useless items stop buying juice cleanse
10 Completely Useless Items People Should Stop Buying
If you’re going to spend all your hard-earned cash on something, at least make sure it’s not completely ...
14 November 2018
favepay alipay grabpay singapore
Making Sense of Dash, DBS PayLah, GrabPay, Liquid Pay, AliPay, FavePay & Other Cashless Payments
As Singapore continues to try to turn itself into a cashless society, Singaporeans grapple with the problem ...
13 November 2018
car cameras singapore
Car Cameras Singapore – Best Dashboard Camera Models
Car cameras help you protect yourself and your precious vehicle from the hell that is other drivers. While ...
12 November 2018
robot vacuum cleaners singapore
7 Top Robot Vacuum Cleaners: Price List of iRobot Roomba, Xiaomi Mi Robot & Others
For busy/lazy Singaporeans, anything that lets you earn a few more minutes of precious free time is a winner. ...
8 November 2018
habitat by honestbee singapore
Habitat Honestbee Singapore – Is This High-Tech Supermarket Worth Visiting?
I’m one of those people who would rather queue at the self-checkout line than be silently judged for my ...
1 November 2018
spectacles glasses singapore
Spectacle Shops in Singapore – Where to Buy Glasses, Sunglasses and Contact Lenses
Unless you are part of a very small percentage of Singaporeans, odds are, you’re short-sighted. More than ...
31 October 2018
best fridge singapore
Best Refrigerators in Singapore – Which Fridge Should You Choose?
Refrigerators are pricey, but a must-have in every modern kitchen. A basic top-mount fridge costs at least ...
31 October 2018
lighting shops singapore
Lighting Shops in Singapore vs Carousell vs Taobao – How Much Do The Same Lights Cost?
I recently collected the keys to my new home. If you’ve been following my renovation articles, you would ...
18 October 2018
changi airport duty free
Shopping at Changi Airport Duty-Free (DFS) – Cosmetics, Electronics, Alcohol & More
In case somewhere along the way I sound like an over-enthusiastic cheerleader, let me just put it out here ...
11 October 2018
electronics store singapore 2018
Electronics Stores Singapore Comparison – Is It Cheaper to Shop Online or Offline?
Electronics in Singapore aren’t cheap, but we’ve come a long way since the days we had to compare prices ...
27 August 2018
pharmacy singapore
Guardian vs Watsons vs Unity Pharmacy Singapore Showdown – Which is Cheapest?
Hands up if it doesn’t matter to you which pharmacy in Singapore you buy your toiletries and personal care ...
6 August 2018
city plaza
City Plaza Singapore – 7 Non-Rabak Shops for Cheap Vintage Finds
Just a 5-minute walk away from Paya Lebar MRT is City Plaza – the supposed wholesale heaven with 5 floors ...
2 August 2018
singapore expo events 2018
Singapore Expo Events 2018 – 8 Upcoming Fairs with Cheap Deals
“I just had the best weekend ever fighting off crowds at the Singapore Expo!” said no one ever. That being ...
18 July 2018
lemon law singapore
Lemon Law in Singapore – What Are Your Legal Rights If You Buy Defective Goods?
The last thing I bought on Qoo10 was a “travel yoga mat”. It turned out to be nothing more than a normal ...
12 July 2018
best party shops in Singapore for helium balloons and helium balloon delivery
10 Best Party Shops in Singapore for Helium Balloons & Balloon Delivery
Whatever party you have planned – be it a romantic surprise proposal or flashy 21st birthday for Instagram ...
5 July 2018
freight forwarders singapore 2018 price comparison of forwarding agents
Freight Forwarders in Singapore – 7 Best Forwarding Agents for Online Shopping
It’s hard to believe, but it’s true – some online shopping sites don’t ship to Singapore. Most of us have ...
2 July 2018
housewarming gifts
Housewarming Gifts – 8 Affordable Gift Ideas for Singaporeans
Invited to celebrate your BFF’s new home? Then it’s time to shop for some kickass housewarming gifts. The ...
27 June 2018
free gift card apps
Free Gift Cards & Online Shopping Credits – 5 Best Apps to Download
There might be no such thing as a free lunch in Singapore, but you can most certainly get free gift cards. ...
26 June 2018
SCB standard chartered GSS 2018
How You Can Make The Most Out of GSS 2018
This article is sponsored by Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Limited (“SCBSL”). All information provided ...
Great Singapore Sale 2018 - deals & promo codes for GSS
Great Singapore Sale 2018 – The 9 Best GSS Discounts & Promo Codes
Singapore’s biggest shopping season is here, and while we all know that shopping is a year-round affair, ...
22 June 2018
Tian Ma Singapore
25 Insanely Cheap Lifestyle Goods You Can Buy at Tian Ma Group
One man’s “cheap” is another man’s “overpriced”, as the proverb goes (sort of). That said, I’ve discovered ...
21 May 2018
10 Photos That Prove Mustafa Centre is Actually Secretly Hipster
10 Photos That Prove Mustafa Centre is Actually Secretly Hipster
Everyone knows about Mustafa Centre, that vast emporium selling every object known to mankind. But beyond ...
18 May 2018
buying furniture in singapore
Furniture Buying in Singapore – Guide to Cheap and Affordable Options
It’s hard not to get a little excited at the prospect of furniture shopping in Singapore, especially when ...
14 May 2018
Miniso Singapore – The 8 Most Value-for-Money Items to Buy
Miniso Singapore – The 8 Most Value-for-Money Items to Buy
Miniso is the kind of shop that you walk into expecting to buy stuff, but once you’re in there, you just ...
10 May 2018
paypal convert currency
Should You Let PayPal Convert Currency to SGD When Buying Stuff Online?
We’ve all been faced with this tough decision—you’re about to purchase that video game or that lacy underwear ...
28 April 2018