6 Best Pet Birthday Cakes in Singapore For Dogs, Cats, Hamsters And More

Images: Petissier, Feed My Paws

For my cat’s past 2 birthdays, these are the homemade birthday “cakes” I made for her:


I thought my handiwork had improved—that latest birthday cake ain’t half bad, right? A kind family friend even suggested that I could start selling them soon, and for a second, I believed her. That was until I saw these pet birthday cakes:

Images: Petissier Singapore, BarknBake.co

This is me now:

If you’d rather leave your precious pet’s birthday cake to the experts, we’ve got you. We’ve put together a guide to pet-friendly birthday cakes in Singapore for cats, dogs, and even small animals like rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs. Without further ado, a round of app-paws for the best pet cakes in Singapore!


Best pet cakes in Singapore for dogs, cats, hamsters and more

  1. Best pet birthday cakes in Singapore for dogs, cats, hamsters and more
  2. Petissier (Dogs and cats—Best for customisation)
  3. Feed My Paws (Dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchillas—Best for small animals)
  4. Barknbake.co (Dogs—Best for floral aesthetic designs, last minute dog cakes)
  5. The Barkery (Dogs—Best for food-themed cakes)
  6. Hej Pet Cakes by Ola’s Favourites (Dogs—Best for hypoallergenic, healthier dog cakes)
  7. In Good Thyme (Dogs and cats—Best for healthier cat cakes)
  8. Pet cake ingredients—what is a pet birthday cake for dogs and cats made of?
  9. How do I choose a pet cake?


1. Best pet birthday cakes in Singapore for dogs, cats, hamsters and more

For the sake of comparison, the prices below are for the smallest, most basic pet cakes available at each pet cake store—the most entry-level cake for pawrents. These exclude costs for customisation, i.e. adding your pet’s cute ‘lil face or name onto the cake.

Pet cake bakery Types of pets Price of most basic cake Lead time
Petissier Dogs, cats Plain Pastel Pet Cake (4 inch/500gm, 1 colour, includes name customisation)


Cake = $35 (Price excludes dog head)
Delivery fee = $15
Total cost = $50

2 days (48 hours)
Feed My Paws Dogs, cats Bento Mini Birthday Cake (3 inch/150g, up to 2 colours, includes name customisation)


Cake = $29.90
Delivery fee = From $18
Total cost = $47.90

3-7 days
Hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas Birthday Cake-aroon (includes name customisation)


Cake = $10
Delivery fee = From $18 (calculated based on distance)
Total cost = $28+

3-4 working days to prepare + 2-10 working days for shipping
BarknBake Dogs Om-nom-Ombre Cake (4 inch/400g, includes name customisation) 


Cake = $46
Delivery fee = $15
Total cost = $61

3 days (Last minute option available; order before 1pm for same day collection)
The Barkery Dogs Barkday Cake (450g, includes name customisation)


Cake = $26
Delivery fee = $18
Total cost =$44

1-2 days (standard cakes) / 1 week (novelty cakes)
Hej Pet Cakes by Ola’s Kitchen Dogs Minimalist cake (4 inch/500g)

hej-pet-cakes-olas-kitchenCake = $70
Delivery fee = $18
Total cost =$88

2 weeks
In Good Thyme Dogs, cats Baby Phrog (150g, fixed design)

in-good-thyme-baby-phrogCake = $20
Delivery fee = NA (minimum order for delivery is $60)
Total cost = $20 + the time/money spent collecting it yourself

3 days (Frozen cakes for last-minute orders)

All of the pet cake shops below have loads of creative cake options, so don’t stop here. Read more in the rest of this article! You can even try contacting the pet cake bakeries below for a custom design.

Are you more concerned about the ingredients of the pet cake than the price or looks of it? As a fellow pawrent, I completely understand. Jump to our section on the ingredients used by each pet cake bakery for easy comparison.

Additionally, these pet bakeries also make treats like pet cookies and homemade simmered bone broths. We didn’t cover these in this article, but feel free to explore their websites we’ve linked below if you want to spoil your furkid even more on their birthday.

