19 Popular Vet Clinics in Singapore and Their Prices (2022)

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People always poke fun at pet parents, saying that furkids are like children, except they will never “grow up”, earn money and take care of you when you’re old. They’re expensive to groom and feed, and when they fall sick, you can be prepared to eat Maggi mee for the rest of the month.

… They are absolutely right.

Owning a pet in Singapore is expensive, especially if your furkid has medical conditions that require frequent visits to the vet (the case for many poorly bred pedigree dogs).

If you’re a new pet owner (or are thinking of becoming one), here’s a price list of some of the more popular vet clinics in Singapore.

19 popular vet clinics in Singapore and their prices

Vet clinic in Singapore Consultation fees
My Family Vet From $25
Vet Affinity $49
Frankel Vet Centre $35
The Joyous Vet From $35 (off-peak) or $55 (peak) 
Monster Pet Vet From $36
Island Vet Clinic $38 (weekday), $50 (weekend)
Mount Pleasant Vet $40.65 (off-peak), $48.20 (peak)
Spring Vet $41
Brighton Vet Care $42
Vet Central (May be included in procedure fees)
Landon Vet/ Westside Vet $160.50 (emergency)
The Animal Clinic $42.80
Woodgrove Vet $35
Amber Vet Practice From $45 (off-peak) or $67 (peak)
Vets For Life $48
Genesis Vet $35
Beecroft Vet $149 (walk-in)
Advanced Vetcare $42

In the above table, I’ve listed the vet clinics’ basic consultation charges. Some charge an all-day flat fee, while others have inflated rates for peak hours (like weekday evenings and weekends).

Note: It’s pretty much impossible to list all the prices for all the procedures and for all the clinics, so you’ll need to call each clinic to enquire.

The table above is not a definite quotation for your dog, since there are other charges for medical procedures and medication, but it should be good enough to give you an idea of how affordable each clinic is.

My Family Vet (Bukit Batok) — consultation from $25

My Family Vet is located under an HDB flat, at Bukit Batok East Ave 4. Although in the heartlands, it’s relatively close to Upper Bukit Timah as well.

With basic consultation fees of just $25 (goes up to $40 for extended consultations), My Family Vet is one of the most affordable clinics in Singapore. However, don’t walk in expecting to only pay $25 for your furkid. You should expect some tests to be run, medicine to be administered, X-rays to be scanned, or even surgeries to be done. Yes, and all vet trips can easily rack up to $200 bills and beyond. If you can’t deal with the cost, that’s a sign you shouldn’t even be having a pet at home.

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The clinic is founded by Dr Vanessa Lin, who does “Chinese medicine therapy” for pets too. I have brought my pet chinchillas — considered exotics to most — to see her before, and she’s very friendly and pleasant.

Their dental scaling prices are reasonable, under $400 for small dogs. The scaling itself ranges from $100 to $150, and the blood test $170. You can check the prices (and cost breakdown) on the price list online.

Vet Affinity (Bukit Batok) — consultation from $49

If you live in the Bukit Batok vicinity, you would have noticed another popular vet with clear glass facade and a crowd of cute furkids waiting around. Located next to the wet market along 151 Bukit Batok Street 11, fees at Vet Affinity start from $49 for a normal consultation, $56 for cats and dog vaccinations (includes consultation fee), $270 to $390 for sterilisation, and $480 upwards for dental. You can find all prices listed online here.

Although Vet Affinity sees most pets like cats, dogs, hamsters, chinchillas, guinea pigs, the founder Dr. Kris Koh is a highly regarded bunny-savvy vet in the local rabbit community. If you have a bunny and live in the west, you may want to entrust your bunny into her safe hands.

Best part? All medical records and vet appointment bookings can be accessed and done via the clinic’s online booking system. I know… I don’t like to call and wait on the line either. You’ll need to book 2 weeks ahead for an appointment. Otherwise, just call the clinic and walk in for emergency conditions.

Frankel Vet Centre (East Coast) — consultation at $35

Sadly, of the popular vet clinics in this list, My Family Vet is the only one with $20-something fees. Frankel Vet Centre is the next cheapest, with basic consultations at $35.

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Of all the quotations I got, Frank Vet’s dental scaling prices was also one of the lowest, at just $294.25, including blood tests. Elsewhere, the blood tests alone could set you back $200.

