Best Grocery Credit Cards for NTUC FairPrice, Sheng Siong, Cold Storage & Giant (2020)

best credit card for groceries

In between comparing the prices of the various instant noodle brands at NTUC FairPrice and marvelling at how much cheaper alcohol is at Sheng Siong than in bars, why not save even more money by using a cashback credit card that’s optimised for your grocery shopping?

Because banks work with different supermarket chains, it can be a hassle to find out which one actually gives you the most cash rebate for your go-to grocery store. Plus, many of them come with different rebate tiers depending on how much you spend on that card that month, making it even more confusing.

Here’s a list of credit cards you can use on your next grocery run.


Best credit cards for groceries in Singapore 2020

Supermarket chain Best cashback credit cards
NTUC FairPrice NTUC/OCBC Plus! Card, Maybank Family & Friends, Citi SMRT Card
Sheng Siong BOC Sheng Siong Card, POSB Everyday Card, Citi SMRT Card
Cold Storage Maybank Family & Friends, UOB One Card
Giant Citi SMRT Card, UOB One Card
All supermarkets Citi Cash Back Card, Maybank Family & Friends, DBS Live Fresh

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of which cashback cards give you rebates where. Swipe to see the full table:

Cashback card NTUC Sheng Siong Cold Storage Giant
Citi Cash Back Card 8% at all supermarkets, online and offline
DBS Live Fresh Card 5% on all online transactions & contactless payment
DBS Visa Debit Card 3% on contactless payment up to $200
Citibank SMRT Card 4.7% / 5% 4.7% / 5% 4.7% / 5%
Maybank Family & Friends 5% / 8% 5% / 8% 5% / 8% 5% / 8%
OCBC Plus! Card 7%
BOC Sheng Siong Card 6%
POSB Everyday Card 5%
UOB One Card 3% / 10% 3% / 10%


Citi Cash Back Card – best credit card for all supermarkets (8% cashback)

Citibank logo
MoneySmart Exclusive
Cashback on Dining, Groceries & Grab
Cash Back on Dining, Groceries & Petrol
Up to 8%
Cash Back Cap per category, per month
Min. Spend per month
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Valid until 15 Apr 2021

If your idea of a great weekend is one spent comparison shopping online, this is the card for you. Their 8% cashback offer is one of the best in town, and it applies to all groceries stores and supermarkets.

The main drawback for the Citi Cash Back Card is that the minimum spending requirement is a high $888. Since the grocery cashback is only $25 a month (which limits your spending to $312.50), you probably don’t want to spend that $888 all on groceries to feed your 8 kids.

On the bright side, there’s lots of other stuff you can spend on to meet the minimum spending requirements, since you also get 8% cashback on dining, Grab and petrol.

Alternatives: If you can hit Citi Cash Back’s minimum spend requirement, you can consider Maybank’s Family & Friends card, which gives you 8% as well. That card is also good for those who frequently drive across the causeway because the rebate is applicable to supermarkets in JB too. 

If not, there’s the DBS Live Fresh Card which offers 5% cashback on online spending and PayWave transactions so you can use it for both on- and offline grocery shopping.


OCBC Plus! Visa Card – best credit card to use at NTUC FairPrice (7% rebate)

If you’re a die-hard fan of NTUC FairPrice, you probably already have an NTUC membership, right? You probably also have the NTUC Plus! Visa Card too. On paper, it gives you the absolute highest rebates at NTUC FairPrice – “up to” a whopping 12%.

Yup. Everyone’s favourite words: “up to”. Check out the fine print…

Screenshot from OCBC website

That’s right. You only get 12% rebate if you fulfill all the conditions:
(a) NTUC member,
(b) NTUC FairPrice shareholder,
(c) have an NTUC-OCBC Starter Account,
(d) credit your salary to that account faithfully, and
(e) spend $400 outside of NTUC every month.

Wah lao… I think it’s too much lah, even for the most faithful of NTUC fans. If you don’t fulfil all the conditions, the rebate is just 7%, which is basically the same as the “weaker” OCBC Plus! Visa Card which doesn’t require an NTUC membership.

