17 Popular Vet Clinics in Singapore and Their Prices—Consultation, Vaccinations and More (2024)

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People always poke fun at pet parents, saying that furkids are like children, except they will never “grow up”, earn money and take care of you when you’re old. They’re expensive to groom and feed, and when they fall sick, you can be prepared to eat Maggi mee for the rest of the month.

… They are absolutely right.

Owning a pet in Singapore is expensive, especially if your furkid has medical conditions that require frequent visits to the vet (the case for many poorly bred pedigree dogs and cats).

If you’re a new pet owner (or are thinking of becoming one), here’s a price list of some of the more popular vet clinics in Singapore.

17 popular vet clinics in Singapore and their prices

Vet clinic in Singapore Consultation fees
(Basic fee, before GST unless otherwise stated)
My Family Vet $25
Genesis Vet $35
Mount Pleasant Vet $40
The Joyous Vet $41
Spring Vet $41
Brighton Vet Care $42
Woodgrove Vet $42
Vet Central $42
Island Vet Clinic $43
Atlas Vet $49 (includes GST)
Frankel Vet Centre $49
Amber Vet Practice $54
Monster Pet Vet $55
The Animal Clinic $59
Vet Affinity $69
Westside Emergency Vet $165 (emergency)
Beecroft Vet $180 (emergency)

In the table above, I’ve listed the vet clinics’ basic consultation charges. Some charge an all-day flat fee, while others have inflated rates for peak hours (like weekday evenings and weekends) or may be higher if your vet visit takes a longer amount of time.

Sterilisation costs are generally higher for female pets than males. When it comes to dogs, sterilisation costs also differ by weight—the larger and heavier your pooch, the more you’ll have to pay to have him/her snipped.

Note: It’s pretty much impossible to list all the prices for all the procedures and for all the clinics, but I’ve called/emailed them to ask. For those that replied or were willing to tell me their prices, you’ll find their vaccination sterilisation, and dental fees in below. Otherwise, you’ll need to call each clinic to enquire.

The table above is not a definite quotation for your dog, since there are other charges for medical procedures and medication, but it should be good enough to give you an idea of how affordable each clinic is.


1. My Family Vet (Bukit Batok)—Consultation from $25

My Family Vet fees Dog Cat Small animals
Consultation $25 (basic consultation) / $20 (review)
Vaccination $40 $38 $75 (rabbit)
Sterilisation $280–$570 (male) / $318–$585 (female) $130–$140 (male) / $200–$210 (female) $190–$220 (rabbit) / $230–$340 (guinea pig)
Dental scaling and polishing
(+ $25 to $50 per tooth extraction)
$250–$450 $250-$260

Check on their price list online for prices of more services.

My Family Vet is located under an HDB flat, at Bukit Batok East Ave 4. Although in the heartlands, it’s relatively close to Upper Bukit Timah as well.

With basic consultation fees of just $25 (prices are higher for extended consultations), My Family Vet is one of the most affordable clinics in Singapore. Both the basic consultation fee ($25) and review consultation fee ($20) at My Family Vet includes checks on your pet’s heart and lungs, body score card (BCS), skin and fur, eyes, and ears.

Additional procedures like ear cleaning, anal gland expression, or eye examination will come with extra fees. Never walk in expecting to only pay $25 for your furkid. You should expect some tests to be run, medicine to be administered, X-rays to be scanned, or even surgeries to be done. Yes, and all vet trips can easily rack up to $200 bills and beyond. If you can’t deal with the cost, that’s a sign you shouldn’t even be having a pet at home.

The clinic is founded by Dr Vanessa Lin, who does “Chinese medicine therapy” for pets too. I have brought my pet chinchillas—considered exotics to most—to see her before, and she’s very friendly and pleasant.


