4 Expensive Entertainment Fads Singaporeans are Flocking to On Weekends

4 Expensive Entertainment Fads Singaporeans are Flocking to On Weekends

Anyone who complains there’s nothing to do in Singapore is wrong. There’s loads to do here—so long as you don’t mind spending tons of money to hop on the latest bandwagon.

Fads spiral out of control so easily thanks to opportunistic businesses keen to cash in on the latest craze, and Singaporeans who’re only too eager to show them the money.

We’ve had some dark moments in our short history as a nation, such as when people queued overnight to buy Hello Kitty plush toys, and our current explosion of senseless hipster cafes.

Wonder where all your friends are on weekends these days? Chances are, they’re throwing their money at one of the current entertainment fads.


Running events

Never mind the fact that it costs approximately $0 to run 10km around your neighbourhood, if that’s your idea of fun. But of course, you don’t get a fancy race pack with a plush toy and a T-shirt for bragging rights.

Singaporeans have been all too eager to sign up for running events, which have been appearing with alarming regularity. In any given month, there are at least five running events to sign up for.

For instance, in the next month alone, there are the following runs, amongst others:

  • Electric Run (22 Apr 2017) – Participants of this 5km run are supposed to feel like they’re in a club, with UV light and pulsating music.
  • Income Eco Run (30 Apr 2017) – The run purportedly aims to raise awareness for the need to protect the environment.
  • Music Run (6 May 2017) – A quasi music festival disguised as a 5km run.
  • Star Wars Run (6 May 2017) – Participants can imagine they’re running away from Darth Vader on this 4.5km / 10km run.

The price of participation in a typical 5km fun run ranges from $50 to $90. Not cheap, especially when you realise you’re paying to do what is essentially a glorified IPPT / NAPFA test.



These days, no matter what your interests, hobbies or food cravings are, there’s some business out there who’s trying to profit by creating a festival for it.

Some upcoming festivals this year include:

  • Singapore Yoga Festival (23-24 Apr 2017) – No, a home practice or a quiet class will not be enough. Instead, you must attend a yoga festival where you’ll be surrounded by hordes of other people clad in $100 yoga leggings.
  • Heart Mind Body Festival (12-14 May 2017)– Sprituality and wellness-themed festival for new age types.
  • Fitness Fest (20-21 May 2017) – A series of work-out classes spread out over two days. Let’s be honest, many of the participants will be there to check out the other sculpted bodies.
  • Singapore Coffee Festival (3-6 Aug 2017) – Can’t survive a Monday morning without caffeine? Well, why not spend money at a festival dedicated to coffee, then? Let’s hope they do better than the universally-trashed Cafe Fest.
  • Singapore Night Festival (19, 20, 26, 27 Aug 2017) – One of Singapore’s best-loved festivals, needs no introduction, and it’s free!

While some festivals are free to attend, others (like Fitness Fest) charge high entry fees.


Block parties

Singaporean party organisers have finally realised that the best way to make money out of people is not to impose on them hefty cover charge, but simply to sell overpriced drinks.

And there’s no better way to maximise the number of people attending than by holding a block party, since you won’t have to worry about squishing people into a tiny enclosed space.

The most famous block party in recent times is probably the Amoy Street Bloc Party (new edition coming up 23 Apr 2017), located in the CBD.


Pop up stores/cafes

Fads have come and then crashed and burned when they finally fell out of favour with the public. Pop-up stores and cafes avoid a similar fate by operating for a limited time only. People endure snake-like queues to experience these temporary set-ups before they’re gone for good.

Last year, we had the pop-up Pokemon Cafe, which was obviously riding on the coat-tails of the Pokemon Go craze.

Most recently, there was the pop-up Chanel Cafe (8 Apr to 16 Apr 2017), which offered distraught husbands and boyfriends all over Singapore the chance to treat the women in their lives to something bearing the infamous double Cs, without having to make a secret run to the pawn shop beforehand.

Do you enjoy any of the above? Share your recommendations in the comments!

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