OCBC logo
Cash Back at FairPrice Stores, Unity and Warehouse Club
LinkPoints on All Visa Spend outside FairPrice group
Min. Spend per month

The really irritating thing about this card is that it requires you to spend $500 outside NTUC. Only the most hardcore of NTUC fans will want to do that.

Alternatives: For the rest of us, I’d recommend the no-minimum-spend Citibank SMRT Card which gives you 4.7% or 5% cashback at NTUC FairPrice, as long as your bill is at least $50.


BOC Sheng Siong Card – best credit card to use at Sheng Siong (6% cashback)

For those of you who prefer to shop at Sheng Siong, you have a few options. Anyway, shopping at Sheng Siong is a commitment to being cheapo right? (Source: I shop at Sheng Siong.)

Hands down, the best one is Bank of China’s Sheng Siong card. There’s no minimum spend to get 6% cashback. Sweet! There’s also an upper tier 12% rebate but it requires you to spend $400 outside of Sheng Siong. Nah, screw that.

POSB logo
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Cash rebates on food delivery
Cash rebates on Sheng Siong, Amazon, Lazada
Cash rebate on electricity and StarHub bills
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Valid until 14 Apr 2021

Alternatives: Another great fuss-free option is the POSB Everyday Card, which also has no minimum spend requirement, but has a lower cash rebate of 5%.

Or, if you’d rather consolidate your spending into one card and don’t mind having to hit a minimum spend, you could simply stick with the Citi Cash Back Card or DBS Live Fresh Card.


Citibank SMRT Card – best credit card to use at Giant (4.7% / 5% cashback)

Citibank logo
No Minimum Spend for Cashback
Cash Back on Eligible Spend
Cash Back Cap per year
Min. Spend per month

High cashback usually comes with high minimum spending requirements. The Citibank SMRT Card is a bit of an exception.

The card offers a generous 5% cash rebate at Giant, Sheng Siong and NTUC FairPrice so long as you spend $300 a month, which is doable for even the thriftiest of us. Even if you don’t meet the minimum spending requirement, you still get a generous 4.7% rebate.

The main thing to pay attention to is to ensure your purchases add up to at least $50 each time, otherwise you will lose 2% cashback.

If you shop at Giant a lot, don’t forget to tap your PAssion Card before you make payment to earn points that can be offset against your next purchase. (Payment can be made with any other credit card.)

Alternatives: Well, there’s the UOB Delight Card, but it’s not as good. It offers only 3% cashback with a minimum spend of $400 a month; to hit the higher 8% tier you’d need to spend $800.


Maybank Family & Friends – best credit card to use at Cold Storage (5% / 8% cashback)

Maybank logo
Online Promo
Cash Back on Groceries, Dining, Transport and Petrol in Singapore & Malaysia
Up to 8%
Cash Rebate on Shopping and Data communication & online TV streaming
Up to 8%
Cash Rebate Cap per month
Online Promo:
Get S$100 Cash Credit with Maybank Credit Cards and CreditAble!
Valid until 30 Jun 2021

If your goal is to save money, you probably wouldn’t be shopping at Cold Storage frequently anyway, but hey, who are we to stand between a man and his stinky French cheese?

For the times you really need to make a Cold Storage run, it’s handy to have the Maybank Family & Friends card which gives you 5% or 8% rebate at Cold Storage, as well as the more pedestrian NTUC FairPrice, Sheng Siong and Giant.

Best of all, this credit card gives you the same rebates at major Johor Bahru supermarkets (e.g. Aeon, Tesco & Giant Malaysia), so you get rebates on top of the savings you get by paying in ringgit!

To get your rebates, you need to meet a minimum spend of $500 for the 5% tier and $1,000 for the 8% tier. The family-oriented credit card has a whole bunch of rebate categories, like petrol, fast food, pharmacies and Popular bookstores.

Alternatives: The UOB Delight Card has a similar two-tier cashback structure, but it’s a little less rewarding. See the section on Giant more details.

What is your favourite cashback credit card for groceries? Share your recommendations in the comments!