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lighting shops singapore
Lighting Shops in Singapore vs Carousell vs Taobao – How Much Do The Same Lights Cost?
I recently collected the keys to my new home. If you’ve been following my renovation articles, you would know that I am in the midst of pimping it up. One major (read: expensive) component...
18 October 2018
cashless hawker centre
5 Chilling (Yet Probable) Consequences Of Hawker Centres Going Cashless 
On the surface, going cashless at hawker centres seems like a dream. It’s like that Visa PayWave ad, right? You pirouette around with your char kway teow and with a magical wave of your credit...
17 October 2018
google pixel 3
Smartphone Showdown – Google Pixel 3 vs iPhone XS and XS Max (2018)
Earlier this week (10 Oct), Google announced the release date for the new Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL – 1 Nov 2018. Preorders are already available on the Google...
15 October 2018
changi airport duty free
Shopping at Changi Airport Duty-Free (DFS) – Cosmetics, Electronics, Alcohol & More
In case somewhere along the way I sound like an over-enthusiastic cheerleader, let me just put it out here from the get-go: this is not an advertorial, I just very unabashedly...
11 October 2018
halloween horror nights zouk halloween
5 Ways to Spend Halloween 2018 – Price Guide to USS Halloween Horror Nights, Zouk Halloween & More
Looks like scaredy cats like me really can’t catch a break. The lunar 7th month is over so the Chinese ghosts are finally back in hell, but guess what? It’s now time for Halloween...
10 October 2018
haji lane singapore
9 Things to Do in Haji Lane Singapore – Tarot Card Reading, Selfie Coffees & More
Nothing screams “hipster” as loud as an adventure to Haji Lane, Singapore’s OG indie neighbourhood. And although you cool cats can’t blow grape-flavoured smoke hoops at shisha joints anymore, there’s still...
9 October 2018
hdb silver housing bonus downsizing in singapore right-sizing
HDB Silver Housing Bonus — A Guide to Downsizing Your Home in Singapore
When your children were younger, you bought a bigger home to contain all their bric-a-brac. Now, as they have grown older and moved out of the family nest, you and...
9 October 2018
migrate to australia sydney
High Life
Migrating to Australia – Cost of Living, Annual Salaries and Taxes
If you are reading this from your cramped office cubicle, or on your mobile while enduring a sardine packed MRT ride home, chances are the fleeting thought of migrating the...
8 October 2018
tailored suits singapore bangkok hoi an shanghai kl
Bespoke Suits for Men – Best Tailors in Bangkok, Hoi An, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai and Singapore
Whether it is for your graduation ceremony, wedding, or that all-important presentation, sometimes you just need to look dapper in a fitted shirt and suit. It’s common knowledge that getting a suit...
8 October 2018
date night
5 Date Night Ideas & Budget Couple Activities in Singapore That Are Almost Free
Perpetual singles in Singapore are often quick to point out that dating is expensive, and that they’d rather save their money, thank you very much. But nobody is asking you...
5 October 2018
migrate to vancouver sg
High Life
How to Migrate to Canada: Why Migrate and How Much Does It Cost?
Singaporeans live in a melting pot of cultures, so it comes as no surprise that Canada, with its diverse cities (like Toronto) is a favourite destination when it comes to migration. Despite the...
4 October 2018
sentosa attractions discounts and promotions
Top 9 Sentosa Attractions: Where to Get Discounts and Promotions
If you’ve read our Sentosa entry and parking price guide, you’d know that I’m personally no fan of the island. But as much as I hate to admit it, award-winning Sentosa...
4 October 2018
plastic surgery singapore
Plastic Surgery in Singapore: Top 6 Procedures From Liposuction to Rhinoplasty & How Much They Cost
Plastic surgery is gaining popularity and acceptance among Singaporeans thanks to the rise of the K-pop culture and increasing societal pressure to look good all the time. The top 6 plastic...
28 September 2018
hdb renovation key collection
HDB Renovation & Key Collection Guide: 10 Things To Bring When Visiting Your New Flat
You got married, had a baby, died and rose from the dead, and now, your new BTO/ HDB flat is finally ready. As part of our HDB renovation guide, here’s...
26 September 2018
bubble tea
Bubble Tea in Singapore: KOI vs LiHo vs Gong Cha vs TaiGai & More
Congratulations Singapore, it’s been almost 2 decades and we’re still obsessed with bubble tea. Also called “boba tea”, the food fad made a comeback in the early 2000s and never...
17 September 2018
holland village bars
Holland Village Bars Guide – $8 Beers, Booze Buffets & More
As it is, it’s not easy to find cheap drinks in Singapore. What more at the fancy Holland Village, right? Wrong. The hip Bohemian enclave is one of the most popular...
13 September 2018
Singapore car prices
Car Insurance
Singapore Car Prices – Breakdown of Car Costs & How to Save Money
Owning a car in Singapore is an expensive affair, largely thanks to high COE prices. For comparison’s sake, a brand new Volkswagen Gold TrendLine 1.4 costs $114,000 in Singapore, $30,000 in...
11 September 2018
used car second hand car singapore
Car Insurance
Used Cars in Singapore – A Complete Guide to Buying Your First Second-hand Car
Buying a used car is common in Singapore where car ownership is expensive. Sure, your second-hand car won’t have that new-car smell and it isn’t as prestigious. But it is more...
11 September 2018
fridge repair singapore 2018
Fridge Repair Singapore – Where to Get Your Refrigerator Repaired for Cheap
We hate to remind you, but you probably shouldn’t wait till your fridge is gasping its last breaths before you start hunting down your refrigerator repair options. Unlike any other...
10 September 2018
upgrading home singapore 2018
Upgrading from Your First HDB – How To Do It & What are the Options?
If you’re like most Singaporeans, your first home would probably be an HDB flat… but it may not be your “forever home”. As your life stages change and needs grow (or...
7 September 2018
handyman services singapore 2018
Handyman Services in Singapore – Where to Find Them & How Much They Charge
Homes require a fair bit of loving attention and care. Don’t think that once the renovations are done, you’re in the clear. As you live in your home, all sorts...
6 September 2018
This Versus That
Grab vs Ryde vs Tada vs Kardi vs Filo Ride vs Urge – Which Ride Hailing App Is Cheapest?
Since Uber’s unceremonious exit from Singapore in May, Grab promo codes and Grab rewards have been getting shittier by the day. But in the last 3 months or so, at...
6 September 2018
washing machine singapore 2018
7 Best Washing Machine Brands in Singapore – Guide for First Time Buyers
If there’s one chore that you cannot avoid, it’s laundry. Until public nudity becomes legal in Singapore, there’s no way to siam washing your clothes (because they will definitely stink in...
5 September 2018
hdb bto launch
HDB BTO Launch Aug 2018 – Should You BTO in Ulu Punggol or Siao Lang Yishun?
BTO shopping? You’re in luck. The Aug 2018 HDB BTO launch is here and they’re in 2 of Singapore’s favourite estates – Punggol and Yishun! What a tough choice, eh? Should you...
30 August 2018
electronics store singapore 2018
Electronics Stores Singapore Comparison – Is It Cheaper to Shop Online or Offline?
Electronics in Singapore aren’t cheap, but we’ve come a long way since the days we had to compare prices manually by going to Harvey Norman, Courts and Parisilk on foot.  Comparison shopping is so...
27 August 2018