My First Skool - top preschool in Singapore
My First Skool: Bringing High Quality Education to All Income Brackets
This post was written in collaboration with My First Skool. While we are financially compensated by them, ...
Best Travel Insurance with Covid-19 Coverage for Kids & Children
Best Travel Insurance with Covid-19 Coverage for Kids & Children
As sensible readers, we know you wouldn’t dream of going abroad without travel insurance. Especially, not ...
2 August 2022
edusave psea school subsidies 2018
Edusave, PSEA & More – 9 Government Schemes for Schoolgoing Kids & Parents in Singapore (2022)
If we’re being perfectly honest, the most expensive part of being a parent in Singapore is right at the ...
23 June 2022
HDB Downpayment Guide: How Much Do You Need for BTO, Resale & EC?
HDB Downpayment Guide: How Much Do You Need for BTO, Resale & EC?
Editor’s Note: HDB’s May BTO 2022 is now open for application, from 27 May 2022 to 2 June 2022. Click here ...
27 May 2022
things to do in singapore on a budget
Things To Do in Singapore – Fun & Free Things For Couples, Families, Children (27-29 May 2022)
So you’ve been stuck in Singapore for the past two years and life is starting to get pretty boring. You’ve ...
27 May 2022
indoor playgrounds singapore
12 Completely Free Indoor Playgrounds in Singapore for Babies & Children! (Shopping Malls Included)
Anyone who grew up in Singapore in the ’80s or ’90s has hazy memories of playing catching and hopscotch, ...
20 April 2022
vet clinics singapore
19 Popular Vet Clinics in Singapore and Their Prices (2022)
People always poke fun at pet parents, saying that furkids are like children, except they will never “grow ...
29 March 2022
Standard Chartered SCB Personal Loan - milestones
Planning Financially for Life’s Milestones: Ways A Personal Loan Can Help
This post was written in collaboration with Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Limited (“Standard Chartered”). ...
cost of asthma treatment in singapore
Asthma in Singapore – Guide to Asthma Treatment Costs for Children
If your kid has asthma, know that he or she is not alone. It’s one of the most common children’s ailments ...
18 March 2022
hand foot mouth disease singapore
Hand Foot Mouth Disease Singapore – Cost of Treating HFMD in Adults & Children
If you have a toddler in daycare or childcare, you would probably know that hand, foot and mouth disease ...
18 March 2022
Helpers in Singapore
4 Reasons Singaporeans are So Reliant on Their Maids
The many maids silently living in their employers’ homes are what really keep this country going. If all ...
16 March 2022
teaching kids personal finance
5 Most Important Financial Literacy Lessons You Need To Teach Your Children
There is so much going on for Singaporean children – tuition classes, enrichment classes like swimming, ...
16 March 2022
childcare options preschool infant care childcare
Infant Care vs Babysitter vs Nanny – Cost of Childcare Options in Singapore
Before my child was even born, my husband and I were researching on every childcare option there was and ...
16 March 2022
board games singapore
Best Board Games & Board Game Cafes In Singapore (2022)
With the holidays upon us, a good way to bond with the children is via board games. You can either buy ...
16 March 2022
child insurance singapore 2018
Child Insurance in Singapore – Which Policy Should You Buy & How Much Does It Cost?
It’s every parent’s instinct to protect their child. We can’t help it. It’s human nature. How we go about ...
15 March 2022
kids friendly cafes and restaurants with playgrounds
10 Kids-Friendly Cafes and Restaurants With Playgrounds in Singapore
People joke about marriage being the end, but any parent can tell you that the real end truly comes when ...
15 March 2022
Saving Tips Future University Tuition Fees
5 Tips for Saving For Your Child’s Future University Tuition Fees
At the end of the education rat race, all Singaporean parents hope that their child eventually does well ...
15 March 2022
child care subsidies singapore saving money
Child Care Subsidies in Singapore 2022 – What Do You Qualify For?
With the rising cost of living in Singapore, raising a child here isn’t cheap, and it’s only going to get ...
15 March 2022
practical activities to do in singapore
Is Your Child Spoiled? 5 Activities Singaporean Parents Can Do to Not Raise Brats
No matter what the government says about the joys of parenting, most of the Singaporean kids you see around ...
15 March 2022
part-time maid and part-time cleaner
Part Time Maids Singapore 2022 – Where to Find A Part Time Helper & How Much They Cost
Singapore would never have achieved so much without the support of an army of maids from the Philippines, ...
14 March 2022
childcare singapore
Government vs Private Childcare – What Are You Really Paying For? (2022)
After the initial glow of welcoming a new baby into the family and taking hundreds of smartphone pictures ...
14 March 2022
how to hire a maid
How to Hire a Maid in Singapore: Costs & Fees of a Domestic Helper (2022)
There are many reasons to hire a domestic helper in Singapore. You might be a new family with young children ...
14 March 2022
children march holidays
March Holidays: 5 Meaningful and Free Activities for Children in Singapore
Singaporean children are some of the world’s most over-scheduled. Even during the March school holidays, ...
14 March 2022
Maintenance of Parents Act: Can Parents Really Sue Their Children?
Maintenance of Parents Act: Can Parents Really Sue Their Children?
Confucius would be so smug if he knew that filial piety, his favourite virtue, was enshrined in Singapore ...
14 March 2022
june holidays
5 Free Ways to Entertain Your Kids During the School Holidays, None of Them Involving Screens (Mar 2022)
The March holidays are upon us, which means that every parent is going to have the daunting task of keeping ...
14 March 2022