17 Cheap Blogshops in Singapore for Women’s Clothing (2019)

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The blogshop scene in Singapore has come a long way from its “SgFleaMarket” & “SgSellTrade” days on Blogspot and LiveJournal. “Blogshop clothes” are no longer only for teeny boppers and their monthly allowance money.

If you’ve been paying attention over the past decade, you’d know that many of the blogshops from the 2000s have transformed to become trendy brands of their own. Love Bonito is one classic example – anyone remember their (mildly embarrassing) days as Bonito Chico? (giggles)

Now, these blogshops sell everything from casual basics to sharp workwear and formal dresses, and for a very reasonable price tag. Here are 17 affordable blogshops in Singapore to check out.


Blogshops in Singapore (2019) – prices from $8.90

Blogshops in Singapore Price range Mailing list discount  promotions Delivery fees
WardrobeMess $8.90 $37.90 $1.50 to $14. Self-collection available.
Shop Sassy Dream $15 to $39.90 $2.50 and up.  Free for orders above $60.
A for Arcade $15 to $49 $2.50 to $4.50. Self-collection available.
OhVola $15 to $56.90 $2 to $4.50, Free for orders above $100. Self-collection available.
Supergurl $15.90 to $69.90 $1.50 to $3.50. Self-collection is available.
Topazette $15.90 to $51.90 10% off $2 to $8
Love Bonito $16.90 to $76.90 $5 off Free shipping & POPStation collections. $3.50 for express shipping.
Fayth $17.90 to $52.90 $2.50
Love and Bravery $18 to $55 $2.80. Free for orders above $120. Self-collection available.
The Closet Lover $19.90 to $74.90 10% off $2 to $5. Free for (non-sale) orders above $100.
Carrislabelle $21 to $55 Free Singpost normal mail. +$3 for registered mail.
The Tinsel Rack $23.90 to $52.90 15% off $2.50 to $4.50. Free for orders above $100.
MDS Collections $23.90 to $89.90 10% off $3.99. Self-collection available.
Runway Bandits $26 to $46 10% off $2.50 to $4. Self-collection & Ninja Collect available.
Intoxiquette $28 to $55 $1.50 to $8
Modparade $29 to $49 15% off $3. Free for orders above $50). Self-collection available.
Ellysage $32 to $94 for dresses Free standard shipping. $3 for registered courier (free for orders above $100 up). Self-collection available.

Blogshops with mailing list discounts: Topazette, Love Bonito, The Closet Lover, The Tinsel Rack, MDS Collections, Runway Bandits, Modparade

Blogshops with free shipping (no min. spend): Love Bonito, Carrislabelle

Blogshops with free self-collection: WardrobeMess, A For Arcade, OhVola, Supergurl, Love and Bravery, MDS Collections, Runway Bandits, Intoxiquette, Modparade, Ellysage



WardrobeMess has a ton of items, and is the most affordable blogshop on this list. The basic tops can be as cheap as $8.90, but the dressier ones are around $20+.

The dresses are also cheap – prices start at $16.90, and even the most expensive ones are $37.90.

You’ll have to pay for postage though (unless you self-collect at Oxley Bizhub in Ubi). It’s $1.50 for Singpost normal mail, but since those always get lost, maybe you’re better off topping up $3.50 for express courier. That’s a flat fee, so if you more items it’s more worth it.


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Shop Sassy Dream

Shop Sassy Dream is also in the same price range: $15 to $30.90 for tops, and $24 to $39.90 for dresses. 

As expected from the price, they don’t have very dressy pieces, but the selection is nice enough for a casual date or weekend out.

Standard courier is $2.50, but free if you can chock up $60 in your cart. If you want A.M. Mail (next day letterbox delivery), it’s $2.90/item.


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A for Arcade

At A for Arcade, tops go for $15 to $34, while dresses are $28 to $49. Compared to the previous two, AFA has a slightly cooler aesthetic – at least to me. 

