13 Animal Shelters for Puppy, Kitten and Rabbit Adoption in Singapore (Some Are Free!)

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I’m a huge advocate of pet adoption in Singapore — you probably would be too, if you knew as much I do about the horrible breeding practices of the puppy (and kitten) mill industry.

So when people tell me they’re looking for a new fur-mily member, I always strongly encourage them to visit animal shelters to “adopt, don’t shop”.

Many prospective owners shy away from shelters because they believe the common misconception that you can’t find pure bred pets at the shelter.

Although mongrels and local crosses are indeed much more common, there are many, many pure bred pets that get abandoned and eventually end up at the shelter too. They probably won’t look show-quality, but you’d be surprised what proper food, grooming and a little bit of love can do for their appearance.

If you’d like to give these orphaned furkids a new home, here are 13 animal shelters to check out.

Animal shelters in Singapore & their adoption fees

Animal shelter  Pets available for adoption  Pet adoption fees
ALL Animal Lovers League (ALL)  Dogs and cats Free
Purely Adoptions  Dogs, cats and rabbits  Free to $250
SPCA  Dogs, cats and small animals $10 to $250 
Cat Welfare Society (CWS)  Cats $40 to $80 
House Rabbit Society Singapore (HRSS)  Rabbits  $50 
Bunny Wonderland Rabbits  $50 
Love Kuching Project Cats $65
Causes for Animals (CAS)  Dogs and cats $70 to $250
Mutts and Mittens  Dogs and cats $100 to $250
Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD)  Dogs $230 to $350 
Voices for Animals (VFA)  Dogs $250 
SOSD  Dogs  $300 
Nekoya Cat Hotel   Cats  Depends 


  1. Animal shelters for various pets (dogs, cats and more) 
  2. Animal shelters for dogs & cats only 
  3. Dog adoption and shelters in Singapore
  4. Cat adoption and shelters in Singapore 
  5. Rabbit adoption and shelters in Singapore 

Pet adoption centres and shelters for all kinds of pets (dogs, cats and small animals)

If you’re not sure what pet you’d like, you can check out the bigger animal shelters and rescue groups that have dogs, cats and small animals like rabbits, chinchillas and hamsters.

Purely Adoptions

Purely Adoptions started off as a Facebook page for people to post rehoming notices and encourage adoption.

They still maintain the page today (and many people use it to find forever homes for the pets), but beyond running a bulletin board, Purely Adoptions has also expanded to become a kind of rescue facility. They have dogs, cats and rabbits up for adoption on their website.

Purely Adoption adoption fees:

Pet species and breed Purely Adoptions adoption fee 
Pedigree dogs above 10 years old Any amount (donation basis) 
Cats with medical conditions  Any amount (donation basis) 
Cats above 10 years old  $100
Cats & kittens $150
Pedigree cats  $250
Mongrel puppies $250 (includes 3 medical checkups, vaccinations & deworming) 
Mongrel dogs (adult)  $250 (includes sterilisation only) 
Pedigree dogs under 10 years old $250 

SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)

SPCA is the biggest animal shelter and rescue organisation in Singapore. Whatever pet it is you want — big or small, scaly or furry — they probably have it (provided it’s legal, of course). Adoption fees are relatively affordable, and the animals are all sterilised, vaccinated and dewormed to boot.

SPCA pet adoption fees:

Pet species and breed SPCA adoption fee 
Rabbits  $10
Hamsters, mice and gerbils  $10 
Cats above 5.5 years old  $25
Cats that have been at the shelter for > 1 year $25
Guinea pigs  $30
Skinny pigs  $50
Pedigree rabbits and their crosses  $50
Dogs above 7.5 years old  $70
Dogs that have been at the shelter for > 1 year  $70
Cats above 6 months old  $80
Chinchillas  $100
Kittens under 6 months old  $100
Pedigree cats and their crosses  $150 
Dogs  $180
Pedigree dogs and their crosses  $250 

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Animal shelters for dogs and cats

Choosing between canines and felines? Check out these shelters:

ALL (Animal Lovers League)

All Animal Lovers League (ALL) is a no-kill shelter that has over 500 dogs and cats, most of which are either rescued strays or pets that have been abandoned or previously abused.

They are one of the few shelters that don’t charge adoption fees, and run on donations (they’re a registered charity). There’s also an option for animal lovers who can’t quite bring home a furkid yet to sponsor a dog or cat in their shelter.

Causes for Animals (CAS)

CAS is run by a very experienced team, with over 30 years of experience in animal welfare work. They run educational sessions for schools, and have a stray management programme to help contain the stray population in Singapore.

You can scroll through their adoption gallery and filter out puppies, adult dogs, as well as HDB-approved mongrels (under Project Adore).

