Handyman Services in Singapore – Where to Find Them & How Much They Charge

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Homes require a fair bit of loving attention and care. Don’t think that once the renovations are done, you’re in the clear. As you live in your home, all sorts of things can break down and need replacing, or you might need a professional to install things like power and internet points.

If you didn’t buy it pre-assembled or from IKEA, certain furniture items like beds, shelves and desks, seem to demand an engineering degree to set up. These might require professional intervention too.

That’s when you’ll realise the benefits of keeping a handyman’s contact … well, handy. Here’s a guide to finding a handyman in Singapore.

How much do handyman services in Singapore cost?

Before you start looking for a handyman, it’s helpful to have an idea of how much your repairs will cost. Here’s an estimated price range of common handyman services in Singapore:

Task Cost
Replace door knob / hinge $80 to $150
Replace bedroom door $380
Install pictures / shelves / mirrors / blinds $60 to $70
Install TV brackets $50 to $80
Install wall-mounted fan $50 to $120
Install ceiling fan $80 to $120
Assemble furniture $60 to $80
Install cooker hood $120
Replace leaking pipes From $80
Clear choked floor trap / sink / toilet bowl $80 to $120
Install tap $40 to $60
Install shower set $60 to $80
Install heater $70 to $150
Install basin $90 to $120
Install toilet bowl $180
Replace light fittings / light bulbs / switch socket outlet $60
Install telephone / data points $80 to $120
Painting services (per room) From $280
Painting 3-room HDB $800 to $1,280
Painting 4-room HDB $900 to $1,480
Painting 5-room HDB $1,050 to $1,580
Painting 5-room executive $1,780

Handyman Services Singapore

Handyman Services Singapore is probably one of the best known companies providing solutions for all your household repair and improvement needs.

These include electrical works, air-conditioning, plumbing and painting services as well as general contractor work (including installation of kitchen hoods, kitchen accessories, wall paintings and hanging mirrors), locksmith work and furniture assembly.

However, prices are on the higher side, so you may want to shop around a bit before committing.


Despite its name, KiasuPlumber is actually a full-service outfit. Apart from plumbing services, they provide electrical, painting and general handyman services as well.

A family-owned business, they have been around for 30 years and promise licensed professionals, 24-hour service and teams stationed around the island so they can respond to your call quickly.

They also quoted us some of the cheapest prices for their services, particularly for plumbing and painting.

ISOTeam HomeCare

ISOTeam HomeCare is a subsidiary of the established construction company ISOTeam. They boast more than 15 years’ experience in home painting, plumbing, electrical, aircon, flooring and coating, and waterproofing services.

Price-wise, ISOTeam HomeCare is a pretty affordable alternative to Handyman Services Singapore as well.

Joydom Engineering

Joydom Engineering has a wide range of home, industrial and commercial maintenance and repair services.

Handyman services provided include installation of TV brackets, shelves, mirrors, pictures, paintings, cooker hoods and bathroom accessories, plumbing, electrical and painting.

They even offer some services that are usually under the purview of renovation contractors, such as furniture demolition (i.e. hacking) and door and window services.

NTUC Home Services

Officially titled NTUC Income Home Services Referral, NTUC Home Services is a popular free referral service for contractors for all your home repair and improvement needs.

The job scope includes electrical, plumbing, air-conditioning, contractor work both major and minor, painting, roofing and even carpentry.

You can request a referral for up to 3 services in a single form and get a reply giving a free quote within half an hour.


Kluje.com is one of many service-matching portals where you can post a job and get free quotes from handymen in Singapore. It allows for easy comparison of services and rates.

The form is a fuss-free fill-in-the-blanks affair with easy drop-down options for you to select. Up to 3 contractors can contact you with their quotes. When the job is done, you can rate their services.

Alternatively, you can look up the contractors on their list and go directly to them for a quote.


SGHomeNeeds is another portal where you can post a job and get free quotes, after which you can select the provider you want and hire them.

Interior design, handyman, electricians, pest control, carpentry, handyman, home moving, cleaning and automating smart homes services – here is where you can find service providers for all these.

What’s great about this site is how comprehensive their list of services is. Piano movers, odour removers, sound-proofers, stair repairmen, locksmiths, junk removers – whatever you can imagine and some services that you haven’t even thought of are all there.


The KaoDim (“job done”) app lets you post jobs that service providers can respond to with their quotes. When you hire the handyman, you pay them directly.

The range of services is extensive: cleaning, plumbing, air-conditioner, lighting and wiring, home repairs, home renovations and improvement, appliance repairs, pest control and moving.

In addition, they also offer car repair and car services such as window tinting, re-carpeting and touch-up of scratches.

If you have an office, they also have contacts to stationery suppliers, carpet cleaners, IT support experts, bookkeepers, security personnel and event organisers. You need it, they’ll find it for you.


Another platform with a mobile app, ServisHero lets you get free quotes for your job from service “Heroes”.

The portal has thousands of such Heroes so you don’t have to worry about not getting a response. You can check out their reviews, and there’s a quality rating for you to compare rates and reputations before booking the service provider you want.

Electrical, plumbing, air-conditioning, handyman, home cleaning and spring cleaning services, they are all here.


Renodots is actually a portal that matches homeowners to interior designers or contractors. They promise to find you 5 service providers based on your budget and needs.

In addition to this, they have a list of home repair service providers that you can check out: air-condition, electrical, flooring, home cleaning, painting, packers and movers, and plumbing services.

Is your handyman licensed?

Long before gig work became a thing, there were already independent handymen “uncles” who did repairs and minor renovations around the house.

Hiring freelancers is perfectly common in Singapore. You do it every time you go to the corner cobbler or get a home tutor. But there are a couple of things to look out for when you hire freelance handymen: licensing and insurance.

Some handywork, like plumbing, electrical and gas-fitting, require training and a licence. Check if your handyman uncle has one, or run through these resources:

The other thing to consider is insurance. Handywork may seem simple enough but there’s always a risk of injury.

For his safety and your peace of mind, make sure your independent handyman is insured and bonded. A bond is an insurance policy that makes sure a contractor does his job – otherwise the bond company will compensate you.

Do you have a good handyman to recommend? Share with us in the comments!

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