Top 9 Sentosa Attractions: Where to Get Discounts and Promotions

sentosa attractions discounts and promotions

If you’ve read our Sentosa entry and parking price guide, you’d know that I’m personally no fan of the island. But as much as I hate to admit it, award-winning Sentosa attractions like Universal Studios Singapore and S.E.A Aquarium prove that there are a lot of exciting things to do in Sentosa.

While I think that it’s a too-expensive tourist trap, there are ways to get the best prices for the attractions in Sentosa. After all, it’s still a great place for once-in-a-while outings and pseudo-romantic anniversaries (squeals!).

So for those planning a special day out to the State of Fun, here’s a price guide to how much the top 9 Sentosa attractions cost. I’m also a firm believer of milking your credit cards for all they’re worth, so for maximum savings, scroll down to our list of Mastercard-exclusive discounts and perks.

Sentosa attractions – top things to do & how much they cost

For this list, I compiled the standard retail prices as well as discounted prices from authorised retailers like KLOOK, Changi Recommends, Voyagin and Weekend Go Where.

I generally like to buy whatever tickets I can in advance – not only are the tickets discounted, I can also use my online shopping credit card. If you have a cashback card that offers rebates on travel aggregators, that saves too.   

Sentosa attraction Cheapest price Retailer
Skyline Luge $17 for 2 rides  KLOOK
Trick Eye Museum $18 per ticket  KLOOK, Voyagin
Madame Tussauds $20 per ticket KLOOK, Voyagin
Cable car ride  $24.50 for return trip (Mt Faber – Sentosa)  KLOOK, Voyagin, Weekend Go Where
Adventure Cove Waterpark $28 per ticket KLOOK, Voyagin
Wave House Sentosa  $31 for 1 hour KLOOK
S.E.A Aquarium $34 per ticket (Singapore residents only)  RWS
Mega Adventure Zipline $44 for MegaZip + MegaJump  KLOOK, Voyagin
Universal Studios Singapore $66 per ticket (Maybank exclusive) RWS 

For most of these attractions, the cheapest retailer to get your tickets from is KLOOK. Interestingly though, for the S.E.A Aquarium and Universal Studios Singapore (USS), Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) offers the best prices.

Skyline Luge ($17 from KLOOK)

Activity retailer Package Price Validity
Skyline Luge 2 Luge and SkyRides $23.50
Discounted tickets
2 Luge and SkyRides $17 31 Dec 2018
Voyagin 2 Luge and SkyRides $18 90 days from purchase
Weekend Go Where 2 Luge and SkyRides $18

The luge is a three-wheeled sled that’s kinda like a go-kart. Skyline Luge Sentosa is the only place in Singapore (Asia, actually) where you can take a skylift up and race down to a 1.2km track.

It’s one of the cheaper activities on Sentosa island already, but if you plan ahead and get your tickets from KLOOK, you can purchase a voucher for the same activity at just $17, which is almost 28% off! They also have options for 3 and 4 rounds ($22 and $25 respectively).

Trick Eye Museum ($18 from KLOOK)

Trick Eye Museum ticket retailer Package Price Validity
Trick Eye Museum 15% off general admission ticket with promo code TRICKEYESG $21.25  (online price) 6 months from purchase
Trick Eye Museum General admission ticket $25 (walk-in price)
Discounted tickets
KLOOK General admission e-ticket $18 6 months from date specified
Voyagin General admission e-ticket $18 90 days from purchase
Weekend Go Where General admission e-ticket $19

The standard ticket price is $25 for walk-in, but Trick Eye Museum is offering an online promotion of 15% off with the promo code TRICKEYESG.

But why save 15% when you can save 28%?!?!?! KLOOK and Voyagin sell the same tickets for $18 each. The Trick Eye Museum one is for the Instagram queens. If you’re a dude, I strongly recommend this for first dates – but make sure you brush up on your #ootd-taking skills first, or else it may backfire.

Madame Tussauds ($20 from KLOOK and Voyagin)

Madame Tussauds ticket retailer Package Price Validity
Madame Tussauds General admission $32 (online price) / $42 (walk-in)
Discounted tickets
KLOOK General admission e-ticket $20 31 Oct 2018
Voyagin General admission e-ticket $20 90 days from purchase
Weekend Go Where General admission e-ticket $22
Madame Tussauds General admission (Singapore residents, online only) $28

Again, KLOOK and Voyagin offer the lowest prices, and this time it’s a whopping 50% off Madame Tussauds’ price. $20 is really worth it if you’ve never been before – the figures are hyperrealistic, and really quite impressive. Madame Tussauds is the famous wax museum so you can rub shoulders with your favourite “celebrities”… or at least look like it in photos. Tickets are expensive for walk-ins ($42), but you get $10 off for booking online at the Madame Tussauds’ website.

