Secret Santa Christmas Gift Ideas Under $25 (For Every Myers-Briggs Type!)

myers briggs secret santa

We’re in the second of week of December, which means it’s right about the time we all scramble for those pesky Secret Santa gift exchanges. Yup, in addition to having a shopping list for your close friends and family, you probably need to pick up quite a few extra gifts for your colleagues, ex-colleagues and ex-schoolmates with a tight $20 to $25 budget.

Sure, it’s quite sian, but think about it this way – you’ll be getting an extra present too! And there’s no better way to chock up good karmic energy – eh, you also want to receive nice gifts right? – than to go shopping for a thoughtful Christmas present.

But how do you choose a gift for someone that you may not know so well? Perhaps knowing his or her MBTI profile might help. Here are 16 gifts based on the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types.


Secret Santa Christmas Gift Ideas Under $25 (For Every Myers-Briggs Type!)

Secret Santa Gift idea Price Myers-Briggs type (click to jump straight there!) 
Handmade earrings $15 to $24 from PopsicleBakes via Etsy INFPs 
Happy socks $15.90 from Lazada ISTPs 
Moleskine classic notebook $19.65 from Book Depository INTPs 
RFID-blocking wallet $19.95 from We The People ENTJs 
Hush handmade candle $20 from Hush Candles INFJs 
Capitaland shopping vouchers $20 from Capitaland ESTJs 
Aesop rosehip seed lip cream $21 from Aesop ENFPs 
Inkbox freehand ink tattoo $21.90 from Inkbox ESFPs 
Full body massage voucher $22 from Fave ISFJs  
Sabrina by Nick Drnaso $23.34 from Book Depository ISFPs 
Spigen iPhone X / XS case core armour $24.90 from Spigen INTJs 
Starbucks Stojo sippy cup $24.95 from Starbucks ESTPs 
Personalised 2019 A5 planner $24.99 from Typo ISTJs 
LUSH Sweet Christmas gift set $25 from LUSH ENFJs 
Boxgreen Christmas gift box $25 from Boxgreen ENTPs 
Herbivore hibiscus hydrating face mist $25 from Sephora ESFJs 

What’s the MBTI? MBTI stands for the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, which is a super popular personality test based on 4 key preferences: Extraversion/introversion, intuition/sensing, feeling/thinking and perceiving/judging.

As you know, the world is obviously split into only 16 types of people. It’s also definitely super accurate, because it’s reportedly even part of the hiring process of 89 Fortune 100 U.S. companies. Wow, right?

Jokes aside, even if you’re a non-believer, it could be a fun experiment to pick your Secret Santa Christmas presents based on the recipient’s MBTI assessment just to see how it goes! If they haven’t done (or refuse to do) the test, you can have fun guessing their types and shopping anyway.

Curious to know what MBTI personality type you are? Take this free MBTI personality test before you read on!


For INFPs: Polymer clay earrings from PopiscleBakes ($15 to $24)

While your INFP Secret Santa  baby may seem shy or reserved on the surface, they actually have a lot of thoughts about a lot of things! These “mediators” are analytical artists, who often delve in poetry or any other kind of artistic endeavour.

myer briggs secret santa

They love all things beautiful and handmade, which is why they’ll love these polymer clay earrings from PopiscleBakes ($15 to $24). In addition to cute animals, the shop sells statement and more “grown up” designs too.

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For ISTPs: Happy Socks ($15.90 from Lazada)

First things first, ISTPs are cool, rational people who enjoy exploring the world and its many mysteries. They’re systematic thinkers and hands-on experimenters, but most importantly… they don’t care about gifts. At all.

But what they do like – for some strange reason – are socks. (Don’t ask me why, but my ISTP friends (and strangers from online forums) seem to vouch for it.)

myer briggs secret santa

So for your ISTP buddy, grab these limited-edition Happy Socks by Iris Apfel; they’re all the right colours for Christmas.

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For INTPs: Classic Moleskine notebook ($19.65 from Book Depository)

INTPs are also known as “logicians” who are proud of their creativity and intellect. They’re that smart friend who quietly knows everything about everything.

myer briggs secret santa

These philosophers enjoy analysing the world, so gift them a classy Moleskine notebook for them to make lists, jot down notes and doodle their feelings.