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2. Petissier (Dogs and cats—Best for customisation)

Once upon a time, a family of bakers decided to bake a birthday cake for their Shiba Inu, Simba. It was a hit—not just with Simba, but also the humans and other pets around him who saw his cake. Simba’s humans were inspired, and thus, Petissier was born. 

AVS-licensed Petissier offers super cute and customisable pet cakes for both dogs and cats (yes, their pupcakes are available for kitties too). By way of cake design, they have 4 main cake collections and 2 main cake sizes. 6 inch cakes generally cost $40 more than 4 inch ones.

Petissier collection Design elements Sizes  Pricing
Plain Cake Simple with a single colour—blue, yellow, violet, peach, pink, mint green. 4 inch (est. 500g) /
6 inch (est. 1.4kg)
$35 / $75 
Designer Cake Think frosted rainbows, flowers, balloons, confetti, and pretty borders. 4 inch (est. 500g) /
6 inch (est. 1.4kg)
$39-57 / $79-97
3D Cakes Tall 2-toned or 3-toned cakes topped with a cute 3D figurine. 6 inch round 7 cm tall (est. 1.4kg) $90-100
Pupcakes A wide range of designs, from simple 1-colour pupcakes to flower, confetti and the works. 5.5cm (cupcake size) $9-18

To customise the cake with your pet’s adorable face, have them frost your pet’s face on their Plain and Designer cakes for $5 (standard design from a selection of common dog/cat faces) or $10 (customised as you like it). The customised option is useful if your pet has unusual markings or physical characteristics, like my one-eyed kitty we met at the start of this article for example.

Image: Petissier

For Petissier’s tall 3D cakes, you can splurge on a 3D figurine of your pet as a cake topper. The 3D figurines go for add-ons of $15 for a 5-6cm one, and $30 for a 8-9cm one that includes finer details of your pet.

Image: Petissier

For all the pet cakes at Petissier, wording is complimentary. 

Petissier: Pet cake ingredients list

Petissier’s soy frosting is made of cream cheese and tofu and coloured with vegetable/plant base powders. Cake bases comprise sugarless chiffon made from eggs, rice flour, corn flour, vegetable oil, and goat milk powder. These chiffon layers sandwich a cake filling of your choice:

  • Beef or Lamb (ProBalance canned dog food)
  • Tuna or Ocean Fish (ProDiet canned cat food)
  • Fresh fillings (poached upon order): Salmon (+$3), chicken (+1), or apple
Image: Petissier

​​Petissier: Delivery fees

Delivery fees are $15 for delivery to a residential address and $20 if you want them to deliver to a mall, restaurant, hotel, or offshore island. On public holidays and eves of public holidays, add an extra $5 to these delivery charges. Cakes need to be ordered 48 hours in advance.

Petissier: Pet cake storage

Cakes can keep for 2 days in the fridge. Petissier doesn’t recommend you keep them in the freezer because the pretty frosting’s gonna crack. So if you’re ordering a pet cake your pet won’t be able to finish, invite some furry friends and make it a proper birthday pawty!

Petissier promo code: Use PETISSIER10 for 10% off your first order, with a minimum spend of $35.

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3. Feed My Paws (Dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchillas—Best for small animals)


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Feed My Paws is here to feed anything with paws, from dogs and cats to small animals like rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, and chinchillas. This AVS-licensed business offers an impressive range of cakes, including custom pet face cakes, kawaii panda and piggy faces, alphabet/number cakes, comic book style cakes, and even a Harry Potter-inspired cake a la Hagrid (“Happee Birthdae Harry”). The options for our small animals are more limited, but still customisable with your pet’s name.

Here’s a summary of the types of pet cakes, their sizes, and their prices at Feed My Paws. Note that not all of their cat and dog cakes can be made into all 3 sizes, and the prices given below are for their basic cakes without a customised pet face.

