5 Reasons Why FairPrice Group’s Newly Launched E-Gift Vouchers Are the Most Practical Present

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Have you ever racked your brains trying to find the perfect present for friends, family and colleagues? What sort of gift can someone put to good use and not discard after a while, or worse, even re-gift to someone else?

What’s more, with high inflation rates now, everything is super expensive — you’ve surely experienced how much hawker food prices have gone up — these increases, though small, eventually add up, taking a larger chunk out of your spending.

Hence, it’s perfect to give something that’s truly essential, something that can help to defray the rising cost of living, and yet is still versatile and suitable for just about anyone.

Food and daily essentials make up a huge portion of our household expenses. Gifting FairPrice Group’s E-Gift Vouchers can meet one’s daily essential needs and offset expenses in the big life events such as having a newborn or a new house and renovation.

That’s why, we’re celebrating the launch of FairPrice Group’s E-Gift Vouchers. Here are 5 reasons why they are the most practical present for our current time.


1. Available online, 24/7

Been so busy that you just only realised at the eleventh hour that your friend or mum’s birthday is tomorrow? If you’ve been in that situation before, you know how tough it is to scramble for a last minute present.

With FairPrice Group’s E-Gift Vouchers, you can purchase them immediately on your laptop or phone if you suddenly realise at 3am that you need a present. And all without having to step out of your house too.

Digital vouchers are perfect for the current times we live in and for time-strapped individuals to show they’re still thinking of their loved ones.

What’s more, gifting digital vouchers is getting more popular as almost everyone owns a smartphone. It’s also so much easier for them to use the voucher that they’re gifted too.


2. Easily customisable to show your sincerity

People sometimes say that vouchers are insincere and things you get for someone who’s not very close to you.

But we say they are one of the most practical gifts you could give to someone and the most useful for the person who receives them as they can use it to buy whatever they want, whenever they want (within the validity date), especially if they don’t know what they currently want.

And if you still think vouchers are a tad insincere, the FairPrice Group’s E-Gift Vouchers come with several cute customisable designs and greetings such as for one’s birthday, thank you, congratulations. You can also add a personalised message of your own to show your sincerity to your loved one.

The vouchers are available starting from $5. Simply select the amount you want and opt to send the vouchers via email or SMS within two hours or on the preferred day. You can even add multiple recipients to the same order. 


3. Super flexi usage

A great advantage with FairPrice Group’s E-Gift Vouchers is their super flexible usage. When we buy digital vouchers, we often worry about whether we can use them before the short expiry date, or if it’s for some specific shop or outlet and other pesky terms and conditions that state a minimum spend amount before being able to utilise the discount.

With these e-gift vouchers, they are valid for 1 year from the date of issue, and can be used to offset purchases in FairPrice stores or online at FairPrice’s website. You can also use them at Unity pharmacies, which are under the FairPrice Group.

The vouchers also let you purchase a large variety of items from electronics and food, to baby items, from the pharmacy and even clothes if you’re shopping at FairPrice Xtra. 


4. Won’t get lost (or torn)

The problem with physical vouchers is that they can be lost, torn or damaged in other ways (believe me, I know) — from getting wet from spills, to chewed on by pets or babies. They may even be mistaken for receipts/unwanted paper scraps and accidentally thrown away!

With a digital voucher like the FairPrice E-Gift Vouchers, you’ll never have to worry about a physical voucher. Once purchased, the vouchers can be stored in the FairPrice app for easy access and use, or in your email where you can just scan the QR code at payment counters in-store or enter the voucher code on the checkout page if you’re making an online purchase. 


5. Easily redeemable

No more travelling to a specific store in a far off location just to use or redeem a voucher you received. Sometimes, the hassle of having to travel so far puts us off of even using a voucher and it ends up not being used at all.

With so many outlets islandwide, FairPrice is one of Singapore’s biggest omnichannel retailers — both online and over 190 physical redemption points — that your voucher recipient will definitely remember the voucher and redeem it easily, such as when they’re on the way home from work or out somewhere else.

Even if they don’t go out, when they order groceries online, there are also countless chances to use the digital voucher.

Vouchers are super practical and one of the most convenient gifts to send to just about anyone, from loved ones, not-so-close friends, and colleagues. In an age where we’re all time-starved and use our mobile phones to pay for our shopping and public transport, a digital voucher just makes sense in so many ways.

Need a present, stat? Purchase your FairPrice Group E-Gift Vouchers and start gifting now!

Those with the FairPrice mobile app can also buy the vouchers via the app. Open the app > click the Rewards tab > Send E-Gift Vouchers. (Yes, it’s that easy!)