parf car meaning
Should You Buy a COE or PARF Car in Singapore? What’s the Difference?
With the average price of a new car rivalling the cost of a 3-Room BTO flat in a non-mature estate in Singapore, ...
27 November 2018
grab driver
Grab Drivers: Should You Consider GoJek, Ryde and Taxi Companies Instead?
The private car hire scene has been booming in the recent years, and many locals have taken to driving ...
14 November 2018
grabhitch singapore
What is GrabHitch & How Does It Work?
Thanks to Grab and Uber (no longer available), we are no stranger to private car ride-hailing apps. But ...
14 November 2018
Singapore car prices
Singapore Car Prices – Breakdown of Car Costs & How to Save Money
Owning a car in Singapore is an expensive affair, largely thanks to high COE prices. For comparison’s sake, ...
11 September 2018
used car second hand car singapore
Used Cars in Singapore – A Complete Guide to Buying Your First Second-hand Car
Buying a used car is common in Singapore where car ownership is expensive. Sure, your second-hand car won’t ...
11 September 2018
Grab Has Beaten Uber in Singapore, But Are We the Real Losers?
Grab Has Beaten Uber in Singapore, But Are We the Real Losers?
It’s been the worst kept secret, but on Monday it was announced that Grab had finally acquired their rivals ...
28 March 2018
mrt singapore 2018
6 Ways to Reduce Your Reliance on the Ailing MRT System
Not to be superstitious or anything, but the MRT seems to have been born under a bad sign. Not only has ...
7 February 2018
dynamic pricing taxi companies singapore comfortdelgro
What Does ComfortDelGro’s Introduction of Dynamic Pricing Mean for Singaporeans?
When businesses work together, consumers sometimes benefit. For instance, nobody’s complaining about the ...
26 January 2018
ComfortDelGro Invests in Uber – How Will Singaporeans Be Affected?
ComfortDelGro Invests in Uber – How Will Singaporeans Be Affected?
Missed your last train home? Woke up late for work? MRT broke down again? You have two options: try your ...
4 January 2018
driving centres private driving instructors
Driving Centre vs Private Driving Instructors: Which Is Better?
Learning to drive is like a rite of passage for Singaporeans turning 18, never mind if many of them will ...
2 January 2018
car repairs singapore
Car Repairs in Singapore – Is The Lift on Warranty Restrictions a Big Deal?
Every time the government tweaks vehicle-related regulations, car owners steel themselves for another financial ...
29 December 2017
car ownership singapore
Car Ownership in Singapore – 3 Ways To Help Afford a Car Even if You’re Far From Rich
First, a caveat. If you truly qualify as a lower income earner and are having trouble making ends meet, ...
29 December 2017
toyota prius c hybrid car singapore
Toyota’s New Prius C – Why This Car Should Be a Top Consideration For Singaporean Drivers
Telling Singaporeans about the cost of owning a car in Singapore is very much like complaining about the ...
high speed railway
5 Ways the KL-Singapore High Speed Railway Will Have an Impact on Singaporeans’ Wallets
I’ll hazard a guess and say that Singaporeans are probably more excited than Malaysians about the KL-Singapore ...
14 November 2017
2 Ways Singaporeans Must Adapt When Car Population Growth is Cut to 0%
2 Ways Singaporeans Must Adapt When Car Population Growth is Cut to 0%
The government is getting serious about turning Singapore into a car-lite society with their latest announcement ...
13 November 2017
singapore vehicle growth rate
6 Factors That Will Affect COE Prices Now That the Vehicle Growth Rate is Going to be 0%
The Singaporean Dream got a little more out of reach when the LTA announced recently that they were cutting ...
8 November 2017
singapore vehicle growth rate
Are COE Prices Really Going To Explode With a 0% Vehicle Growth Rate?
Singaporeans on car forums found themselves despairing when the LTA announced that they would cut the vehicle ...
6 November 2017 parking app singapore car park
5 Good Reasons to Ditch Your Parking Coupons and Use the App
In case you haven’t heard, Singapore drivers can now pay for their parking coupons online using the ...
10 October 2017
dbs car marketplace buy car online singapore
Here’s How DBS’s New Car Marketplace Will Change the Way Singaporeans Buy Cars
Buying a car in Singapore is not easy. Some of us may not even know where to start, and the process can ...
grab rewards points
Here’s Why Your Grab Rides Are About To Get a Whole Lot Sweeter
Just a few years back, the idea of an on-demand ride-hailing transport provider such as Grab seemed like ...
6 Tips For Surviving The Next MRT Breakdown
6 Tips For Surviving The Next MRT Breakdown
MRT delays are a way of life in Singapore. Over the last decade, we’ve come to terms with the fact that ...
18 August 2017
buy a car singapore
Just Had a Kid and Want to Buy a Car? Here’s What You Need to Consider
Anybody who insists owning a car in Singapore is a luxury and not a necessity obviously didn’t have kids. ...
16 August 2017
6 Reasons The Taxi Population Has Fallen that Aren’t Grab or Uber
6 Reasons The Taxi Population Has Fallen that Aren’t Grab or Uber
The taxi industry is in trouble. According to a recent report, the taxi population is the lowest it’s been ...
28 July 2017
6 Suggestions for Making Public Transport More Family Friendly
A recent announcement that an advisory panel has been set up and is looking for recommendations on making ...
13 July 2017
kick scooter pmd
Foldable Bikes and PMDs: Here Are the Best Models to Buy
Pavements in Singapore are treacherous places. Not only do you have to avoid knocking over the various ...
23 June 2017