For Singaporean Drivers, Citi Just Made Driving a Lot Sweeter in September

For Singaporean Drivers, Citi Just Made Driving a Lot Sweeter in September

Singaporeans are very keenly aware of just how expensive it is to not just own a car in Singapore, but also to actually use it. Any sort of savings that can be made in terms of running costs or the peripheral costs such as insurance are very much welcome.

For the month of September, Citi has introduced new limited period offers that benefit all drivers in Singapore across various cost areas. Here’s a breakdown of different areas in which you can save on the costs of driving your car with Citi Drivers’ Privileges:


1. Fuel Savings

The Citi Cash Back Card is no stranger when it comes to fuel savings. As we previously covered in our review of the best petrol credit cards in Singapore, the Citi Cash Back Card is right up there when it comes to petrol savings. Here’s a summary of the savings you get with the card:

  • 20.88% discount at Esso stations (Site discount + Smiles Card + Citi Cards discount+ Citi Cash Back Card’s 8% cash back).
  • 20.8% discount at Shell stations (Site discount + Escape Card + 4% Citi Rebate + 8% cash back with Citi Cash Back Card).

Apart from this, you also get 8% cash back on Dining and Groceries worldwide, all year long as well, which all in all makes this is one of the must have cards when it comes to your go-to card on daily savings on top of petrol.

If you are interested in getting the Citi Cash Back Card, you can apply here.


2. EZ-Pay

Ever been frustrated with having to perpetually top up your cashcard, or been one of those guys who forgot to insert his cashcard into his in-vehicle unit and is scrambling just before the ERP gantry to put it in so you don’t get fined? Well, EZ Pay solves all those issues.

What on earth is EZ-Pay? It enables your IU unit to be linked to your credit card. This not only ensures that you always have sufficient funds for ERP charges, you will also be earning credit card rewards.

From now to 31 October 2016, registering and activating your Citi Credit Card on EZ-Pay entitles you to a free S$20 credit. That might seem small to you, but that adds up to quite a number of trips into town.

And hey, with no administration fee to register for EZ-Pay, it doesn’t cost you anything at all, so SMS <CITIEZPAY> to 72484, and activate EZ-Pay today! You should do it soon though, as only the first 5,000 customers get the free S$20 credit.


3. Car Insurance

Car insurance is another one of those inescapable costs of owning a car. Heck, even if you don’t need to use your car, you’d still need car insurance. Thankfully, you’re not locked into one insurance provider for the entire lifespan of your car. With that in mind, you can now get 20% off the premium of AXA SmartDrive Motor Insurance,plus, receive $150 worth of NTUC FairPrice vouchers upon sign up.

AXA’s SmartDrive policy is one of the newer car insurance policies on the market, and offers coverage across Singapore, West Malaysia and Thailand (subject to a maximum duration of 14 days for each trip). Should something happen to your car, you’ll get a daily car allowance while your car is at the workshop (applicable if the repair is a minimum of 4 days).

This 20% offer and $150 worth of NTUC FairPrice vouchers is also a limited period offer till 31 December 2016, and is only valid for AXA SmartDrive insurance quotations requested via

Terms and Conditions apply.

Learn more about all benefits with Citi Drivers’ Privileges here.

This article was sponsored by Citibank.