Where to Buy Joss Paper (Kim Zua) Online for Hungry Ghost Festival 2023

Where to Buy Joss Paper (Kim Zua) Online for Hungry Ghost Festival 2023

As the sun starts clocking out for the day and the breeze picks up a little, it’s that time of the year again when things get a bit otherworldly—yep, you guessed it, the Hungry Ghost Festival! This time-honoured tradition goes way back in the cultures of places like China, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia. It’s all about showing some love and respect to the spirits who are on a bit of a cosmic vacation.

According to Taoists and Buddhists, the gates of Heaven and Hell open during the Hungry Ghost Festival in Singapore, allowing the dead to roam amongst us. This year’s Ghost Day falls on 30 Aug 2023, the 15th day of the 7th lunar month. The rituals begin on 16 Aug 2023, the start of the 7th lunar month, and last until the lunar month’s end, 14 Sep 2023.

Now, if you’re looking to do it right for the Hungry Ghost Festival, you can’t forget Joss paper, also known as “Kim Zua” in Hokkien. Burning paper money is believed to make the afterlife as plush as possible for the departed. Besides ordinary joss paper, you can burn anything from Ferraris and iPads to domestic helpers to ensure your deceased relatives have a happy afterlife.

Whether you’re keeping the fam tradition alive or you’re just curious about the vibes of the Hungry Ghost Festival, here are 11 online shops where you can buy joss paper.


11 shops to buy joss paper or kim zua online

Shop Price of kim zua package Delivery fee
Kimzua From $98 $10

Free for orders of $100 and above

Po-pi From $48 $20

Free for orders of $100 and above

Joss Market From $100 $10 (minimum order $100)

Free for orders of $180 and above

Huat Cai Kim Zua From $12.80 $7 (Ang Mo Kio, Bishan, Sengkang only)

$10 (rest of Singapore)

Kim Zua King From $16.80 Free to $1 (for packages)
Kim Zua Diam From $69 $10

Free for orders of $80 and above

SYH Lazada, Shopee or FairPrice shipping charges
Chye Seng Joss Paper From $55 $20 (minimum order $50)

Free for orders above $120

Sin Lian Huat Josspaper Merchant From $58 $5

Free for orders above $60

Nam Seng Chan From $7.80 Standard delivery up to $25

Express delivery up to $60

Free for orders above $150

Ezbaibai From $98 $10

Free for orders above $60


1) Kimzua

On top of a hilarious tagline, “We have money to burn”, Kimzua.com.sg also offers comprehensive Hungry Ghost bundles.

At the time of writing, they’re offering several 7th Month Hungry Ghost Festival packages priced at $98, $208 or $888. It all depends on how good of an afterlife you’re willing to provide your deceased relative!

They also sell 7th month essentials separately, including joss paper, hell money, incense, candles and all manner of paper models, from clothes to private jets.

Visit Kimzua at Kimzua.com.sg


2) Po-pi

This shop, whose name means “to bless and protect” in Chinese, sells a range of products used for Buddhist and Taoist offerings, including candles and oil, confectionery and wine, joss sticks, joss paper and paper models, including bungalows and yachts.

Their 7th month packages range from $48 to $1,288, depending on how opulent you want your ancestors’ afterlife to be. If you just want to execute basic prayers, you can go for their cheaper pre-packed bundles priced from $3.80.

Visit Po-pi ar https://po-pi.com.sg


3) Joss Market

As the name suggests, Joss Market specialises in burnables such as joss paper, incense, joss paper, candles and paper models, with a focus on “necessities” like clothing, shoes, shaving kits, pillows and so on.

Their 7th month packages cost from $100 to $188. They’ve also got 7th month pre-packed Praying Packages ranging from $3.80 to $138. The cheapest praying package is pretty basic, with the bare necessities like joss sticks and hell money.

At the time of writing, their website is undergoing maintenance, so you’ll have to direct your inquiries and orders to their WhatsApp number 9055 6442.

Visit Joss Market at https://jossmarket.myshopify.com


4) Huat Cai Kim Zua

This shop, whose tagline is “Burn until Huat”, sells all manner of burnables, from joss sticks and gold joss paper for deities to joss paper and paper effigies for ancestors.

Their Seventh Month Basic Package costs just $12.80, while the Deluxe Package costs $388, making it one of the most affordable packages on this list, perfect for ancestors who loved a good bargain during their lifetimes. These packages are a little bare-bones compared to more expensive ones put together by other shops, but they still do the job.

If you’re genuinely a filial descendant, you might even want to sign up for a membership, which offers discounts depending on how much you spend. The most basic tier gets you 2% if you make more than one purchase in a year.