At Frankel Vet, it’s $214 for dental scaling + $80.25 for blood tests. This is quite surprising — to me, anyway — because Frankel Vet Centre is located near East Coast and Siglap, which I’ve always thought to be pretty fancy residential areas.

The Joyous Vet (Choa Chu Kang) — consultation from $35

The Joyous Vet has 2 outlets, both in the west Singapore (Choa Chu Kang and Yuan Ching). For The Joyous Vet, how much you pay depends on which vet you see.

There are 2 senior vets — Dr Wong Chuan Ning and Dr Grace Heng — who charge slightly more than the standard $35 consultation fee. $35 is for off-peak hours; prices start at $55 during peak hours.

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If you’re looking for an experienced vet for pocket pals, Dr Heng is great with small animals such as rabbits and chinchillas.

Their dental scaling fees are average, at $458 (it’s $273 + $185 for blood test). However, waiting time can be long and the clinics can get pretty crowded.

Monster Pet Vet (Tanjong Pagar) — consultation from $36

Monster Pet Vet is located near the CBD at Everton Park, which is perfect if you live at the Pinnacle Duxton As with The Joyous Vet, prices start at $48 for basic consultation, but are $53 for senior vets Dr Song V-lynn and Dr Song I-lynn.

Monster Pet Vet sees all kinds of (legal) pets: aside from dogs, cats, and critters, they welcome really exotic ones like reptiles and terrapins too.

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In case you’re wondering… No, that’s not why they’re named after. “Monster” is the nickname of their founders’ dog. The clinic is run by 2 sisters, Dr Song V-Lynn and Dr Song I-Lynn.

Island Vet Clinic (Jurong and Bedok) — consultation from $38

Island Vet Clinic has 2 outlets, 1 at each extreme end of Singapore at Jurong and Bedok. Weekday prices are pretty reasonable at $35 for basic consultation, but go up to $50 on weekends.

Dental scaling here can be quite cheap though: In addition to your furkid’s weight, they price it according to your pet’s dental condition as well. If it’s a fairly simple procedure for a small dog, it can be as cheap as $255 ($155 for scaling, $100 for blood tests).

This is the cheapest quotation I’ve gotten so far. They have a basic price list on their website which you can look at too.

Mount Pleasant Vet (9 outlets) — consultation from $40.65

The Mount Pleasant Vet group is the largest chain of vet clinics in Singapore, with 9 outlets islandwide. Surprisingly, their consultation prices are not too bad: $40.65 for basic consultation in the day, and $48.20 during peak hours in the evening.

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Their dental scaling price is $600, including blood tests. I was quoted a lump sum price for the entire procedure, so while some clinics deem the blood tests optional, I assume Mount Pleasant requires it.

The clinic at Gelenggang is a hospital where they have on-site facilities to run scans and tests. It’s also where they see emergency cases.

Spring Vet (Hougang and Punggol) — consultation at $41

Spring Vet started out at Hougang, but now has 1 more outlet at Punggol (also in the Northeast region). I bring my dog here and find that it’s generally quite affordable, but the consultation fees are a little steep at $41.

For scaling, it’s $379.30 ($223 + $156.30 for blood tests).

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I’m not sure if it’s because of the location or the fact that’s quite a new clinic, but I’ve found that Spring Vet at Punggol is usually quite empty. I’ve never had to wait more than 10 minutes for my turn (with appointment, of course).

If you hate long queues, this may be a good option. Also, there are no peak and off-peak hours prices, so if you can only make appointments on weekends, it may be cheaper than some clinics that charge extra during busy periods.

Brighton Vet Care (Serangoon and Bukit Timah) – consultation at $42

Brighton Vet Care is another popular vet clinic, with 2 outlets (1 at Serangoon Gardens, and 1 at Bukit Timah). Both are at chi-chi districts, so prices are a little on the expensive side.

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Consultation is $42, which is fine, but scaling is $540, including blood tests. It’s $340 + $200 (blood test), and that’s for small dogs. If you have a giant breed, it’s likely to be more because they need a larger dosage of drugs.

They have after-hours services too, so if you want a regular vet clinic that’ll be available round the clock, consider Brighton Vet.

Vet Central

Located along Lorong 4 Toa Payoh, Vet Central is a very popular clinic in the central district. They’re a popular clinic for small animals in the likes of bunnies, chinchillas, hamsters and guinea pigs.

Prices are on the more affordable side, with rabbit sterilisation surgeries priced around $280 to $300 (includes consultation fee), and blood tests from $150 to $200.