CAS adoption fees:

Pet species and breed CAS adoption fee 
Puppies (under 6 months old)  $70 to $120
Cats and kittens $80 to $150
Dogs (adult)  $250
Dogs (Project Adore) $250 (includes 6 sessions of Good Canine Citizens classes) 

Mutts and Mittens

Mutts and Mittens is a pet boarding business, but the team is very involved in animal welfare work. They are known for rescuing needy dogs and cats, and often have pets up for adoption.

Mutt and Mittens adoption fees:

Pet species and breed SPCA adoption fee 
Cats  $100
Dogs  $250 

Fees are inclusive of sterilisation, microchipping and vaccinations.

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Dog shelters for dog and puppy adoption

If you’re looking specifically for a canine best friend, here are some dog shelters to check out.

Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD)

Although ASD has both pedigree and mongrels, they encourage the adoption of Singapore Specials — hence the name. The fees for mongrel adoptions are slightly lower at $230 (vs $280 and up). They also differentiate between males and females.

Female dogs are more expensive to “deter commercial abuse”. Yup, there are people who adopt female dogs for backyard breeding (which is awful and not to mention, illegal!).

ASD dog adoption fees:

Pet species and breed ASD adoption fee 
Mongrel dogs  $230 (male), $250 (female) 
Pedigree dogs above 5 years old $230 (male), $250 (female) 
Pedigree dogs between 3 to 5 years old $280 (male), $300 (female) 
Pedigree dogs under 3 years old $330 (male), $350 (female) 

Voices for Animals (VFA)

If you want a purebred dog, VFA is your best bet. They hold adoption drives once every 1 to 2 months, and the past few I attended had a lot of small dog breeds like toy poodles, chihuahuas and pomeranians – perfect for HDB homes.

Because most of their dogs are rescued from puppy mills, they are usually above 5 years old.

Adoption is a flat $250 for all dogs. Do note that it excludes vaccination, sterilisation, deworming, registration and licensing. All proceeds go back to the shelter to help maintain operations.

Save our Street Dogs (SOSD)

SOSD is a volunteer-run shelter that — as its name suggests — rescues street dogs. So as expected, SOSD has mostly mongrels up for adoption.

Adoption is slightly more expensive at $300 (for all dogs), but it covers most of the initial costs (3 vaccinations, sterilisation, and microchipping).

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Cat shelters for cat and kitten adoption in Singapore

Want a more indoors-y furry companion? Consider adopting a house cat from ones of these cat shelters:

Cat Welfare Society (CWS)

CWS is not a shelter, but has an adoption board on its website.

As such, there’s no “official” adoption fee, but according to their guidelines the recommended fee is $40 to $80.

It is usually more if procedures like vaccinations and sterilisation has been done. There is also a guideline for responsible cat ownership for prospective adopters to follow.

Love Kuching Project

Love Kuching Project is a cat rescue group established in 2009, dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating needy community cats. Cats are often misunderstood and judged as aloof and unaffectionate, so it’s also really awesome that they also dabble in cat therapy to promote felines as companion animals.

Cat adoption fees are a flat $65, and all of it goes back to the shelter to help pay for running costs.

Nekoya Cat Hotel

Like Mutts and Mittens, Nekoya is a commercial cat boarding facility. However, they have an Angel Programme: basically what they do is they take in kittens that people may have found, but are unable to look after.

This is on the condition that the kittens are dewormed, vaccinated, FIV and FeLV negative, and have no fleas, ticks or any other parasites. Although it sounds a bit much, this is quite necessary for the health of their boarding clients.

You can check their website for cats that are up for adoption — at the moment there is only one, a black cat called Munchie. They do not state the adoption fees, and you’ll need to get in touch with them to find out.

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Animal welfare groups for rabbit adoption in Singapore

If your home isn’t ready for a big pet like dogs and cats, consider a bunny — they’re wonderful pets as well.

House Rabbit Society Singapore (HRSS)

HRS is all about raising awareness on rabbit ownership, with a mission to reduce abandoned bunnies and educate the public on the best practices.

Adoption costs $50, and doubles as a membership (“Adopters of HRSS”) that scores you discounts at their partner pet stores and grooming salons. HRSS uploads photos of adoptable rabbits on the HRSS Facebook page.

Bunny Wonderland

Bunny Wonderland does the same thing as HRSS (educating and rehoming) and charges the same fee of $50. They call it a “pay it forward” fee, which basically means it goes back into their animal welfare efforts.

They’ve rehomed some 350 rabbits so far, and you can check out the bunnies up for adoption on the Bunny Wonderland Facebook page.

Do you have more pet adoption centres to recommend? Tell us in the comments below!