book depository amazon buying books
Best Places to Buy Books Online: Book Depository vs Amazon vs Kinokuniya vs OpenTrolley vs FishPond
True bibliophiles know well the excitement of walking into a bookshop and fighting the urge to caress the ...
15 March 2019
game shop singapore
Cheap Video Game Shops in Singapore (2019) – Qisahn, Gamewerks & More
Video gaming is an expensive hobby – and I say this as a girl who only boots up her PS4 once in while when ...
13 March 2019
sheng siong online ntuc online singapore grocery shopping
Sheng Siong Online vs NTUC Fairprice Online – Prices, Delivery Fees and Products
Nobody’s got time to go to the supermarket anymore, which is why being able to shop for groceries from ...
9 March 2019
KOREAN SUPERMARKET singapore shine kroea
Top 5 Korean Supermarkets in Singapore For Korean Snacks & Food (2019)
K-pop, K-beauty, K-BBQ… As long as it’s Korean, it’s worth checking out, right? If you want to live and ...
7 March 2019
it show singtel deals
IT Show 2019 – The Deals From Singtel You Don’t Want To Miss
This post was written in collaboration with Singtel. While we are financially compensated by them, we nonetheless ...
cheap pet shop & online pet shops singapore 2018
Pet Shops in Singapore 2019 – 11 Best Pet Stores for Affordable Pet Supplies
Owning a furkid may not be as expensive as raising a child, but it sure isn’t cheap. And while you won’t ...
6 March 2019
blogshops singapore
17 Cheap Blogshops in Singapore for Women’s Clothing (2019)
The blogshop scene in Singapore has come a long way from its “SgFleaMarket” & “SgSellTrade” days on Blogspot ...
18 February 2019
7 Most Value for Money Travel Essentials from Uniqlo 2019
7 Most Value for Money Travel Essentials from Uniqlo 2019
Some people are fanatical about Apple and some about Bitcoin. Me, I have a Uniqlo fetish. But it’s not ...
31 January 2019
drone cameras dji parrot singapore
Best Drone Cameras in Singapore for Amazing Footage (2019) – Price List of DJI, Parrot and Others
Nowadays, you can’t call yourself a “real” Instagrammer if you don’t have aerial photos taken with a drone ...
25 January 2019
carousell lazada qoo10 shopee seller
How to Become a Seller on Carousell, Lazada, Qoo10 & Shopee in Singapore (2019)
Ready to make your first million? Read this guide. Joking, I’m not going to tell you how to get rich quick. ...
27 December 2018
Ang Mo Supermarket – Cheapest Groceries to Buy From This Heartland Store (2019)
Ang Mo Supermarket – Cheapest Groceries to Buy From This Heartland Store (2019)
The first time I heard of Ang Mo Supermarket was through my grandmother. She cheerfully told me that she ...
27 December 2018
ABC valudollar singapore
Value Dollar Shop (Valu$) & ABC Bargain Centre – What are the Cheapest Buys Here?
Value Dollar (Valu$) and ABC Bargain Centre have been around in the heartlands for the longest time. Surely ...
27 December 2018
online shopping christmas uob mighty fx
Love Online Shopping? Here’s How You Can Shop Smarter with UOB Mighty FX
This article is brought to you in collaboration with UOB. While we are financially compensated by them, ...
the green party singapore
The Green Party Singapore – New Budget Shop With Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas
The Green Party is a new chain of budget gift shops, with outlets at Plaza Singapura, Bedok Mall, Downtown ...
10 December 2018
christmas decorations daiso
Christmas Decorations Singapore Guide: 9 Must-Buys From Daiso!
There are people like my aunt who, year after year, spend hundreds of dollars on scented candles, fancy ...
6 December 2018
ikea johor bahru
Are IKEA Malaysia Prices Really Cheaper Than IKEA Singapore?
In case you haven’t heard, a massive new IKEA store opened in Johor Bahru last year: IKEA Tebrau, to be ...
6 December 2018
ikea singapore price comparison
IKEA Singapore Price Comparison – Is IKEA Still the Best Store for Cheap Furniture?
When I was a kid, going to IKEA Singapore was the most exciting thing in the world. IKEA was, hands down, ...
5 December 2018
redmart christmas offers
Here’s How RedMart Can Save Singaporeans Time & Money This Festive Season
This post was written in collaboration with RedMart. While we are financially compensated by them, we nonetheless ...
coffee Singapore nice cafe in Singapore
Top 5 Ways of Making Coffee in Singapore – Coffee Machines, Moka Pots and Drippers
That morning coffee you inhale every morning isn’t just a beverage. It’s a life support system. Take it ...
28 November 2018
branded bags singapore chanel hermes
Can Branded Bags Ever Be A Good Investment?
There are lots of ladies in Singapore who have a weakness for branded bags. Heck, we’re even starting to ...
26 November 2018
u stars supermarket
U Stars Supermarket Review – Is It Cheaper Than RedMart & NTUC?
You can ask anyone: Since I moved into my own home, I’ve morphed into a full-blown auntie who gets excited ...
22 November 2018
tokyu hands singapore gift ideas
Tokyu Hands Singapore – 17 Best Gift Ideas & Where to Find Cheaper Alternatives
Tokyu Hands is like a really expensive Daiso. Think weird, cool or just plain kawaii Japanese gadgets, ...
16 November 2018
ratex online shopping singapore
RateX Singapore – Online Shopping With “Auto” Promo Codes?
In this day and age, all “shopping” is by default “online shopping” – which is why RateX is such a godsend. ...
15 November 2018
taobao shop singapore nomadx review
Taobao Singapore’s New Shop at Plaza Singapura – 7 Things You Can Find Here
So, Taobao actually opened a physical shop at Plaza Singapura, and everyone is all in a tizzy because you ...
14 November 2018
Tax refund singapore
How to Claim Tax Refunds on Shopping in Europe, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia
If there is an outlet mall at just about any popular tourist destination overseas, chances are you will ...
14 November 2018