Secret Santa Christmas Gift Ideas Under $25 For Every MBTI (2023)

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And seeing as it’s already December, it’s high time you start getting those Christmas gifts and allocating a budget for them.

In addition to having a shopping list for your close friends and family, you probably need to pick up quite a few extra gifts for your colleagues, ex-colleagues and ex-schoolmates. Just thinking about the sheer amount of gifts and how much you’ll be spending can be dizzying. Grab a chair—we’ve put together a list of gifts with a $20 to $25 budget.

Sure, it’s quite sian, but think about it this way—you’ll be getting an extra present too! And there’s no better way to chalk up good karmic energy than to go shopping for a thoughtful Christmas present.

But how do you choose a gift for someone that you may not know so well? Perhaps knowing his or her MBTI profile might help. Here are 16 gifts based on the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types.


    1. Secret Santa Christmas Gift Ideas Under $25
    2. For INFPs: Threeonetwofive Handmade earrings (From $16)
    3. For ISTPs: Funny socks ($15.90)
    4. For INTPs: Notebook (From $7 from PaperMarket)
    5. For ENTJs: Travelambo RFID-blocking wallet (From $15.85 from Amazon)
    6. For INFJs: Handmade Hush Candle ($20)
    7. For ESTJs: Capitaland vouchers ($20)
    8. For ENFPs: Personalised Snow Globe ($19)
    9. For ESFPs: Inkbox freehand ink tattoo (From $8)
    10. For ISFJs: Full body massage voucher from Fave ($19.98)
    11. For ISFPs: Emma by Jane Austen ($15 from Blackwell’s)
    12. For INTJs: Spigen Case Core Armour ($20from Amazon)
    13. For ESTPs: Stojo sippy cup ($20 from Pupsik)
    14. For ISTJs: Planner ($11 from Typo)
    15. For ENFJs: DIY Christmas Cupcakes ($19.90 from Anabella Patisserie)
    16. For ENTPs: Boxgreen Build Your Own Box ($10.90 onwards)
    17. For ESFJs: Origins Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay ($23 from Sephora)


1. Secret Santa Christmas Gift Ideas Under $25 (For Every Myers-Briggs Type!)

Secret Santa Gift Price Myers-Briggs type (click to jump straight there!) 
Handmade earrings From $16 (threeonetwofive) or $11 (modelle.c0) INFPs
Cute socks $16 from Talking Toes ISTPs 
Notebook From $7 from PaperMarket INTPs 
Travelambo RFID-blocking wallet From $16 from Amazon INTPs 
Hush handmade candle $20 from Hush Candles INFJs 
Capitaland shopping vouchers $20 from Capitaland ESTJs 
Personalised Snow Globe $19 from Your Favourites ENFPs 
Inkbox freehand ink tattoo From $8 from Inkbox ESFPs 
Full body massage voucher $20 from Fave ISFJs  
Emma by Jane Austen $15 from Blackwell’s ISFPs 
Spigen iPhone case core armour $20 from Amazon INTJs 
Stojo sippy cup $20 from Pupsik ESTPs 
Planner  From $11 from Typo ISTJs 
DIY Christmas Cupcakes $19.90 from Annabella Patisserie ENFJs 
Boxgreen Build Your Own Box From $11 from Boxgreen ENTPs 
Origins Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay $23 from Sephora ESFJs 

What’s the MBTI? MBTI stands for the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, which is a super popular personality test based on 4 key preferences: Extraversion/introversion, intuition/sensing, feeling/thinking and perceiving/judging.

As you know, the world is obviously split into only 16 types of people. It’s also definitely super accurate, because it’s reportedly even part of the hiring process of 89 Fortune 100 U.S. companies. Wow, right?

Jokes aside, even if you’re a non-believer, it could be a fun experiment to pick your Secret Santa Christmas presents based on the recipient’s MBTI assessment just to see how it goes! If they haven’t done (or refuse to do) the test, you can have fun guessing their types and shopping anyway.

Curious to know what MBTI personality type you are? Take this free MBTI personality test before you read on!


2. For INFPs: Handmade earrings (From $11)

While your INFP Secret Santa baby may seem shy or reserved on the surface, they actually have a lot of thoughts about a lot of things! These “mediators” are analytical artists, who often delve in poetry or any other kind of artistic endeavour.