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2. Genesis Vet (Yishun)—Consultation from $35

Genesis Vet fees (before GST) Dog Cat
Consultation $35 (standard consultation)
Vaccination $40


From $250 From $150
Dental scaling and polishing From $200

Genesis Veterinary Clinic is located at 935 Yishun Central, just a street away from Khoo Tech Puat Hospital. From my experience, prices are affordable and competitive, with basic consultation fee starting from $35 where the vet will give your furkid a simple examination of their heart beat, lung health, and body check-up.

I’ve been to Genesis Vet a few times. The first was just because they were located close to me and had awesome Google reviews. (They’re still at 4.7 stars 278 reviews later!). Thankfully, they lived up their name. Dr Rockey Fong at Genesis treats animals with care, gentleness and respect, and has great bedside manner when communicating with their pawrents as well.

The first time I brought my newly adopted cat to see Dr Rockey at Genesis, he gave her a physical examination ($35), checked  her ear swab under the microscope for mites ($30), and ran an FIV/FELV test ($50). I visited another time for her basic bloodwork, and the 2 blood tests cost $180 to check the health of her kidney, liver, red blood cell count and more at my request. He also told me he did another scan of her kidneys at the back because anxious cat mama me was extra anxious that day—I’d told him that my first cat had passed away from chronic kidney disease, and this was a fear of mine ever since. Dr Rockey was very kind not just to my cat, but to me that day. He put my mind at ease and didn’t charge me for the additional scan of her kidneys.

The second time I visited Dr Rockey, it was to remove my cat’s post-sterilisation stitches that I hadn’t realised were still in her. This wasn’t the clinic’s fault at all—my cat had been sterilised by the shelter before I adopted her. The clinic was very busy that day—one negative point about Genesis is that it’s tiny and gets real crowded real fast. I’d called ahead to let them know we were coming, and they took my cat to the back and removed her stitches promptly. They didn’t charge me a cent!

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3. Mount Pleasant Vet (8 outlets)—Consultation from $40+

The Mount Pleasant Vet group is the largest chain of vet clinics in Singapore, with 8 outlets islandwide. Surprisingly, their consultation prices are not too bad: around $40 for basic consultation of cats and dogs before GST, and $60 for birds also before GST. It’s best you call in to the outlet you want to visit to enquire about further prices.

It’s also worth noting that the clinic at Gelenggang is a hospital where they have on-site facilities to run scans and tests. It used to be an after hours and emergency service centre too, but this service was suspended on 1 Apr 2023.

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4. The Joyous Vet (Choa Chu Kang)—Consultation from $41

Image: The Joyous Vet

The Joyous Vet used to have 2 outlets, both in the west Singapore (Choa Chu Kang and Yuan Ching). However, their Yuan Ching branch shut its doors in March 2023. You can still visit them at their Choa Chu Kang branch from 9am-12pm, 1pm-5pm, and 6.30-9pm from Mondays to Sundays.

For The Joyous Vet, consultation fees range from $41 – $79. Give them a call to check on fees for their other services—these aren’t published online.

If you’re looking for an experienced vet for pocket pals, their senior veterinarian Dr. Grace Heng is great with small animals such as rabbits and chinchillas.

One thing I like about The Joyous Vet is their no-euthanasia policy. To quote them, The Joyous Vet will not put down “healthy pets or pets with illnesses that can be medically maintained or treated, and that their quality of life can be sustained under responsible care and ownership.”. Reasons for euthanasia they will not entertain include your lifestyle changes, your pet shedding too much, or your pet being deaf. As a pet owner myself, I fully believe that every pet is for life. Seeing a vet echo my thoughts is a good sign and speaks a lot about their code of ethics and culture there.

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5. Spring Vet (Hougang and Punggol)—Consultation at $41+

Spring Vet fees (before GST) Dog Cat Small animals (eg rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchilla, etc—please specify below)
Consultation From $41
Vaccination From $48 From $48 N/A
Sterilisation From $450 (male)

From $500 (female)

From $230 (male)

From $380 (female)

From $350 (rabbits)
Dental scaling and polishing
(+ $30 per tooth extraction)
From $450 From $450 From $490

Spring Vet started out at Hougang, but now has 1 more outlet at Punggol (also in the Northeast region). I bring my dog here and find that it’s generally quite affordable, but the consultation fees are a little steep at $41 before GST.