Feed My Paws collections Designs Sizes  Pricing
Dog cakes  Custom Figurine, Custom Face, alphabet/number cake, wildflower cake, Comic Book Style Cake (one size), Doggie Tart, Kawaii Panda / Piggy, Harry Potter-inspired cake Pupcakes 3 inch (150g)
4 inch (300g)
6 inch (650g)
Cat cakes Similar to the dog cake types, minus the Custom Figurine Face options. Instead, customisation is only available for their Cat Design Bento Mini Birthday Cake—choose the colour of your cat from 11 options, around half of which need you to add $5. 3 inch (150g)
4 inch (300g)
6 inch (650g)
Hamster cakes – Dehydrated / fresh tart (with name customisation)
– Birthday Cake-aroon (with name customisation)
– Mini Hamster Birthday Cake (3 mini cakes, random designs
– 3 inch
– Not stated
– The perfect size for a hamster (hamster for scale in the photos below!)
Rabbit cakes – Dehydrated / fresh tart (with name customisation)
– Birthday Cake-aroon (with name customisation)
– Mini Birthday Hay Cake, fresh or dehydrated (2 cakes with name customisation)
– Bunny Birthday Cake (4 cakes with name or short message)
– 3 inch
– Not stated
– 5cm
– Not stated 
Guinea pig cakes – Dehydrated / fresh tart (with name customisation)
– Birthday Cake-aroon (with name customisation)
– Mini Birthday Hay Cake, fresh or dehydrated (2 cakes with name customisation)
– Wheek Birthday Cake (4 cakes with name or short message)
– 3 inch
– Not stated
– 5cm
– Not stated
Chinchilla cakes Birthday Cake-aroon (with name customisation) Not stated $10

The base dog and cat cake prices are for pork and chicken cakes. Add an extra $3-4 for beef and $10-15 for salmon.

Feed My Paws: Pet cake ingredients

Doggo cakes are made with a protein of your choice (pork, chicken, beef, or salmon), pumpkin, seasonal leafy greens, and egg. Cat cakes replace the pumpkin and greens with tuna and sardine instead, with optional catnip. For both types of cakes, the frosting and figurines are made using potato, cream cheese, and organic vegetables and fruits for colour.

Happy hammies with their Mini Hamster Birthday Cake from Feed My Paws

What are the tiny small animal cakes (for hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas) made out of? Both the dehydrated and fresh versions of the birthday tarts are made with a base of quality timothy hay and organic oat, and filled with seasonal fruits and veggies. The cake-aroons (cake + macaroon) are also made with timothy hay and organic oats, but this time topped with your choice of herb—rose, rosehip, dandelion root, comfrey, or chamomile.

Feed My Paws: Delivery fees

Unlike Petissier, Feed My Paws charges a delivery fee based on distance. It starts from $18, but is free if you order $160 or more. The exception is for their full figurine cakes for dogs and cats—these are fragile and have to be self-collected. Do also note that delivery is only available between Thursday and Saturday, 11am to 3pm.

For self-collection, head down from Thursday to Saturday, 12pm to 4pm. Their address is: Block 4, Lorong 7, Toa Payoh, #01-129, Singapore 310004.

Feed My Paws isn’t open on public holidays.

Feed My Paws: Pet cake storage 

Keep dog and cat cakes refrigerated for up to 3 days, or frozen for up to 2 weeks.

For the small animal cakes, store fresh tarts in the fridge for 3 days. Dehydrated ones can be left outside in a cool, dry place for 3 months. Do always check with Feed My Paws for specific storage instructions for your order.

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4. Barknbake.co (Dogs—Best for floral aesthetic designs, last minute dog cakes)


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These might just be the most aesthetically pleasing dog cakes in Singapore. BarknBake only makes cakes for dogs, but boy do they make pretty ones. From bright, vivid hues to cute pastel shades, their cakes are adorned with floral drops, fancy swirls and fun ruffles. Have you ever had cakes that looked this pretty for your own birthday? Neither have I!

Aside from their whole cakes, BarknBake also makes pupcakes and doggo donuts—”dognuts”, if you will.

