Fridge Repair Singapore – Where to Get Your Refrigerator Repaired for Cheap

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We hate to remind you, but you probably shouldn’t wait till your fridge is gasping its last breaths before you start hunting down your refrigerator repair options.

Unlike any other household appliance, a broken fridge can’t wait to be fixed. Once it fails on you, that’s it. You’re basically throwing away hundreds of dollars worth of fresh and frozen food – yes, including those tubs of fancy ice cream you were saving for a special occasion.

So, knowing ahead of time where to go for reliable fridge repair in Singapore can be a lifesaver.



  1. Where should you go for refrigerator repairs?
  2. Samsung fridge repair centre
  3. Panasonic fridge repair centre
  4. Sharp fridge repair centre
  5. LG fridge repair centre
  6. Mitsubishi fridge repair centre
  7. Getting your fridge repaired at Courts or Gain City
  8. Going to an independent fridge repair company
  9. Tips for taking care of your fridge


Where should you go for refrigerator repairs?

If your fridge is on the fritz, there are 3 main ways you can get help.

Manufacturer: Most brands provide repairs for their products. They are trustworthy but they may not be the cheapest. Also, they’re not that flexible so don’t expect them to jump to your aid within half an hour of your call. Not even if you begged or wanted to pay extra.

Retailer: Some retailers, like Courts and Gain City, offer repair services too. They’re your next most reliable bets. But they often only repair appliances under their extended warranty, which you’ll have to pay for.

Fridge repair companies: These are companies that specialise in refrigerator repairs, ranging from one-man shows to pretty large outfits. They tend to be very responsive. Many work every day, even on public holidays, and will respond to your SOS within the hour. But it can be hard to figure out who’s legit.

Regardless of who you go to, fridge repairs generally generally cost upward of $200. For a quick comparison, here are 10 companies that provide fridge repairs and what they charge.

Company Type Cost (repairs without parts)
Samsung Manufacturer From $140
Panasonic Manufacturer From $90
Mitsubishi Electric Manufacturer From $100
Sharp Manufacturer $50 for transport & evaluation
LG Manufacturer From $100
Courts Retailer From $50 (with store warranty)
Gain City (with store warranty) Retailer From $50 (with store warranty)
Time Wing Trading Independent $20 for transport & evaluation
Refrigerator-Repair Independent $20 to $40 for transport & evaluation
repairs*sg Independent $30 for transport & evaluation

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Samsung fridge repair centre

Most of the Samsung fridges have a 2-year warranty, during which repairs are free if you go back to the manufacturer. After the 2 years, you can still go with Samsung but it’ll cost you. Also, they are unlikely to come to you on the day you call. If you want immediacy, you might be disappointed. Plus, they don’t work on Sundays and public holidays.

Contact: 1800 726 7864 / live chat / email

Hours: 8am – 8pm daily including PH (phone) / 9am – 7pm Mon to Fri (live chat)

$50 – $80 (transport)
$90 – $150 (labour)
Spare parts charged separately

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Panasonic fridge repair centre

Panasonic fridges have a great customer care scheme, regardless of whether your product is under warranty.

If your fridge is under warranty, Panasonic promises to repair it in 45 minutes. If it takes more than 36 hours to fix your fridge, they’ll loan you a temporary replacement for free. If your product is past its warranty, they’ll still give you a 90-day warranty on repairs.

Also, the Panasonic repair centre can do weeknight house calls (last call at 9pm) and Saturday house calls (up to 6pm).

Contact: 6222 7222 / [email protected]

Hours: 9am – 6.45pm (Mon – Fri) / 9am – 2pm (Sat)

$30 (transport)
$30 (evaluation)
$30 (labour)
Spare parts charged separately

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Sharp fridge repair centre

For Sharp fridges, the aftercare isn’t quite as good as that of Panasonic. When you call, they will only come to your home the next day. The last repairs on weekdays are at 3pm while the last appointments on Saturdays are at 1pm.

However, Sharp does offer a free replacement fridge if they can’t fix yours on site. This can happen when your Sharp fridge needs a re-fill of refrigerant which is required to keep the unit cold.

Contact: 6419 5222 / [email protected]

Hours: 8.45am – 5.15pm (Mon – Fri) / 9am – 12.30pm (Sat)

Costs: $50 (transport & evaluation)

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LG fridge repair centre

As with the other manufacturers, you’ll be attended to on a first-come-first-served basis. So, if your LG fridge acts up later in the day, you’re unlikely to get a technician on that day.

You can, however, give the model number and they’ll give you quite a good estimate of the cost of repairs so you can decide if you want to hang in there or look elsewhere for help.

Contact: 6512 0555 / email

Hours: 8.30am – 6pm (Mon – Fri) / 8.30am – 2pm (Sat)

From $100 (transport & evaluation)
Labour will depend on the model
Spare parts charged separately

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Mitsubishi fridge repair centre

If your Mitsubishi fridge spoils, the manufacturer come to you from Monday to Friday between 9.30am and 5.30pm. If they can’t fix your problem on site and have to come back to settle the issue, you don’t have to pay a second transport fee.

