5 House Cleaning Services in Singapore You Can Rely On To Keep Your Home Spick and Span

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Don’t want to waste your weekend doing household chores yet not ready to commit to a live-in maid? A cleaning service or agency might be the answer to your problem.

Nowadays, cleaning services can be easily booked on the phone or online, saving you hours of time which can be better spent. They even offer a wide array of services ranging from ironing of clothes to cleaning window grilles.

Here are 5 Singapore’s house cleaning services that will take a load off your shoulders.

Top 5 Singapore’s house cleaning services in Singapore

One-time service (per hour) Monthly rate for weekly cleaning (4 hours)
NTUC Domestic Cleaning Service $42 to $55 per hour (2 domestic helpers) $280
Helpling $35 per hour $320
Whissh Home Cleaning Service $30 per hour $380
HelperGo $25 per hour $352
Home Cleanz Cleaning Service $160 to $1,020

*Where the monthly rate is not stated, we use 4 weeks, 4 hours each time to calculate the monthly rate. 

NTUC Domestic Cleaning Service

NTUC Domestic Cleaning Service offers either regular or one-time sessions.

The one-time cleaning price ranges from $126 to $220 depending on the size of your house and the timing that you engage them. You get 2 domestic cleaners and 3 to 4 hours worth of cleaning service.

NTUC Cleaning Service
Image source: NTUC Domestic Cleaning

It gets more expensive when it’s 3 weeks before festive occasions, and even more when it’s a weekend that precedes festive occasions.

For their weekly packages, which is applicable to houses with a floor area of 1,300 square feet and below, it costs $230 per month for 4 times, 3 hours per visit and $280 per month (4 times, 4 hours per visit). Again, it gets more expensive on weekends. Take note that you need to be committed for a period of 6 months for weekly packages, or there will be a 10% increase in prices.

General cleaning covers things like vacuuming, mopping, dusting, wiping and tidying of the entire house.

Other than the general coverage, NTUC cleaning service also includes the cleaning of windows and window grilles regularly (if you are signed up with a weekly package), as well as ironing of clothes at a maximum of 10 pieces per visit.

Contact: 67888788


Helpling is an established cleaning agency available in 10 countries including Singapore, which could explain why it’s being used by many expats as well as locals. They have an app that allows you to book and pay online easily.

A one-time cleaning service costs $35 per hour, and weekly or biweekly cleaning services cost $20 per hour, one of the cheapest in the market. A commitment of 3 months is required. There’s a $10 surcharge for Fridays and weekends.

Other than the standard cleaning duties, you can request for additional services like the cleaning of your oven, fridge and interior of windows.

Contact: +65 3158 3871

Whissh Home Cleaning Service

Whissh Home Cleaning doesn’t stop at just house cleaning and laundry. The company also does plumbing and electrical services. A one-time cleaning service costs $30 per hour.

For weekly packages, there are two to choose from. The first is priced at $380 per month for weekly cleaning, 4 hours per visit. The second is priced at $23 per hour for weekly cleaning with a commitment of 1, 3 or 6 months. There’s a $10 surcharge for Fridays and weekends.

Deep cleaning services are available for people who are moving houses or for those who have just finished their house renovations.

Singaporeans also regularly do deep cleaning once a year before Chinese New Year or other festive occasions. Deep cleaning includes tasks like stain removal, cleaning of ceiling fans and stand fans, deep scrubbing of bathrooms, and so on. This is priced at $35 per hour.

If you are looking for a one-stop solution for all your house needs, Whissh may be your most convenient option.

Contact: 6221 8626

HelperGo Singapore

HelperGo Singapore’s cleaning services can be booked via their app.

A one-time cleaning service costs $25 per hour, while weekly services cost $22 per hour. You need to sign up for a minimum of 3 hours per cleaning session. For additional hours on top of the minimum, cleaners will help in laundry and ironing as well as grocery shopping too.

If you sign up for their regular cleaning package, they will try their best to assign the same cleaner to you each time should you be happy with a particular cleaner’s service. Deep cleaning service is available for an additional $20 per hour.

For one-time services, hiring your preferred cleaner is chargeable at an additional $2 per hour.

If you are looking for helpers in other areas, HelpGo can also help with grocery shopping, cooking for the family, babysitting and even escorting someone for a medical visit.

Contact: 9426 8219

Home Cleanz Cleaning Service

Home Cleanz Cleaning Service is started by 2 young university graduates who aim to serve busy professionals with their cleaning services. Home Cleanz offers a diverse range of additional services including carpet shampooing, window cleaning, upholstery cleaning, steaming and sanitization, floor scrubbing, pressure jetting, painting, curtain cleaning, marble polishing, parquet varnishing and air-con servicing.

There are only regular house cleaning packages available, ranging from $160 to $1020 depending on the size of the house and regularity. You can choose from once bi-weekly, once weekly, twice weekly or thrice weekly. Ironing and window cleaning are included in their basic cleaning coverage too.

Contact: 66532640

SG House Cleaning

SG House Cleaning’s one-time house cleaning service is at $100 for 4 hours. The rate increases with the number of cleaners and the working hours. Their weekly package ranges from $320 to $1,200 depending on the size of the house and regularity.

You can choose from once weekly, twice weekly or thrice weekly. The regularity of cleaning determines which house cleaning package you are paying for.

Package 1, which is once weekly, covers basic house cleaning. Package 2, twice weekly, covers basic house cleaning as well as laundry (but no ironing). Package 3, thrice weekly, covers basic house cleaning as well as laundry including ironing. You can also request for their clothes-ironing service separately at $100 for 4 hours. There’s a $10 surcharge for weekends.

The regular cleaning package includes windows and grilles, ceiling fans and stand fans, and internal surfaces of drawers, kitchen cabinets, fridges and wardrobes. However, do note that they may be done periodically and not at every visit).

Other types of cleaning services include post renovation cleaning, after party cleaning and pre-festivities cleaning.

Contact: 90614030 or 96263079 or [email protected]

Kmac International

Kmac International is an accredited cleaning service that specialises not only in residential cleaning but also in office cleaning, commercial cleaning, church cleaning and hotel cleaning.

There are only regular house cleaning packages available, ranging from $280 to $800 depending on the size of the house and regularity. You can choose from once weekly or twice weekly. Weekends are separately priced and you have to call in to enquire on the prices as it differs based on period.

Contact: 69093822 or [email protected]

Is a home cleaning service the same as a part-time helper agency?

With a maid agency, you get more insight about the cleaner you are engaging based on the agency’s recommendations according to your requests. Such customisation is possible with a home cleaning service too but it may not be as precise, especially if you are merely making a quick booking online.

With an agency, you can request for the same cleaner each time but with a cleaning service, cleaners tend to rotate and change often. Agency cleaners are also known to be more reliable as they are obliged to show up according to their contracts with the agency. For home cleaning services that engage independent cleaners, you might not have the same assurance.

How to avoid scam cleaning companies?

One key way is to avoid engaging independent cleaners that do not have the backing of a properly licensed company on sites like Carousell. If you are asked to transfer money to a personal account for cleaning services, it may likely be a scam. You should not make payment on any house cleaning services unless the transaction is secure.

Try to read independent reviews of cleaning companies before you commit, and if there are ad-hoc services to be done, make sure that the prices of the services are negotiated and in black-and-white before the cleaners start work.

Do you have a preferred cleaning service provider? Share with us your experience in the comments below!