Here are some of the popular cakes at Barknbake and their prices:

Barknbake.co dog cake Design elements Sizes  Pricing
Om-nom-Ombre Cake A beautiful cake covered in blue or pink flowers and swirls, with your pup’s name in dog cookies. 4 inch /
6 inch
$46 to $49 /
$66 to $69
Pup Face Cake (2D) Your pup’s face in frosting and name in dog cookies, surrounded by a frosting wreath of drop flowers.  5 inch (500-550g) $83 to $85
Tall Cake with add-on 3D Custom Clay Figurine A tall cake with drip frosting and floral designs, featuring a custom 3D clay figurine of your pet. 4 inch (0.7 kg) /
6 inch (1.5 kg)
$118 /
(+ $40 to add a dog figurine)
Signature Marbled/Floral DogNut Cake The best of both worlds—a colour-themed, 2-tiered celebration with a marbled or floral dognut atop a cake. 4 inch /
5 inch
$56 /
Your Doggo Favourite Toy Cake Send them a photo of your doggo’s favourite toy, and they’ll turn it into a cake! They’ll pack any scraps leftover from cutting the cake for your doggo too. Available Tue – Wed, Fri – Sun 450g to 500g $98
Generic Single Pup Face with Flower PupCakes A set of 4 pupcakes: 1x Pup name, 1x Pup Face, 2 Floral designs $82

These prices are for chicken-based cakes. Other meat bases will cost you an additional $5 to $15 more:

  • Pork: + $5
  • Beef: +$6
  • Salmon: + $8
  • Vegan: + $10 (yes, it costs more to remove the meat)
  • 100% chicken: + $10
  • 100% pork: + $12

Barknbake.co: Dog cake ingredients

Cake bases are made of your choice of meat (chicken, pork, beef, salmon or kangaroo) and organic oats, fresh pumpkin, and organic chia seeds. If for some reason you want a vegan dog cake, the vegan option is made from organic buckwheat, oats, chia seeds, coconut oil, fruit/vegetable puree, and peanut butter.

Barknbake cake frosting is made from potato, coconut cream or Yogurt (without sugar) and natural plant colouring. For their dognuts, frostings comprise coconut cream OR Yogurt (without sugar), starch, and natural plant colouring.

You might also recall that your pup gets their name on a cookie. These cookies are also homemade with organic oats, pure peanut butter, and fresh pumpkin. Some cookies may also contain homemade meat broth. You might see some cookies are white—these are coconut versions made from organic coconut, glutinous rice, starch, and edible flowers.

According to BarknBake, their ingredients are all human-grade. Probably wouldn’t taste that good to us two-legged folk, but you could technically tuck into your pup’s pawty cake too!

Barknbake.co: Delivery fees

The most standard delivery option doesn’t allow you to choose the exact delivery tining.

  • Flexi Delivery (10am – 6pm): $15
  • Direct delivery (Choose your time slot): $24

Weekend orders come with a $3 peak fee, and all deliveries to Sentosa cost an extra $7. 

Order your cakes 3-5 days in advance, and up to 60 days ahead of your pup’s special day.

Barknbake.co: Same-day dog cake (last-minute orders)

Need a cake fast? Interestingly, BarknBake also offers a last minute cake ordering service for what looks to be their bestseller Om-nom-Ombre Cake. You’re limited to the 4 inch size, and have no kangaroo or vegan cake options, but you can still add a cut-out cookie pet name for an extra $3. It’ll come up to $48 – $57 before the pet name add-on.

Place an order before 1pm to have it ready on the same day. If you order after 1pm or order on a day when they’re off (Monday and Thursday), you’ll have your cake ready by the next working day.

For all last-minute cake orders, you have to go down to their shop from 3–5pm to collect it. Here’s their address: 152 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427430.

Barknbake.co: Dog cake storage 

Refrigerate your cake for up to 3 days or freeze them for up to 1 month. To prevent or slow down the cake frosting drying out, they recommend you cling wrap the cake box.

