7 Amazing Items to Buy at a Huge Discount from Tmall’s 11.11

tmall 11.11 online shopping sale

Ever since Singaporeans discovered Taobao.com, more people have started to wish they had paid attention during Chinese lessons back at school. Especially when 11.11 is just around the corner!

On 11 November, China celebrates Singles Day, also known as Double 11. On Singles Day, businesses offer crazy discounts, and online shoppers around the world whip out their credit cards and shop in celebration.

Tmall’s Double 11 event, which takes place on 11 November, will see already-low prices on the website getting slashed even further.

This one-day only sale happens for 24 hours on 11 November, so don’t miss it or you’ll have to wait till next year to again enjoy such insanely low prices.

Here are some incredible deals that will be available at Tmall’s 24-hour Double 11 sale.


Scandinavian style three-seater sofa

Tmall 3 seater sofa

Original price: 3,123 RMB (643 SGD)

11.11 price: 1,349 RMB (278 SGD)

Forget Ikea. Tmall is an excellent place to get furniture, as the prices you pay for high quality pieces on the site are unbeatable. This Scandinavian-style sofa perfectly espouses the “hygge” aesthetic, the Danish concept of cosiness, comfort and warmth. And the Double 11 price makes it a fraction of the price of its Ikea equivalent.


iPhone 8 case

Tmall iphone 8 case

Original price: 25 RMB (5.14 SGD)

11.11 price: 23 RMB (4.73 SGD)

Not satisfied with a cheapo plastic iPhone case from your local pasar malam? Stop your ultra-thin iPhone 8 from slipping through your hands with this very sleek case from Baseus. This brand creates mobile accessories that are not just functional but also super stylish. Best of all, prices are so low on Tmall it’s almost a joke.



Pure cotton extra-thick baby wipes (18 pack)

Tmall baby wipes

Original price: 324 RMB (67 SGD)

11.11 price: 162 RMB (33 SGD)

Your baby won’t complain when you wipe his bottom with these very soft, pure cotton baby wipes. These can be used wet or dry on newborns, and if you buy the 18-pack, a single pack works out to less than 2 SGD. Click here for your 11.11 shop voucher.


Five-level shelf

Tmall 5 level shelf

Original price: 359 RMB (74 SGD)

11.11 price: 89 RMB (18 SGD)

So you’ve already read Marie Kondo’s book and now you’re dying to organise your home and your life. Once again, Tmall comes through as the Internet-savvy Singaporean’s alternative to Ikea, with this five-level shelf that will help to rescue your kitchen from the depths of hell. The shelf measures 60 x 32 x 150 cm, is available in six colours and also comes with five washers and four S-hooks free of charge. Click here for your 11.11 shop voucher.


Slim-fit Korean-style long sleeve shirt

TMall long sleeve shirt

Original price: 468 RMB (96 SGD)

11.11 price: 239 RMB (49 SGD)

Sick of wearing ill-fitting G2000 shirts to work? You’ll look a lot sharper in these 100% cotton men’s shirts, cut in that slim fit that all the Korean idols are currently sporting with their cuffed jeans and sneakers. Click here for your 11.11 shop voucher.


Pure cotton 4-piece bedding set

TMall 4 piece bedding set

Original price: 499 – 599 RMB (103 – 123 SGD)

11.11  price: 399 – 499 RMB (82 – 103 SGD)

Enhance all those weekends spend nua-ing in bed with this pure cotton bedding set, which comes in four pieces including duvet cover, sheet and two pillow cases. The set comes in a variety of colours and is made of natural, wrinkle-resistant cotton that promises to be oh-so-soft. Click here for the 11.11 shop voucher.


Down jacket

TMall down jacket

Original price: 538 RMB (111 SGD)

11.11 price: 239 RMB (49 SGD)

Before you embark on your year-end holidays and escape from Singapore’s blistering heat to a temperate climate somewhere else, make sure you’ve got a good coat, like this light down jacket that’s perfect for mild winters in, say, Hong Kong or Taipei. Click here for the 11.11 shop voucher.



Grab Shopping Coupons and Shop Vouchers

From 1 Nov to 11 Nov 2017, Tmall Shopping Coupons and Shop Vouchers will be up for grabs every day! Always look for “双11购物津贴“ symbol and click on it to reveal what kind of Coupons or Vouchers can be used to offset the already low price.


TMall vouchers

Here are some more ways to save:

  • Shipping prices as low as $0! Many forwarders will be offering up to 50% discount. You can also receive 50 RMB (10 SGD) off 299 RMB your sea shipping rates (61 SGD). Finally, don’t miss the shipping hongbaos worth 13RMB!
  • The first 800 Maybank cardholders receive $25 rebate for spending $100 from 11 to 12 Nov.
  • The first 1,000 UOB cardholders receive $10 rebate for spending $180 on 11 Nov.
  • Be one of 3 lucky draw winners to win a 1,000 RMB (206 SGD) Alipay Purchase Card each day from 1 Nov to 11 Nov.
  • New Foodpanda customers enjoy $15 off Foodpanda orders of at least $30 on 11 Nov.
  • Be the 111th and 1,111th customers to pay for your Taobao or Tmall purchases with MasterCard and win an iPhone 8 and iPhone X respectively.

Not a Taobao member yet? Hurry, sign up and get an account to enjoy these savings!

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This article is brought to you in collaboration with Tmall.