Christmas Decorations Singapore Guide: 9 Must-Buys From Daiso!

christmas decorations daiso

There are people like my aunt who, year after year, spend hundreds of dollars on scented candles, fancy figurines and other Christmas decorations. And while I love spending every December 25th at her lovely home – the real Christmas trees always smell divine – I simply cannot be bothered. I am the kind who just kind of enjoys the whole idea of a festive, decorated home, but I refuse to spend too much time or money on it. The solution? Daiso. Because they have everything, and everything is $2.

From DIY Christmas ornaments to Rudolph outfits for your dog, here are 9 Christmas decorations from Daiso you didn’t know you needed.


9 Christmas decorations from Daiso

christmas decorations singapore daiso

1. Mini Christmas trees (& mini Christmas tree ornaments)

While Daiso doesn’t carry full-sized, standing Christmas trees – don’t worry, we have a separate article on where to buy those – they have small ones for tabletops. At $2, they’re perfect as token decorations. christmas decorations singapore daiso

And while they aren’t super fancy or anything, what’s fun is that they sell mini baubles, wreaths and other Christmas ornaments so you can pimp up your little tree too. christmas decorations singapore daiso


2. Christmas costumes for children (& dogs)

If your child has a Christmas party to attend, Daiso sells affordable Christmas outfits for children. In addition to the usual headbands and Santa hats, they have Santarina capes.  christmas decorations singapore daiso

And if your child is of the fluffy, 4-legged variant, then it can join in the party as Rudolph. christmas decorations singapore daiso

Daiso also sells wavy AND straight Santa beards, which I personally find hilarious. christmas decorations singapore daiso


3. Christmas washi tape

Stationary lovers will go gaga over these rolls of cute, Christmas washi tapes! They’re sold per roll ($2), so they’re not exactly cheap. Similar tapes usually come in sets of 5 and cost around $10 too. christmas decorations singapore daiso


4. Christmas aluminium foil (& other disposable kitchenware)

At first, I didn’t understand who would ever need patterned aluminium foil. But then I remembered that there are legions of mums whose life missions are to “out-mum” other mums, and I suppose that’s who these festive foils are for. $2 seems a good deal, but the roll is actually really small and if you’re hosting a party, you’ll probably need several boxes. christmas decorations singapore daiso

To match the fancy aluminium foil, Daiso carries similarly themed disposable plates, cups and napkins. christmas decorations singapore daiso


5. DIY Christmas decor

This is perhaps my favourite of the lot – it’s a DIY snowman ornament! I’ve always loved Daiso’s animal felt kits, and was delighted that they came up with a special Christmas edition of it. It comes with a hanging string, so you can hang your handiwork up on your Christmas tree. christmas decorations singapore daiso

Now, aside from those fun items, Daiso also has the usual Christmas decorations like (full-sized) baubles, wreaths, tree-toppers and more.


6. Christmas baubles

These baubles are really quite affordable ($2 for 6). IKEA sells 32 baubles for $16.90, which is 1.5X the decorations singapore daiso

7. Garlands

There are also garlands to wrap around your Christmas trees. I’m usually not a fan of these, but I was pleasantly surprised that Daiso’s designs weren’t as gaudy as garlands usually are. I especially like this silver candy cane decorations singapore daiso

8. Fairy lights

They also have fairy lights, which are $2 per 1.5m. It’s quite short, so a standard-sized tree might need 3 to 4 boxes. If you’re considering that, then you might be better off getting a 10M roll from Lazada – they’re about $8. christmas decorations singapore daiso

9. Festive goodie bags

Lazy to wrap your presents? Get a festive wrapper bag and you’re good to go. No craft skills needed. They’re $2 per pack, and depending on the size and design, each pack has a different number of bags. christmas decorations singapore daiso


Where do you get your yearly Christmas decorations? Share it with us in the comments below!