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5. The Barkery (Dogs—Best for food-themed cakes)

Images: The Barkery

Another dog-only pet cake business, The Barkery is a family-run outfit that uses human-grade, natural ingredients to craft their cute cake creations. They’re also a supporter of local shelters, and have a dedicated section on their website for you to buy a shelter dog (or 2, or 5, or the whole shelter) supplements they need, treats they miss, or just merch to raise funds. Personally, I love it when businesses add touches like these—it shows you the heart behind the business.

Now, let’s talk pet cakes. The Barkery, as the name suggests, does dog cakes only. Their standard cakes are round or bone-shaped single-colour cakes, while many of their novelty cakes are moulded to look like giant food. A bright pink donut, big pau, sushi roll, taco, burger and hotdog are just some of their foodie creations.

The Barkery dog cake Design elements Sizes  Pricing
Barkday Cake (single-colour, round) A simple round cake in a colour of your choice with lettering, hand-frosted pawprints, and dog cookies. 450g / 700g $26 / $35
Barkday Bone Cake A bone-shaped, single-colour cake with the same kind of decor as the classic Barkday Cake. 1kg $45
Dog Bowl Cake A cake that looks like a dog bowl, complete with homemade dog biscuits. You’ll also get your dog’s name on his bowl, of course. 750g $66
Taco Cake A cake that looks like a giant taco—taco shell, meat, veggies and all! 1kg $72
Dog Face Pupcakes Little pupcakes with doggie faces frosted on them. While not customisable, the designs are still adorable. 120g per pupcake $7.20 per pupcake or $20 for 3

The Barkery: Dog cake ingredients

The Barkery’s doggie pet cake bases are made from ground meat (sardines/flounder, beef, chicken or mutton), wholemeal flour, oats, celery, pumpkin, and egg. Their vegetarian versions comprise sweet potato, pumpkin, wholemeal flour, oats, eggs, celery, sesame and potato.

By way of frosting, The Barkery generally mixes potatoes with naturally coloured veggies like beetroot, turmeric, spirulina or blue pea flower. The pink, white and yellow frostings are the base price, with purple, green and orange slightly more expensive, and blue frosting the priciest due to the use of blue pea flower.

Pro tip: Their orange frosting is just pure sweet potato. Choose this frosting if you have to keep the cake overnight—it’s the least likely to dry out and crack in the fridge.

The Barkery: Delivery fees

Delivery is free if your order is over $60. Otherwise the standard delivery fee is $18, and you’ll receive your order between 11am and 5pm.

Order standard cakes (Barkday Cake, Barkday Bone Cake) 1-2 days in dance, and novelty cakes (the foodie ones) at least a week ahead. 

Alternatively, self-collect from 326 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427583, from Tuesday to Saturday (11am to 6pm) or on Sundays (11am to 4pm).

The Barkery: Dog cake storage

As with all cakes, these dog cakes are best eaten fresh. If you have to store them, refrigerate your cakes and pupcakes for up to 2-3 days. Due to the cold and dry air in the fridge, you might find that your cake frosting dries and cracks up. To reduce the chances of this happening:

  • Choose their orange frosting made from pure sweet potato
  • Store cake in an air-tight container
  • Put cut veggies like celery or carrots in with the leftover cake. I’m not sure how the biochemistry (?) / physics (?) of this works, but these veggies should help the cake maintain moisture.

Like Petissier, The Barkery advises you not to freeze their cakes as this may affect how the frosting looks.

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6. Hej Pet Cakes by Ola’s Favourites (Dogs—Best for hypoallergenic, healthier dog cakes)

Some pawrents are more fussy about what their pets chow down on. Pet cake shops like Petissier use flour, while others like BarknBake use oats. For a flour-free, grain-free option, Ola’s Favourites uses only human-grade meat and veggies in their cake bases. That doesn’t mean their cakes look any less good, as the pictures on their Instagram prove!