I’m not sure if it’s because of the location or the fact that’s quite a new clinic, but I’ve found that Spring Vet at Punggol is usually quite empty. I’ve never had to wait more than 10 minutes for my turn (with appointment, of course).

If you hate long queues, this may be a good option. Also, there are no peak and off-peak hours prices, so if you can only make appointments on weekends, it may be cheaper than some clinics that charge extra during busy periods.

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6. Brighton Vet Care (Serangoon, Bukit Timah, Katong)—Consultation from $55


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Brighton Vet Care is another popular vet clinic, with 2 outlets (1 at Serangoon Gardens, and 1 at Bukit Timah). Both are at chi-chi districts, so prices are a little on the expensive side. Consultation is from $55, which is borderline expensive already.

While some vets close on weekends, Brighton generally stays open for at least half the day. Its Serangoon Gardens outlet is open daily 10am-3pm and 4pm-9pm, while its Bukit Timah outlet is closed on Thursdays and its Katong outlet is closed on Wednesdays.

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7. Woodgrove Vet (Woodlands)—Consultation from $42

Woodgrove Vet fees Dog Cat Small animals
Consultation $42 (standard consultation) 
Vaccination From $38
Sterilisation From $400 (male) / From $600 (female) From $168 (male) / From $290 (female) From $430 (female rabbits) / $400 (male rabbits)
From $400 (female guinea pigs) / $380 (male guinea pigs)
Dental scaling and polishing From $225 From $125

Woodgrove Vet is another popular vet located along 30 Woodlands Ave 1. Basic consultation fees are pretty affordable, starting from $42. Their dental scaling and polishing fees are surprisingly affordable, starting from $125 for cats and $225 for dogs. In fact, their prices are generally lower than other clinics; their dog and cat vaccinations, for example, start from $38 when other clinics are in the $40+ and $50+ range.

Woodgrove Vet is open on weekends, but closed every Monday.

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8. Vet Central (Toa Payoh, Bedok)—Consultations from $42

Vet Central fees Dog Cat Small animals
Consultation $42 – $65
Vaccination $45 (core) $45 (core) / $55 (rabies)
Sterilisation Males:
$280 (≤ 7.5kg)
$310 (7.6-15kg)
$390 (15.1-22kg)
$400-600 (>22kg)
$360 (≤ 7.5kg)
$410 (7.6-15kg)
$480-550 (15.1-22kg)
$550-850 (>22kg)
Males: From $135 (< 5kg)
Females: $270 – $390 
$210 (male rabbit)
$300–350 (≤ 1.5kg female rabbit)
$320-400 (>1.5kg female rabbit)
Guinea pigs and rats:
$300–350 (male)
$410–450 (female)
Dental scaling and polishing $650–750 (≤ 7.5kg)
$700–800 (7.6-15kg)
$750-850 (>15kg)
$550 – $650

Located along Lorong 4 Toa Payoh, Vet Central is a very popular clinic in the central district. They’re a popular clinic for small animals in the likes of bunnies, chinchillas, hamsters and guinea pigs. Vet Central also opened a second outlet in Bedok along Swan Lake Avenue for you Easties.

Prices are on the more affordable side, with dog/cat vaccinations in the $45 to $55 range. Rabbit sterilisation surgeries are priced around $210 to $400 (includes consultation fee).