Visit Huat Cai Kim Zua at https://www.huatcaikimzua.com/


5) Kim Zua King

Kim Zua King sells their products on Shopee, with their range of offerings encompassing joss paper, pineapple candles and “Huat” prayer oil.

They’re now offering 7th month prayer packages ranging from $16.80 to $1,288. These packages contain gold sheets and hell notes, but the cheaper ones don’t come with items such as traditional clothing. So, always read the description so you know what you’re receiving.

Visit Kim Zua King at https://shopee.sg/kimzuaking


6) Kim Zua Diam

This friendly neighbourhood kim zua shop sells joss paper, incense, candles, hell notes and a selection of paper effigies, including shoes, handbags, cigarettes, beer cans, iPads and massage chairs, so your ancestors can indulge as much as their “hearts” desire.

Their 7th month packages are available on their Facebook page and cost from $69 to $1,396. You can also purchase various add-ons consisting of goodies like babies’ clothes and fresh fruit for $28.80 to $58.

Visit Kim Zua Diam at https://www.kimzuadiam.com.sg / https://www.facebook.com/kimzuadiam


7) SYH

SYH is a local brand whose products can be found on Lazada and Shopee. They also sell essential items like joss paper and prayer packs at NTUC FairPrice.

They don’t have any Hungry Ghost Festival packages at the moment, but they offer a quick and reliable way to get your hands on reasonably priced joss paper and hell notes. For premium offerings such as candles or paper Rolls Royces, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Visit SYH at https://www.syhkimzua.com.sg/ or on Lazada, Shopee, NTUC FairPrice


8) Chye Seng Joss Paper

The name of this shop sounds like that of an ironic hipster cafe, but their atmosphere is, er, quite different. They’ve got a full range of Taoist products, including incense, ingots, candles, joss paper, joss sticks and paper effigies. They also stock products imported from Taiwan, including joss sticks, candles and gold sheets.

Their 7th Month Packages are priced at $55 to $638, while their basic prayer packages cost $5 to $35. They also have a range of Hungry Ghost products, from reincarnation paper ingots to clothes. Their paper models include private houses and condos, rice cookers, yachts and a durian set, which are precisely what your deceased relatives will need for a happy afterlife.

Visit Chye Seng Joss Paper at https://josspaper.sg/


9) Sin Lian Huat Josspaper Merchant

Josspaper Kimzua | Sin Lian Huat Josspaper Merchant 新聯發香莊| Singapore
Photo: Sin Lian Huat

This shop has been selling Chinese religious products since the 80s, and now they’ve upgraded to provide online delivery. Other than the usual candles, incense and prayer oil, you’ll also find Hungry Ghost Festival packages.

Corporate packages are priced at $58 to $338 and are equivalent to the usual hungry ghost packages sold by other merchants. If you’re on a tight budget and have understanding ancestors, you can opt for 7th month prayer sets, priced at $5 to $108.

Visit Sin Lian Huat Josspaper Merchant https://www.sinlianhuat85.com/


10) Nam Seng Chan

If you’re looking for a shop that’s really experienced in the joss paper trade, Nam Seng Chan has been in the religious products business since 1968. They sell almost any type of Taoist/Buddhist product you can think of, including a huge range of joss paper and candles of all colours and styles, treasure beans, ingots and so on.

Their 7th month packages range from $7.80 to $188. But if you are really broke, you can just opt for the essential prayer set which costs $4.50 to $13.80.

Visit Nam Seng Chan at https://www.joss.com.sg/


11) Ezbaibai.sg

Not to be confused with the shopping platform Ezbuy, Ezbaibai.sg is a joss paper shop. I guess you could consider them the Ezbuy of the deceased. Just in time for Hungry Ghost Festival, they’re offering 7th month packages priced at $98 to $1,188.

They’ve also got an interesting selection of burnable houses and vehicles, including private jets and yachts, to enable your deceased relatives to live the high afterlife.

Visit Ezbaibai.sg at https://www.ezbaibai.sg/


Do’s and don’ts during the Hungry Ghost Festival

Provide your ancestors with a better afterlife by all means, but not at the expense of the living! For non-believers, try not to wreck other people’s offerings to their deceased relatives.

Here are some good practices to observe during the Hungry Ghost Festival:

  • Use the bins provided by the town council to burn your offerings.
  • Use the burner cover to prevent ash from flying everywhere.
  • Don’t burn on the pedestrian path, pavement or turf.
  • Do not disturb or step on any offerings, incense, candles or ash you might come across.
  • Do not step into any white circles drawn on the pavement.

If you or a family member are planning to buy joss paper to burn this Hungry Ghost Festival, you might be pleased to know that many shops now accept online orders.


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