10 Best Party Shops in Singapore for Helium Balloons & Balloon Delivery

best party shops in Singapore for helium balloons and helium balloon delivery

Whatever party you have planned – be it a romantic surprise proposal or flashy 21st birthday for Instagram – balloons make all the difference. Here are 10 of the best party shops in Singapore to order helium balloons (plus online stores that do balloon delivery).

Wah lao, balloon also need delivery meh?

Yes, because balloons are troublesome. Try blowing up 1,000 balloons yourself and see if you’re still in any mood to party afterwards.

The only viable options are to buy pre-inflated balloons and get them delivered (easiest option) or buy non-inflated balloons and get a helium tank (requires more effort).

For your convenience, here’s a round up of 10 best party shops in Singapore for helium balloons and balloon delivery.

Disclaimer: Different shops offer different selections of themed balloons, so I used the prices of plain 11″ or 12″ latex balloons as the benchmark for comparison. Helium tank prices vary according to size (number of balloons it can fill). The delivery charges are based on orders including inflated balloons.

Party shop in Singapore Price per balloon Helium tank prices Delivery charges
SKP $0.13 (not inflated, $13 for 100) $57 (disposable) No delivery
Bez Balloons $0.13 (not inflated, $12.90 for 100) / $1.50 (inflated) $69.90 (disposable) / $150 (rental) $35 (waived for orders above $100)
MTrade $0.17 (not inflated, $2.50 for 15) / $1.30 (inflated) $49 (disposable) / $35 or $70 (rental) $30 (balloon delivery) / $50 (helium tank)
Party Wholesale Centre $0.20 (not inflated, $6 for 30) / $1.40 (inflated) $59.90 or $89.90 (rental) $12 to $25 (one-way) / $24 to $50 (two-way)
Wow! Let’s Party $0.20 (not inflated) / $1 (inflated) $50, $70 or $140 (rental) $25 (balloons) / $40 (helium tank)
Give Fun $0.30 (not inflated) / $1.50 (inflated) $35
The Party Stuff $0.50 (not inflated, $5 for 10) / $1.30 (inflated, $260 for 200) $35 (+$10 surcharge for Sentosa)
Spotlight $0.59 (not inflated) $49 or $75 (disposable) / in-store inflation at $0.91 per balloon No delivery
Party City $1.50 (inflated) $55 (rental) $27
Kidz Party Store $1.90 (inflated) $48 or $75 (disposable) / $65 to $95 (rental) $24 or $34 (above 100pcs)


Contrary to what your mum believes, SKP is not just for microwavable tupperwares and plastic bags (although they do come in handy for parties). SKP sells almost everything from party props to costumes and balloons.

Their balloons are the cheapest – it’s $13 for a pack of 100 – but they don’t come inflated. You’ll need to purchase a disposable helium tank to fill them up yourself. SKP’s is $57 for a small tank that inflates about 30 balloons. The only thing is that SKP does not have an online store and does not do balloon delivery (or any delivery for that matter) – you’ll need to go to any of the 47 SKP outlets in Singapore .

Andy Balloons

Andy Balloons has the next cheapest balloons that cost $12.90 for a pack of 100. If you get the loose inflated ones, it’s $1.50 per piece, which is quite expensive ($150). It’ll be cheaper to purchase the value pack and a disposable helium tank (total $82.80).

All delivery is $35 (whether or not there are inflated balloons), but it’s waived for orders over $100 – which is easy to hit if you’re throwing a party. Bez Balloons is also the one of the few to have XL helium tanks for rental. Their largest one is $150, and can inflate 350 balloons. Note: There’s a $100 to $300 refundable deposit for all helium tank rentals.


MTrade is the best place for themed parties. They’ve got a wide range of licensed character party supplies, including Disney princesses, Mickey Mouse and more. Shoppers can choose for their balloons to be helium-inflated or deflated.

The 12” latex balloons are as cheap as $0.17 per piece if you get the 15-piece value pack ($2.50), but those cannot be ordered inflated. If you want helium-inflated ones, it’s $1.30 per 11-inch balloon (the cheapest). Deflated ones are $0.30. There’s only one size for disposable helium tanks ($49, S) and two sizes for rentals ($35 for S, $70 for L).

