Free Gift Cards & Online Shopping Credits – 5 Best Apps to Download

free gift card apps

There might be no such thing as a free lunch in Singapore, but you can most certainly get free gift cards. Well, you can earn them by completing simple tasks like filling out surveys or helping gift card apps with their market research. It’s not cash, but it sure beats earning money the traditional way, ie. slogging it out at work or becoming a Grab driver.

To save you the trouble of filling out countless surveys only to find out that you got scammed, here are 5 free gift card apps to download.


Gift Wallet

Gift Wallet is a Chinese app that rewards you for testing out applications, answering surveys and doing other things like sign up for free trials. The more troublesome something sounds, the more you’re likely to be rewarded for the trouble.

You are rewarded in coins, which you can later exchange for payments via PayPal or gift cards from iTunes, Google Play and Amazon. But take note: The app is actually an aggregator for several services, so be prepared for quite a wide variety of tasks.

Gift Wallet offers relatively decent payouts, but also demands a lot more of your attention, as you will need to actively download apps to be tested, or sign up for trials with your credit card details.



This app rewards you when you download and test other apps and games. Most of the time, you don’t need to actually use the app after downloading it. You generally only need to leave the app on your phone for about 30 seconds before you get paid – yup, FreeMyApps actually allows you to receive payment through Visa Prepaid, which is as good as getting cash.

Free gift cards on offer include those from Amazon, Google Play, Steam, Xbox and Skype. If you’re a mobile gamer, you can also win currency for certain games, such as FIFA coins.



Prefer to earn money by responding to surveys? Toluna is a gift card app that lets you do just that, which is great if you hate having to sign up for stuff or download apps to your phone.

The catch is that you can’t expect to be able to quit your job and sit behind your screen doing surveys all day long. Surveys are allocated to you based on your profile, so you might receive more or fewer surveys depending on your stats.

Gift cards you can get include those from iTunes, Xbox, Amazon and Target. You can also receive payment via PayPal, if you so desire.



Compulsive online shoppers should download the Ibotta app before making their next purchase. The site basically offers you lists of stores where you can earn rebates.

Whenever you’re about to shop at one of these stores, you can complete a small task such as watching a video or liking a Facebook page in order to qualify for the rebates from Ibotta.

Some of the gift cards on offer include those from eBay, and Target. You also have the option to receive payment via PayPal.



Once upon a time, people thought they could actually get rich surfing the net.

These days, scammy “Get rich from home” ads have disappeared, but Swagbucks survives because it is indeed possible to earn a little bit just by leaving your browser open. Just don’t expect to get rich.

To earn on Swagbucks, you need to download their browser and use it. There are also other ways to make money on the site, such as answering surveys, shopping online or watching videos on their app.

Swagbucks has a desktop version as well as a mobile app, so you can earn a bit while you’re desperately swiping away at your smartphone on the MRT.

You earn in Swagbucks, which you can then use to exchange for gift cards at retailers like Amazon. It takes ages to earn a meaningful sum, but if you’re going to be surfing the internet and shopping online anyway, you might as well earn a bit while you’re at it.


Have you ever earned gift cards from an app or website? Share your experiences in the comments!