Best Car Sharing Singapore: GetGo, BlueSG, Tribecar Prices (2024)


I’m a car sharing addict. I’ve been using car sharing services for years to go on dates, run errands, and send the in-laws to the airport.

With car sharing, you simply search for a nearby car, “unlock” it using an app, drive to your destination, and then return it. It’s (usually) a hassle-free way to feel like you own a vehicle without having the baggage that comes along with car ownership.

One major perk of car sharing is being able to drive a variety of vehicles—from traditional petrol cars to eco-friendly hybrids and electric cars.

If you’re considering car sharing, I’m here to help. Let’s explore 3 major car sharing operators in Singapore that offer hourly car rentals: Tribecar, BlueSG, and GetGo.


      1. At a glance: Car sharing prices in Singapore
      2. Tribecar
      3. BlueSG
      4. GetGo

At a glance: Car sharing prices in Singapore (2024)

The pricing structure of car sharing services can get complex, and it’s difficult to calculate the exact amount you’ll pay. That’s because prices change depending on the type of car you choose, whether it’s peak hour or not, and whether there’s a weekend surcharge.

To keep things simple, I estimated the price of renting the cheapest car available from each operator from 4-7pm (3 hours) on a Saturday. I will also consider a 45km mileage (as GetGo charges for mileage).

Car sharing service Total Price
Tribecar  $34.00 + Unlisted Petrol fees
BlueSG $36.06
GetGo $48.35

* Note: Tribecar comes with a $100 security deposit, although this will eventually be returned to you.

Using this simple comparison, it looks like BlueSG will end up being the cheapest overall. But as you’ll find out later, cost isn’t everything. Here are our recommendations if you have specific requirements in mind:

  • For sustainability: BlueSG and GetGo offer electric vehicles.
  • For driving to Malaysia: Tribecar allows you to drive up to West Malaysia.
  • For young drivers: Tribecar’s age requirement is 18 years, while GetGo’s is 19 years with 1 year of driving experience.
  • For driving with pets: GetGo is your best bet.

Some things to note about car sharing:

  • Buffer a few days before your membership is approved. Your driver’s licence and record need to be reviewed and approved upon application before you can book cars.
  • All operators cover their drivers with basic insurance.
  • Costs incurred for ERP and parking (non-designated lots) will be borne by you.
  • Different operators have “stations” and cars in different districts, so be sure to check that they’re in your area before you commit.

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Tribecar Singapore Review

Tribecar Rates and other key information
Sign-up fee/deposit $100 (Singaporean/PR) or $500 (Employment Pass holders*) security deposit, to be refunded upon account termination
Insurance provided? Yes. Own or third-party damage excess per accident from S$3,000 (before GST)
Petrol included? No. Ensure the reserve fuel indicator light isn’t lit up when returning the car
Car rental rates (Super Economy category)  Hourly rate: $0.55 (super off-peak) / $2.73 (off-peak) / $5.45 (peak)
Daily rate: $65.40 (Mon-Thu) / $98.10 (Fri-Sun)
Weekly rate: $436.00
Fleet size 1,300+
Car sharing locations 1,000+
Can I drive to Malaysia? Yes. Selected Economy Sedan and Economy MPV cars can be driven up to West Malaysia with a 30% surcharge and pre-authorisation hold of $200
Are pets allowed? No
Age requirement 18 years old, P-plate drivers (less than 2 years of driving experience) allowed

*Note: Employment Pass must have at least 6 months of validity, and holders must have a valid Singapore Driving License. S Pass holders are not eligible for TribeCar.

Tribecar step-by-step guide:

  1. Apply for membership online for free—there’s no membership fee!
  2. Reserve a car online
  3. Collect your car and unlock it via the Tribecar app
  4. Drive around as you like. Note that the costs of fuel usage are on you
  5. Return the car to the original parking site, making sure the petrol indicator is not blinking

Tribecar payment, cancellation charges, and deposits

I’ll be frank. Paying on Tribecar is pretty annoying. First of all, you can’t just link your credit card to your account. Instead, you need to load credits in denominations of $20, $50, $100, or $200 into your account e-wallet and use it to pay for bookings. For each wallet top-up, you’ll be charged a “Payment Gateway Fee” of $1 for $20 and $50 top-ups, $2 for $100 top-ups, and $3 for $200 top-ups. And after you get through all of that, you better use up everything you put in—loaded credits are non-refundable even after you terminate your account.

Image: GIPHY

Need to make a change to your booking timing? With Tribecar, you’re out of luck. You simply can’t do it. Instead, you’ll have to make a new booking and cancel the existing one. That means incurring cancellation charges:

When your Tribecar booking is cancelled Charge
Less than 24 hours before your time slot 80% of rental charge
Between 24 to 48 hours before your time slot 50% of rental charge
More than 48 hours before your time slot $0.81

It’s not looking very good for Tribecar so far, huh? Well, there are some merits.

Tribecar is one of the most accessible car rental services in Singapore. Unlike many other car rental services that have an age requirement of 22 or 23, Tribecar lets you rent a car from as young as 18 years old as long as you have passed your driving test. However, there are some drawbacks to renting a car at this age:

  • Tribecar will consider you a “new driver” if you’ve been driving for less than 2 years, and/or are below 23 years old.
  • New drivers must fork out an additional surcharge of 30% per booking. Yikes!
  • As a new driver, you must pay Tribecar an additional security deposit of $100. Tribecar will hold on to this cash until your probationary plate (P-plate) comes off, after which they’ll put it into your e-wallet for you to spend on more vehicle rentals.
  • Speaking of the P-plate, do bring your own if you’re still on probation. Tribecar won’t provide this for you.
  • You can’t drive to Malaysia as a new driver.

