erp fees singapore
ERP 2.0: Should It Replace the Existing COE System?
So, it’s official. The satellite-based ERP 2.0 system will become reality come 2020, for a price of $556 ...
4 July 2019
gojek grab comfort taxi singapore
GoJek vs Grab vs Comfort Taxis in Singapore – Which Is The Cheapest?
Ride-hailing is a very lucrative business in Singapore. And although there’ve been many players who’ve ...
24 June 2019
lta fines zigzag line yellow
3 Expensive But Common LTA Fines in Singapore to Avoid
Nothing ruins your day faster than receiving a traffic fine. Whether you knowingly or unknowingly violated ...
11 June 2019
car leasing singapore
Car Leasing Singapore: Is It Better to Lease or Buy a Car in Singapore?
It’s not new to anyone that owning a car is ridiculously expensive in Singapore. Most of us are left either ...
10 June 2019
UL2272 Certified E-Scooters in Singapore – The Complete Price List (2019)
UL2272 Certified E-Scooters in Singapore – The Complete Price List (2019)
Writing about electric scooters in Singapore can be a tiny bit depressing – those ”best e-scooters” listicles ...
6 June 2019
car rental jb
Car Rental in JB – 5 Best Rental Companies Near City Square Johor Bahru
With the upcoming Hari Raya festivities and school holidays coming up, you might already be planning a ...
31 May 2019
car rental singapore
Car Rental in Singapore – Guide to Cheap Car Rentals for Singaporeans & Expats
Public transport in Singapore is awesome and all, but there are times when you’d REALLY rather not deal ...
17 May 2019
car motorcycle singapore comparison
How Much Cheaper Is It To Own A Motorcycle Than A Car in Singapore?
When a friend of mine casually mentioned that he only pays $0.65 to park his motorcycle for an entire day, ...
8 May 2019
Ofo vs Mobike vs SG Bike – Beginner’s Guide to Bike Sharing in Singapore (2019)
Ofo vs Mobike vs SG Bike – Beginner’s Guide to Bike Sharing in Singapore (2019)
Unless you’ve been holed up in your room playing eSports for the past 2 years straight, you must have tried ...
24 April 2019
bukit panjang LRT flickr
6-Year Revamp for Bukit Panjang LRT: What Else Can We Do To Improve Public Transport There Further?
Whenever I hear someone say they live in Bukit Panjang, I feel like giving them a sympathetic hug. This ...
9 April 2019
parking traffic fines singapore
No Parking Here: 5 Parking Fines in Singapore You May Not Know About
In Singapore, parking fines really add up if you don’t take caution. You know how tourists in Singapore ...
25 March 2019
Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Second-Hand Car in Singapore (2019)
Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Second-Hand Car in Singapore (2019)
So, you’ve scrimped and saved, avoided splurging wherever possible and made the best financial decisions ...
25 March 2019
motorcycles parking rates
Cheap Motorcycle Parking Rates in Singapore (2019)
While car drivers might consider $10 all-day parking “cheap”, motorcyclists know better. To a motorcyclist, ...
13 March 2019
Grab subscription Grab Club Score
Can You Actually Save Money with a Grab Subscription? Review of GrabClub & Score
We’re well into 2019, and Grab still isn’t giving away promo codes like before. Even now that its rival ...
31 January 2019
LTA E-Scooter Registration & UL2272 singapore 2019
LTA E-Scooter Registration & UL2272 Certification – What All Riders Need to Know
Update: Effective from Nov 5 2019, e-scooters have been banned from footpaths. You can only use them on ...
4 January 2019
car sharing singapore
Car Sharing Singapore (2019) – Smove vs Blue SG vs Tribe Car vs Car Club vs Whizz Car
When my rustbucket hit the big 1-0 last year, I decided it was simply too expensive to continue owning ...
4 January 2019
second-hand cars singapore
Second-Hand Cars In Singapore – How Much Do You Have To Save Monthly?
There are days I wonder why so many Singaporeans insist on owning a car despite the ridiculous cost involved ...
28 December 2018
coe prices singapore 2018
COE Prices in Singapore Lowest in 8 Years – 5 Things This Tells Us
It’s been a strange, unpredictable year so far. No one could’ve predicted that Trump-Kim summit would happen. ...
12 December 2018
parallel importers cars vs authorised dealers cars singapore
Parallel Importers vs Authorised Dealers: Which Should You Get Your Car From?
In Singapore, you can buy parallel import cars from unauthorised dealers. And it’s perfectly legal. Well, ...
12 December 2018
parf car meaning
Should You Buy a COE or PARF Car in Singapore? What’s the Difference?
With the average price of a new car rivalling the cost of a 3-Room BTO flat in a non-mature estate in Singapore, ...
27 November 2018
grab driver
Grab Drivers: Should You Consider GoJek, Ryde and Taxi Companies Instead?
The private car hire scene has been booming in the recent years, and many locals have taken to driving ...
14 November 2018
grabhitch singapore
What is GrabHitch & How Does It Work?
Thanks to Grab and Uber (no longer available), we are no stranger to private car ride-hailing apps. But ...
14 November 2018
Singapore car prices
Singapore Car Prices – Breakdown of Car Costs & How to Save Money
Owning a car in Singapore is an expensive affair, largely thanks to high COE prices. For comparison’s sake, ...
11 September 2018
used car second hand car singapore
Used Cars in Singapore – A Complete Guide to Buying Your First Second-hand Car
Buying a used car is common in Singapore where car ownership is expensive. Sure, your second-hand car won’t ...
11 September 2018
Grab Has Beaten Uber in Singapore, But Are We the Real Losers?
Grab Has Beaten Uber in Singapore, But Are We the Real Losers?
It’s been the worst kept secret, but on Monday it was announced that Grab had finally acquired their rivals ...
28 March 2018