Holland Village Bars Guide – $8 Beers, Booze Buffets & More

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As it is, it’s not easy to find cheap drinks in Singapore. What more at the fancy Holland Village, right? Wrong. The hip Bohemian enclave is one of the most popular places to chill in Singapore, so the competition amongst the Holland Village bars is delightfully stiff: you can get smashed for as cheap as $8 a pint – which by the way, is dirt cheap not just by HV standards, but by whole-of-Singapore standards.

If you set alarm and panggang right on the dot, you’ll probably be able to make it in time to order draft beers and stout at under $10 a pint. That said, although most of the bars’ promo prices end at 8pm and 9pm, there are several – like #WTF by IndoChine and The Fine Line – with all-day happy hours.

On the other end of the spectrum, you’ll find more established pubs like Wala WalaHarry’s and Starker with higher prices ($12 to $18/pint).


Holland Village bars – the ultimate price guide (2018)

To compile this epic price index, I literally went up to every bar in the stretch and said “Hi, I’m looking for the cheapest beer in Holland Village. What’s your best happy hour promotion?” Some bartenders were friendly and happy to help, some gave me dirty looks… and I even kena one who questioned if I was legal to drink (“Eh girl, are you still in school?).

So yeah, you’re welcome. I braved the paiseh for you so you don’t have to waste time asking and look cheapskate in front of your friends.

Cheapest beer per pint, after discount (if any) Happy hours
The Pit Restaurant & Bar All draft beers $8 (2 for $16) All day, daily
Tango’s Heineken $8 (2 for $16) 3pm to 9pm from Mon to Sat; all day on Sun
Kanpai Izakaya Bar & Restaurant Asahi Super Dry $8 (2 for $16) Before 10pm from Sun to Sat; before 9.30pm on Fri and PH eve
Rumours Bar & Grill Rumours beer $8.30 (3 for $25) 5pm to 8pm, daily
Baden Erdinger $8.50 ($17 for 2) Before 10pm from Sun to Thu
Breko Mac’s Great White $8.95 ($17.90 for 2) All day, daily
Windmill Cafe & Bar Guinness, Heineken, Snakebite at $9 Before 9pm, daily
Drinks & Co Kitchen Heverlee Witte and Pilsner at $9 3pm to 7pm, daily
The Fine Line Tiger, Erdinger and Guinness $9 ($18 for 2) All day, daily
#WTF by Indochine Heineken $9 ($18 for 2) All day, daily
Fat Boys Draft beers at $10 All day, daily
Two Chefs Bar Carlsberg $10 All day, daily
Three Crowns All draft beers $10 (3 for $30) Before 9pm, daily
Harry’s Bar + Dining Carlsberg $11 (2 for $22) 5pm to 8pm, daily
Wala Wala $12/pint or $80/tower San Miguel Pilsner, Singha Beer Lager Before 9pm, daily
Starker Signature Lager, aromatic, dunkel, lychee and charcoal beer at $13.90 Before 9pm from Sun to Thu; before 7pm on Fri and before 8pm on Sat
The Nook Free-flow beer at $27 (1 hour) All day, daily

Disclaimer: I chose draft beers on tap because it’s hard to compare shooters and cocktails. Plus, most happy hour promotions are for beers anyway.


holland village bars

The Pit Restaurant & Bar

The Pit has the absolute cheapest price of $8/pint (2 for $16) on their draft beers, which include good ol’ Tiger, Guinness, and an Archipelago range (Belgian Wit, Summer IPA, Bohemian lager, Irish Ale and Brewers’ Reserve). However, this $8 price is only available on Tuesdays as part of their daily promotions.

However, even at regular price, The Pit is relatively affordable. Happy hour is all day every day, and each pint is $9.90. Spirits and liquor are $7, while shots are $6.

Going light? Grab a cider at $9/bottle, or non-alcoholic juice or soda at $4 to $6.

Address: 21 Lorong Liput, Holland Village, Singapore 277733

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Matching The Pit’s price is Tango’s, but only for Heineken on draught, during happy hour (2 pints for $16). Asahi Super Dry, Hoegaarden and Guinness are 2 for $18. House wines are $10/glass.

Happy hour is 3pm to 9pm, and it’s 1-for-1 on all beers and house pour spirits. Spirits are 1-for-1 at $13, making it $6.50/glass, which is slightly cheaper than The Pit. 1-for-1 promos are great, but because it’s time-sensitive, you need to watch the clock. Order past 9pm and you’ll be paying over $20 (including taxes) for your beer.