Hej Pet Cakes by Ola’s Favourites dog cake Design elements Sizes  Pricing
Minimalist Cake A simple cake topped with seasonal fruits. Comes with the option to double the meat. – 4″ regular with single meat (500g)
– 4″ tall with double meat (800g)
– 5″ tall (1.2kg, including toppings)
– $70 to $120
– $90 to $145
– $125 to $225
Cheesy Drip Cake A drip cake topped with seasonal fruits. The drip is made using low-fat cream cheese & greek yogurt, perfect for your dairy-loving pooch! – 4″ regular with single meat (500g)
– 4″ tall with double meat (800g)
– $75 to $125
– $95 to $150
Mao Shan Wang Premium Cake A cake smothered in 100% MSW pulp and Japanese lima beans frosting. And yes, chock full of meat and veggies inside it too! – 4″ regular with single meat (550g)
– 4″ tall with double meat (900g)
– $90 to $140
– $115 to $165
Double Treasure Cake This cake’s a winner for its toppings—choose from whole drumsticks, roasted lamb rack, duck confit, pork belly, and more! – 4″ regular with single meat (650g)
– 4″ tall with double meat (1kg)
– 5″ tall (1.5kg, including toppings)
– $70 to $120
– $90 to $150
– $120 to $200

For all cakes, please contact Ola’s Favourites directly prior to placing your order.

Hej Pet Cakes by Ola’s Favourites: Dog cake ingredients

Cake bases are made just from meat and fresh veggies. No flour, grains, eggs, or nasty stuff. The meats are all human-grade—perhaps even better than the meats you eat! Options include:

  • Chicken (hormone-free)
  • Lean pork
  • Beef (grass-fed)
  • Duck
  • Salmon (premium Atlantic)
  • Mutton (grass-fed)
  • Kangaroo (grass-fed)
  • Turkey

Ola’s Favourites’ Hej Cakes offer 2 choices for frosting.

  1. The first uses US russet potatoes with organic fruit or vegetable powder and a splash of lactose-free yogurt.
  2. The second, healthier option makes use of fat-free Japanese lima beans, a good source of protein and fibre.

Hej Pet Cakes by Ola’s Favourites: Delivery

Unlike the larger businesses on this list, Ola’s Favourites doesn’t currently offer self-collection as an option. Instead, you have to have your cake delivered some time between 10.30am and 1pm—you can’t choose a specific timing, although you can try asking nicely in the remarks section when placing your order.

The delivery fee is $18, with public holiday or last minute surcharges at an additional $5 to $10. If you order above $180, you’ll get free same-day delivery subject to the same surcharges.

Order at least 2 weeks in advance.

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7. In Good Thyme (Dogs and cats—Best for healthier cat cakes)


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“Welcome to our funky little workshop—where grapes and chocolate are just about the only limits,” In Good Thyme’s website greets us. Pet owners, iykyk.

In Good Thyme is a healthier pet cake option in that they don’t use fillers like flour in their cakes. Some cakes we saw did have oat (or oat “flour”, which is ground up oat and not the usual flour flour), so they aren’t quite as strict as Ola’s Favourites. They do however have cakes for cats too, and many of these are completely grain-free. 

In Good Thyme pet cakes Design elements Sizes  Pricing
Baby Phrog A cute little celebratory frog frosted on, complete with a party hat and birthday present for your furkid.  150g $20
Drip Cake A grain free, potato-free layered cake with a minimalist, rustic look. 250g / 500g / 1kg $30 / $50 / $90
The Arch An elegant cake with happy animal candles decorated with a celebratory arch.  500g / 1kg $85 / $125
Rainbow Confetti Cake A tall cake topped with rainbow balloons hiding confetti surprises within them.  1kg  $125

In Good Thyme: Ingredients

In Good Thyme’s cakes use fresh, human-grade ingredients, free from any additives or preservatives. Like Ola’s Favourites, In Good Thyme doesn’t use any eggs or flour; their cakes are basically just a solid block of meat. Some cakes do use oats or oat flour—check individual product pages for specific ingredients lists.

