Do You Shop on Shopee? There’s a 50% Chance You’re Missing Out on Additional Income

Do You Shop on Shopee? There’s a 50% Chance You’re Missing Out on Additional Income

If you shop on Shopee, there’s a high chance that you’ve shared a great product with your friends at some point. And guess what? You could have earned money from sharing those links!

I didn’t know about this either, so I’m actually kind of salty. I’ve been sharing all sorts of products with my friends whenever there’s a sale, from Korean skincare to the most random of things like wet wipes, UV umbrellas, and Sanrio blind boxes, without realising that I could have been earning some extra cash.

But hey, at least I know now. So what’s this secret sauce? It’s the Shopee Affiliate Program (SAP).


Share and Get Cash With Shopee’s Affiliate Program

The Shopee Affiliate Program is the biggest in Singapore, with the highest rewards offered—up to 40% cash commission for each successful order.

The exact amount you earn is based on the total order amount.

Piqued your interest? Well, it’s super easy to get started. As long as you have your Shopee account, you can easily sign up via our link to receive a S$5 Shopee voucher (no minimum spend). Once that’s done, you can find a product you want to recommend and share the link with your friends.

Shopee has made it super easy to share affiliate links. For all who have successfully signed up, any link you share from the app automatically becomes an affiliate link that allows you to earn commission. When someone clicks on your link and buys the product, you get a commission when their orders are completed.

Withdrawing your commissions is very easy, too. Once you’ve completed a one-time bank account registration, your commissions will be directly deposited into your bank account on a weekly basis. You won’t need to fill up those messy or complex forms to withdraw. Simply share your links and get paid in cash!

All you need is a Singapore phone number and bank account to get started.


How Much Can I Realistically Make?

Now comes the main question—how much can you actually make? 

On average, a Shopee affiliate earns 5% – 10% commission on every order, which can range from S$50 to S$100 monthly. 

Here’s what a Shopee affiliate’s dashboard looks like. Image: Shopee

The amount you make depends on the following factors: 

  • Number of people who purchase through your links: It’s not enough to just click. People actually have to buy the product you recommend.
  • Price of products purchased: The more expensive the product, the more commission you’ll earn. If someone buys a Smart TV through your link, you could easily earn S$80 in commission. Whereas, if someone only buys a pair of socks, your commission may only be a few cents.
  • The commission percentage: This differs by product. Some products are tagged with a Commissions XTRA label that gives a higher percentage of commission. There are also campaign periods where the commission percentage is higher for a limited time.


Can I Turn This Into a Full-Time Job?

The top Shopee affiliates earn between 4 to 5 digits a month, especially those with a large social media following and know how to convince their followers to buy their recommendations. We’re not saying you have to be an influencer with thousands of followers—it’s just that there’s a higher chance of more people seeing your product link if you have many followers. 

But, even without a large social media following, you can still make good income through a little marketing.

Here are some ways to increase your reach:


Produce video review content

You can create videos reviewing the products or demonstrating their use. If you’re camera-shy, you can focus on the products without showing your face and share them on platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. The videos don’t have to be too long or overly edited either. Whatever’s on TikTok works!

For some inspiration, check out Unbox Therapy, a very successful channel that focuses on product reviews of gadgets. 


Take advantage of Shopee LIVE

Shopee affiliates also have access to Shopee LIVE to share their recommendations. Over 60,000 viewers watch the livestream daily, and you don’t have to own a business to stream on your own.


Create a niche social media account

You don’t need to be an influencer to become big on social media. Try creating a new Instagram or TikTok account focusing on a niche topic that interests you and others. It could be food, sports, memes, beauty, etc. 

These like-minded, tight online communities are more trustworthy. And people are more likely to buy what you recommend.

  • Once you build a decent following and trustworthy base, you can share products accompanied by your affiliate links as posts/stories. Here are some folks to get some inspiration from: agnesboo80, sheilamansy, and hometrulee.

These accounts don’t focus exclusively on products, as that might be too boring. Try injecting some content around humour, education, your personal life, or anything that you’re passionate about.


Sharing your links on your social chat groups

Unless you’re a social hermit, you’re probably already in a few Telegram or WhatsApp group chats with your friends. Or maybe you’re in a BTO group chat with future neighbours? Try sharing your affiliate links through these chats—you might be surprised at how many orders you can get from just one share! But, of course, don’t be a spammer. Only share links of products you think the group can benefit from.

So there’s your potential side hustle: earning extra income from sharing Shopee links—something you likely are already doing. As long as you have a Shopee account, signing up and sharing your product links is easy. If you want to turn it into something more, you have many options, too.


Get a S$5 Shopee voucher (no min spend) when you sign up for the SAP through MoneySmart’s referral link.


This post was written in collaboration with Shopee. While we are financially compensated by them, we nonetheless strive to maintain our editorial integrity and review products with the same objective lens. We are committed to providing the best information in order for you to make personal financial decisions with confidence.