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breast pumps singapore prices reviews
Breast Pumps Singapore: Price List of Medela, Spectra, Philips, Haakaa & Ardo Breast Pumps (2019)
Breastfeeding mothers in Singapore often invest in a breast pump, which gives them the option of pumping milk even when they cannot be with the baby 24/7. Working mothers can...
20 December 2018
online shopping christmas uob mighty fx
Love Online Shopping? Here’s How You Can Shop Smarter with UOB Mighty FX
This article is brought to you in collaboration with UOB. While we are financially compensated by them, we nonetheless strive to maintain our editorial integrity and review products with the...
Dance Class Singapore Guide – 7 Affordable Studios For Open Classes
Dance Class Singapore Guide – 7 Affordable Studios For Open Classes
It doesn’t matter if once upon a time you were a teenage champion athlete – becoming sedentary is part of joining the workforce. And realising you need to get up...
17 December 2018
UOB DBS OCBC Rewards catalogue
Credit Cards
UOB Rewards vs DBS Rewards vs OCBC Rewards – Which Catalogue Is Best?
When it comes to picking a rewards credit card, the most important factor is the credit card rewards catalogue. I mean, I really don’t care if the bank says they’ll...
17 December 2018
parallel importers cars vs authorised dealers cars singapore
Parallel Importers vs Authorised Dealers: Which Should You Get Your Car From?
In Singapore, you can buy parallel import cars from unauthorised dealers. And it’s perfectly legal. Well, they are not unauthorised per se, but they are called parallel importers. Do note that...
12 December 2018
Housing Loans On The Rise – Should You Pick Fixed Or Floating Interest Rates?
Home Loans
Housing Loans On The Rise – Should You Pick Fixed Or Floating Interest Rates?
Buying a new home is easily many average Singaporeans’ biggest, most “heart pain” purchase. I mean, most of us don’t just have 6-figure sums lying around, so we’re forced to empty out our...
11 December 2018
christmas decorations daiso
Christmas Decorations Singapore Guide: 9 Must-Buys From Daiso!
There are people like my aunt who, year after year, spend hundreds of dollars on scented candles, fancy figurines and other Christmas decorations. And while I love spending every December...
6 December 2018
year end bonus 2018
Credit Cards
5 Frivolous Things To Blow Your Year End Bonus On (& The Best Credit Cards To Use)
I bet you that when most Singaporeans cheer about Christmas, not all are actually enthusiastic about the birth of Jesus or the spirit of gift-giving. They’re actually celebrating their year end bonus; because even though it’s...
4 December 2018
renovation budgeting tips singapore
Singaporeans Share 6 Top Renovation Budgeting Tips
This post was written in collaboration with Qanvast. While we are financially compensated by them, we nonetheless strive to maintain our editorial integrity and review products with the same objective...
parf car meaning
Should You Buy a COE or PARF Car in Singapore? What’s the Difference?
With the average price of a new car rivalling the cost of a 3-Room BTO flat in a non-mature estate in Singapore, it’s easy to see why used cars are a...
27 November 2018
branded bags singapore chanel hermes
Can Branded Bags Ever Be A Good Investment?
There are lots of ladies in Singapore who have a weakness for branded bags. Heck, we’re even starting to name our kids Chanel and Prada. Now, imagine if these designer...
26 November 2018
Punggol singapore
Considering Moving To Ulu Punggol? Here’s Our Punggol Survival Guide
It’s true – Punggol is hardly anyone’s dream estate. But while it’s no Tampines or Bishan, it sure is getting there. There are waterfront HDB flats, the convenient Waterway Point...
26 November 2018
u stars supermarket
U Stars Supermarket Review – Is It Cheaper Than RedMart & NTUC?
You can ask anyone: Since I moved into my own home, I’ve morphed into a full-blown auntie who gets excited about stuff like spin mops and cheap toothpaste. And because of this, I...
22 November 2018
earn money while travelling airfrov airbnb
4 Easy Ways To “Earn” Money While On Holiday
Okay, okay. I know the whole point of a vacation is to be spectacularly unproductive, and making money isn’t exactly a priority. Most of us use our paid annual leaves to go on vacay...
21 November 2018
xiaomi singapore air purifier
This Versus That
Xiaomi Singapore Price Guide – Top Xiaomi Products vs The “Original” Brands
I don’t like to support fake stuff, but Xiaomi is impossible to resist. The Chinese brand has literally mastered the art of copying the most popular (and expensive) gadgets of the tech...
16 November 2018
ratex online shopping singapore
RateX Singapore – Online Shopping With “Auto” Promo Codes?
In this day and age, all “shopping” is by default “online shopping” – which is why RateX is such a godsend. If you’re wondering what it is, the ‘x’ in its...
15 November 2018
grab driver
Grab Drivers: Should You Consider GoJek, Ryde and Taxi Companies Instead?
The private car hire scene has been booming in the recent years, and many locals have taken to driving for income. Depending on how many hours you clock, you can...
14 November 2018
google wifi
Google Wifi Singapore Guide – How Much & How Useful?
Since it was introduced late last year, there’s been quite a bit of hoo-ha regarding Google Wifi in Singapore. First things first, let it be known that I take my wifi quite...
12 November 2018
cheap car insurance toyota altis
Car Insurance
Top 10 Most Popular & Cheapest Cars to Insure – Honda Vezel vs Toyota Altis & More
Yes, COE prices in Singapore are at an (almost) 8-year low of $25,556 for category A cars (up to 1600cc). But before you chiong to the nearest showroom and spend...
5 November 2018
spectacles glasses singapore
Spectacle Shops in Singapore – Where to Buy Glasses, Sunglasses and Contact Lenses
Unless you are part of a very small percentage of Singaporeans, odds are, you’re short-sighted. More than 4 in 5 people in Singapore over 18 are short-sighted, and over 3...
31 October 2018
best fridge singapore
Best Refrigerators in Singapore – Which Fridge Should You Choose?
Refrigerators are pricey, but a must-have in every modern kitchen. A basic top-mount fridge costs at least $500, while larger ones with more features can cost up to more than...
31 October 2018
COE bidding myself
Car Loans
COE Bidding – I Got My COE For $2,693 By Bidding Myself
Bidding for COE myself must be one of the most rogue things I ever did. The Certificate of Entitlement, or more commonly referred to as the COE, is a very...
25 October 2018
sentosa restaurants singapore
9 Sentosa Restaurants Where You Can Eat Cheap For Less Than $10
Sentosa’s original name was Pulau Belakang Mati, which translates to “the Island of Death from Behind”. It’s pretty appropriate, since after a trip to Sentosa it does feel like somebody stabbed you...
24 October 2018
horror stories financial woes
10 Freakishly Relatable Financial Nightmares & Horror Stories Every Singaporean Would Know
Horror doesn’t always come in the form of bloodied zombies and screeching banshees. In fact, there are a lot of things that may make me shit my pants. And they often involve...
23 October 2018
pocket money for primary school singapore
How Much Pocket Money Should Singaporean Parents Give Their Kids
Most kids don’t really look forward to starting school. What they will welcome is receiving pocket money, and whatever tiny bit of financial freedom that comes with it. Suddenly, they...
18 October 2018