Where do I return my Tribecar vehicle?

Tribecar is a point A to point A car sharing service. That means you’ll need to return your rented vehicle to its original parking spot once you’re done, so no one-way trips.

Speaking of returning the car, let’s look at Tribecar’s fuel policy. Tribecar states that you “may return the vehicle at any fuel level (at your own cost) as long as the reserved fuel indicator does not light up“. Don’t push this—if the next person who gets behind the wheel proves to Tribecar that the fuel reserve light is lit up, they’ll charge you a penalty of $35 on your first offence and $65 if it happens a second time.

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BlueSG Review

BlueSG Rates and key information
Pricing under the rental package Up to $12.02/hr
Insurance provided? Yes, excess of $3,000 ($5,000 excess if the driver is below 22 years old and/or has less than 2 years of driving experience)
Petrol included? All BlueSG cars are electric, no need for petrol
Membership plan – Basic $8 per month, rental $0.36 per min
Membership plan – Premium $18 per month (min. 6 months), $0.36 per min, free 40 min/month
Fleet size 667
Charging points 1,500
Can I drive to Malaysia? No
Are pets allowed? No
Age requirement 20 to 69 years old + hold driving license for at least 1 year

BlueSG step-by-step:

  1. Apply for your membership or purchase a rental package (choose between 2, 3, or 4 hour packages)
  2. Link a credit or debit card to your account.
  3. Reserve a Bluecar online or via the BlueSG mobile app.
  4. Go to the designated collection point and find the Bluecar you booked. Tap your card at the kiosk and unplug the Bluecar.
  5. Drive around Singapore. Book a BlueSG parking lot to park your Bluecar.
  6. Return the car to any BlueSG parking site. Tap your card on the kiosk to end the booking, then lock the Bluecar and plug it in.

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve seen those funny-looking cars on our roads. BlueSG has perhaps the most unique concept—they have a full fleet of electric cars (called Bluecars) for sharing. The cars are charged at their designated lots, so you don’t have to worry about petrol. Plus, you’re making a better choice from a sustainability standpoint compared to renting a car that uses fuel.

Worried about how long a fully charged Bluecar can last? Don’t worry—it’s a far cry from your phone’s battery life. According to the BlueSG website, a Bluecar’s average range is about 250 km. That’s enough for almost seven trips between Jurong Point in the West and Changi Airport in the East.

My experience with BlueSG

Finding and booking a BlueSG car is as seamless as can be. They seem to be everywhere, and the user interface and payment systems are all great and easy to use. The issue is…the cars themselves.

Granted, I’m a guy who has driven a fair amount of luxury vehicles. But these BlueSG cars are not comfortable at all. The seats are hard, and you feel like you’re sitting in an aeroplane (not in a good way). Also, it sounds like you’re in an aeroplane the whole time. I don’t like aeroplanes.

The vehicles are also really small, and they feel super squeezy once you’re inside. Going on a first date? Skip the BlueSG cars, please.

I’d say the best thing about BlueSG cars is that, unlike almost all other car sharing services, it’s a point A to point B deal. Once you’re at your destination, you can park your car at any BlueSG station and head off to enjoy your day.

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GetGo Review

GetGo Prices and key information
Membership/sign-up fees None
Insurance provided? Yes, excess of $3,270 (or $5,450 for young/senior/new drivers)
Petrol included? Yes
Car rental fee (per hour) Petrol cars: $3-9 (Economy), $3-10 (Standard), $6-13 (Premium), $15-21 (Luxury), $4-10 (Standard Electric)

Electric cars: $4-11 (Standard), $12-18 (Premium), $16-22 (Luxury), $10 (Commercial Vans)

Mileage fee $0.39/km for petrol cars, $0.29/km for electric vehicles
Fleet size 3,000+
Car sharing stations 1,600+
Can I drive to Malaysia? No
Are pets allowed? Yes, just keep them in carriers at all times
Age requirement 19-24 years old with 1 year or driving experience OR 25 years and up

GetGo step-by-step guide:

  1. Create your account on the GetGo mobile app.
  2. Find your preferred car online and make a booking.
  3. Unlock the car with your mobile app.
  4. Drive around as you wish.
  5. Top up car fuel if it’s below 1/4 tank with the Esso card provided. Or, if it’s an EV, plug it into the dedicated charging station.
  6. Return the car to the original parking lot, and end your trip on the mobile app.

My experience with GetGo

We’re finally at the GetGo part of this review. I love GetGo. In fact, I wrote an entire article about my experience with this car sharing service.

I’ve been everywhere with GetGo cars, from Bukit Timah Saddle Club to Mount Faber and Kepple Bay. It’s so easy to book them, and best of all, if you’re a car enthusiast like me, the variety of cars available will make your jaw drop. I’m talking BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, and even the Polestar 2!

Of course, those cars will set you back a penny as they’re under the luxury tier (check the prices in the table above). One thing to note before getting into the GetGo ecosystem: check if there are vehicles nearby. I’m lucky as I have 4 GetGo vehicles within walking distance. But you may not be so lucky. If there’s just 1 car, you’ll face quite a bit of competition when booking it. Although, if you book a few days in advance, you’ll probably get the car when you need it.

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