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car sharing singapore
Best Car Sharing Singapore: GetGo, BlueSG, Tribecar Prices (2022)
When my rusty car hit the big 10 last year, I decided it was simply too expensive to continue owning a ...
3 June 2022
effective interest rate eir singapore
Effective Interest Rate (EIR) – What Does It Mean & How Do You Calculate It?
Everybody knows what an interest rate is – it’s effectively a percentage of an amount over a year. If your ...
9 May 2022
personal loan singapore
5 Common Reasons Why Singaporeans Take Personal Loans
Taking a personal loan from a bank in Singapore is a relatively common practice and has been for some time ...
7 April 2022
4 personal loans tip in singapore
4 Things You Must Know Before Getting a Personal Loan in Singapore
So, cashflow is tight and you are contemplating getting a personal loan to tide you over. Be it for big-ticket ...
5 April 2022
Electric Vehicles & EV Charging Points: Your guide to electric cars in Singapore (2022)
Electric Vehicles & EV Charging Points: Your guide to electric cars in Singapore (2022)
The government wants to convince Singaporean drivers to switch to Electric Vehicles (EVs)–at least those ...
28 February 2022
credit score credit bureau singapore.jpg
Credit Bureau Singapore: How to Get Your Credit Score and Credit Report
A credit report is essentially a bill of health for your finances. On it, you can find your credit score ...
30 June 2021
electric car singapore
Is It Finally Worth It to Buy an Electric Car in Singapore?
The Singapore government once dismissed electric cars as a lifestyle purchase. But now that climate change ...
29 March 2021
Car Loan in Singapore – Guide to Financing Your Car in Singapore (2019)
Car Loan in Singapore – Guide to Financing Your Car in Singapore (2019)
No matter how expensive cars get in Singapore, price is not going to stop some of us from wanting to buy ...
12 February 2019
second-hand cars singapore
Second-Hand Cars In Singapore – How Much Do You Have To Save Monthly?
There are days I wonder why so many Singaporeans insist on owning a car despite the ridiculous cost involved ...
28 December 2018
Singapore car prices
Singapore Car Prices – Breakdown of Car Costs & How to Save Money
Owning a car in Singapore is an expensive affair, largely thanks to high COE prices. For comparison’s sake, ...
11 September 2018
dbs car marketplace buy car online singapore
Here’s How DBS’s New Car Marketplace Will Change the Way Singaporeans Buy Cars
Buying a car in Singapore is not easy. Some of us may not even know where to start, and the process can ...
buy a car singapore
Just Had a Kid and Want to Buy a Car? Here’s What You Need to Consider
Anybody who insists owning a car in Singapore is a luxury and not a necessity obviously didn’t have kids. ...
16 August 2017
second hand car singapore
With the Relaxed Car Loan Regulations, Singaporeans Would Be Crazy if They Took Up In-House Financing
Have you heard of the acronym “FOMO”? It stands for “Fear of Missing Out”. It’s a legitimate fear – as ...
27 September 2016
second hand car singapore
Car Loan Restrictions in Singapore Have Been Lifted, So Should You Rush To Buy a Car Now?
I love Steam sales. For the two of you living under a rock who don’t know what Steam is, it’s an online ...
2 June 2016
Why the COE System in Singapore Benefits Only the Rich
Why the COE System in Singapore Benefits Only the Rich
Welcome to Singapore. A country where there’s always someone complaining about how much a car costs here, ...
2 October 2015
singapore car loan restrictions
Here Are the Consequences of Skirting Around Car Loan Restrictions That Singaporeans Don’t Consider
Have you ever played board games with a kiasu friend? I have. Since he doesn’t want to lose, he’ll look ...
30 September 2015
The true cost of owning a car in Singapore
What is the TRUE Cost of Owning a Car in Singapore? You Don’t Want to Know…
A car isn’t for everyone – especially in Singapore. While that statement may piss you off a little bit, ...
21 August 2014
used car singapore
Costs to Consider When Buying a Used Car
Today, buying a new car in Singapore is as tough as trying to get into Pangaea Lounge dressed like Jeff ...
23 September 2013