It’s not so much crop tops & mini dresses, and more drapery fabrics and minimalist pieces. If you want affordable workwear, I think this is a good place to start looking.

Shipping is $2.50 for standard courier and Ninja Collect, and $4.50 for express courier. Self-collection at MacPherson is free.


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OhVola is one of my favourites because they have a huge range of clothing for every occasion. If you’re on a tight budget, you can shop for casual wear from $15 for tops and $18 for dresses.

If not, their regular range is slightly more expensive (~$25 to $50+ per piece). Need occasion wear? They have a premium bridesmaid range of dresses that go up to $86.

Standard courier delivery is $2, free for orders above $100. Those in a rush can opt for the express courier ($4.50), or self-collect at their office in Ubi.



Like OhVola and A For Arcade, Supergurl sells more smart casual apparel. I think their style would appeal to the young working adults more than the tertiary schoolers – although, if you are in the latter group and need “internship clothes”, you can probably get a decent set for under $40.

Most tops are $15.90 to $35.90 and dresses $11.90 to $69.90.  There’s no free delivery though. SingPost normal mail is $1.50 & up , while standard courier is $3.50. Self-collection at their Bukit Batok office is free.


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Topazette strikes me as slightly chapalang blogshop, because they don’t seem to have a particular style. They just have A LOT of clothes – which is kind of good too.

Their clothes are reasonably priced, from $15.90 for tops and $23 for dresses. And while they do not have free shipping for any orders ($2 for Singpost normal mail, $3.50 for standard courier and $8 for express courier), they offer 10% off your first order if you sign up for their mailing list.


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Love Bonito

Love Bonito is the pride and joy of Singapore’s blogshop scene. But I may be biased because of my wardrobe is from Love Bonito. One year, my colleagues bought me a gift card because they noticed all my workwear was from there…

Love Bonito is more expensive than the other “younger” brands, but they remain relatively affordable – especially for the quality of the garments. You can get basic pieces for under $30, but most items are between $30 to $50. The premium range can go up to $70+.

Pricey, yes, but at least shipping is always free. You can also do POPStation collections – also free – or express courier ($3.50). Also, first-timers get $5 off when you sign up for their mailing list.


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Compared to the minimalist aesthetic of some other brands, Fayth has a more girly style. Think sun dresses, lace and pastel floral prints.

You can get tops from $17.90 and dresses from $30.90, but generally, each item is around $30 to $50. Fayth does not have a mailing list discount, and shipping is a flat rate of $2.50 for standard courier.


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Love and Bravery

Love and Bravery is a little bit more “OL” – the first things I see when I open the catalogue are jumpsuits, midi dresses and relatively modest necklines. Party-going XMMs will not approve.

But aside from the kind of clothes you’d wear for a presentation (or a lunch meeting), Love and Bravery does have frilly dresses for the weekends too. They have one of the most items in this list, so no harm just trying your luck.

The prices are between $18 to $36 for tops and $25 to $55 for dresses. Delivery-wise, it’s $2.80 for standard courier (free for orders above $120). If you want, you may also opt for self-collection at their Love & Bravery physical stores.


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The Closet Lover

The Closet Lover falls in the same tier as Love Bonito and the likes, but the difference is that they quite often hold sales – and the discounts are significant.

Usually, prices range from $19.90 to $49.90 for tops, $29.90 to $74.90 for dresses and $22.50 to $54.90 for bottoms. But during sale seasons, you can score 30% to 70% off each piece. Plus, you get an extra 10% off for signing for the mailing list.

Delivery is free for (non-sale) orders above $100. Otherwise, it’s $2 to $4 per item for standard courier and $5 per order for express courier.


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While many of the other blogshops have “leveled up” to more sophisticated styles, Carrislabelle remains… quite like the blogshops I remember from my secondary school days. (Which was a pretty long time ago FYI.)

Think open-back designs, body-con dresses and etc.

