Like Netflix, But for Cars? Why This Makes Sense & How to Get a Car From Access by BMW and KINTO One

DBS Car Marketplace Access by BMW + KINTO One subscription car leasing

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We’ve entered a golden age of subscription services. Thanks to the internet, it’s easier than ever to subscribe to something for only as long as you like, and then cancel any time you’re ready to stop.

You can pretty much find video streaming services like Netflix in most Singapore households, as well as lots of other services you can subscribe to, such as Spotify for music or Les Mills for workout programmes.

But what about big-ticket items like… cars? Yes, there’s a subscription service for that too! And thanks to DBS Car Marketplace, you might be driving your dream car sooner than you think.


DBS Car Marketplace: A one-stop shop for drivers’ needs

DBS Car Marketplace is an online marketplace where you can find something useful at every step of your journey as a new or existing driver. You can choose a car model, snag deals on car accessories, book car services, shop around for workshops, apply for a car loan, renew your car insurance and access a wealth of useful resources.

Now, we all know that buying a car is a major expense and a big commitment. That’s precisely why it makes so much sense to lease a car through a subscription service via DBS Car Marketplace.


1. It’s like a “trial” period

If you’re planning to buy a car someday but just aren’t ready to commit yet, it’s hard to know whether this is the vehicle for you. Just test driving the car for a few minutes won’t really reveal much.

To really get to know a car, you need to experience what it’s like to use it daily, such as during your morning commute, through traffic jams, with family (can your kid sleep?), through thunderstorms, on road trips around Singapore (and Malaysia?) and so on.

Leasing the car model you’ve been agonising over for a month is the best way to know if this is the car for you. If you realise that you actually aren’t comfortable driving it or discover it’s a petrol guzzler, you can sleep easy knowing you haven’t forked out the deposit for the actual machine. You can always trial other models until you find a car you really want to buy.

DBS Car Marketplace offers lease periods as short as one month, which is just enough time to really get to know the car.

After the “trial” and you’re not sure whether to settle for an Electric, hybrid or petrol vehicle? You can find all of these car models on a single platform at DBS Car Marketplace. In a few simple clicks, you can easily filter and sort the car models based on your lifestyle needs and budget.


2. You’re doing the environment and your wallet a favour by leasing

Car leasing can be a more sustainable choice than car ownership.

For instance, if you only need a car for a short while but can’t just rely on car sharing as you will need to drive 24/7 during that period, leasing can be a smarter option than buying.

By leasing, you’re also doing your bank account a favour, given how the value of cars tends to depreciate over time, especially in the first few years of a brand new car’s life.

On DBS Car Marketplace, you can choose from cars provided by merchants Access by BMW and KINTO One.

Access by BMW is offering S$800 off the activation fee when you start your subscription with certain models. Meanwhile, KINTO One is now offering 36 months’ worth of free petrol and a S$800 car accessory upgrade when you lease with them.

Available models include BMW 318I Sport, Lexus ES300H and Toyota Prius Plus, just to mention a few.

To cite an example, it will cost S$3,740 to lease a BMW X1 sDrive18i per month via Access by BMW. Use the promo code 6EW0ZQ8XPWY0 to get S$800 off till 31 March 2023 when you check out with a DBS Credit/Debit card.

Some models can also be leased for as little as one month.

Take the BMW X3 sDrive20i, for example. You can lease it for 1 month, 3 months or 1 year from Access by BMW for $3,090, with a waiver of the $800 activation fee.

Access by BMW cars can even be driven to Malaysia for a daily surcharge. Simply inform them before you leave so you can obtain the Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) confirmation and vehicle logcard for checks by the Malaysian authorities.

Thanks to DBS Car Marketplace, you can now browse some of the most desirable car models on the market and test drive the car of your dreams! It’s as simple as a Netflix subscription and makes so much sense.


3. But if you decide to buy, you can still go green

So, you’re ready to take the plunge and buy a car. You can still make a sustainable choice by opting for a green car.

The DBS Green Car Loan makes owning a green car easy! It offers an attractive interest rate. The loan is available for both new and used green cars.

Green cars can be defined as EVs or hybrid vehicles which are powered wholly or partly by electricity. Because they do not rely on (or rely less on) fuel, they release fewer emissions and also have a lower carbon footprint.

Driving a green car can also translate to savings in the long term, as it typically costs less per kilometre to run a car on electricity than on petrol. Maintenance costs for EVs are generally also lower than that of traditional fuel-injection vehicles.

The Singapore government is trying to encourage green cars by building more infrastructure such as charging points in parking lots. The carbon tax is going to be raised in the near future, so fuel-injection cars will become more costly to drive. And by 2030, only EVs will be allowed to be registered in Singapore, which means that petrol cars will eventually be phased out completely.

Given that most drivers will be driving EVs a decade from now, DBS Car Marketplace helps you get a head start in making the switch.

Drive in style, behind the wheel of your dream car. Explore all the perks that are available on DBS Car Marketplace.