Their frosting is crafted using potatoes, and the delightful colours are achieved through the use of natural fruit and vegetable colouring. 

In Good Thyme: Delivery fees

You’ve got to order at least $60 worth of cake/treats from In Good Thyme for delivery. It’ll cost you $10. If you order above $120, they’ll deliver for free!

Prefer to collect your cake yourself? Or didn’t order enough for delivery? Head down to Blk 802 French Road #01-51, Singapore 200802.

Don’t forget to order your cake at least 3 days in advance—more if you want to be safe, because In Good Thyme will close order slots if they’re fully booked. Need a cake last-minute from them? You can consider their frozen cakes as an option.

In Good Thyme: Pet cake storage

Furkid can’t finish the cake? Keep it in your fridge’s chiller compartment for up to 3 days. You can also portion out leftovers and freeze them for up to 2 months. If you’re freezing excess cake, In Good Thyme recommends you do so as early as possible—right after cake cutting is ideal. This ensures that that frozen portion keeps fresh.

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8. Pet cake ingredients: What is a pet birthday cake for dogs and cats made of?

Typically, pet cakes for dogs and cats are made from meat and some kind of starch to hold the cake together. The healthiest cakes contain the least amount of flours and grains as these are just fillers to help the cake be easier to mould and maintain its shape. Can you imagine yourself eating french fries for a meal instead of some grilled chicken and vegetables? A pet cake made with a lot of such carb-heavy, filler ingredients is something like that for your furkid.

While you might argue, it’s just once a year! It’s like my own birthday cake, an annual treat loaded with cream and sugar. We hear you, but we also want to highlight that pet cakes need not skimp on healthiness for the sake of aesthetics, and your dog or cat is probably going to like eating something closer to their natural diet anyway.

Generally, the pet cakes for dogs and cats on this list use mostly meat in their cakes. Here’s a breakdown of what dog and cat cakes from each of the pet bakeries above typically contain. This is also a handy summary if you’re looking out for allergens for your cat or dog.

Pet bakery Ingredients their dog and cat cakes are made of
Cake base Frosting
Petissier (dogs and cats) Chiffon layers: Eggs, rice flour, corn flour, vegetable oil, and goat milk powder.

Filling of your choice:
– Beef or Lamb (ProBalance canned dog food)
– Tuna or Ocean Fish (ProDiet canned cat food)
– Fresh fillings (poached upon order): Salmon, chicken, or apple
Cream cheese, tofu, vegetable/plant based powders
Feed My Paws (dogs and cats) Dog cakes: Protein of your choice (pork, chicken, beef, or salmon), pumpkin, seasonal leafy greens, egg.

Cat cakes: Protein of your choice (chicken, salmon, beef, pork), tuna, sardine, egg, optional catnip.
Potato, cream cheese, organic vegetables and fruits for colour.
Barknbake (dogs) Cakes: Your choice of meat (chicken, pork, beef, salmon or kangaroo), organic oats, fresh pumpkin, organic chia seeds.
Vegan cakes: Organic buckwheat, oats, chia seeds, coconut oil, fruit/vegetable puree, peanut butter.
Cookies: Organic oats, pure peanut butter, fresh pumpkin. 
For cakes: Potato, coconut cream or yogurt (without sugar), natural plant colouring.

For dognuts: Coconut cream OR yogurt (without sugar), starch, natural plant colouring.
The Barkery (dogs) Ground meat (sardines/flounder, beef, chicken or mutton), wholemeal flour, oats, celery, pumpkin, and egg.
Vegetarian version: Sweet potato, pumpkin, wholemeal flour, oats, eggs, celery, sesame, potato.
Potatoes, naturally coloured veggies like beetroot, turmeric, spirulina or blue pea flower.