Address: 35 Lorong Mambong, Singapore 277692

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Kanpai Izakaya & Bar

Fan of Japanese beers? Then you’ll love Kanpai Izakaya. During happy hour you can get 2 pints of Asahi Super Dry at $16 ($8/pint). Prefer it black? That’s $18 ($9/pint).

The chain is also known for Kanpai 789, which sells $40 towers at Robertson Walk. You can’t get that at Holland Village, but just so you know.

Other than beer, there are the usual spirits ($10 to $12/glass), as well as a wide range of sake ($18 to $40 for 300ml) to wash down your sashimi. Happy hour is before 10pm (9.30pm on Fridays and eve of public holidays), which is quite forgiving.

Address: 35 Lorong Mambong, Singapore 277692

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Rumours Bar & Grill

If you aren’t fussy with your poison, Rumours beer go at 3 pints for $25 from 5pm to 8pm daily.

If you have a bigger group, you can opt for the 3L tower for just $55 ($58 if you want Heineken). With each tower, you get a free side of either luncheon meat fries, calamari, nacho chips or just fat chips.

Make sure you watch out for the time though. If you miss happy hour, don’t bother ordering by the pint – the regular prices range from $15.80 to $23 (ouch!). Instead, go for the alcohol buffet. At $35 per pax, you can have your fill of beer, wine, liquor shots, cocktails and even non-alcoholic mocktails and sodas.

Address: 24A Lor Mambong Singapore 277683

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Baden’s 1-for-1 happy hour promotion completely excludes the most popular drinking days of the week – Friday and Saturday. To make up for it (or not), the hours are slightly longer, and last until 10pm from Sunday to Thursday.

They have 4 beers on tap: Erdinger ($17), Guinness ($18), Heineken ($18) and Tiger ($17). If you like Erdinger, $8.50/pint after discount among the cheapest along the stretch. Bottled beers ($13 to $17) are also included in the 1-for-1, and housepours are $7 to $9 /glass.

Address: 42 Lorong Mambong, Singapore 277696

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Breko is a multi-hyphenate hideout; it’s bar, restaurant and cafe, all rolled into one. But because it’s not solely a booze business, they don’t do cocktails and shooters – beer only.

Most of the other bars carry the usual stuff, but Breko actually has craft beers on tap for $9.90/pint (Mac’s Great White and Meantime London pale ale). If you get 2 pints, it’s $17.90, which comes up to $8.95 /pint.

Regular bottled beers (think your Heinekens and Coronas) are 2 for $12, while ciders and craft beers are 2 for $17.90.

Address: 8 Lor Mambong, Singapore 277694

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Windmill Cafe & Bar

Located right smacked in the middle of Holland V is Windmill Cafe & Bar. Their happy hour promotions are reasonably affordable, but the complicated pricing system is slightly annoying.

There are 3 pricing tiers for different times of the night – 11am to 9pm, 9pm to 11pm, and 11pm till late. The happiest hour is anytime before 9pm, where the draught beers and house pour spirits are $9 a pint/glass and martinis are 1-for-1 ($19.90 to $24).

Personally, I wouldn’t want to have to keep track of what time I order my booze and how much it’s going to cost. The mid-tier prices (9pm to 11pm) aren’t exactly the lowest, so if you miss the 9pm mark, don’t bother. At $12/pint, you’re better off at say, Breko, The Pit or #WTF by IndoChine where even the non-promo prices are cheaper.

Address: 3 Lor Liput, Singapore 277725

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Drinks & Co Kitchen

Drinks & Co serves Heverlee Belgian beer on draught at $9/pint, which is not a bad deal. However, happy hour is only from 3pm to 7pm. Anytime after and it’s $13.

Realistically, even if you knock off at 6pm, 7pm is a little early for happy hour to end lah. If you’re lucky you might get one drink in, but that’s probably about it.

Most people come here for their bottled craft beers ($14 to $16; $11 to $12 during happy hour). Drinks & Co has a unique concept where their drinks are on the shelves where diners can “shop” for whatever they want.

Address: 27 Lorong Mambong, Singapore 277686

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The Fine Line

Like The Pit, The Fine Line has all-day happy hour prices. Tiger, Erdinger and Guinness are 1-for-1 at $18, making it $9/pint. 3L towers are $58.

The bar is pretty cosy – yay to air-conditioning – but it’s only worth a visit if you just want beer on tap or bottled beer (from $45 for a bucket of 5). There are no promotions for spirits ($10 to $22/glass or shot), wines (mostly $12/glass) and cocktails ($14 to $18/glass).

