Housewarming Gifts – 8 Affordable Gift Ideas for Singaporeans

housewarming gifts

Invited to celebrate your BFF’s new home? Then it’s time to shop for some kickass housewarming gifts. The goal is to get one that not only looks good, but that will also prove genuinely useful to the recipients (rather than end up on Carousell).

Housewarming in Singapore means a lot more than just moving into a new place. For many newlyweds who are finally moving into their BTO flat or newly-built condo unit, it’s the culmination of years of waiting and the first steps towards independence away from the watchful eyes of their parents. If you got invited to celebrate that, you had better put some effort into your housewarming gift!


Affordable housewarming gifts for Singaporeans

Here are 8 housewarming gift ideas that are not only useful, but also affordable for you, the gift giver. If you find that these are still a tad too expensive, don’t be too shy to ask a friend to chip in and share the gift.


Moka pot (from $55)

housewarming gifts
Bialetti Moka Pot ($110) from Tangs

If your friend needs caffeine before he can get through the morning without killing people, you can’t go wrong with some kind of coffee maker.

But instead of going for an expensive one like Nespresso, which creates lots of waste and obliges your friend to purchase costly individual pods, get a chic and simple moka pot, together with some premium coffee powder. Making coffee with moka pots does not even require filters, so your friend can make aromatic cups of coffee at minimal cost.

Where to buy: Tangs sells a variety of products from Bialetti, starting from $55 for a 1-cup moka pot.

Fruit and veggie box delivery (from $58)

housewarming gifts
Fruits & Veg Box ($90) from Avo & Co

For many Singaporeans, moving into a BTO means they’ll have to settle their own meals for the first time.

Stop your friend and his waistline from falling prey to the health hazards of eating hawker food every day by gifting him with an organic fruit and veggie delivery subscription, so he’ll never have an excuse not to hone his cooking skills.

Where to buy: Avo & Co offers veggie boxes starting from $58 including delivery.

Google Home (from $80)

housewarming gifts
Google Home device ($189) 

Even if your friend isn’t really a tech buff, Google Home is easy to use and will make her living room a little less silent.

Using your voice, you can instruct Google Home to play music using your Deezer account, or give you information about anything from the weather to the meaning of life.

If you have other smart devices at home, you can control them with Google Home, too.

Where to buy: Google Home Mini retails for about $80, while Google Home is about $189 on the Google Store.

Bento box (from $15)

housewarming gifts
Midnight Bento Box and Bag (29,99 € / S$47.50) from Casa Bento

Moving out of your parents’ place into your own means having to up your culinary skills.

Get your friend some pretty Japanese-style bento boxes so he’ll be motivated to pack his leftovers for lunch the next day, or to DIY his own snacks on that next picnic at the Botanic Gardens.

Where to buy: Casa Bento, whose products retail at Takashimaya and Isetan Scotts, has a gorgeous selection of bento boxes made in Japan starting from about $15.

Houseplant (from $2 per pot)

housewarming gifts
Epipremnum potted plant ($2.90) from Ikea

There’s nothing that makes a spanking new unit look a bit more homey and personal and a bit less cookie-cutter BTO than a well-chosen houseplant.

But don’t get something high maintenance in case your friend is the type who couldn’t keep a block of wood alive. Ask the florist or nursery to recommend a plant that doesn’t require too much sunlight so it can survive indoors, and that only needs to be watered once in a while.

Where to buy: Ikea’s potted plants start from about $2+ so you can get a few.

Cocktail shaker (from $10)

housewarming gifts
Pujadas cocktail shaker ($22) from Redmart

Want an excuse to get invited over to your friend’s new place more often? Then get them a cocktail shaker, so you aren’t confined to Tiger Beer the next time you head to theirs.

This is a good option if your friends are trendy young professionals who would otherwise be spending $25 on cocktails at some bar that requires you to furnish a password to enter.

Where to buy: You can find cocktail shakers from Redmart from about $10.

Premium tea (from $30)

housewarming gifts
Kusmi Tea Voyage set ($64.90) from iShopChangi

There’s something very self-indulgent about sitting down to a pot of really good tea.

Whether your friend is a real tai tai or just dreams about being one, she won’t say no to a fragrant box of premium tea, the more atas the better.

Where to buy: French brand Kusmi Tea has an outlet at Changi Airport, and their teas can also be bought on the iShopChangi website. A tin of tea retails from about $30.

Steamboat machine (from $30)

housewarming gifts
Takahi Electric Multi-Function Cooker Steamboat pot ($48) from Lazada

There’s nothing that brings families and friends closer than a steamboat feast… if only because everyone is fighting over the fishballs.

Give your friend an excuse to host more get togethers by giving him a steamboat machine.

If you’ve got a bit more cash, you can even get one that comes equipped with its own Korean barbecue heating pad. It also gives your friend an easy eat-at-home option for when he’s too lazy to cook.

Where to buy: Lazada has got lots of steamboat machines on sale, with some going for as little as $30.

Got any housewarming gifts to recommend? Share them with us in the comments!


In-article image credits: Tangs, Avo & Co, Google, Casa Bento, Ikea, Redmart, Lazada and iShopChangi.