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9. Island Vet Clinic (Jurong East)—Consultation from $43

Island Vet Clinic fees Dog Cat
Consultation Weekdays: $43 (standard consultation) / $68 (extended consultation over 15 minutes)
Weekends: $62 (standard consultation) / $82 (extended consultation over 15 minutes)
+ $100 (surcharge for consultation 30 minutes before closing)
Vaccination $58 $55
Sterilisation From $450 (male) / From $480 (female) From $200 (male) / From $340 (female)
Dental scaling and polishing From $340 From $340

Island Vet Clinic is located along Jurong East St 13. Prices are pretty reasonable at $42 for basic consultation with an appointment, but do note their surcharges. Any consultation that goes beyond 15 minutes will go up to $55. Consultations made without an appointment will be charged an extra $10, and if you rush your pet in in their last 30 minutes to closing time, that’s a $95 surcharge.

Island Vet Clinic revised their prices in 2024 following the GST hike. I gave them a call to get their latest rates, which you’ll see in the table above. Their online price list isn’t up to date.

Do note that for dogs, sterilisation and dental services are charged by weight. The prices above are the starting price for the smallest doggos, but bigger pooches are going to incur a higher bill.


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10. Atlas Vet (Bukit Merah)—Consultation from $49 (including GST)

Atlas Vet fees (inclusive of 9% GST) Dog Cat Pocket pets (Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Chinchilla)
Consultation $49 (standard consultation) / $69 (extended consultation over 30 minutes) / $36 (review)
+ $55 for urgent/”squeezed-in” consultations
Vaccination From $68 (includes consultation)
Sterilisation $425 (male) / $475 (female) $172 (male) / $364 (female) $324 (male rabbit) / $387 (female rabbit)
Dental scaling and polishing (+ $25-65 per extraction) From $425 From $384 From $364

View more details on their online pricelist.

You may have seen Atlas Vet on CNA in 2023—they were featured on their “At The Vets” programme. But I know Atlas Vet from personal visitation.

I’ve been to Atlas Vet thrice—once to drop my cat off for surgery, once to pick her up after, and once for a review 2 weeks post-op. I had a great experience there on all occasions. Firstly, the only reason a Northerner like me who calls Sembawang/Canberra home would travel all the way to Bukit Merah is because this was somewhat an urgent surgery my cat needed. I called Genesis Vet, a clinic close to me and that I’ve visited before too, but they didn’t have surgery slots for the next few weeks. In desperation, I randomly called Atlas—and they scheduled us in for a surgery date just 5 days later. 

I later found out that Dr Chow (co-founder, who runs the clinic with his wife De Veevien) specialises in surgery and my cat was in fantastic hands. Not that I had any doubt anyway. From the start, Dr Chow was professional and careful, going through all the necessary checks and steps for my cat and explaining to me about what would happen at each stage. My cat was in for a surgery to remove her eye (called an enucleation), which isn’t a terrible complex surgery what I understand—you’re removing the entire eye, not carrying out a delicate operation within it. Even so, I’d read horror stories online about cats who’d undergone an enucleation and been hit with infections and complications in the weeks that followed. None of that happened with my cat. The surgery went well, my cat recovered as predicted, and she’s now living her best life as a happy, pain-free pirate cat.

Another great thing about Atlas Vet is their service—you can WhatsApp them anytime. No need to stay on the line while the phone rings endlessly—just drop them a text like you would your friend and they’ll get back to you usually within a couple of hours at most. When my cat went in for her surgery, they even WhatsApped me photos of her post-op, which was delightful—they’d even moved her toy to sit beside her as she came to. In the next 2 weeks as I watched my cat’s surgery site get swollen, bleed, scab, and peel, I had Atlas Vet just a text message away to send pictures to. This was great for alleviating my concerns.

My only minor complaint is that the clinic is really difficult to find. It’s located at Blk 163, Bukit Merah Central, #03-3573. If you’re driving, you can park at the carpark opposite and take the connecting link bridge over. Otherwise, you may want to ask the uncles and aunties at the market downstairs for directions—at least, that’s how I found the clinic the first time I visited it.