They love all things beautiful and handmade, which is why they’ll love these handmade earrings from Threeonetwofive (from $16). From classy to quirky, you’ll find something in their catalogue for pretty much anyone.


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For an even more affordable option, offers cute and quirky earrings from $10.90. Designs include Hello Panda, chubby pandas, rainbow chip cookies, ramen, waffle and egg, and even quirky mineral water earrings. These aren’t advertised as handmade, but we’re including them anyway because, well, how cute are these?

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3. For ISTPs: Socks from Talking Toes ($15.90)

First things first, ISTPs are cool, rational people who enjoy exploring the world and its many mysteries. They’re systematic thinkers and hands-on experimenters, but most importantly… they don’t care about gifts. At all.

But what they do like—for some strange reason—are socks. Don’t ask me why, but my ISTP friends (and strangers from online forums) vouch for it.

So for your ISTP buddy, grab a pair of socks from Talking Toes. You’ll be spoilt for choice with designs ranging from food to furry friends. To really lean into the festive season, opt for their Christmas-exclusive designs—ice skating T-rexes and candy cane zebras, anyone?


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Another local socks shop you can check out is Kawata House of Socks. You have plenty to pick from. For a nice personal touch, I think their motivational quote series is a good option. Pick a quote that sums up this year’s life lesson for your friend or family member, and let them bring it into the next year.

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4. For INTPs: Notebook (From $7 from PaperMarket)

INTPs are also known as “logicians” who are proud of their creativity and intellect. They’re that smart friend who quietly knows everything about everything.

These philosophers enjoy analysing the world, so gift them a brand new notebook for them to make lists, jot down notes and doodle their feelings. You might be thinking, isn’t a notebook kinda boring? I have a personal story to share about why I don’t think boring is a problem in friendships. I have a friend I’ve known since we were 13, and every year, we give each other a notebook for our birthdays. The size, colour, and shape can change, but we know what to expect from each other, know what to give each other, and love the concept even more for it. Maybe we’re weird, but let me tell you—it works. Notebooks make a great gift!


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PaperMarket has a very wide range of notebooks, so pick one that you think will fit your INTP pal’s style or personality. I see classy Moleskin-esque choices, funny cartoon designs, and even vintage floral patterns from Kate Spade. The more I look, the more tempted I am to start shopping myself!

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5. For ENTJs: Travelambo RFID-blocking wallet ($15.85 from Amazon)

Also called “The Commander”, ENTJs are the bossy ones. They are charismatic and super confident, and are ambitious, visionary leaders.

These result-oriented group will appreciate a Secret Santa gift that’s as useful and practical as this RFID-blocking wallet from Travelambo. Sure, RFID crime doesn’t happen often, but it’s better to be safe than sorry, right?

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Plus, it doesn’t hurt that this minimalist wallet is as sleek and chic as it is.

I noticed that the colour variation matters a lot for this wallet. On Amazon, the “carbon fiber texture black” variation is the cheapest at just shy of $16. On the other end of the spectrum, we have Crazy Horse Black at $55+. Yikes. I mean, both are still black right? You choose the variation your friend or family member would like, but be warned to check the price carefully.

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6. For INFJs: Handmade Hush Candle gift set ($20)

INFJs are super rare, and some perceive them to be abstract personalities because they have seemingly conflicting qualities. They can be opinionated and strong-willed, but when they’re not busy being tough, they believe in peace, love and all that soft stuff.


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Give this sensitive friend a handmade, soy-based candle by Hush Candles. They’re $20 per 4oz candle and there are 12 scents you can pick from. From Lavender to Peppermint Orange, there’s a whole range of options. If you wanna keep your spending to a minimum, I noticed that the Peppermint Orange scent is currently on sale for $18 instead of $20. I also saw a limited edition festive scent called Fir Balsam that’s made to smell like a fresh Christmas tree. I find that these kinds of woody scents are gender neutral, making them a great option for anyone!

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7. For ESTJs: Capitaland vouchers ($20)

ESTJs are characterised by their love of tradition and order, so it makes sense that they’re sometimes called “the supervisor”.

For these organised, no-nonsense friends, get them the most “boring” gift of all—Capitaland vouchers.

Yup, that’s right. If you’re not an ‘ST’ personality type, you may think that vouchers are super insincere, but for ESTJs, the best gift is the most practical one!

