More Than Just a Pit Stop: 5 Hidden Gems at Your Local Petrol Station


Petrol stations are always the reliable, dependable stops that you can count on when you’re in need of some juice for your car, no matter the hour. 

But beyond their fundamental function of providing petrol, some offer much more. 

Take Shell petrol stations, for instance. They’ve become a one-stop shop that offers way more than just petrol. In addition to snacks and essential items at the convenience store, there are also car servicing facilities and even a loyalty programme that offers rewards to drive up your savings. 

Let’s explore the 5 hidden gems at Shell petrol stations and see what Shell offers beyond the average petrol station.

Gem 1: Round-the-clock essentials and quick bites

With 56 stations islandwide, Shell has one of the widest networks in Singapore, so you’re never far from one.

The majority of its stations, with the exception of Shell Woodlands Mandai and Shell Tuas, are open 24 hours, that’s undoubtedly convenient should you need to get something at any time of the day. 

What’s more, some stations have a Shell Café where you can enjoy coffee, pastries, sandwiches, and snacks—a little pick-me-up for your journey on the go.

There’s also the regular Shell Select, which offers your daily essentials and delicious ready-to-eat meals made specially so you can grab a bite whenever you’re hungry. 


You can also find some of your favourite brands, such as McDonald’s, Boost Juice, Old Chang Kee, Sarpino’s, Ya Kun Kaya Toast, and Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea, at selected Shell stations.

Gem 2: Exceptional fuel savings 

Gone are the days when Singaporeans saved on petrol by refuelling across the border. With much stricter rules imposed on foreigners topping up petrol in Johor Bahru, most Singaporeans have stuck to local providers instead.

That is why any offers, discounts, or savings on petrol are more than welcome. Shell has partnerships with banks that offer considerable savings through selected credit cards. 

  • HSBC Credit Cards: Save up to 22.1%* on fuels
  • UOB Credit Cards: Save up to 24%^ on fuels with Shell SmartPay
  • Citi Credit Cards: Up to 20.88% in savings

Explore the full details on credit card savings at Shell.

Let’s see how to get the highest savings using the HSBC Premier MasterCard as an example: 

HSBC Premier MasterCard  Upfront discount Extra upfront discount Cash rebate Total savings
Shell V-Power / Shell FuelSave 98 only 17% 1%* 5% Up to 22.1%

*Conditions apply. The 1% extra upfront discount is valid until 30 June 2024.

So if Shell V-Power costs S$100, you’ll be saving the following: 

  • 17% upfront discount – S$17 
  • 1% extra upfront discount – S$1
  • 5% cash rebate – S$4.10

Total savings: S$22.10

What you pay: S$100 – S$22.10 = S$77.90

S$22.10 in savings can add up to a lot over a couple of months!

Plus, you can enjoy even greater savings by joining Shell’s loyalty programme, Shell GO+ (more on that in the next section).

Gem 3: The Shell GO+ Loyalty Programme 

If you decide to stick with one fuel provider, it pays to join their loyalty programme to accumulate points for continuous rebates. 

Shell GO+ is Shell’s loyalty programme that allows you to earn points and redeem rewards with every purchase at Shell. 

Here’s how the points earning works when you spend at Shell: 

  • Shell Fuels: Earn 1.2 points with every litre of Shell V-Power and 1 point with every litre of other Shell Fuels
  • Shell Select: Earn 1 point with every S$5 net spend in store, excluding tobacco and selected service items
  • Shell Autoserv: Earn points when you purchase Shell Helix Ultra service packages

Your points can also be used to redeem fuel vouchers and more to get even more discounts.


Shell is currently running a promotion with an attractive welcome offer for all new Shell GO+ sign-ups:  

  • Get up to 10% off on Shell fuels with a minimum S$20 spend
  • 10% off on Deli by Shell and Shell Car Care products
  • 100 bonus welcome points
  • Free sign-up gift with a minimum spend on fuel (while stocks last)

Sign up for Shell GO+ via the Shell Asia app—get it on the Apple App store or Android Play Store

For existing Shell GO+ members, spread the joy and share your Shell GO+ referral code to get 150 Shell GO+ points for each qualified referral.

Gem 4: Fully digital payments with Shell SmartPay

Who carries physical cash around these days? If you’re the type who pays for everything with your phone or credit card, you’ll be pleased to know about Shell SmartPay, the new, contactless digital payment feature available within the Shell Asia app.

When paying for petrol at Shell, all you need to do is to open your Shell Asia app, select the Shell SmartPay feature, self-fuel after pre-authorising payment, and payment will be automatically charged to the credit card linked. This way, you’ll skip the queue and save time with every fuel stop.



If you own a UOB Card, simply link it to Shell SmartPay for payment to enjoy additional discounts. 

Here are the discounts you can get with UOB Cards and Shell SmartPay: 

UOB Cards x Shell SmartPay​


Upsized Upfront Discount^ Cash Rebate Total Savings
UOB One Credit Card 20% 5% up to 24.00%^
UOB Reserve Card 20% NA up to 20.00%^
All Other UOB Credit and Debit Cards 17% NA up to 17.00%^

^Conditions apply. The additional 3% upsized upfront discount with Shell SmartPay is valid until 9 July 2024.

Gem 5: Give your vehicle a little TLC

If your vehicle needs a little TLC, there’s Shell AutoServ for it. It’s a one-stop shop for automotive products and specialised car maintenance and repair services for car brakes, battery, suspension, steering, oil/lube change, tyres, and wipers, to name a few.



If your car is looking rather worse for wear, Shell also provides manual car wash services. With more than 20 Shell stations offering the service, you can easily swing by for a thorough wash while you catch a break or a bite. At the end of the experience, we’ll be sure you and your car will be looking and feeling refreshed.

Plus, fuel up with Shell V-Power to keep your car engine running like new. It 100% cleans critical engine parts to fully rejuvenate your engine’s performance drive after drive*.

*Actual effects and benefits may vary, visit for more information.

Visit your local Shell station today

Fueling up at Shell never feels like a chore. With friendly faces, delicious snacks, and convenience and savings at every turn, there’s always plenty to love. Drive up to your nearest Shell station today to experience it all firsthand!

This post was written in collaboration with Shell. While we are financially compensated by them, we nonetheless strive to maintain our editorial integrity and review products with the same objective lens. We are committed to providing the best information in order for you to make personal financial decisions with confidence.