Orange frosting: 100% sweet potato.
Ola’s Favourites (dogs) Meat and fresh veggies—no flour, grains, eggs, nuts, oil. Your choice of meat options: Chicken (hormone-free), lean pork, beef (grass-fed), duck, salmon (premium Atlantic), mutton (grass-fed), kangaroo (grass-fed), turkey. US russet potatoes OR fat-free Japanese lima beans (healthier) + organic fruit or vegetable powder + lactose-free yogurt.
In Good Thyme (dogs and cats) Most cake bases: 100% meat of your choice (beef / pork / chicken / salmon)
Benji’s Party Loaf / Savarin Loaf: Meat of choice (beef / pork / chicken / salmon), egg, apple, rolled oats, thyme
Biscuit: Oat flour, egg, applesauce, cheddar, olive oil (in their Creatures Cupcakes)
They add catnip for cats.
Potatoes, natural fruit and vegetable colouring. Yogurt used in their Drip Cake.

Which pet cakes for dogs and cats are the healthiest?

Imma be honest, pawrent to pawrent. The healthiest dog cakes are from Ola’s Favourites—their cakes are just meat and veggies, and high-quality meat at that. If you explore their website, you’ll see that their cake toppers also feature lots of hearty meat chunks.

The healthiest cat cakes are probably In Good Thyme’s if you choose their cakes that use 100% meat. For the most healthy option, go for the beef, pork or chicken proteins instead of salmon. This isn’t the space to launch into a discussion of why fish ain’t great for cats, but you can Google it yourself.

In my opinion, the least healthy dog and cat cakes on this list are from Petissier. While there’s no denying that their cakes are super cute, I’m not a fan of their flours and oil used to create their chiffon cake layers.

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9. How do I choose a pet cake?

Many factors come into play when you’re deciding which pet cake is the best for your furkid on their special day. We’re only human, and our eyes are going to first be drawn to the design of the cake. Is it cute? Pretty? Colourful?

While valid, it’s important to remember that the pet cake is for your pet to eat—not for your Instagram followers to feast their eyes upon. Thus, we recommend you consider the following factors first when choosing a cake for your pet:

  • Does your pet have any food allergies or intolerances? Some cakes are made with ingredients like yogurt, cheese, milk, eggs, flour, potato, or oat. Check the ingredients lists thoroughly before purchasing a cake. For dogs, Ola’s Favourites is a great option as their hypoallergenic cakes contain none of that funky stuff—no eggs, flour, grains, nuts, oil artificial colouring, preservatives or additives. They’re on the pricier side, but worth it if it’s something your pet can safely eat.
  • Is your pet currently on any medication, or does he/she have any health conditions? These may come with restrictions on foods that your pet can eat.
  • What are the nutritional needs of your pet? For example, cats are obligate carnivores—they don’t need any starches or grains in their diet. Such ingredients constitute fillers. Rabbits need diets high in indigestible fibre, which oats don’t contain a lot of. So while healthy to humans, oats are just empty carbohydrates to our bunnies and should only be given in small quantities.
  • Does the pet cake contain new ingredients your pet has never tried before? Risky move, especially on their birthday, and especially if you know your pet has a sensitive stomach. Novel proteins (rarer meats like venison and kangaroo) are known to help dogs and cats with treatments of allergies or gastrointestinal issues, but a pet cake containing a mix of other ingredients is not the optimal method to try novel proteins out.
  • What are your pet’s food preferences? What does he/she like to eat? No point ordering a cake that your furkid is just going to turn his/her nose up at.

Never compromise the health of your pet for a cute/pretty pet cake. When in doubt about what a pet cake contains, contact the pet bakery to enquire. It’s also useful to let them know about your furkid’s dietary restrictions, be they allergies or foods they should avoid due to medical conditions. If you aren’t sure if an ingredient is okay or no-go for your pet, it’s best to consult your vet first. Do your research—at the end of the day, you as their pawrent are the one responsible for your pet’s well-being and happiness.

There are lots of pet bakeries out there, and many take custom orders. If the cake you wanted to order is made with an ingredient your pet can’t take, try to request a customised cake that swaps or leaves out certain ingredients. These may come with an additional cost, but it’s worth it for your furkid!

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