Landon Vet/ Westside Vet – emergency consultations from $160

All west-siders with pets would probably have spent a night outside Westside Emergency. Located at 41 Eng Kong Terrace deep inside the Toh Yi and Beauty World vicinity, Westside Emergency is the main 24 hours animal hospital in the west.

This hospital is widely connected to many clinics around the west. So, if your furkid is ill but you usual vet is closed, you can head down to get Westside to stabilise your pet before you transfer your pet to its usual vet.

Prices are pretty steep, with emergency consultations starting from $160.50 and up to $203.30 on public holidays. However, if your pet needs medical emergency, please exercise some common sense and do not deny your furkid of the necessary medical attention.

The Animal Clinic (Clementi and Katong) — consultation from $42.80

The Animal Clinic has 2 branches — 1 at Clementi, and the other at Katong. I’ve never actually visited it, but I’ve walked past the west-side branch when I grabbed supplies at Polypet at Sunset Way.

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The Animal Clinic also has a sister clinic, which specialises in cats.

… Okay, there’s no actual formal specialist qualification for cats, but the vets over at The Cat Clinic are more experienced in seeing felines. If you have a trouble cat that hates its current vet, no harm checking this out.

Dental scaling prices are mid-range, at $471.10 ($246.10 for scaling + $225 for blood tests).

Woodgrove Vet – consultation from $35

Woodgrove Vet is another popular vet located along 30 Woodlands Ave 1. Basic consultation fees are pretty affordable, starting from $35. If you’re looking for a general head-to-toe health check up for your cat, it’s pretty affordable at $70. A comprehensive blood test for your cat will cost $190.

Amber Vet Practice (East Coast) — consultation from $45

Amber Vet Practice is quite popular — I have a few friends who bring their pets there — but it’s quite “atas”. Even their cheapest consultation charges are higher than all the other clinics on this list. It’s $45 for off-peak hours, and $67 for peak periods.

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Amber Vet’s dental scaling package, called COHAT, starts at $596. It includes general anaesthesia, scaling and polishing, IV drip and a basic biochemistry blood test ($116).

If you’re looking for an affordable vet, this isn’t really one to consider. However, if you don’t mind paying for a vet with good reviews, their principal veterinary surgeon, Dr Brian Loon, is quite well-known and liked in the pet owner community.

The Amber Vet group also has a cat-specialist clinic called Amber Cat Vet.

Vets for Life – consultation from $48

There are 3 Vets For Life outlets, namely at Jurong Kechil The Hillford (around Bukit Timah), Valley Point Shopping Centre, and Tanjong Katong Road (just down the street from Ponggol Nasi Lemak). Prices for all 3 outlets vary a little, but consultation fees all start from $48.


Genesis Vet – consultation from $35

Genesis Veterinary Clinic is located at 935 Yishun Central, just a street away from Khoo Tech Puat Hospital. Prices are pretty affordable and competitive, with basic consultation fee starting from $35 where the vet will give your furkid a simple examination of the heart beat, lung health, and body check up.

You can then top up for extra checks such as getting the ears checked under the microscope for $30, or $180 for a basic blood test to check out the health of your cat’s kidney, liver, red blood cell count etc.

Great plus point is the ease of booking appointments. Calls are quickly attended to by friendly and helpful vet techs, and you can secure an appointment for your furkid within the week.

Beecroft Vet – consultation from $149 (walk-in)

If you live in the east, you may be familiar with Beecroft Bird & Exotics Veterinary Clinic. Beecroft moved to a larger compound with ample parking lots at 991E Alexandra Road (opposite ARC) in the past year but prices remain notoriously high. Expect a walk-in consultation to cost you $149 and upwards.

Advanced Vet Care (Bedok) — consultation from $42

Advanced Vet Care is another 24-hour clinic cum animal hospital. Standard consultation fees are $42, but if you go in after 8.30pm, it’s considered after hours, and the price triples to $128 – ouch.

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That’s kind of crazy for a regular night-time visit, but if it’s say, 3am and you urgently need a vet, then this price is quite normal. Think of it like hospital A&E rates.

Dental scaling starts at $350 + $250 for blood tests, which comes up to $600 in total. $250 for a pre-GA blood test is quite steep — others mostly charge $100+.

Before you head down, do take some time to read through the many pages of mixed Google Reviews.

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