Address: 23 Lor Mambong, Singapore 277682

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#WTF by IndoChine

#WTF is a great place if you’re drinking with a diverse group of friends. Everything on the menu is 1-for-1 (all day), so you don’t have to pair up and “match” your drinks anymore.

On draught, Erdinger and Guinness are $19. Heineken is the cheapest at $18 ($9/pint). You can also get Hoegaarden and Stella Artois in buckets of 5 ($35). House pour spirits are $14, which is $7/glass.

Address: 44 Lorong Mambong, Singapore 277697

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Fat Boys

Although primarily a burger joint, Fat Boys is a surprisingly cheap place to grab an icy cold beer. Hoegaarden and Stella Artois beers are $10/pint throughout the day, daily.

There are house wines ($8/glass), as well as bottled craft beers and ciders too ($12 to $15).

Address: 29 Lorong Mambong, Singapore 277687

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Two Chefs Bar

Not to be confused with the Commonwealth zi char, Two Chefs bar is a Mexican-Italian restaurant and bar. Most of the other establishments in this list charge GST and service charge – eh, the alcohol industry make a lot of money one okay – but not Two Chefs.

So when they say beers at $10/pint, they mean it. No hidden charges. I approve.

The cheapest beer on tap is Carlsberg, which is $10/pint. Asahi Super Dry and Kronenbourg Blanc are $12, and Asahi Super Dry Black is $13 (all day, daily). Buckets of 5 are $45.

Address: 17D Lor Liput, Singapore 277731

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Three Crowns

Three Crowns also sells draught beer for $30 for 3 pints, but only until 9pm. That comes up to $10/pint, but it sucks that you’re forced to order in weird multiples of 3.

They’re also a restaurant with burgers, pastas and the likes, and if you order any main before 9pm, you get a glass of wine on the house – woohoo!

But perhaps the best thing to order at Three Crowns is shots – most liquor and spirits go for just $5 a shot during happy hour, except tequila, sambuca, patron and jager, which are $8.

Address: 26 Lor Mambong, Singapore 277685

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Harry’s Bar and Dining

If you’re looking for a cheap place to drink, Harry’s is not it. At regular price, a pint of draught beer will cost you a whopping $12 to $16, which can buy you 2 elsewhere.

Happy hour makes things marginally more affordable, but only for selected booze. Carlsberg is the cheapest (2 pints for $22), followed by Asahi Super Dry and Kronenbourg Blanc (2 pints for $24).

There are no promotions for wines, cocktails and spirits ($12 to $18/glass).

Address: 22 Lorong Mambong, Singapore 277681

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Wala Wala

Most regulars head to Wala Wala for the ambience, because the bar hosts live bands nightly. If you don’t mind paying the premium for that, Wala Wala is a pretty chill place to kick back and end the week.

It’s usually $15 to $18 /pint and $37 to $33 /jug, but if you go before 9pm, it’s $12/pint for San Miguel Pilsner and Singha. They do have live acts in the early evening as well, so you don’t have to worry about losing out on the music during happy hour.

Address: 31 Lorong Mambong, Singapore 277689

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Starker Signature

You can get your German beer straight out of the barrel at Starker, which is damn shiok, but also damn expensive. Be prepared to pay $16.90 a pint, $64.90 for a 2L barrel, or $148 for a 5L barrel.

During happy hour (before 9pm from Sun to Thu; before 7pm on Fri and before 8pm on Sat), you get $3 off ($13.90/pint).

Housepours are $10 to $16/glass, while cocktails are $12.80 to $15.80/glass.

Address: 25 Lorong Mambong, Singapore 277684

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The Nook

Like Rumours, The Nook offers a booze buffet, but for beer only. Pay $27 and you have an hour to load up on liquid courage and ask that chiobu out. Need more time (and balls)? It’s $42 for 2 hours.

If you’re not planning to go hard, you should skip Nook altogether. Pints are $13.90 each. Nook doesn’t charge GST, so all prices are nett.

Address: 36 Lor Mambong, Singapore 277693

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Other restaurants in Holland Village with booze

Aside from the above-mentioned bars, there are also other cafes that serve beer. They may not have fancy cocktails and beers on tap, but they are likely to be less crowded.

During happy hour (5pm to 8pm), Superfudo sells $5 Asashi Super Dry bottles and $8 craft beers. Other bottled beers are 3 for $19.  Umi Nami sells 5 bottled beers for $25.


Which is your favourite Holland Village bar to chill at? Share with us in the comments below!