Moleskines cost an arm and leg if you buy them from local bookstores, but they’re less than half price on the Book Depository.

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For ENTJs: Crowd-funded RFID-blocking wallet ($19.90 from We The People)

Also called “The Commander”, ENTJs are the bossy ones. They are charismatic and super confident, and are ambitious, visionary leaders.

These result-oriented group will appreciate a Secret Santa gift that’s as useful and practical as this RFID-blocking wallet from Kickstarter. Sure, RFID crime doesn’t happen often, but it’s better to be safe than sorry, right?

myer briggs secret santa

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that this minimalist wallet is as sleek and chic as it is.

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For INFJs: Handmade Hush Candle gift set ($20)

INFJs are super rare, and some perceive them to be abstract personalities because they have seemingly conflicting qualities. They can be opinionated and strong-willed, but when they’re not busy being tough, they believe in peace, love and all that soft stuff.

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Give this sensitive friend a handmade, soy-based candle by Hush Candles. They’re usually $18 per 4oz candle, but you can add $2 to have it gifted in a pretty box.

There are 9 scents available – including good ol’ rose and lavender – but for extra Christmas feels, I would go with Cinnamon Patchouli.

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For ESTJs: Capitaland vouchers ($20)

ESTJs are characterised by their love of tradition and order, so it makes sense that they’re sometimes called “the supervisor”.

For these organised, no-nonsense friends, get them the most “boring” gift of all – Capitaland vouchers.

Yup, that’s right. If you’re not an ‘ST’ personality type, you may think that vouchers are super insincere, but for ESTJs, the best gift is the most practical one!

Capitaland vouchers come in denominations of $10, so they’re good for $20 Secret Santa gift exchanges too.

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For ENFPs: Aesop rosehip seed lip cream ($21)

Ah… The “everyone’s best friend”. Everyone knows a cheerleader ENFP and if you’re shopping for these creative, free spirits, then look no further than Aesop.

myer briggs secret santa

Okay, I know that nothing is cheap at Aesop – it is, after all, the ultimate “status skincare brand”. There are, however, two items under $25.

One of it is the rosehip seed lip cream ($21), which not only soothes chapped lips, but smells lovely. If you have a lower budget, there’s the rinse-free handwash that’s $13.

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For ESFPs: Inkbox freehand ink tattoo ($21.90)

Speaking of flashy, popular personalities, there’s the ESFPs, also called “the performer”. These people are playful and energetic, and love being in the spotlight.

myer briggs secret santa

Jagua henna tattoos are all the rage right now, and are sure to give your ESFP friend the attention they crave. With Inkbox’s freehand ink, they can use their bodies as the canvas to show off their masterpieces to their friends and family.

The 0.5oz bottle of freehand ink costs US$20, which is technically over budget, but the e-store is currently having a 20% off storewide sale (promo code HOLIDAY20) and after discount, it’s only $21.90.

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For ISFJs: Full body massage voucher from Fave ($22)

ISFJs are loyal nurturers who spend all their time taking care of their loved ones. They may be introverted, but they still know how to love and form meaningful relationships with those who matter.

This Christmas, flip the tables a little and give your kind ISFJ friend a pampering Secret Santa treat instead. A full body massage usually costs around $60 for an hour, but if you buy a voucher on Fave, they can be as cheap as under $20.

myer briggs secret santa

That said, massages are tricky business, so make sure you filter the spas by rating. I found a good deal by Indulge Skin and Body Lab, which is a chain that has several outlets at quite a few malls. It’s $22 for 1 hour of massage and 30 minutes of magnetic “pain management therapy”, which is really worth it.

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For ISFPs: Sabrina, a graphic novel by Nick Drnaso ($23.34)

ISFPs are known to be drawn to art and all things aesthetically pleasing. They are curious adventurers who dare to push the limits of social convention.

But beyond all that, don’t forget – ISFPs are introverts. And there’s nothing they’d love more than some “me time” with a good book. I recommend Sabrina, a graphic novel by Nick Drnaso.

myer briggs secret santa

The comic revolves around the death of Sabrina, which sparks controversy and conspiracy theories. It explores dark themes of trust and truth through a contemporary story about murder and exploitative, fake news.