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11. Frankel Vet Centre (East Coast)—Consultation from $49

Frankel Vet Centre fees Dog Cat
Consultation From $49 onwards
Vaccination $60 (includes consultation)
Sterilisation From $330 (male) / From $485 (female) From $185 (male) / From $300 (female)
Dental scaling and polishing
(+ $20 to $40 per tooth extraction)
From $400 onwards From $320 onwards

Frankel Vet Centre is located along Frankel Ave near East Coast and Siglap, which I’ve always thought to be pretty fancy residential areas. Surprisingly—to me anyway—its prices were not completely astronomical. Basic consultations start at $49, with vaccinations at $60 inclusive of the consultation fee. Dental services start from about $400 for dogs and $320 for cats.

Frankel Vet is headed by Dr June Tan, whose name appears on several Google reviews in a positive light. One of her special interests is Veterinary Dermatology, so pawrents who are concerned about their fur kid’s skin issues may want to visit Frankel to get her opinion.

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12. Amber Vet Practice (East Coast)—Consultation from $54

Fees Dog Cat Small animals (e.g. rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs)
Consultation From $54 during off-peak hours (before 5.30pm on weekdays)
From $75 during peak hours (from 5.30pm on weekdays and all days on weekends)
Vaccination $69 (includes basic consultation) during off-peak hours $69 (includes basic consultation) during off-peak hours NA

(standard) #

From $570 (male)
From $680 (female)
From $1280 (female, laparoscopic/ keyhole surgery)
From $520 (male)#
From $540 (female)
From $1270 (female, laparoscopic/ keyhole surgery)
From $530 (male)
From $560 (female) 
Dental scaling and polishing # *


From $620 for comprehensive dental COHAT (includes full mouth dental x-rays) From $550 for comprehensive  dental COHAT (includes full mouth dental x-rays) NA

#  Full gas GA with intubation for airway protection applies to all dog and cat procedures (including male cats)

* Amber Vet provides a dental package called COHAT (Complete Oral Health Assessment and Treatment), which is more than just scaling and polishing. It includes general anaesthesia, scaling and polishing, IV drip and full mouth dental x-rays.

Amber Vet Practice is quite popular—I have a few friends who bring their pets there—but it’s quite “atas”. Even their cheapest consultation charges are higher than all the other clinics on this list. It’s $54 for off-peak hours, and $75 for peak periods.

If you’re looking for an affordable vet, this isn’t really one to consider. However, if you don’t mind paying for a vet with good reviews, their principal veterinary surgeon, Dr Brian Loon, is quite well-known and liked in the pet owner community.

They also provide advanced dental services such as endodontics (root canal treatment for fractured teeth), prosthodontics (crowns), orthodontics (braces and correction of misaligned teeth), and advanced periodontic therapy instead of teeth extraction where suitable.

Other services they offer which aren’t so run-of-the-mill include: Endoscopy, acupuncture, PennHIP, and Feline Specialist services. Read more about these on their website.


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13. Monster Pet Vet (Tanjong Pagar)—Consultation from $55


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Monster Pet Vet is located near the CBD at Everton Park, which is perfect if you live at the Pinnacle Duxton. Prices start at $55 for basic consultation, and you’re welcome to bring any kind of (legal) pets: aside from dogs, cats, and critters, they welcome really exotic ones like frogs, reptiles and terrapins too.

In case you’re wondering… No, that’s not why they’re named after. “Monster” is the nickname of their founders’ dog. The clinic is run by 2 sisters, Dr Song V-Lynn and Dr Song I-Lynn.

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14. The Animal Clinic (Clementi and Katong)—Consultation from $59

The Animal Clinic fees Dog Cat Small animals
Consultation $59 (standard consultation) / $85 (extended consultation over 15 minutes) / $42 (revisit consultation)
Vaccination $75 $70
+ $60.80 for females on heat, + $121.45 for pregnant females
$430–$820 (male) / $493–$860 (female) From $178 (male) / From $430 (female) From $356 (female) / $287 (male)
Dental scaling and polishing $326.55 – $572.90 (depending on weight) $326.55 Quoted separately

The Animal Clinic has 2 branches—1 at Clementi, and the other at Katong. These are not anywhere near where I live, so I’ve never visited their clinic. I did however give them a call to find out what their fees are like, and I had a very good impression. They were friendly, professional and transparent about their services and charges. A quick look at their Google reviews also shows positive reviews from other people—I even see one reviewer who posted just 3 weeks ago about how Dr Hsu treated her dog compassionately 20 years ago.