Capitaland vouchers come in denominations of $10, so they’re good for $20 Secret Santa gift exchanges too.

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8. For ENFPs: Personalised Snow Globe ($19)

Ah…”everyone’s best friend”. Everyone knows a cheerleader ENFP and if you’re shopping for these creative, free spirits, thoughtfulness is the way to go. It’s easy to lose sight of the meaningfulness of friendships when you maintain so many. So this Christmas, show your ENFP friend that they mean a lot to you too.

ENFP friends give us the world everyday. It’s time we return the favour at Christmas with a personalised snow globe ($19, $16.16 promotional price) from Your Favourites. Pick a favourite photo to immortalise in this little snowy world!


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9. For ESFPs: Inkbox ink tattoo (From $8)

Speaking of flashy, popular personalities, there’s the ESFPs, also called “the performer”. These people are playful and energetic, and love being in the spotlight.

Jagua henna tattoos are all the rage right now, and are sure to give your ESFP friend the attention they crave. With Inkbox‘s wide range of tattoos, they can use their bodies as the canvas to show off their masterpieces to their friends and family. Their most affordable designs start from 6 USD/S$8.

Freehand allows for the ultimate creativity, but their freehand markers are outside our budget—24 USD or about S$32. Plus, if you’re gonna spend that much anyway, I’m actually more attracted to the custom tattoo option. You pick a size, upload a photo, and they generate a tattoo for you. Here’s a video to show you how it works:


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I decided to give Inkbox’s custom tattoo tool a try myself. It advises you to upload photos with a white or neutral background, but I would tell you to use a totally white background. Any shadows will be picked up by the tool and appear as a strange smudge in your tattoo, so use an online background remover tool before uploading. Even then, Inkbox’s custom tattoo tool was very sensitive to the shadows in the main subject of my photo—I uploaded a picture of my cat.

Now here’s the thing: I actually got a custom permanent tattoo of 2 of my cats earlier this year. When I uploaded the artwork from my tattoo artist onto Inkbox, the tool worked pretty well. Certainly much better than it did for my photos. So my advice is to even go so far as to upload a drawing with clear line work instead of a photo. Go for really distinct lines, because any shading will just appear as a mess. One of the cats in the tattoo artwork I uploaded is a tortoiseshell, and all of her browns and blacks just became a smudge-fest.

Their custom tattoo costs 24 USD / S$32, so do sit outside of budget. But if you have someone you want to splurge on, it’s a great personalised option.

Do note that Inkbox shipping to Singapore is 20 USD and is only free if you spend 45 USD / S$60. If you’re buying a few for a few friends, you’ll probably be able to chalk up enough for free shipping.

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10. For ISFJs: Full body massage voucher from Fave ($19.98)

ISFJs are loyal nurturers who spend all their time taking care of their loved ones. They may be introverted, but they still know how to love and form meaningful relationships with those who matter.

This Christmas, flip the tables a little and give your kind ISFJ friend a pampering Secret Santa treat instead. A full body massage usually costs around $60 for an hour, but if you buy a voucher on Fave, they can cost less than $25. Browse the massage deals on Fave to get started!

That said, massages are tricky business, so make sure you filter the spas by rating. I found a good deal by BFF Beauty Services with great reviews from customers—4.7 out of 5 stars. It’s $19.98 for a 90-Min Full Body Massage + Head Wellness Therapeutics Therapy + Treatment, which is really worth it.

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11. For ISFPs: Emma by Jane Austen ($15 from Blackwell’s)

ISFPs are known to be drawn to art and all things aesthetically pleasing. They are curious adventurers who dare to push the limits of social convention.

But beyond all that, don’t forget—ISFPs are introverts. And there’s nothing they’d love more than some “me time” with a good book. As far as classics go, I recommend Emma by Jane Austen.

The story revolves around a young woman and the romantic misadventures life takes her on. Admittedly, this book might be more suitable for a female colleague but I’m not even an ISFP and I want this gift.

You can’t really go wrong with Jane Austen, can you? Plus, it is well within budget.

Okay, I hear you. Classics aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. For a contemporary book, I recommend Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus, which was released this year in March. It’s an empowering book about a female chemist in a male-dominated industry who ends up hosting her own cooking show. I read it this year and enjoyed it from start to finish.

