will be charged to your credit card. It also won’t help you do your chores or score last minute Super Bowl suites tickets. But it’s worth remembering that as a credit card holder, you have access to this life line.  

– Rafael Victorino, Product Marketing Specialist, MoneySmart Singapore

On the Plus side…

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