They also have a sister clinic that specialises in cats. While there’s no actual formal specialist qualification for cats, but the vets over at The Cat Clinic are more experienced in seeing felines. If you have a trouble cat that hates its current vet, no harm checking it out.


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15. Vet Affinity (Bukit Batok)—Consultation from $69

Vet Affinity fees Dog Cat Small animals
Consultation $69 (routine consultation) / $109 (extended consultation) / $49 (review)
Vaccination $69 (includes consultation)
Sterilisation From $290 (male) / From $390 (female) From $270 (male) / From $370 (female)
Dental scaling and polishing
(+ $25 to $50 per tooth extraction)
From $580

If you live in the Bukit Batok vicinity, you would have noticed another popular vet with clear glass facade and a crowd of cute furkids waiting around. Located next to the wet market along 151 Bukit Batok Street 11, fees at Vet Affinity start from $69 for a normal consultation, $69 for cats and dog vaccinations (includes consultation fee), $270 to $390 for sterilisation, and $580 upwards for dental. You can find all prices listed online here.


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Although Vet Affinity sees most pets like cats, dogs, hamsters, chinchillas, guinea pigs, the founder Dr. Kris Koh is a highly regarded bunny-savvy vet in the local rabbit community. If you have a bunny and live in the west, you may want to entrust your bunny into her safe hands.

Best part? All medical records and vet appointment bookings can be accessed and done via the clinic’s online booking system. I know… I don’t like to call and wait on the line either. You’ll need to book 2 weeks ahead for an appointment. Otherwise, just call the clinic and walk in for emergency conditions.

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16. Westside Emergency Vet (24 hours)–Emergency consultations from $165

What do you do when your pet falls seriously ill and it’s the middle of the night? Or a public holiday when most vets are closed? You head down to a 24 hour animal hospital like Westside Emergency. Now located at Serangoon Garden Way, Westside Emergency has shifted from its premises in the west (near Toh Yi/Beauty World).

As you can expect, prices are pretty steep with emergency consultations starting from $165 and $250 on public holidays before GST. However, if your pet needs medical emergency, please exercise some common sense and do not deny your furkid of the necessary medical attention. What counts as an emergency? Here are signs that Westside Emergency Vet advises you watch out for:

  • Severe vomiting, diarrhoea or loss of appetite
  • Toxin exposure (chocolate, lilies for cats, rat bait etc.)
  • Trouble urinating
  • Seizures
  • Trauma-related injuries (road traffic accidents, falling from building etc.)
  • Bleeding
  • Collapse
  • Bloat

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17. Beecroft Vet (Alexandra)—Emergency consultation from $180

If you live in the east, you may be familiar with Beecroft Bird & Exotics Veterinary Clinic. Beecroft moved to a larger compound with ample parking lots at 991E Alexandra Road (opposite ARC) a few years ago. I have visited them once, and I have to admit their new space is the most spacious vet I’ve ever been in. In fact, the most spacious medical clinic I’ve been in period, for animals and humans both.

Prices at Beecroft are notoriously high. Expect an emergency consultation to cost you $180 and upwards, with specialist referrals coming up much higher. Here’s the price list I got from them over the phone:

  • Emergency consultation for cats and dogs: $180
  • Emergency consultation for exotics: $180
  • Specialist emergency consultations for exotics: $216
  • Surgical consultation with specialist: $262.50
  • Neuro specialist: $262.50
  • Internal medicine specialist: $262.50
  • Rehab and hydrotherapy consultation (cats and dogs, sometimes even rabbits and hamster): $175
  • Exotic specialist consultation (by appointment only): $161

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