Now, where is the best book store to buy your gift from? Once upon a time, Book Depository would have been the obvious answer. Since it’s shut its doors, here are some alternative online bookstores you can try. Based on our little experiement, Wordery and Blackwell’s are the best bets.

Emma costs about 12 USD / S$16 from Wordery and S$15 from Blackwell’s.

Lessons in Chemistry costs about 14 USD / S$19 from Wordery and S$18 from Blackwell’s.

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12. For INTJs: Spigen Case Core Armour ($20 from Amazon)

The INTJ friend is the ultimate analyst—the world is like a giant chess game, and they’re smart enough to win it.

Many INTJs are tech geeks who are into the latest gadgets and they’re also mostly men—INTJ women only make 0.8% of the population—which is why I picked out a Spigen phone case. Well, also because I’ve used Spigen cases myself and found that they do a good job of protecting my phone from damage. Trust me, I drop my phone all the time.


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One of the most affordable Spigen cases is the Liquid Air series. You can get a pretty good deal on Amazon, where it costs $20.

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13. For ESTPs: Stojo sippy cup ($20 from Pupsik)

ESTPs are the social butterflies who are always at the center of attention. They’re energetic, confident and love having fun.

Give them a gift that’s befitting of their trendy, outgoing lifestyle—the Starbucks Stojo sippy cup. The collapsible cup is incredibly chic, practical and eco-friendly. It folds up to a handy coaster size, fitting perfectly in your purse.


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The Stojo Silicone Collapsible Cup come in a few sizes, and the 12oz/355ml one comes up to about $20. You have an assortment of 10 colour options. Since the cup is collapsible, you can rest assured it can be tossed into a workbag without inconvenience.

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14. For ISTJs: Planner ($11 from Typo)

ISTJs are ruled by logic and rules, and they take pride in staying organised, following rules and fulfilling duties. They also like tradition, which is what Christmas is all about!

Help your friend keep their lives in check with a personalised planner for the upcoming year. At Typo, the planners come in a range of sizes and prices respectively. You can get an A6 planner for as little as $10.49. If you’re looking at a bigger size like A5, that will cost you $19.99.


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There’s plenty of designs to pick—you can even consider getting multiple notebooks as a gift from more than one Secret Santa party.

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15. For ENFJs: DIY Christmas Cupcakes ($19.90 from Annabella Patisserie)

One of my best friends is an ENFJ, and these are some of the best people to have around you because they’re super giving. That’s why they’re called “the givers”—they are warm, caring and nurturing. They’re in tune with their emotions, and super sensitive to the feelings of others.

Image: Anabella Patisserie
Image: Anabella Patisserie

If you’re the “baby” who benefits from this “mum”, perhaps it’s time you give your ENFJ friend a treat of their own. In fact, a treat they can truly make their own. This DIY Cupcake Set from Annabella Patisserie is as much a sweet treat as it is an opportunity for your friend to get creative and have fun. It’s usually closer to $40, but is going for $19.90 during this festive season!

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16. For ENTPs: Boxgreen Build Your Own Box ($10.90 onwards)

Also called “the visionary”, ENTPs are always excited about new ideas and inventions. They love challenging the norm, and are all for spontaneous fun.


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Build Your Own Box from Box Green for whoever your Secret Santa buddy may be from just $10.90 onwards. You have the freedom to pick from a whopping selection of 40 different snacks. You can’t pick them all but you can fit up to 5 snacks into one box.

You can’t quite go wrong with healthy snacks, can you? However, you do have the option of cancelling the subscription at anytime with no additional cost.

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17. For ESFJs: ORIGINS Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay ($23 from Sephora)

The last Myers-Briggs typing is ESFJ, “the provider”. These people are down-to-earth nurturers who love spending quality time with those they love and care about. At the same time, they’re all about joining in the fun and are usually popular with their peers.

ESFJs like practical yet pampering stuff, which is exactly what this Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay from ORIGINS is about. The mask uses natural plant and herb extracts alongside Mediterranean Rose Clay and Canadian Willow Herb to both unclog your pores and brighten your skin. Plus, jojoba beads also join the party to give your face a gentle exfoliation. Reviews are good, at 4.6 stars based on over 2,100 reviews.

The full-sized bottle is 75ml and costs $43, but there’s a Secret Santa-friendly travel size bottle that’s $23 (30ml).


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