The usual prices are between $21 to $28 for tops and $23 to $55 for dresses, but during sales periods (like now) prices get slashed significantly. Right now, I’m seeing dresses for $10 and tops for even less.

Singpost normal mail is free, but if you want a tracking number, add an additional $3 to get your parcel registered.


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The Tinsel Rack

The Tinsel Rack calls themselves “the happy clothes maker” – I’m not quite sure what they mean, but I think it’s quite cute lah.

Like Fayth, The Tinsel Rack’s range of clothing is quite feminine. The price range is similar too: $23.90 to $30.90 for tops and $28.90 to $52.90 for dresses.

Even shipping is the same price ($2.50 for standard courier, but free for orders above $100).

However, The Tinsel Rack has the slight edge because they offer a neat 15% off when you join their mailing list. 15% is significant, and totally worth selling your data for.


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MDS Collections

MDS Collections is another one I remember from forever ago, except now I notice them at shopping malls too. I find MDS on the expensive side ($23.90 to $47.90 for tops and $27.90 to $89.90 for dresses), especially their “premium” range.

Thankfully, I recently discovered their subscription scheme. Basically you pay a monthly subscription fee to get “credits”, which you then use to “redeem” clothes. 1 credit = 1 item for most pieces, except the premium ones.

Subscription plan Price
Solo (1 credit / month) $29.90 
Duo (2 credits / month) $49.90
Ensemble (4 credits / month) $99.90

That means each item will only cost $24.95 to $29.90. Subscriptions are on a monthly basis, and you can join/cancel any time. That means any time you want to buy something, you can just sign up, buy, and cancel before the next month’s billing cycle.

You also get 20% off everything else when you are on subscription. Shipping is $3.99 for express courier, but self-collection at any of the MDS stores is free.


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Runway Bandits

Runway Bandits doesn’t feel very much like a blogshop at all, because instead of Instagram influencers, they have Pan-Asian models sporting their clothes.

It may seem expensive because there’s not much under $20, but then again, there aren’t many things above $40 either. Most tops are $26 to $36, dresses $30 to $46 and bottoms under $35.

Delivery is $2.50 for standard courier, $4 for express courier, and $2.50 for Ninja Collect. Self-collection at Tai Seng is free. Sign up for their mailing list for an extra 10% off your first order.


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Intoxiquette has quite atas-looking clothes, but they dot their i’s with a heart… Like Carrislabelle.

Most of their items are self-manufactured (INTQ Label), priced at $28 to $36 for tops, $30 to $55 for dresses, and $29.90 to $39.90 for bottoms.

Intoxiquette has no mailing list discount and uses SingPost: $1.50 & up for normal mail, with an additional $2.25 on top of that for registered mail.

If you want, express courier is $8 (flat fee). That’s very expensive compared to other shops, which only charge around $3.50.


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Modparade is a blast from the past, in every sense of the word. They have their roots from blogging platforms, and carry vintage-inspired apparel. This one is for the bold and quirky fashionistas.

They’re not exactly cheap, but their stuff don’t get too expensive either. Price range around $29 to $32 for tops and $32 to $49 for dresses. Plus, 15% off when you sign up for their mailing list.

Delivery is $3 for standard courier, but it’s free for orders above $50. That’s a relatively low criterion – others usually require minimum $100 spending before absorbing delivery fees.

Self collection at Senang Crescent is free.


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Ellysage is the fanciest of the lot, with dresses costing almost $100. I noticed that the separates are still quite affordable; it’s the dresses that go up to $90+.

As I’m browsing it now, prices are $32 to $58 for tops, $40 to $94 for dresses and $34 to $68 for bottoms.

Most of Ellysage’s clothes are in plain colours – nothing too bold – but the minimalism of it screams sartorial elegance. These may be good for those who want to invest in everyday classics that don’t go out of style.

Normal shipping is free, but it’s $3 for registered courier (free for orders above $100 up). You may also do self-collection at Bukit Batok (free).


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Which is your favourite blogshop in Singapore? Tell us in the comments below.