Contact: 6473 0308

Hours: 8.45am – 5pm (Mon – Fri) / 8.45am – 12pm (Sat)

$30 (transport)
$20 (evaluation)
From $50 (labour)

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Courts fridge repair service

When you buy a home appliance from Courts, the store will offer you their Extended Warranty Plan for an extra fee (from $119 to $499). This warranty is over and above the manufacturer’s warranty, and lasts up to 5 years.

With it, you can tap on their repair services which are available from 10am to 10pm every day. Repairs aren’t free under warranty, but are greatly subsidised.

It may be an added cost, but we like the warranty because the Enhanced Plan includes a $250 compensation for spoilt food.

Contact: 1800-419 1811 / [email protected]

Hours: 9am – 5pm (Mon – Fri)

Costs: $50 or 30% of total cost of repair or replacement, whichever is higher


Gain City fridge repair service

Gain City has a similar Extended Warranty plan starting at $0.10/day, which also covers your product for up to 5 years.

The warranty includes unlimited repairs, transport costs, replacement of parts costs, and labour and product replacement costs. It also has a $250 compensation for spoilt food.

But what we like most about this service is that the hotline is open all day long, 365 days a year. Sadly, the repairs don’t take place 24/7. You might have to wait up to 2 working days before they get back to you.

Contact: 6438 1212

Hours: 24/7

Costs: Up to $50 or 30% of the repair cost (inclusive of spare parts), whichever is higher

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Going to an independent fridge repair company

If your manufacturer warranty has expired and you didn’t buy extended warranty, going with an independent fridge repair company is an option.

What’s great about them is that they’re very responsive, unlike some of the manufacturers who obviously don’t prioritise after-sales customer care. When your week’s worth of groceries is slowly melting and turning into wilted mush, you just want someone who will actually respond to your distress call promptly.

Also, many of these are experts at fridge repairs and specialise in fridges only (though some repair air cons too). However, it does take a bit of research to separate the reliable companies from the scammers out there. Here are a few we found:

Time Wing Trading

Time Wing Trading has been around since 1995 and specialise in both aircon and fridge repairs. What’s attractive is that they only charge for labour and spare parts, and promise a 6-month warranty on their repairs.

Contact: 9794 4592 (no stated hours)

Costs: $20 (transport & evaluation). This amount will be waived if they are hired to repair your fridge.


Refrigerator-Repair’s hotline is open all day long, but repairs only happen between 8am and 10pm daily. (They do work on weekends and public holidays though.)

They are very prompt and, when called, are eager to make a house call immediately. Their technicians have at least 10 years’ experience, and are able to repair and maintain fridges of all major brands.

Contact: 8818 1117 (24 hours)

Costs: $20 (Mon – Sun, 9am – 6pm) / $30 (Mon – Sat, after 6pm) / $40 (Sun after 6pm & public holidays) for transport & evaluation


Repairs*sg has been fixing fridges since 1992 and are adept at repairing fridges of any brand and model. They promise on-site, same-day solutions and work on weekends, too.

Contact: 8419 3988 (8am to 10pm daily)

Costs: $30 (transport & checking)

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Tips for taking care of your fridge

Unlike your air con or your car that requires some measure of regular maintenance, your refrigerator really demands quite little care. This is admirable since it’s working 24/7 all year round. To extend the life of your refrigerator, here are 4 fridge care tips.

Keep the coils clean

Condenser coils remove heat from the refrigerators and freezers. They can be found either behind or beneath your fridge (in many units these days, the coils are covered by a vent so they may not be that visible).

If it gets dusty, the coil will have a harder time getting rid of the heat and keeping things inside cool. It’ll then have to work harder (which means a higher electricity bill for you) and might evenly stop working altogether.

So, if your coil is exposed, get out a brush and give it a monthly dusting. If it’s enclosed within a vent, get your vacuum cleaner and suck up all the dirt and dust.

Set it at an optimal temperature

Keep your fridge at about 0º to 4º Celsius, and your freezer at -18º Celsius. This allows your fridge to work at peak conditions.

If you find some things aren’t as cold as you like, instead of adjusting the temperature, shift the stuff around. The coldest parts of the fridge are the back (where the cooling element is) and the bottom (because cold air sinks). Use those to store your milk, eggs, and fruits and vegetables.

The door is the least cool part of the fridge. So, avoid putting things that spoil easily there.

Fill it up just right

Fridges need thermal mass to maintain low temperatures. So, if you don’t cook much, don’t get too large a fridge. That being said, an overfilled fridge (especially the freezer) hampers air flow and makes the unit work too hard, causing it to spoil more easily.

Seal your fridge tight

Make sure the door gaskets (the rubber seals) are clean and can keep the doors tightly shut. A weak gasket means cold air can leak out and your fridge will have to work harder to maintain its temperature. Again, this means higher electricity bills for you and a greater chance your fridge will spoil.

Suspect it’s spoilt? Keep the door closed

Oh, and here’s a final tip… 

If your fridge is no longer cold and you suspect it’s spoilt, don’t keep opening it to check. An unopened fridge can keep your food safe for four hours. A full freezer will keep its temperature for 48 hours; a half-full one will keep its temperature for 24 hours.

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Has your fridge ever died on you? Tell us what you did in the comments!