Cable car ride ($24.50 from KLOOK, Voyagin and Weekend Go Where)

Cable car ticket retailer Package Price Validity
One Faber Group Mount Faber-Sentosa return trip  + entry into Sentosa $33
Discounted tickets
KLOOK Mount Faber-Sentosa return trip  + entry into Sentosa $24.50
Weekend Go Where Mount Faber-Sentosa return trip  + entry into Sentosa $24.50
Voyagin Mount Faber-Sentosa return trip  + entry into Sentosa $24.50 19 Dec 2018

The panoramic views of our tourism industry’s pride and joy will set you back $33. But get your tickets anywhere else though, and it’s $24.50. Considering this is the basic return trip without food or anything, I still find it expensive. There are several ways to get into Sentosa – read our Sentosa entry and parking price guide here – and via cable car is the fanciest, most atas way to enter the island.

Adventure Cove Waterpark ($27 from Weekend Go Where)

Adventure Cove Waterpark ticket retailer Package Price Validity
RWS One-day ticket $38 (regular price)
Discounted tickets
Weekend Go Where One-day e-ticket $27
Voyagin One-day e-ticket $28 15 Jan 2019
KLOOK One-day e-ticket $28
RWS One-day ticket (Singapore residents only) $32
Changi Recommends One-day e-ticket $34

Ok at this point, this is starting to look like a flipping KLOOK advertorial. I promise you it is not. I wish I was getting paid for it (Hey @KLOOK, you listening?) but they genuinely have some of the lowest prices for Sentosa attraction tickets. (shrugs)

Which is why I’m happy to share that for Adventure Cove Waterpark, Weekend Go Where (WGW) has one-upped them! Tickets are $38 at RWS, and $11 cheaper at WGW.  To be honest, I’d never heard of WGW until I found their tickets on Qoo10. Sounds slightly dodgy, BUT I did a search and found they have a 5-star rating on Facebook (701 reviews).

Wave House Sentosa ($31 from KLOOK)

Wave House ticket retailer Package Price Validity
Wave House 1 hour Double FlowRider $35 (weekdays) / $40 (weekends, PH)
Discounted tickets
KLOOK 1 hour Double FlowRider $31 10 Nov 2018

The basic package (an hour on the gentler wave, Double FlowRider) is $35 on weekdays) and $40 on weekends and public holidays, and KLOOK is the only one that sells discounted vouchers.

It’s $31 for an open-dated voucher, so it’s especially worth it if you’re planning to head down on a weekend – you’ll save 22%. If making a splash at Adventure Cove is not enough, go ride some waves at Wave House Sentosa.

S.E.A Aquarium ($24 from RWS)

S.E.A Aquarium ticket retailer Package Price Validity
RWS One-day ticket $39 (regular price)
Discounted tickets
RWS One-day ticket (Singapore residents only) $34
Changi Recommends One-day e-ticket $35
KLOOK One-day e-ticket $35
Voyagin One-day e-ticket $35 90 days from purchase
Weekend Go Where One-day e-ticket $35

Surprisingly, RWS offers the cheapest tickets – it’s not a huge discount though. You only get $5 off. Out with Underwater World, in with S.E.A Aquarium. The marine zoo has over 100,000 sea wonders for you to marvel at, and over 1,000 species for you to learn about. I have a love-hate relationship with zoos and aquariums (because I love animals but hate the idea of captivity), so some days I’ll tell you it’s worth it to pay to visit the fishes and sharks, and other days I’ll get on my moral high horse and tell you about how it’s terrible to support this industry.

Mega Adventure Zipline ($44 from KLOOK and Voyagin)

Mega Adventure zipline retailer Package Price Validity
Mega Adventure MegaZip (single ride) $50
Discounted tickets
KLOOK MegaZip + MegaJump $44 31 Dec 2018
Voyagin MegaZip + MegaJump or MegaWall $44 31 Dec 2018
Weekend Go Where MegaZip + MegaJump or MegaWall $48 1 to 3 months (will be indicated on ticket)

Retailers like KLOOK, Voyagin and Weekend Go Where have package deals that are even cheaper than the standard one-time MegaZip price. You pay $2 to $4 less, but get more than 2 experiences instead of 1.For the more adventurous at heart, there’s the Mega Adventure park where you can down a zipline, bungy jumping and on a high rope course. This is one of the more expensive attractions at Sentosa though – a single trip down the MegaZip costs $50.