Inflated balloon delivery is chargeable at $30 per trip, while helium tank delivery is $50. If you don’t mind 90 x 12” balloons (as opposed to 100 x 11-inch balloons), it’s cheaper to order the value pack and rent the large helium tank ($135 as opposed to $180).

All orders must be made online.

Party Wholesale Centre

Party Wholesale Centre ’s 11-inch balloons are $6 for 30, which makes it $0.20. It’s got the one of the cheapest 6L helium tank rental ($59.90 good for about 60 balloons).

If you’re buying party balloons from Party Wholesale Centre, the helium-inflated balloons are $1.40 per piece – one of the cheapest.

That said, it’s definitely still more expensive than getting the deflated ones and renting a helium tank.

One-way balloon delivery is $12 (or $25 if you’re sending them to the CBD), while the two-way delivery (which is required for rental helium tanks) costs $24 (or $50 for CBD).

Note: There’s a $100 refundable deposit for all helium tank rentals. All orders must be made online.

Wow! Let’s Party

Wow! Let’s Party has the cheapest per-piece latex balloons ($0.20 deflated, $1 inflated) – this is great if you don’t want to buy value packs in odd numbers that don’t suit your needs. Their helium tank rental prices are relatively competitive ($50 to $140), but the delivery fees are quite expensive.

In this rare case, it’s actually cheaper (and much less hassle) to simply order inflated balloons: For example, 100 inflated balloons will cost $125 ($100 for balloons and $25 for delivery). To D-I-Y 100 balloons, you’ll need to spend $130 ($20 for balloons, $70 for helium tank rental and $40 for delivery).

Give Fun

Give Fun specialises in balloons only, so you can get customized balloons, LED balloons and even life-size airwalkers. They’re not the cheapest, but if your party balloons don’t necessarily need to float, Give Fun offers air-filled balloons .

Yup, the online party shop can inflate your balloons with regular air instead of helium, which is expensive. Loose 12-inch latex balloons are expensive (deflated, $0.30 per piece) and helium-inflated balloons are $1.50. The air-filled ones, however, are only $0.80 each. Balloon delivery is $35, but self-collection (free) is available.

The Party Stuff

The Party Stuff sells everything party-related, but judging from their Instagram page and bestseller list, they seem to be the most popular for balloons. They’re not cheap though: Deflated latex balloons cost $5 for 10 ($0.50 each), and inflated ones are $17 for 10 ($1.70 each).

Even if you buy 200 pieces (which is their most value-for-money bundle), it’s $260 ($1.30 each). Delivery is $35 or $45 if you’re in Sentosa. The only special thing is that The Party Stuff offers a chemical treatment service to extend the floating lifespan of their latex balloons. There is no published price though, so you’ll have to write in the enquire.


Spotlight – the “Plaza Singapura shop” that’s been there since as long as I can remember. Aside from DIY stuff, Spotlight does sell party supplies, just don’t expect fancy balloons and customisable gifts.

Spotlight does not do balloon delivery, but you can get your balloons inflated at the physical Spotlight store. Each 11-inch latex balloon costs $0.59, and inflation is an additional $0.91 per balloon. That’s actually only about $1.25 per helium-inflated balloon, which is relatively affordable.

However, if you get the huge airwalker ones, inflation can cost up to $39.99. Spotlight also sells disposable helium tanks at $45 (S) / $75 (M).

Party City

As expected of a party shop located at the fancy Holland Village, Party City isn’t the cheapest. 11-inch inflated balloons are $1.50, and the helium tank rental is $55 (good for 55 balloons).

The saving grace is that delivery is relatively affordable ($27). Note: There’s a $100 refundable deposit for all helium tank rentals.

Kidz Party Store

With Kidz Party Store , you don’t need to worry that your favourite character’s face kena distorted: Kidz Party Store has perhaps the widest range of licensed merchandise that includes not just Disney princesses, but even Tsum Tsum, Spongebob and Transformers.

Their 12-inch inflated balloons are the most expensive at $1.90 – I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re in a hurry, in which case you can hop down to either of their 2 outlets to purchase. They sell both disposable and rental helium tanks, but again, prices are slightly higher than others in this list. Balloon delivery is $24 for under 100 pieces. Exceed that and it’s $34.

What’s your favourite party shop in Singapore for helium balloons and balloon deliveries? Share them with us in the comments below!