U Stars Supermarket Review – Is It Cheaper Than RedMart & NTUC?

u stars supermarket

You can ask anyone: Since I moved into my own home, I’ve morphed into a full-blown auntie who gets excited about stuff like spin mops and cheap toothpaste. And because of this, I recently discovered U Stars Supermarket – a budget heartland grocery store chain.


  1. Overview: U Stars Supermarket vs NTUC vs RedMart
  2. Cheapest supermarket for fresh foods
  3. Cheapest supermarket for toiletries
  4. Cheapest supermarket for household necessities
  5. Conclusion: should you shop at U Stars Supermarket?


At first, I thought U Stars was just an indie mart – I’d only ever seen the one in my estate, which by the way, is the king of all ulu estates (Punggol). I Googled it to see if I was the only who knew of this cheap heaven, only to learn that they have 21 stores islandwide. u stars supermarket google map view

Okay, so I’m the one who’s late to the party.

Like most people, I used to get all my heavy household necessities delivered via RedMart, and picked up fresh food from NTUC Fairprice. The former is known for their competitive prices, while the latter is a trusted household name.

But how about U Stars Supermarket? Let’s count the dollars and cents to see how it compares to RedMart and NTUC Fairprice.


U Stars Supermarket vs NTUC vs RedMart

I can’t possibly write a 200-page price list of everything in store, so for this price guide, we’ll look at my shopping list for this week.

Item Cheapest supermarket   Price
Fresh eggs (Chew’s, tray of 10) U Stars Supermarket $2.60
Yakult (1 tube) All the same $3.20
Colgate Optic White toothpaste U Stars Supermarket $5.20
Meiji fresh milk (2L) U Stars Supermarket $5.70
Mama Lemon dishwashing liquid NTUC $6.15
Milo 3-in-1 All the same $6.50
Lifebuoy body wash (1L) U Stars Supermarket $6.95 (on sale)
Colgate Plax Ice mouthwash (1L) U Stars Supermarket $7.90
Breeze laundry detergent (4kg) NTUC $10.90 (on sale)

U Stars Supermarket was the cheapest for 7 out of 9 items on this list, only losing to NTUC for 2 items. Suprisingly, RedMart didn’t make it for any.

Let’s look at the exact breakdown of the prices at all 3 grocery stores.

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u stars supermarket

Cheapest fresh foods: U Stars Supermarket

Fresh foods & necessities U Stars Supermarket NTUC Fairprice RedMart
Chew’s fresh eggs $2.60 $2.65 $2.65
Yakult (1 tube of 6) $3.20 $3.20 $3.20
Meiji fresh milk 2L $5.70 $6.35 (sale $5.80) $6.35 (sale $5.80)
3-in-1 Milo (18 sachets) $6.50 $6.50 (buy 2 get $0.45 off) $6.50 (buy 2 get 7% off)

For the daily necessities, U Stars seems to be the cheapest.

Some stuff have fixed prices – like Yakult and Milo – and the only way to get them cheaper is during seasonal bundles and promos.

Worth mentioning is that for some reason, the Meiji fresh milk is dramatically cheaper at U Stars.u stars supermarket

Fresh meat & produce at U Stars Supermarket

I also had some meat and veggies to pick up, but unlike these (which are bottled/pre-packed), those are fresh and so I don’t really see a point in comparing the prices.

The prices are seasonal and they go by weight, so the final sum can vary quite a bit. Besides, it won’t be an apple-to-apple comparison because you have to consider things like freshness and quality.

If you want to know how much I spent anyway, here’s the breakdown:

Fresh meat, vegetables and etc Price at U Stars Supermarket
Shiitake mushrooms (150g, sliced)  $2.15
Broccoli $2.50 for 360g, one bunch ($6.90/kg) 
Chicken breast (chilled) $2.70 for 194g ($13.80/kg)
Minced pork (chilled) $2.80 for 220g ($12.84 /kg)
Glass prawns (chilled) $3.65 for 204g ($17.90/kg)
Fuji apples $3.80 (4-pack)
Salmon fillet (chilled) $6.05 for 216g ($27.90/kg)

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u stars toiletries

Cheapest toiletries: U Stars Supermarket

Toiletries U Stars Supermarket NTUC Fairprice RedMart
Colgate optic white (100g) $5.20 $8.50 (buy 2 get $5.15 off) $8.50
Colgate Plax Ice 1L $7.90 $10.50 $10.50 (sale $10.02, 5% off)
Lifebuoy body wash 1L $9.90 (sale $6.95) $9.80 $9.80 (2 for $14.70)

In addition to affordable fresh produce, U Stars also has the cheapest toiletries (at least the ones I shopped for). The prices for NTUC and RedMart are similar for this category.

For my toothpaste, NTUC had a promotion where you buy 2 and get $5.15 off the total. That comes up to $5.90 per tube, which is still more expensive than the original price ($5.20) at U Stars.

I couldn’t help but notice that a lot of stuff – like the Lifebuoy body wash – were on limited-time discount too. If you’re not fussy about the brand (i.e. you just go there looking for say, an anti-bacterial body wash) then you can probably save a lot of money just picking whichever one’s on sale at U Stars.

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u stars supermarket

Cheapest household items: NTUC Fairprice

Household items U Stars Supermarket NTUC Fairprice RedMart
Mama Lemon dishwashing liquid (2 x 1L) $6.90 (sale $6.50) $6.15 $6.85
Breeze laundry detergent (4kg) $12.40 (sale $11.50) $12.40 (sale $10.90) $12.40 (sale $11.16)

The last two items on my list were dishwashing liquid and laundry detergent (yawn, how exciting). Interestingly, NTUC had RedMart and U Stars beat with its rock bottom prices.

Both items were already discounted at U Stars, yet it was still cheaper at NTUC. I’m guessing it’s because NTUC is a dramatically bigger chain and can hence afford to buy bigger bulks of these household supplies (which have relatively long shelf lives).

It may be a good thing too, because if U Stars was cheaper, I would have had to lug those heavy stuff home. Since NTUC is cheaper, I can just order it on NTUC On (the e-store) and have it delivered.

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Conclusion: should you shop at U Stars Supermarket?

Considering their very competitive prices, why not? Even their budget supermarket rivals seem to be feeling the pressure.

In Dec 2016, U Stars beat Sheng Siong to a HDB site in Sengkang, and as 2018 comes to a close, Giant announced that they’ll be shutting down their Vivocity hypermart early next year.

Not only are they strategically located within the heartland districts (near HDB clusters), U Stars also has an online presence through Honestbee. On Honestbee, it is one of the stores that guarantees “today’s best price”.  This means that the Honestbee price will always be the best price of the day (i.e. you won’t have to worry that you might miss out on an offline promo at the physical store).


What’s your experience with U Stars Supermarket? Share it with us in the comments below.