Hell, I’m not even an ISFP and I want this gift.

But don’t just take my word for it. Sabrina is the first graphic novel to be longlisted for the Booker Prize. It usually retails for $35.95 at Kinokuniya, but it’s currently on sale for US$17.10 (S$23.34) on Amazon (RTP US$27.95), which is well within budget.

You can use RateX to save even more by paying in SGD.

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For INTJs: Spigen iPhone X / XS case ($24.90)

The INTJ friend is the ultimate analyst – the world is like a giant chess game, and they’re smart enough to win it.

Many INTJs are tech geeks who are into the latest gadgets, so they probably have a swanky new iPhone X / XS. They’re also mostly men – INTJ women only make 0.8% of the population – which is why I picked out this rugged Spigen Core Armor case (instead of say, a dainty pink one).

myer briggs secret santa

Most iPhone X / XS cases cost upwards of $30, but local brand Spigen is currently having a sale. The marked down prices are mostly under $25, which is reasonable for Secret Santa gift exchanges.

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For ESTPs: Starbucks Stojo sippy cup ($24.95)

ESTPs are the social butterflies who are always at the center of attention. They’re energetic, confident and love having fun.

Give them a gift that’s befitting of their trendy, outgoing lifestyle – the Starbucks Stojo sippy cup. The collapsible cup is incredibly chic, practical and eco-friendly. It folds up to a handy coaster size, fitting perfectly in your purse.

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The Starbucks-Stojo limited edition cups come in two sizes, and the 12oz one is $24.90. I personally prefer the regular Stojos (without the Starbucks branding), but those don’t come in 120z, only 16oz, and that costs US$19.99.

I notice that some Starbucks have run out of stock, but there are plenty of people selling theirs on Carousell – perhaps you can try there.

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For ISTJs: Personalised 2019 A5 planner ($24.99 from Typo)

ISTJs are ruled by logic and rules, and they take pride in staying organised, following rules and fulfilling duties. They also like tradition, which is what Christmas is all about!

Help your friend keep their lives in check with a personalised planner for the upcoming year. At Typo, a handy, hard cover A5 planner costs $24.99 with a customised name stamp.

myer briggs secret santa

There are 4 colours – marble, gold, silver and rose gold – and the planner on its own is $19.99. You can skip the $5 embossing fee if you have a tighter budget.

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For ENFJs: Sweet Christmas bath bomb set ($25 from LUSH)

One of my best friends is an ENFJ, and these are some of the best people to have around you because they’re super giving. That’s why they’re called “the givers” – they are warm, caring and nurturing. They’re in tune with their emotions, and super sensitive to the feelings of others.

myer briggs secret santa

If you’re the “baby” who benefits from this “mum”, give your ENFJ friend a treat with a luxe bath set by LUSH ($25). The Sweet Christmas set comes with a blackcurrant-scented snowflake bath bomb and a candy cane bath sponge. The two items are actually $12 each when you buy them separately, so if you can be bothered to wrap your own gift, you can save a dollar.

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For ENTPs: Christmas snack surprise box ($25 from Boxgreen)

Also called “the visionary”, ENTPs are always excited about new ideas and inventions. They love challenging the norm, and are all for spontaneous fun.

$25 is hardly enough for a surprise box subscription, but you can get just one Christmas-themed box. Boxgreen’s festive edition feature 6 superfoods with Christmas spin – including a lemon Christmas cake and rosemary biscotti thins. Yum!

myer briggs secret santa

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For ESFJs: Herbivore hibiscus hydrating face mist ($25 from Sephora)

The last Myers-Briggs typing is ESFJ, “the provider”. These people are down-to-earth nurturers who love spending quality time with those they love and care about. At the same time, they’re all about joining in the fun and are usually popular with their peers.

myer briggs secret santa

ESFJs like practical yet pampering stuff, which is exactly what this floral face mist by Herbivore is. The spray is made with all natural ingredients, including a coconut water base that’s infused with hibiscus flower petals and rose extract.

The full-sized bottle is 120ml and costs $50, but there’s a Secret Santa-friendly travel size bottle that’s $25 (60ml).


Will you take up any of my Secret Santa gift recommendations? If you do, be sure to tell me if your friend liked it!