Universal Studios Singapore (USS) ($66 from RWS with Maybank card)

Universal Studios Singapore ticket retailer Package Price Validity
RWS One-day ticket $76 (regular price)
Discounted tickets
RWS One-day ticket (Maybank exclusive) $66 31 Dec 2018
RWS One-day ticket + $5 retail voucher + Free EZ-Link card (Singapore residents only) $72 31 Oct 2018
Voyagin One-day e-ticket $72 90 days from purchase
Changi Recommends One-day e-ticket $72
KLOOK One-day e-ticket $72
Weekend Go Where One-day e-ticket $72
RWS One-day ticket + $5 meal voucher and retail voucher (MasterCard exclusive) $76 31 Dec 2018

Behold! The single attraction that keeps locals coming back to Sentosa… Universal Studios Singapore (USS)! Even though I have the guts of a mouse and knees made of jelly, I love theme parks. I find that even without the roller coaster experience, it’s still a magical place to spend the day.

As expected, it is the most expensive Sentosa attraction in this list. Tickets are $76, and that’s excluding the current USS Halloween Horror Nights event, which costs $58 (non-peak) / $68 (peak). RWS seems stricter on the price for this, because all the retailers sell it at $72 – the same as RWS’ own Singapore-resident package.

The only way to get anything cheaper is if you book using a Maybank credit card ($66).

Mastercard discounts for more Sentosa attractions

Sentosa is currently having a tie-up with Mastercard, so if you’re a walk-in customer, signing with you credit card is the best way to still score some discounts. There are also Mastercard perks for dining and hotels, but here’s the list of promotions for Sentosa attractions.

Attractions Mastercard promotion
AJ Hackett 50% off Giant Swing with purchase of full-priced Bungy Jump (UP $79)
iFly Singapore 10% off First Timer Challenge Package with purchase of 2 First Timer Challenge Packages
KidZania Singapore Receive additional 30 kidZos for each child (50 kidZos for Maybank Mastercards) + 5% off merchandise at KidZania Shop
Madame Tussauds Singapore $10 off Full Experience tickets + guide book (UP $48) and $5 off VR Racing Experience (UP $20)
Mega Adventure 30% off High Flyer Package for MegaZip, MegaJump and MegaClimb (UP $85)
ONE15 Luxury Yachting 5% off yacht charter
Royal Albatross $40 off couple’s tickets on Platinum Package and Sunset Sail City Lights (online only) + Free mocktail or juice with purchase of BBQ main dish
Sentosa 4D AdventureLand 15% of one-day Adventure Pass (Unlimited) (capped at 5 tickets per cardholder)  
Sentosa Merlion 10% off tickets (valid until 31 Mar 2019)
Sentosa Fun Pass 8% off Sentosa Token Fun Pass for 55 or 80 tokens with promo code SENTOSAMC (valid until 31 Dec 2018)
Tiger Sky Tower 15% off tickets with min 2 tickets purchased
Wave House Sentosa $15 off 3 hours FlowRider lesson (UP weekdays $105 / weekends $120)
Wings of Time 10% off tickets (valid until 31 Mar 2019)

Sentosa Fun Pass

As you can see from the admission and ticket prices, if you’re planning to make the most of your entry fee and conquer several activities, you’re going to spend a bomb. One way to get more bang for your buck is by getting the Sentosa Fun Pass.

Basically you pay for X number of tokens, which are credits that you can then use to “buy” entry passes and experiences. Here’s how much the packages cost:

Price Price  Price per token 
55 $51 $0.93
80 $72 $0.90
120 $105 $0.875

And here’s how much each attraction costs if you purchase a Sentosa Fun Pass:

Sentosa attraction Token cost Effective price for 55 tokens Effective price for 80 tokens Effective price for 120 tokens
Wave House Sentosa (2 Catch-a-wave tries) 10 $9.93 $9 $8.75
Trick Eye Museum 20 $18.60 $18 $17.50
Cable car (Skypass round trip) 30 $27.90 $27 $26.25
Adventure Cove Waterpark 35 $32.55 $31.50 $30.63
S.E.A. Aquarium + The Maritime Experiential Museum 40 $37.20 $36 $35
MegaZip (2 rides) 65 $60.45 ($30.23 per ride) $58.50 ($29.25 per ride) $56.88 ($28.44 per ride)

The prices are definitely cheaper if you get the Fun Pass, especially for the S.E.A Aquarium bundle. You pay $1+ less than the retail price, and get to see the The Maritime Experiential Museum as well. The others are comparable (if not slightly more expensive) than the above-mentioned discounted tickets, which is good enough if you’re a walk-in customer.

If you’re an NTUC member, SAFRA member or Mastercard holder, you can also get 10%, 5% and 8% off your Fun Passes. More information can be found on the official Sentosa website.

Would you spend this much for a weekend in Sentosa? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below! 

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